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  • graham789 Aug 17, 2008

    I am having the same problem. I also noticed a red light that is on. The light is located on a circuit board that is visible from the back of the cooler. I have cleaned the filter which was pretty dirty.

  • bumblewick Aug 18, 2008

    Same problem -fan not running, lights read and green operating on th circuit board. Has run about 6 mos. then shut down. Disconnected from 120V and the reconnected with no luck. It is now a big black "boat anchor".

  • Anonymous Aug 24, 2008

    Same problem as listed. Its cooler in the house than in this stupid cooler. It worked for about 7months and shut down. Best buy wont take it back and i cant find anyone to work on it.

  • BigBadDawg Aug 25, 2008

    Same Exact problem as everyone else. Purchased at Best Buy Thanksgiving '07. Worked until about 2 months ago. All lights work; can adjust temperture; will not cool. Cleaned filter; unplugged from wall and waited 10 min an plugged back in. No fix. Has anyone contacted Oster about this. Obviously this is a defective product and they need to replace or buy back.

  • tirks Aug 25, 2008

    Exact same Problem as everyone else.... red & green light on, filter is clean will not cool at all. Got to be a defective design/part. if anyone comes up with a contact at Oster, please let everyone know....

  • Anonymous Aug 25, 2008

    unplugging and replugging , cleaning filter

  • Anonymous Aug 31, 2008

    Me Too - Bought it December 07 and it worked for about 8 months. No fan, no cooling, red and green lights on. Most expensive night light I ever bought.

  • jafar7 Aug 31, 2008

    Same problem second cooler. First cooler lasted 3 months and second cooler 2 days. No fan, display functional and cooler warmer than ambient temp. Oster does not even list a wine cooler or recognize the model number on their website. Return to seller for refund if possible and never buy another Oster product.

  • Anonymous Sep 03, 2008

    Same as everyone else 1 month usage stopped cooling lites and temp work thats all.Took it apart to check fuse, fuse looked fine. Quality control,thats a joke.

  • Anonymous Sep 04, 2008

    we have the same problem trying to check online with oster to see if anything could be done

  • Anonymous Sep 05, 2008

    I'm glad it's not just me!! Same as everyone else. Got this for Christmas '07. Worked great for about 5-6 months, then slowly stated getting warmer and warmer. At first I thought it was the sunlight coming in the window, although it was not in direct sunlight and we run our AC all summer. My friend said she bought it at Best Buy also, but they don't show a listing and Oster doesn't even list it. It's like they ripped off everyone for $100 and then pretended like they never made it! ARGGG!!!

  • wlrm17 Sep 17, 2008

    I have the same problem. I called the 866-866-6283 No. about a week ago, but I didn't have the receipt with me. Now I have the receipt, but when I call the customer service no. I get a message saying that the number is not available from my calling area. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THIS C**P?

  • legerir Sep 26, 2008

    Same problem - bought as Best Buy last March, worked perfectly until July and then stopped working. Will not cool and as someone else reported, inside temperature is warmer than ambient temperature.

  • larryesq Sep 28, 2008

    Same problem here!

  • Flomster Oct 03, 2008

    I had the same problem. Temp gradually started going up this summer. I thought it was the usual blow fuse(s) that people reported but the fuses were fine. What i did notice what the air filter over the fan in back was clogged with dust. I blew it clean and now it works again. I think it must have been starved for cool air and the thermo device couldn't do its job.

  • eosglass Oct 20, 2008

    This is a copy of the email I sent Oster. Waiting for a reply. It sounds like these units should have been recalled.

    I received a wine cooler refrigerator from Best Buy and the product just stopped cooling. Apparently, according to the website above this is quite common and no one seems to be able to get their coolers repaired. Since I do not have the product receipt I am willing to take it to get it repaired but do not feel this should be a recurring event.

    I have called the only Oster service center in Austin, Tx and they do not repair this unit.

    Please inform me how to get this repaired, and if the unit is worth repairing (will not continue to require maintenance service).

    If this unit is totally defunct, should it not have been recalled?

  • davejoharles Oct 21, 2008

    I have same problem, (after 3 months use)I trashed it and will not ever buy another Oster Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Oct 26, 2008

    I found the fuse Ancient Bob described, but before I put a new fuse in I put an Amp meter in to check the circuit current. When I first powered it up, the current was at 5.7A through a circuit with a 5 Amp fuse. I have not gone to get a fuse holder as suggested, but when I do, I will be using a 6Amp fuse inline rather then 5A. The current does seem to drop as the temperature came in where it is set to, but I am hoping to only make this repair once. If the 6 Amp fuse causes something else to blow, then at least I will know where the excess current is going. My guess is that the circuit is just a marginal design that did not take into account the load differences depending on how much cooling is needed, and it will probably be fine with the 6 Amp fuse. If nothing else, I do not feel like I will be out anything, since it had been broken for the last 3 months until I found Ancient Bob's posting.

  • natedoggy Nov 01, 2008

    Thanks for the info Ancient Bob and Guest, I followed your advice and my fridge is repaired. Not only that, but the wifey thinks I'm a genius.

    One note for other amateurs, after much fumbling, I found it much easier to remove the circuit board from the back of the unit to work on it. There are two leads that are hard-wired so you can't take it completely away without dealing with that, but being able to re-orientate the board made the soldering angle easier.

    Second note, I am also appalled that the owner of the 'Oster' brand has decided to assign blame to their sub-sub licensee manufacturer rather than try to protect their brand image. I bought this unit largely due to the strength of the Oster name, but I won't make the same mistake again; and when I relate this story I'm sure neither will the people who hear it.

  • dohickey Nov 22, 2008

    I too experienced the same problem and the suggestions of replacing fuse, installing a replaceable fuse holder have fared well. To the novice: you do need to remove the fuse mentioned to determine if in fact it is "blown". The circuitry allows feedback so a test with the fuse in place is no good. A continuity test will always indicate the fuse as being "good" when in the circuit. I am also checking the accuracy of te temp sensor. I purchased a Danby Kegerator that I had to recalibrate the temp sensor by installing a resistor. Hope that's not the case with the Oster wine cooler.

    Salute to all those before me, without whose posting my wine cooler would have met an early demise.

  • bumblewick Nov 23, 2008

    FOLLOW UP: Just to report the repair made and reported here on October 3rd is still performing properly after almost 2 months of operation. The temperature indicator however has a malfunction on some of the number display lines but for now can be interpreted correctly.

  • Anonymous Nov 23, 2008

    Thanks so much for these words. Able to repair mine and all is well. I used a 6AMP 250V and total/tax etc was $5.07 at Radio Shack

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2008

    the same thing happened to mine!!!

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2008

    I had the same problem with the fuse. I found it after i think breaking it. I did notice that this was manufactured in China and i also found a coupld of Websites in China that look similar to the product. My guess is that they had them mass produced over there and they just through the logo on it to try to turn extra cash.

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2009

    Same problem as everyone cooler stopped working after 2 months. Best Buy wouldn't take it back - no one will repair it - Oster won't deal with it.

  • kopys Jan 18, 2009

    Yep, same problem here...this is the reply I got from the Oster Appliance people...oh, and I'd strongly suggest not buying anything from Oster/Sunbeam, if they're going to give us the "it's not my fault" DOES have their name on it!
    Jarden Consumer Solutions (“JCS”) received your communication regarding the
    product you purchased, which bears the trademark Sunbeam® and/or Oster®. This
    letter will provide you with the most up-to-date information available to JCS to
    help steer you in the right direction to resolve your issues.

    First, a
    point of clarity: JCS owns the Sunbeam® and Oster® trademarks, but in this case
    licensed these trademarks to Petters Consumer Brands, LLC, which changed its
    name earlier this year to MLO Appliance Company, LLC. MLO Appliance Company, LLC
    is wholly owned by or otherwise affiliated with Petters Group Worldwide, LLC,
    which was responsible for your product.

    Next, on September 10, 2008, JCS
    was notified that MLO Appliance Company, LLC was discontinuing its business
    operations, becoming insolvent and defaulting on its obligations to its secured
    lender, Petters Capital, Inc. Further, Petters Capital, Inc., the secured lender
    of MLO Appliance Company, LLC, has reportedly now taken possession of and is
    liquidating MLO Appliance Company, LLC’s assets.

    To date, Chapter 11
    bankruptcy cases have been filed for Petters Group Worldwide, LLC, Petters
    Company, Inc. and Petters Capital, Inc.

    JCS, as the licensor of the
    trademarks, did not design, manufacture, market, distribute or sell any licensed
    product manufactured by or on behalf of the Petters Companies. As you can see
    from the information provided, JCS is not the controlling party in the matters
    concerning your products and therefore is not liable or responsible for the
    licensed products manufactured by or on behalf of the Petters

    As such, any warranty that applies to the product you
    purchased was offered by the Petters Companies. Prior to discontinuing its
    business operations, MLO Appliance Company, LLC provided and managed any and all
    customer care and after-sales support for the licensed products manufactured by
    or on behalf of the Petters Companies. Thus, the Petters Companies are
    responsible for any and all warranty obligations as clearly stated in your
    warranty documentation.

    Although this is an unfortunate situation, you
    have a few options at this time to help get your issues resolved. First, you can
    return to the retailer from which you purchased the product to inquire about
    assistance. Next, you may try to contact A.P. Wagner at 1-888-279-2463 or to try and get assistance with replacement parts and repair
    tips. Finally, JCS suggests that any affected consumer contact the receiver
    appointed in United States of America v. Thomas J. Petters, et al., Court File
    No. 08-FC-5348 ADM/JSM and/or counsel for the Petters Companies in the Chapter
    11 bankruptcy cases. JCS believes the contact information for Petters’ counsel
    is as follows:

    Douglas E. Kelley James A. Lodoen, Esq.
    Kelley &
    Wolter PA Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P.
    431 S 7th St Ste 2530 4200 IDS
    Minneapolis, MN 55415-1810 80 South Eighth Street
    Phone: 612
    371-9090 Minneapolis, MN 55402
    Fax: 612 371-0574
    Web site:

    Thank you for
    your patience in this matter. JCS regrets that any consumer is inconvenienced
    because of troubles with the Petters Companies and hopes the options above will
    provide viable alternatives to get your issues


    Maggie C.
    Sunbeam Consumer Services

  • WhineO Jan 29, 2009

    My wine cooler quit after 3 months.  I, like many others, received it as a Christmas gift and do not have the receipt.  I am willing to try to change the fuse, however, when I open the door to the cooler, it has an electrical-burning smell.  It is not plugged in.  Could there have been damage to the wiring that would cause a fire if I were to install a larger fuse?  Should I just give the wine cooler to the recycle man?

  • mmorgan0199 Jan 31, 2009

    I have the parts from Radio Shack, but I am not sure where the fuse is that needs to be replaced. There appear to a number of things in black shrink wrap. Can anyone be a little more specific or does anyone have a picture of their finished work?
    Many Thanks

  • Toothgirl05 Feb 19, 2009

    How do you know if the fuse is blown? I see a black cylinder that has some grayish powder on it. Does that mean it is blown?

  • thomasj1 Feb 26, 2009

    I received Oster Wine cooler as a Christmas gift and it just stopped cooling,,, I see all other reports but I can not find one that tells me how the details to fix the problem or how to find the fuses and replace them

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2014

    Wine fridge has just stopped working and the motor won't start


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I followed the advice of Ancient Bob and located the heat shrinked fuse as he described. I removed it from the circuit board using a very small tipped soldering iron and repaced it with an inline fuse holder with about 1" leads(Radio Shack or Auto Parts store) and carefully soldered it in place on the circuit board. This makes a fuse replacement a snap if necessary later..I used a 5A 250V fuse as original. It has been running fine for two weeks now, I think the fuse in question blows if the ambient temperature gets too high in the room-a design defect (my opinion). As Ancient Bob said, the total cost was about six dollars icluding 3 extra fuses. Care must be taken when removing the solder, or resoldering the circuit board. It's not complicated but must not be sloppy. After removing the original fuse I drilled out the circuit board fuse holes (they may fill with solder as a byproduct of removing the fuse) with a tiny drill bit to make the installation of the inline fuse neat and easy. Good Luck

Posted on Oct 03, 2008

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I had the same problem. I found the second fuse, which was blown, on the upper left quadrant of the circuit board (as you face it from the rear od the unit), wrapped in black heat shrink tubing. Since it had blown, I replaced it with a fuse holder and a new 5A 250V fuse. The parts cost less than $6.00 at Radio Shack. It took about 20 minutes. Lots less hastle than you rep-orted dealing with the company.

Posted on Sep 20, 2008

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To all the tinkerers on this board, thank you for your excellent work in diagnosing and solving this problem. I bought a used, non-functional cooler in excellent condition for next to nothing, 90% sure that the fuse was the problem. It wasn't.

When I tested the fuse in place, I couldn't get continuity across it, and when I scratched off the heat shrink, it looked burned. However, after I removed it, it was clear that the filament was intact, and I could get continuity at that point. I must have had bad contact the first time.

At this point I started testing the fan -- it's a 92mm fan, like the ones sometimes used in computer cases. It wouldn't run when I plugged it into a computer PSU, and I realized that it was VERY hard to spin, as if it were gummed up or a bearing had gone bad. Normal fans spin very easily. I picked up a 92mm computer fan from a local shop for $10, soldered on the original leads, and now the wine cooler runs fine. Fans can be found a little cheaper online, but S&H usually evens it out.

Tips for replacing the fuse:

 - Heat shrink tubing is usually matte black. There is only one component on the board matching this description. To the person reporting lots of "things in black shrink wrap," those are capacitors, and you don't know anything about electronics; please be careful.

 - It's a good idea to locate and circle (with a Sharpie) the fuse solder points on the bottom of the board before removing the component, because it's easy to lose track, especially if the solder "closes up" when removing the fuse.

 - Drilling out the holes is a good idea; my fuse holder wires wouldn't have fit otherwise.

Posted on Sep 04, 2009

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Problem is fuse is a 5 amp 125 volt and will keep on burning out, I put in that same fuse and it blew again in 4 months. Now I put in a 6 amp fuse to fix. Must be careful fuses are there for a reason, the 6 amp seems to fix the problem though.

Posted on Feb 23, 2009

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I have two of these wine coolers and both have become non-functional. I have read the write-up in this blog and will perform the repairs in the near future with several suggestions on the repair solutions in this blog.

1) Since the 5 amp fuse will blow due to ambient temperatures it would seem to be a better solution to install a chassis mount fuse holder on the back of the case (as long as there is adequate room for the holder and no interference with internal parts). This wouild allow for easy external replacement of the 5 amp fuse in the future. I would not recommend increasing the ampere rating of the fuse in this case from 5 amps to 6 amps due to safety concerns. The increase in the fuse size will allow the unit to run longer and provide a scenario where the unit could overheat and possibly cause an electrical fire. Unless, you are an electrical engineer and have calculated that the circuit is designed for a higher ampere rated fuse, you should avoid this mistake.

Posted on Jan 04, 2010

  • niniv Jul 03, 2013

    lights off on broad, but light(temperature display) is on. doesnt seem to be a fuse issue. Any suggestions where/what to do next?


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Same here, the one I bought for my wife crapped out after 6 months. After reading comments above I went to Radio Shack and bought a pack of 6.3 amp 250V fuses. I snipped the old fuse off the board (the one covered in the black heatshrink). I used the tiniest drill bit I could find and drilled through the board at the contact spots. I soldered wire on each end of a new fuse and threaded the ends through the holes I drilled and soldered them from the back of the board. I reassembled everything and the cooler works fine. I guess the 5 amp fuse was a design flaw, and seems to burn out frequently.

Posted on Jun 03, 2009

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Kudos to all!!

My POS wine cooler is alive!!!

Posted on Nov 22, 2008

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I was able to reach someone at 1-800-597-5978 and am waiting for a call back.

Posted on Oct 03, 2008

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I called Oster then Jarden Consumer Solutions (1-800-334-0759) and finally learned that the Petters Consumer Group is responsible for the manufacture of the wine coolers that have been failing. I was told that they (Jarden Consumer Solutions) have been unable to access the website ( and that the consumer phone lines are not now operational. They took my name and number and one of their representatives should call me back in a couple of days. Hopefully Oster will stand up and do the right thing by refunding the money that we paid. See Oster link:

Good luck

Posted on Sep 23, 2008

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Same problem with me. After going through 5 different 800 number finally reached the one that helped.

Call 800-605-5364 to get set up for a refund. They will want your email address so that they can send you the intstruction. They will want your original receipt and the power cord off of your unit with serial number in the mail.

I hope this helps.

Posted on Sep 12, 2008

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Me too! It shut down about 2 weeks ago. Got a shelf in the refrig now. Just got off the phone with Oster. They want me to call back when I have the receipt. Well I got it for Christmas, who knows where the receipt is. The rep said I could go back to the store for a duplicate receipt (not a photocopy) and call back. Good Luck.

Posted on Sep 05, 2008

Me too! It shut down about 2 weeks ago. Got a shelf in the refrig now. Just got off the phone with Oster. They want me to call back when I have the receipt. Well I got it for Christmas, who knows where the receipt is. The rep said I could go back to the store for a duplicate receipt (not a photocopy) and call back. Good Luck.

Posted on Sep 05, 2008

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It seems this is either due to faulty fan or fan motor. This could be a reason that the wine cooler is not cooling at optimum rate. As i cannot see the cooler, this is what i could judge from the information you gave to me.

I would still say, it would be worth repair, if this is due to faulty fan or motor ( motor seems to be the main cause ).

The main tough thing would be to get fan motor. You could try to get a replacement motor or a compatible one from the parts store near your home and give a shot. More likely, you would be successful, if the fault is related to motor.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

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I called the contact in one post below, and he was VERY helpful. Took all my info, submitted to the division handling this and they overnighted me a check for the entire amount plus tax for the wine cooler to me! Call Jason!

Jason's contact info is:
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2381 Executive Center Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33431
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2. It may have a faulty thermostat.

It seems you need hands on service!
Our site has good companies in the repair directory.

Bless you,
please rat me here before you sign off.
Thank You

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