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How to reset epson printer epson stylus tx110

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hi there... this is what you need.

Loading Paper Follow these steps to load paper: Slide the edge guide to the left. Fan a stack of paper, then tap it on a flat surface to even the edges. Load the paper with the printable side up, against the right side of the sheet feeder. Then slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the paper, but not too tightly. Note: Leave enough space in front of the printer for the paper to be fully ejected. Always load paper into the sheet feeder short edge first, even when you are printing landscape-oriented pictures. Make sure the paper stack fits under the arrow mark inside the left edge guide.pls vote for me

Source: loading paper into an epson stylus tx110

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Juan Carlos Cabrera

First, install the driver on to another computer and try.
Looks at the picture for the computer having problems. If it there listed. Try make the printer properties default or uninstall and reinstall.

Source: how to reset printer epson stylus CX4500

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