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Power suppy the prong that actually plugs into the laptop side snapped. me and a buddy then fixed it. it seems to work for a while but the solder finally gave out. i used my buddys charger because he has the same brand but now it doesnt do nothing. i than tried my other friends charger as he has the same exact model that i have and now the power on symbol flashes but nothing happens any advice?

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Seeing how the AC Power Cord Plug Snapped, It probably loosened the pins on the DC Power Jack (located on the motherboard...)....and you are shorting out from loose contacts on the DC Jack...
The DC PowerJack Will either have to be desoldered and cleaned then Resoldered.....
Or Purchase a New DC Jack and Replace With Old By Desoldering and soldering New in Place....

And of course.. get yourself a new charging cord, or go to radio shack and buy a new plug tip and reattach it to your Power Charger Cord End....

Hope that helps..

Posted on Jun 13, 2008

  • Garry Romaneo
    Garry Romaneo Jun 13, 2008

    Pull your Battery and Try to power on with Just the AC Power Plug to power it....

    This will test to see if its the DC Port

    If you cant get power, its the DC port

    see if twisting and wiggling the power cord plug makes your power light go on and off....

    Dont overdo it though as you could potentially ruin more components by consistantly shorting the power...


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2 Answers

Msi gt780dxr

Could be an actual problem with the power suppy ( power brick ) thats the first thing I would check.

Watch this video
How to test a power brick
If your power adapter is dead, then replace it. If its not then you have a problelm with your power connector which could need re-soldering on the motherboard, or you could have a problem with your computers motherboard.

Good Luck!

Jan 16, 2014 | MSI PC Laptops

1 Answer

Asus g60

Port is DC Power Jack.

AC adapter (Charger) plugs into it. (DC_IN)

Example of the DC Power Jack,

Looking at the view all the way to the left, the jack is upside down in relation to how it is actually mounted to the motherboard.
All 4 of those prongs go down into the motherboard, and are soldered to the motherboard.

The prongs on the sides formed out of the metal case, are for support.
The prong all the way to the back goes to the Center Pin, and is the Positive connection.

The prong (Pin) in the middle, goes to the inner cylindrical shell within the DC Power Jack, and is the Negative connection.
(Along with the two outside prongs used for support)

Battery removed use a No.2 pencil, and with the eraser see if you can gently move the Center Pin around.
ANY perceptible movement means a bad DC Power Jack, and replacement.

If it seems the entire DC Power Jack moves around, it may be damage to the jack, or the solder connections for the prongs to motherboard, are cracked.
Cracked solder joints just means use a little rosin flux, and rosin solder to re-solder those solder joints. (Solder connections )

DC Power Jack checks OK, normal diagnoses would lead you to the AC adapter. (Charger)

Center hole is the Positive ( + ) connection, and where the Positive (Red) probe lead of a multimeter goes.
The Negative (Black) probe lead touches the cylindrical outside metal shell of the AC adapter's plug.

(Multimeter set to DC Voltage. If just a symbol, the symbol is a dotted line over a solid line.
If more than one DC Voltage scale, set the Function knob to the
0 - 50 Volt DC scale.

You should read 19 Volts (DC)
Have an assistant gently wiggle the cable from AC adapter to laptop, and power cord to AC adapter, as you check DC Voltage.
Any fluctuation in the reading means the cable, or power cord has broken wires.

However due to your statements I'm willing to bet the problem is/are Power MOSFETS on the motherboard, and/or ceramic capacitors.

(Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors, and Surface Mount Device.
MLCC and SMD ceramic capacitors)

Information on the above using HP Pavilion dv6000 series, and Pavilion dv9000 series Notebook PC's, as an example,

Also go to the second photo down, that has the Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - AO4407 - Power MOSFET, circled in Yellow.

Below it, and to the right, are Ceramic Capacitors.
There is one above the one on the right, one above it, and one to the right of the top one.

Small rectangular shaped objects, with a dark wide band on the middle.

If visual signs of blackening, burning, or blistering, are shown on any of the Power MOSFETs, or ceramic capacitors, they need to be replaced.

Showing average cost of a Power MOSFET used a LOT in laptops, for this power application;

Fairchild Semiconductor International - FDS6679 - Power MOSFET,

$1.01 USD

MLCC ceramic capacitors used, are about 62 cents to 80 cents each.

Now price a replacement motherboard.

However, logic does sometimes dictate just replace the motherboard.
Because depending on electronic components that have failed, the damage could be further.

Or components may be weakened, and won't take long to fail after replacing failed ones.

Can you disassemble the laptop, and un-solder/solder the needed electronic components?
If so, and the repair fails down the road, just open it back up, and decide if a motherboard is logical.

IMHO (It's in my 'AOE', so that is what I would do)





For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Oct 16, 2012 | ASUS G60JXRBBX05 Intel i5430M 4 GB 500 GB...

2 Answers

My dell inspiron e 1705 doesn't work even when plugged in

Sounds like youre using an underpowered adapter. Sure you've got the power supply that came with it?

Aug 09, 2012 | Dell Inspiron E1705 Notebook

1 Answer

Which ac do when a laptop compaq nc6400 is verr slow and doesnt charge the battery

What does the AC do? (Alternating Current)

Apparently not get rectified into DC electricity by the AC adapter, (Charger), or the rectified AC (Which is now DC), is not getting to the laptop.

Be sure the Battery is still good. They have a lifespan, and only last so long.

Verify, by performing a DC Voltage test with a multimeter, if the AC adapter is putting out the correct Voltage.

If it is an AC adapter for an HP Compaq NC6400 Notebook PC, the DC Voltage coming out of the AC adapter is supposed to be
18.5 Volts. (DC),

On the AC adapter plug going to the laptop, the center pin is the Positive connection.
The outer cylindrical metal shell is the Negative connection.

AC adapter puts out 18.5 Volts?
Have an assistant;

1) Gently wiggle the power cord coming TO the AC adapter.

2) Gently wiggle the cable coming FROM the AC adapter TO the laptop.

See if you get an intermittent reading on the multimeter. Indicates a broken wire.

[ An economical, but fine for this test, multimeter, can be purchased for as little as $8 to $12, here in the US.
Analog or digital is fine.
Available in a multitude of stores. An auto parts store is but one example ]

AC adapter checks out it's on to the DC Power Jack.
This jack is the round port on the laptop, that the plug from the AC adapter plugs into.

Battery removed use a wooden small object, and gently see if you can move the center pin around, for the DC Power Jack.

See if the rest of the DC Power Jack will move around.
ANY perceptible movement means a problem with the DC Power Jack.

The DC Power Jack looks like this not mounted to the motherboard,

Click on the two views shown of the DC Power Jack.
The view on the left shows the jack from the back.
The view on the right shows the jack from the front. The view you see now.

Note that in both views the jack is shown upside down, in relation to how it actually sits on the motherboard.

The view on the left, (Back view), shows Prongs coming from the jack, that go down through the motherboard, and are then soldered.

The gold colored prong is the Positive prong. It goes to the Center Pin of the jack.
All of the silvery colored Prongs are for Ground, or Negative.

Where the Prongs are soldered to the motherboard, are called solder joints. Each prong has a solder joint.

It may just be that one, or more solder joints are cracked.
This would require disassembling the laptop down to the bare motherboard in your hand, then re -soldering any cracked solder joints.

[ Be SURE to use an ESD wrist strap, and have it's alligator clip connected to a good ground source, BEFORE working inside a laptop ]

It may be however that the DC Power Jack is damaged, and replacement is necessary.

HP Support > HP Compaq NC6400 Notebook PC > Manuals page,

On this page click on - Service and maintenance information

(Under the - Quick jump to manuals by category - heading)

Under the bold - Service and maintenance information - heading, click on -
HP Compaq NC6400 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide
(24 Apr 2007 / 4.61MB )

[ This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the above file name, it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up ]

Need guidance in de-soldering, and removing the old DC Power Jack, and soldering in a new one?
Post in a Comment.

If the DC Power Jack checks out, you have a bad power correcting chipset. This is a type of Power MOSFET.
Motherboard replacement is the solution.


Apr 25, 2012 | HP Compaq nc6400 Notebook

1 Answer

No power

You apparently have visually checked the DC Power Jack, but also perform a continuity check of the jack, if you have not done so.

The DC Power Jack connections are the Center Pin, which is the Positive connection, and the outside metal cylindrical shell, which is the Negative connection.

Multimeter set to Ohms, (Omega symbol. If more than one setting, set the Function knob to 1K), touch the Positive (Red) probe lead of the multimeter to the center pin.

At the same time, touch the Negative (Black) probe lead of the multimeter, to the outside shell.

The amount of the reading, isn't as important, as getting an actual reading.
No reading on the multimeter means the jack's circuit has a break.

If so this can merely be caused by a cracked solder connection.
The jack's prongs, or pins that go down through the motherboard, are soldered.
If one of these solder connections is cracked, power will not flow through the DC Power Jack.

This is all it takes. One broken/cracked solder joint.

Example of a Gateway MT6804h Notebook PC, DC Power Jack,

Click on the main photo to enlarge.

{ It appears there isn't a solid metal cylinder, used for the Negative connection in the jack. There are individual segments that are used instead.
Touch the Negative ( Black ) probe to any of them }

After you click on the main photo, and it enlarges into a separate small window, there are 5 smaller views shown at the top right, in the small window as an option.

I would like you to click on the Bottom/Left view.
This enlarged view shows the DC Power Jack upside down, and the back is facing you.

Note how in the center of the back of the jack, there is a long prong, or pin, sticking up.

This prong connects to the Center Pin of the jack, and is the jack's Positive connection to the motherboard.

The prong, or pin, in front of it, and located more towards the center of the jack, is the Negative connection to the motherboard.

These solder joints MUST be in good shape, and not cracked.

[ The outer metal case of the jack has four 'prongs' that stick up, also.
Two for each side. These are used to mount the jack to the motherboard, (Soldered). ]

Continuity check is OK, and solder joints?
Problem is a power sensor chipset on the motherboard.

To digress;
A) Chip and Chipset are slang terms for I.C.
Integrated Circuit,

B) The power sensor chipset is a chipset that senses;

1) When the Battery needs a charge, and if it is to be a trickle charge, or a full charge.

2) When the laptop is to run strictly off of the AC adapter, OR the Battery.

To go on;
This is one example of a power sensor chipset used in a lot of laptops,

Note the 8 prongs. 4 on each side.
The 'foot' of the prong is soldered to the motherboard.


Power MOSFET, ]

With good to excellent soldering/de-soldering skills, this chipset can be replaced.
Otherwise the solution is to replace the motherboard.

(Do I also assume you used a multimeter, to check the output of the AC adapter?
19 Volts DC )

Post back in a Comment.


Jan 28, 2012 | Gateway MT6840h PC Notebook

1 Answer

I have an HP DV6700 Laptop Computer. The internal powersupply prong is loose...How can I fix it?

The laptop needs to be disassembled down to the motherboard, the power plug is not soldered to the motherboard, it is actually a satellite card attached to the motherboard via a small cable. The entire assembly can be purchased on Ebay for under 30 bucks. Below is an example of the listing. I will include a link to an illustrated disassembly guide.


DV6000 disassembly:

Aug 11, 2010 | PC Laptops

1 Answer

My r3000 has a tempermental power supply. it

whatabout the lead that plugs into the laptop ? does the plug in the laptop move easily, with the lead in, Sounds like the actual plug in the laptop is breaking away, the solder around the connector. Sadly to fix that you will have to get it repaired for about £50 to £70, maybe more ?? please make sure the lead from power supply is not loose or a bad fitting.

Jun 14, 2009 | Compaq Presario R3000 Notebook

1 Answer

Charging issue

It’s either the plug on the AC adaptor (might have a broken wire) or the laptop’s input jack that the adaptor plugs into. The input power jack is soldered onto the motherboard. Could also be a problem with the charging circuit on the motherboard (would need to replace motherboard to fix).

Your responses are intended to improve the level of service provided. Please show your appreciation by rating your experience.
Thank You.

Jan 15, 2009 | Dell Inspiron 9100 Notebook

1 Answer

I have a Dell Inspiron B130. I have brought 3 chargers. The computers has to always be pushed in or wiggled around to actually be charging. I think that it is the input prong. It seems to be loose and have...

The problem is not the chargers, it is the power connector on the laptop. Yes it can be fixed, laptop need to be dismantled to get access to this connector and a new one to be soldered in.
If you can't do it yourself the cost of fixing it may be expensive and if the laptop is a fews years old, it might be better putting this money towards a new laptop.

Nov 30, 2008 | Dell Inspiron B130 Notebook

3 Answers

Power adapter on the laptop that the plug ,plugs into the connector part not the actual plug or cord

Get a cable retention device to hold the cable in place and keep it charging until you can fix it.

Mar 25, 2007 | Gateway M250 Notebook

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