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No picture or sound on the tv

My Xbox turns on and the lights turn on, it sounds normal to me. but there is no picture or sound its not the AV cable or the TV I switched them both and it still didn't work. I even tried it on my HD TV it still didn't even work. Can anybody help me I'm dieing from nothing to do! HELP ME!!!

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  • xboxhelp Jun 12, 2008

    screen is blank

  • dnn1314 Aug 06, 2008

    My xbox 360 turns on and I have green lights but no picture, but I do have sound! My roommate has an xbox 360 also and when I switch my hard drive to his xbox then it works and I can play my own games! I know It has nothing to do with the cables because i can play his xbox 360 with my hard drive! I have removed the cables and inserted them many times and its the same thing!!! HELP someone...PLEASE...THANKS

  • kizaa Oct 04, 2008

    yea its annnoying i have the same problem too i can hear the game music and souds but no picture. but b4 this happend the screen went all green and so i turn it off. when i turnd it back on no pic.

  • iomalley28 Oct 21, 2008

    when i turn my xbox360 on my audio is fine but the screen stays blank.

  • infection808 Nov 16, 2008

    i turn on my 360 nothin happns i can only see a blank screen

  • Anonymous Nov 23, 2008

    iT doesn't work when I turn it on but my sond works sometimes

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2008

    My Xbox has sound, but no video, and the av cord in connected correctly

  • Tha Furious1 Dec 14, 2008

    I have the same problem, powers up fine with no red lights just not putting out a picture. I have tried it via HDMI and SCART on two televisions but still no picture. I don't really want to have to send it off to Microsoft and pay a fee for this so if anyone could help me solve this it would be much appreciated. thanks

  • wayno5 Dec 25, 2008

    i have a brand new xbox 360.. i connected it to my tv as per instrucs and all was gud. Later on i turned my xbox on again without altering the wires and the macheine all looked/sounded the same but no pic or sound on tv. i have tried my wii and that works even put xbox on other tv. is it goosed or what... pls help

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    All connected correctly with with sound, but no picture.

  • peely32 Jan 05, 2009

    when I turn my xbox 360 on it comes on normaly and green light comes on and sounds normal but theres no sound and no picture! i've try'd it a few times and sometimes theres white dots moving across the screen! can any body help please? dieing to play it!

  • semtex Jan 07, 2009

    i have just purchased a second hand xbox,i followed the set up insructions but when i turned it on the theres no picture and its making a loud hissing sound..any ideas b4 i launch it


  • n_2_design Jan 15, 2009

    I have the same light on, fan runs, audio is fine, all cables hooked up correctly, but no picture...only some white dots.

    Strangely, it happened right after putting in the New Call of Duty World at War.
    The console asked if I wanted to install the update needed to play the game.
    I clicked "Yes" thinking that the patch was located on the game disk, not only on Xbox live...(I don't currently subscribe and my machine was not connected to the web.)
    After the white dots, I consulted the xbox support forum, tried to reset the default settings (Ybutton/pull right trigger) and still nothing...

    Please reply if having the same problems

  • aerodnmx Jan 24, 2009

    yeh.. i got the same thing. i think its my console now. before it happened, the screen was fine, then it started to 'tear'. restarted, normal then more tearing. i tried reattaching the cables, only to make matters worse. now no audio, no video. i have tried everything.
    - cable set to HDTV, with component plugs in place (my default setting)
    - same thing above but in a different channel
    - cable set to SDTV, with component plugs in
    - cable set to SDTV, with composite plugs in
    - last two on a different tv
    + my console doesnt come with an HDMI port cos mine's one of the old breed (' 06 console)

    - im not quite sure im still covered by warranty or not. i got it on dec ' 06, and the only problem with it was a long while ago with the ring of death (1,3,4). back then i jus sent it back and they fixed it.

  • Anonymous Feb 06, 2009

    I have the same problem it is an internal problem in the 360 itself, i talked to someone who had the same problem and xbox had to fix it for him.

  • madden king Feb 10, 2009

    I have the same problem, no picture no video. I'ts pissing my off because I tried the plug, pull in pull out half in half out, brought new cables cleaned the ports, new t.v's old t.v.'s still nothing but a few white dots.

  • Anonymous Feb 20, 2009

    I had same problem,everything was fine but no picture.I could hear the game loading but no picture.My warranty had expired (I didn't know about 3 yr warranty) so I tried 2 different repairmen who couldn't fix it.

    The problem is broken solder joint on the motherboard.Its probably near the gpu or cpu.Firstly check with Microsoft as they'll probably replace it under extended 3 yr warranty. If you've opened the xbox or had it flashed then you're gonna have to fix it yourself.Forget these websites that charge you try where you'll get free advice on how to fix it yourself.

    Good luck and if all failes buy a PS3 they're more reliable.

  • halo3467 Feb 28, 2009

    when i was playing wwe raw vs smackdown 07 it froze so i turned it off turned it back on and no sound or picture i got 3 rings of the red eye

  • Anonymous Mar 10, 2009

    blue screen on tv checked all plugs tryed new ones i have sound but no picture

  • dirtfrenzy Mar 12, 2009

    Everythings works, the sound works but i cant seem to get any picture i tried it on my hd tv and still nothing. The cables work(i even bought new cables to make sure) but still nothing.

  • Anonymous Mar 14, 2009

    I have a problem with my XBOX. I am currently connecting it to an AV3 HDTV connection. I turned on my XBOX, and for two weeks, the XBOX ran, until one day when I was playing a game, the screen turned black. Every time I try to turn it on the lights are normal, everything is normal, but there is no picture on the screen or any sound what do I do?

  • Anonymous Mar 25, 2009

    it turns on but the tv dosent recieve anything

  • savillelee Apr 07, 2009

    i switched mt x box on one day and then the picture went all funny and then the next day when i switched it on it told me no signal and the av channel worked but it just kept saying no signal i tried a new av cable i tried it on 3 differnt tellies and it still did the same how can i fix this ?

  • Anonymous Apr 24, 2009

    no light or sound but the 360's on..

  • wowgold May 11, 2010

    You have to check out my answer in this thread to solve this problem very easy...

  • sarobes May 11, 2010

    Solution Link . . .




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Where you put the cables for the sound and picture if you look on the end where you plug it into the xbox 360 you will see a little switch it has HD and TV on it depending on what your tv supports (HD ready TV) (normal TV) switch that switch to what TV you have (e.g. HD TV, switch the switch to HD) if that doesnt work then try checking that you have all the cables in the right ports if you have pluged the HD cables into a normal TV then this is not going to work, check cables and check the switch!

Posted on Aug 23, 2008

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I also had the same problem, all audio, no visual... then i realized that my av cord was set to hd when i was not playing on and hd tv, when i switched my xbox went back to normal.....yes

Posted on Jan 21, 2009

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I emailed support line and this was the reply. Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Support!
I do apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you have questions on how the TV screen or monitor remains black no picture but still with audio when you start or play with an Xbox 360 console. This behavior may occur with or without a game disc in the disc tray. The console appears to be on because the green power light illuminates and the fan continues to operate. However, the screen remains black. Typically, you will experience this issue if the AV cable is not connected correctly or if the AV cable is faulty. If the screen remains black indefinitely or if the screen remains black for more than ten seconds, please try these troubleshooting steps:
1.  Make sure that your TV is set to the correct channel for your Xbox 360 console. 
2.  Examine the Ring of Light. If four red lights flash on the Ring of Light, the AV cable may not be correctly connected to the console. Disconnect the cable, reconnect the cable, and then again start the console. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
906652 Xbox 360: Four lights flash red on the Ring of Light
Note This will only be exhibited by Xbox 360 consoles that do not have an HDMI AV port. If your console is equipped with an HDMI AV port and you are using an HDMI cable, continue troubleshooting the issue by using this article. If you see any other red lights flashing on the Ring of Light, troubleshoot the issue by using one of the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
907535 Xbox 360: One red light flashes on the Ring of Light
907536 Xbox 360: One red light flashes on the Ring of Light and you receive an error message
907533 Xbox 360: Two red lights flash on the Ring of Light
907534 Xbox 360: Three red lights flash on the Ring of Light 
3.  Make sure that the AV cable that you have is correctly connected to your television. Make sure that that the TV/HDTV switch is set for your television type if you are using the Xbox 360 HD Component Cable AV Cable that is included with many Xbox 360 consoles. Locate and then follow the steps in the appropriate Knowledge Base article for your AV cable type:
907605 Xbox 360: How to troubleshoot the Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable
909335 Xbox 360: Video and sound issues when you use the Xbox 360 Composite AV Cable
907604 Xbox 360: How to troubleshoot the Xbox 360 S-Video AV Cable
Xbox 360: How to troubleshoot the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable
Xbox 360: How to troubleshoot Xbox 360 HDMI video and audio issues 
4.  Turn off the console, wait 10 seconds, and then turn the console back on without a disc in the disc tray. If this resolves the issue, try another game. 
5.  If the console does not work when any game is loading, remove the game disc, turn off the console, and then unplug all the cables and accessories that are attached to the console. 
6.  Wait 30 seconds, and then re-attach the power supply cord and the AV cable. Make sure that you insert the AV cable very firmly.
Note: Sometimes, you can insert the AV cable far enough to prevent any red lights from flashing on the Ring of Light but not far enough for the console to transmit images or sounds to the screen. After you reconnect the AV cable and power supply cord, restart the console. 
7.  Visit the following Microsoft support Web site to search for any video or sound issues that relate to the type of AV cable that you use: 
8.  If you continue to experience this behavior, contact Xbox Customer Support.       


Posted on Jun 05, 2008

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Hey... I had same problem I opened up the console and found that there was to much heat sink compound and when system had gotten hot it ran onto the component/mobo.

Posted on Dec 02, 2008

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It turns red on it its a xbox360

Posted on Dec 06, 2008

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Use an HDMI cable, not X-Box's Component HD cable. I was having the same issue and finally yanked the HDMI off my cable box...voila, instant success

Posted on Nov 14, 2008

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It sounds like it might be a problem with your GPU.  I am currently trying to fix mine so if/when I do, I will let you know.

Posted on Nov 12, 2008

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Posted on Nov 10, 2008

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Try wiping the metal area of the AV Cable Slot with a damp cloth. It could also be your mainboard so you could also try heating up the mainboard with a heatgun in circular motions. Don't keep it on one spot for too long or else it will ruin the mainboard. I would recommend you getting a heatgun from Sears or Home Depot. Good luck.

Posted on Oct 25, 2008

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My Xbox turns on and the lights turn on, it sounds normal to me. but there is no picture or sound its not the AV cable or the TV I switched them both and it still didn't work.i bought a new AV cable and it was fine for about half an hour then no picture again.

Posted on Oct 03, 2008

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I had same problems use the american ends of the av lead or if already using them switch to uk settings usually one of the two breaks

Posted on Sep 10, 2008

  • babbs1st Feb 08, 2009

    you need to do the red ring fix it solves all the problems but when you take xbox apart take the xclamps off the back of the mboard take the heatsinks off clean the crappy dried paste off then put new paste on but use arctic silver 5 normal heat paste don't work then put back together overheat so paste runsproperly then let cool down put all back together and it should work any problems email me


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Maybe it is because you have bad video and sound plugs,
or because you have the switch on the side of the plug set on the wrong kind of television

Posted on Nov 26, 2008

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You know not every problem with the xbox 360 is not really the xbox 360s fault. it could be your tv or where you hook it up on. you see its your xbox that makes the sound but its the tv's job to show the picture. i hope this is helpful.

Posted on Nov 16, 2008

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Hey, have you tried wiggleing the cabels??

Posted on Jan 23, 2009

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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya Technician can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: hd tv

when it is in standby and normal cable is fitted, when you switch it on hold down the power button for over 4 seconds, it runs the optimal settings page. hope this helps

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

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SOURCE: When connecting my HD cables I have sound but no picture.

this may sound silly but have you changed your settings on the xbox this is a common fault

Posted on Jan 05, 2009

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SOURCE: can anyone tell me why my xbox 360 won't show a picture?

does it still show your game is in?

Posted on Jan 31, 2009

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SOURCE: I am trying to connect

  • Well the XBox has it's own AV cable pack it uses. The AV cords you are using for the NES are a separate set that are apparently bad. So to play using the AV cords you just need to pick up a new $2usd pair or see if you have a pair laying around the house.

  • You do have a coak input on the back of your TV so if you have an old coax cord laying around the house you can use the RF bonx that cam with the NES. Hook the coax from the TV to the "OUTPUT" side of the RF box and then run the little RF cord to the NES. Then turn the TV to channel 3 or 4 and you can play it that way.

  • Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa.

Regards, Tony

Posted on Jun 21, 2011

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2 Answers

My xbox has no red rings, but its not broadcasting to my t.v. I turned it on last night and it flickerd as if a loosed connection. turned it off and now nothing on the t.v or sound and no red lights

You should have audio, and not picture.
if its the G.P.U. video feed error

Ok swap the A/V cable for new .
turn on the box and turn up the volume on
the tv . now pull out the red or white plug slowley
till your diconected you should hear a buzzing
sound coming from your tv as you pull the plug
out . If not then the tv is on the wrong video in put
change the tv to video 1, 2 ,3,... till you hear and see
the picture.


Oct 15, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

We turn the tv and xbox on but there is no picture. We can hear the xbox power up and the tv works otherwise, but no visual for games.

is there sound? check the connections in the back of the tv. if you get red lights on the xbox, then it means a cable is loose some where. check the av swith on the av cord connected to the 360.

Sep 29, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

TV has no picture, but sound works fine

Are you using the AV input for the XBox or other cable? If you use AV, then use the same input that the Xbox does not show picture, plug in a DVD and see if it works. If it does not have a picture, so 100% your TV has problem.

Aug 11, 2009 | Sony Televison & Video

1 Answer

I have no picture, but no red lights

It's a scaler chip problem (the "ANA" or "HANA" chip connected directly to the AV cable) in rare cases it is the GPU.

This is a serious issue that will need the attention of a skilled Microsoft tech. Contact Microsoft asap.

Jul 11, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

Sound Problems

u need a new av cable some things just come already defected from the manufacture

Jun 06, 2009 | Video Game Consoles & Games

1 Answer

Picture will not show

You might want to try the following:

1. make sure that the AV cable is not loose or incorrectly seated in both the Xbox 360 console and the TV
2. make sure that you have the correct AV cable for your TV, to verify that the AV cable is connected correctly to the Xbox 360 console and to the TV, disconnect the AV cable and then reconnect the AV cable to both devices
3. if you are using composite cables, do not try to set any HDTV settings because you may lose the picture
4. make sure that your TV is set to the same video broadcast system as your Xbox 360 console (PAL or NTSC)
- if your Xbox 360 console is an NTSC console, make sure that your TV supports NTSC
- if your Xbox 360 console is a PAL console, set your PAL settings to PAL 60
- if your TV has a type of picture compensation enabled, disable it
5. reset your Xbox 360 console
- Remove any discs from the disc tray
- Turn off the console
- Turn on the console
- As the console starts, press and hold the Y button, and then pull the right trigger at the same time
- The Xbox Dashboard resets the display settings to the default settings and then automatically restarts the console.
6. Do not take your Xbox 360 console or its accessories to your retailer for repair or for service unless an Xbox Customer Support representative asks you to do this

Mar 09, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

My ps3 has no picture or sound...

if there's absolutely nothing on the TV screen, then most probably the video output is different then the cables you are using (eg: video output HD and you are using AV cables). Are you sure your TV is set correctly? like using HD cable you have to choose HDMI or AV cable choose AV. Anyway, When the PS3 is on, turn it off by pressing and holding the power button on the front (so the light turns red) you will hear beep sound ( I can't remember how many but not once). This should reset the Video output to AV. Swithch to AV cables (if you're using HD). Usually if the system is set to AV output and you switch to HDMI cables, the system recognizes that and swithches to HD output. But if it's set to HD output and you are using AV cables, it doesn't switch back; that is what my system does.

Jan 22, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

2 Answers

New XBOX 360 no picture / sound

ok your lucky, you just need to by a new av cable.. or if that dosnt work you need to get the av caple connection fixed (only about $25)
thanks, Domo

Dec 23, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

AV cable??

no picture but have sound

Sep 10, 2008 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

1 Answer

No Picture with sound

Make sure the setting on the av cable is for tv or hdtv, whatever type of tv your using. I hit that switch so many times, its a pain.

Still not working, disconnect all cables then reconnect.

Dec 25, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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