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Oven Lock stuck open before start of self-cleaning cycle

I startred a self-cleaning cycle on a frigidaire stove but I pulled on the oven door accidently before it locked shut and now it won't shut because the lock is stuck closed. I get a flashing lock light and a "dr" code on the panel when I try to set self-cleaning cycle again.

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  • pstone Jul 02, 2008

    I am having the same problem, but the oven light solution did not work. My oven finished the self-cleaning cycle but the lock light kept flashing for 12 more hours. I finally hit cancel and it kept flashing. I tried to open the door and it opened but the lock is still latched (and the light is still flashing).

  • Anonymous Jul 07, 2008

    I punched in the button to clean my oven and suddenly realized I did not remove the racks. I jerked the door open, removed the racks and then the door would not close. I turned off the breaker, waited for the oven to cool off and turned it on again. Still the door would not close. Finally a friend came over and pushed the button on the left (which turns off the light). The stove seemed to cycle a little and then the flashing lock light went out.

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    My oven door on my Frigidare self-cleaning oven will not unlick. The lock light is flashing. I ran it through the clean cycle again and it still will not unlock. When I push any button the 'dr' letters appear. I have uplugged the stove and the light still flashes when I re plug it.

  • Anonymous Sep 01, 2008

    code dr flashes. The oven door will not shut

  • montanabrand Sep 06, 2008

    I already posted, but I noticed I don't have a oven light switch on my stove. It is simply Oven, broil, Cancel and clean.

  • illus8or Sep 08, 2008

    I have the same problem - I was actually physically cleaning my oven and must have hit the clean button and the oven locked with the door being open.  So now my oven door is open but the locked door is flashing and my oven door will not shut.  I have tried everything everyone has suggested and it still won't shut??

  • Yolaa Oct 08, 2008

    oven lock stuck open before start of self-cleaning cycle problem

  • toven Oct 27, 2008

    The range beeps constantly and the door is open but the lock is engaged. THe lock will not release and the beeping will not stop

  • lexman52 Nov 26, 2008

    my oven is locked with the door opened now it will not

  • gospeldiva Jan 04, 2009

    The self-cleaning process is now over and the door is locked, how do I get it unlocked?€

  • deb1001 Jan 05, 2009

    I have cornbread in the oven and accidently hit clean. I pushed cancel but, its been 12 hours and I still can't open the door

  • thompson9499 Jan 08, 2009

    my over was lock but the door was open my husband got the door to close now the oven will not bake it keeps flashing off

  • Anonymous Jan 17, 2009

    F90 and wont stop beeping

  • jayded333 Feb 15, 2009

    I kinda have the same problem. My door isnt locked it will open and close. The panel with beep and have a code of F90. It will do this for about 30 seconds and than stop and it sounds like its self cleaning. Then it will repeat itself. I have tried to unplug but it is stuck on this. My oven will not work because of this please help.

  • kjamun Mar 26, 2009

    I have the same problem. My oven door is lock and will not unlock. It has been about 6 hours. I have tried everything and it will not unlock.

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2009

    I preheated the oven to bake something and when it beeped that it was preheated i place what I wanted cooked in the oven, when to shut the door the oven shut off and I couldn't shut the oven door and now the lights just keeps blinking and it has been 3 hours and it is still blinking.

  • tresweber Apr 09, 2009

    oven was in self clean mode and i accidently opened door .i cant not shut the oven door cause its in lock mode...please help

  • johnettn Apr 18, 2009

    kenmore oven. I want to stop the cleaning process and unlock the door. Help

  • heesendr Apr 20, 2009

    I had my oven do a long-overdue self cleaning. When it was done the door was stuck shut. Suggestions?

  • slonsway2491 Apr 23, 2009

    oven lock stuck open before start of self cleaning cycle frigidaire stove

  • Anonymous Mar 13, 2014

    frigidaire electric oven lock light blinking door stuck open

  • Anonymous Mar 16, 2014

    I have a Frigidaire self cleaning oven , when I use the oven for cooking there is a lot of steam that comes out when I am cooking and steam also comes out of the vent under the panel . The steam goes up underneath the panel and now won't come on , can't see the time or use the stove only thing that works are the 4 burners , please help .

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2014

    Followed directions on self-cleaning for my stove & after 2 hrs. I noticed 2 straight burned lines on upper door of my oven. How can you help me.

  • Anonymous Mar 20, 2014

    don't know where the pilot is

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2014

    can get the cleaning to turn on

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2014

    when I use the oven for cooking the oven door will lock by its self. I then have to unplug the stove to get the oven door to unlock

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2014

    how to lock

  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2014

    why does the self cleaning light on my electric stove stay on all the time

  • Anonymous Sep 01, 2015

    My Frigidaire oven is locked and wont unlock. I get the dr error and the light blinks and beeps. After awhile f9 error appears and beeps steadily. I can silence it by hitting clear but then it goes back to dr and repeats everything. I was putting it on clean and thought the lock was not engaged so I pulled on the door a little and that when it started. Its like the lock is not engaged properly and cant let go now. I have to shut it off with the breaker and when I turn it on again the clock goes back to 12:00 blinking. cfef372cs2



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Push in on the oven light switch and hit clean then cancel you have to hold the oven light switch thats what tells the eoc the door is closed if this dont work reply to me

Posted on Jun 05, 2008

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  • bsperb Feb 01, 2011

    Ypou are a lifesaver - Thankyou

  • sirkin01 Mar 20, 2011

    I have tried every possible configuration, push light, clean, clear/off both seperate, I dont know what else to do. My mother in law said in just went to clean mode and the door lock while it is open. any other ideas would be great thank you
    Jonathan sirkin

  • Richard Jarrell Jun 06, 2012

    I called Frigiare. They said the same thing Press oven light switch - located in upper left corner of the front of the oven - and while holding it down press "Clear/OFF" button on the control. I have model # FEF352

  • Randall Bowman Aug 26, 2012

    Generally this helped me with my Frigidaire gas stove. I found I had to actually start the clean cycle so the lock begins to actuate, then hit cancel. I waited for the lock to return and everything seemed to be back to normal. After a couple of minutes the dr came up again. I repeated the cycle. After 5 minutes now it seems ok. thank you.

  • rowenashiple
    rowenashiple Nov 12, 2012

    Thank You!!! It worked!!!

  • rowenashiple
    rowenashiple Nov 12, 2012

    It worked! Thank You!!

  • mday3379
    mday3379 Jan 08, 2013

    thanks it worked for me too

  • sprosser001
    sprosser001 Apr 07, 2013

    Worked for us as well.......Thank you

  • Cassie May 09, 2013

    dose the oven light balb have to be working

  • Essie Yolanda Jackson
    Essie Yolanda Jackson Oct 13, 2013

    Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you! If I could find you, I would kiss your forehead and tell you "Night night!" Smooch and Night NIght!

  • Kathleen Foley
    Kathleen Foley Jun 27, 2014

    did not work.....

  • kr t
    kr t Sep 01, 2015

    didnt work for me

  • Talk to Jeff and Lisa Meyer

    It worked and the the lock decided to engage again


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On the upper left side of a GE stove there is a button that the door pushes in when it is closed. Push that button in and hold it, then press cancle. Hold these positions for a few seconds and you will hear the door operating. This should fix the problem.

Posted on Mar 22, 2010

  • vc7404 Aug 08, 2011

    Thank you hotspring!!!! I had not even seen that button. It worked!!!! Thanks again!!

  • Kathleen Foley
    Kathleen Foley Jun 27, 2014

    yessss taht's it! Thanks!!!


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I hit oven clean button by accident, trying to cancel, but is stuck on lock, but not cleaning ??

Posted on Feb 18, 2010

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What is the procedure to get the self cleaning oven to work ?
Have tried every combination possible ?
It is a Frigidaire... Model #CFEF388JEB1

Posted on Jan 16, 2009

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Wow! Thanks so much tech17 for your help. For some reason I wasn't sure what you meant by oven light switch? Thinking it was the oven switch on top of the stove! Thank you again for your help ! Really ~~ I 've been flat broke and calling on Sears for 65. an hour hasn't been an option so have been without the oven for about a week now. Magically your words helped and the door now closes as well as the oven works once again ! Yay ! 100 stars go out to you ! Thank you so much !

Posted on Sep 13, 2008

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Thanks for helping us. We were able to get our oven door closed when the lock light was flashing. This sight is very helpful and we so appreciate the help and easy to read as well as find the intstructions. This site saved us a service call charge plus a labor charge.

Posted on Jan 17, 2009

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My stove isn't locking to self clean, it keeps saying CLN for 30 seconds and the I get this DR beep code on my stove and it's not making it self clean is there a motor for the lock to engage. I sprayed some wd40 and loosened up the lock but it still doesn't lock to clean please help

Posted on Apr 08, 2009

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The light button worked perfectly for this thank you everyone who posted solutions for not only this situation but any questions people have. It's very helpful especially when you can't afford to get it looked at let alone replaced. Thank you. God bless

Posted on Aug 13, 2012

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I pushed the clean button on my kenmore oven, the door wasn't closed and the lock came out, not I can not close the oven nor get the lock light to stop flashing. What can I do?

Posted on Sep 08, 2011

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I am having the same problem except I did not pull on the door too early.
It's just now that the cleaning is done.
The door will not open and the lock light is still blinking.
Can't get the oven door open.
Must be that the door is smarter than the operator huh?

Posted on Oct 23, 2008

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This helped me. I didn't know where my light switch on the stove was. Until I read the part about on the left and I started looking on the left, in the inside then when I found it. It worked. I'm so happy it's fixed :-)

Posted on Nov 08, 2009

Just wanted to say THANKS to Tech 17, I turned on the cleaning and forgot to shut the door first and it locked and I could not shut the door. I did what you said I pushed the oven light to turn off and held it for about 10 seconds and the lock let go and now I can shut my oven. Thanks I was very frustrated and calling the help line did nothing.

Posted on Sep 12, 2008

Thank you tech17. It worked! My husband repeated your instructions just a couple of times and bingo - it unlocked. Thank you very much!

Posted on Jul 02, 2008

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I have a Frididaire Self-Cleaning oven (electric), and I canceled lock by pushing in actuator button on inner left door panel (not the door itself). It makes a clicking noise, then release then push it in again... Then it should be canceled.

Hope that helps.

Posted on May 23, 2013

  • tori Jun 03, 2013

    thank god for u!!!!!! lol i justtred it after a nigt of stressi and a 30 mintestoday og googling u heled me!!! thankyou, took me a minute to find the button then i came back t look at your aswer and laghed at myself i was loking at the actual door god bless! :P

  • tori Jun 03, 2013

    typoooooooooooooo i gottaget a new keyboard thanks again!


Well i tryed the oven light switch solution, and it didnt work. I attepmted the brute force solution and that didnt work either, but as i was on the verge of breaking the lock off i noticed 2 screws on both sides of the lock. I took a phillips head screw driver and turn the screws a bits to adjust the lock and it worked... the oven made a sound for less then a min. and the flashing lock button turned off, and everything went back 2 normal.

Posted on Jul 11, 2008

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1 Answer

How do I get self clean to work on older fridgidare stove

Move the safety lock/lever at the top of the oven door to the right and press the self clean button on the oven control panel, it is an automatic cycle so it will lock the door from opening and then will proceed with the auto clean cycle. Good luck !

Jan 06, 2010 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

1 Answer

F9 code comes on frigidaire stove when self clean operation starts, i cleaned around door lock, what should i do next

The F9 code indicates there is a problem with the door lock.

Try disconnecting the power to the range for 10 seconds and reconnecting. Open the oven door and hold the door switch plunger in while you try these things. Put the control into clean for 5 minutes then cancel clean. You must hold the door switch plunger in for the 5 minutes.

Try canceling the clean cycle without putting the control into clean.

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Oct 13, 2009 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

1 Answer

Lock for self cleaning cycle in the on position

unplug the stove, then force the mechanism back with a screwdriver

Jul 22, 2009 | Ovens

1 Answer

F90 code flashing and i cant reset it

F90 Maximum oven door unlock time exceeded.
F91 Maximum oven door unlock attempts exceeded.
F92 Maximum oven door open time exceeded.
F93 Maximum oven door lock time exceeded.
F94 Maximum oven door lock attempts exceeded.

1. (F90, 91, 92, 93 & 94) Check the wiring between EOC & Lock Motor Micro Switch.

2. (F90, 91, 92, 93 & 94) Replace the Motor Door Latch assembly if necessary.

3. (F90, 91, 92, 93 & 94) Check for binding of the Latch Cam, Lock Motor Rod & Lock Motor Cam.

4. (F90, 91, 92, 93 & 94) Check to see if Lock Motor Coil is open. If open, replace Lock Motor Assembly.

5. (F90, 91, 92, 93 & 94) Lock Motor continuously runs - if Micro Switch is open, replace Lock Motor Assembly.

6. (F92, 93 & 94) Check oven door Light Switch - if open, replace Switch.

7. If all situations above do not solve problem, replace EOC.

F90 is a door lock code, Try this...
unplug the range.
wait 1 minute.
turn the range back on,
then while holding in on the oven door.
start another self clean.
wait 2 minutes.
then cancel the self clean.

do not release the door until the door lock light goes out.

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Jul 07, 2009 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

2 Answers

Door locked after cancelling self clean option

Open the door. In the upper left corner, press and hold the door switch (the one that controls the inside light). Start a self clean cycle and wait for lock motor to engage. When the lock stops moving it should be in the unlocked position. Press cancel to stop the self clean.

If you need more assistance let me know.
Good luck!

Mar 29, 2009 | Ovens

1 Answer

Oven Door Locked

the oven door does lock during self clean, otherwise it will not work. however, the door is supposed to unlock after the oven has cooled. if it is still locked, turn the oven to self clean and wait about a minute and then hit cancel and see if the door unlocks. if not, there may be a probelm with the door lock mechanism. Joe

Nov 18, 2008 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

6 Answers

Oven locked so I can't shut door/operate oven

Thanks a million, solved the problem like a charm. For those that can't find it, it is on the left side orf the OVEN, not the stove. Once you open the door, you'll find it on the frame's upper left side corner, can't miss it. Good luck

Oct 27, 2008 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

1 Answer

Frigidaire self clean electric stove 'f9' message comes on when self cleaning

I had the same problem. All I had to do was clean around the door lock. A small bit of burnt food or something had gotten into the hole around the lock and prevented it from moving all the way into position. Took a tooth pick and 30 seconds of probing to clean it out. Works fine now.

Oct 13, 2008 | Frigidaire 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding...

1 Answer

Self-cleaning gas oven

Door lock motor has probably failed.....Self clean on many
ovens can be a self destruct mode. Door latch motors, sensor
probes and even the electronic controls can be destroyed by
this operation. On many freestanding stoves the lock motor is located in the right rear (looking from the front) with a long rod connected to the lock. remove the motor and unhook the rod from the motor cam. Sometimes bending a coat hangar into a hook and sliding from the right side into the lock you can unlock the door.

Jun 02, 2008 | Frigidaire Ovens

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