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Download speed/spybot query

When i download a file it does it at about 24kbps/ this right i have seen other computer atleast 54 or something.i am on broadband and thought that this number is low.but i'm not there a way of making sure my internet is at the optimal rate.and also 1 other small thing i'm not sure of .i ran a spybot search and during the search a message appeared twice saying something like the was a problem with something......program files\spybot search_destroy\includes\ see 'include errors.log for details. i don't know how to do this,is this anything to be concerned about or should i be worried.past information has been helpfull i have chosen to stick with zone alarm and nod32 .thankyou for your time...whiteox.

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  • whiteox Jun 02, 2008

    my appologies for not responding to to registry matters i decicided to leave registry mechanic there.and downloaded advance windows care v2 personal,all the programs mentioned were already installed in the is secondhand computer.sorry about the kbps error.i'm a learner still learning. i downloaded a file about 18 mb? it was steady at around 34 kb/s.we run our computer through a router into the adsl2 moderm.i use the ethernet connection on the back of the all loads auto the internet indicator at the bottom of the screen displays...local area connection speed 100.0mbps status i'm not sur about the spybot though whether to use the link u provided me as i did not install the programs except advance windows.although if i have any problems of major i will be certainly thinking about the 90 day trial with everything that i seen in on of your links.i do appologize if i get comfusing.something things on computer seem really easy to get the drift of .other ares not..i suppose my computer runs o.k for what it is but got alarm when seeing the spybot message.internet matter is curousity mainly as i thought i'd should be better. i could be expecting to much.i thank you for taking the time to help me understand thing abit more.......whiteox..

  • whiteox Jun 02, 2008

    i read the articles in the link for spybot for me.i tried to download but it said the copy of the files are corrupt you need to get a new copy.but when i went back in the site i read that almost everyone has the same problem and if i assume correct that it is not really a still does what it is supposed to.either way the reports for spybot 1.5 is not very good.interesting reading reading though.learning something new everyday.i hope i've got the right idea with this matter. whiteox..

  • whiteox Jun 02, 2008

    i looked in the tools u suggest never dial a connection is there marked but cant do anthing with them they are not in dark print.the only one there is lan settings and nothing done in their nothing selected.i will try and uninstall spybot then try again.

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    hi guru.i applied auto in the lan settings rebooted.i'm unable to see your pictures i only get little boxes with red cross in them.i live in township:Elizabeth,South Australia.Australia. and my internet provider is i hope i have supplied what you asked.....whiteox.. ..12:27pm,.. 3rd june

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    I'M GETTING CONFUSED WRITING BACK,i think i've got it now.i think i should see this message here on this page..spybot fixed

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    guru,i can see pictures now and the only thing different was that nothing was selected in automatic configuration so i ticked automatically detect settings and then rebooted my computer.everthing looks the same now.or was i wrong in selecting that option yet.hope not.

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    have sent other messages but silly me was posting them as new instead of replying like i am now.which i think i am now doing correctly.i'm not sure if you get them either way.

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    thankyou i'd rather have someone help than do things myself and make things worse.better to be safe than sorry if you don't know.staying with this page now i've worked things out.

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    i looked up my providors web page.i looked in their support there's are thing there for instructions 4 connecting.maybe u can look in their and see if i should be doing any of i'm accessing the internet...i also looked in their ABOUT US page and in there there's a page called network explaining about these kbps numbers.maybe u can look there aswell and see if any of that info is of any help to

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    forgot not sure if i got that tea thing but i have a icon down bottom right that i didn't have before some kind of resident

  • whiteox Jun 03, 2008

    i have been on the phone with my provider and they told me that my problem is probally due to the sites i download from.they said i should have upload of 128 and download of 512. wierd thing is when i download a file from my provider webpage it download at rate of about 51-52. i deleted that file and tried it again and it was 46-47. they told me that speed was acceptable.51-52 should be my average.i went to download a game and it was back at the rate of maybe he right it could be the sites.but i thought i would easily get would they say i should be getting being not that far from their office.they told me just to keep monitoring and if it get down to slow they would have to put a fix or something on it.

  • whiteox Jun 04, 2008

    just finished reading your lenghly message.thankyou for taking the time to do the research.some makes sence.i gather i'll find out if it resets in a week or two when month is up.yes there is a big time is this is the first month of internet,i'll monitor how things go if service decreases in time or improves each month.i know i have a counter with my provider showing how much i've used out of i assume that is the meter that should reset each appologies for taking time to reply.i came to check as there was no messages in my emailfor now i think everything o.k if major hassle comes i'll definately be contacting.i assume there is not much left to do with this matter apart from monitoring my providors performance.thanks again for all your time and effort...whiteox...



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If you are really downloading files at 24 kbps and on broadband, there is a serious issue. Broadband download speeds are generally in Mbps, while only dial-up speeds are in kbps. This is kilobytes vs. megabytes (a 1,000 multiple difference). Do you have an internal modem that is perhaps connecting, and should not be? If sounds as though you need to check out your broadband. Also, FYI, the 54kbps you have heard about is simply the most usual dial-up modem speed - it is not broadband. [One finer point in regard to broadband speeds - most broadband has slower speeds for upload than download, which is known as asynchronous. The actual download speed you obtain will depend not only on what you have subscribed to, but also the capacity of the line and so forth; but you should be "always connected" and should never see download speeds measured in anything less than 100s of kbps, if not Mbps.]

In regard to the spybot matter, it sounds as though the current version may not be loaded. Did you actually download spybot, or did you leave the system with only nod32 & zone alarm? If you did download spybot (v1.4), please see info at the page below, and follow that link to download upgrade.

Spybot is good for making sure you are protected against spyware, and as I stated earlier, running more than one spyware program is not a bad thing to do. However, perhaps I should have clarified with you that the Nod32 you are running is the full solution - if it is AV only, you should put on a spyware protection package, and I believe spybot is the best of the free versions.

Back to your broadband/download speed - you should never get 24kbps on broadband. It sounds like something is definitely wrong, and I would suggest that you speak with Tech Support at your Broadband provider about this. They may need to walk you through a check of your modem, or the line may need to be checked, etc.

By the way, I spent some considerable time and energy researching items for you in regard to registry cleaners. Did you see the additional comments I sent to you following the original lengthy response? I wanted to make sure that you felt you had gotten a FixYa level solution from me, as I feel that a "good" rating instead of an "excellent" rating indicates that you feel I did not give you everything you asked for... If you are satisfied that I fully responded, I would certainly appreciate your reconsideration of that rating.

Please post back if you need further assistance or clarification with this matter; otherwise, thank you again for using and rating FixYa!

Posted on Jun 02, 2008

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  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 02, 2008


    Let's work on a couple of things. Based on your description of ADSL you should have a broadband connection - and that doesn't match up with the 34 kbps... If you are using Internet Explorer, please go to Tools> Internet Options> Connections, and see if it is indicated as "Never dial a connection" (radio box in approximately the middle of the tab). There can be dial-up connections listed, but those should serve as a backup, not as your primary connection.

    Second, go to Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs and see if Spybot S&D is already there. If it is, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling it. The trojan you mentioned earlier could be the routine spybot 1.4 bug, or it could be indicative of a real problem. I hope it's the first. If you don't see spybot in the add/remove list, check your All Programs list and make sure it's not there. If it is not there, I think you would be best off to go ahead and download/install. If you are in agreement - go to, and you will find the link to download in the bottom frame of the page. You also might be interested to read some of the other material referenced on that page, as it is quite informative.

    Thanks for your attention, and your kind words. Just want to help!


  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 03, 2008

    I am going to try to post a few images here of what your Internet Options/Connections should look like. Hope it works (I haven't been able to get a number of images to post properly.) If it doesn't, I'll get with FixYa to try to figure it out! So, here is the top section of the Internet Options:

    (Obviously I have already selected the Connections tab.)

    Then, you have the middle section, which is where your "Never dial..." should be selected:

    Finally, at the bottom, you have the LAN section:


    Now, if you click on LAN Settings from the last section, you should see Automatically... selected, and nothing else:

    OK, if this worked, you should be able to see all the images, and compare them one at a time to what is set in your IE. Please check out each line and option individually and make sure all are exactly the same. If something is different, don't change it just yet. Please let me know what is the same, and (if any) what is different. If everything is exactly the same, we will move to another area. This could take a while - hope you are patient - but this back and forth is the only way to do it with a free solution.

    When you post back, could you please let me know what country you are in and the DSL provider you are using? This will help in researching if we have more issues. I will also walk you through the spyware matter one step at a time if you need help with that, but solving your connection speed first will pay off in multiples, especially when you want to use the internet and download without it taking lifetimes to complete.

    (I am crossing my fingers that the image will show when I hit "Post It"!) Look forward to hearing back-


  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 03, 2008

    OK, I think I have the image thing figured out. Here goes again - bear with me. These images match up with the last message above...




    Lan Settings Detail:

    Hope I haven't managed to confuse you even more! Just line the pictures up with the text above - they flow in the same order.

    Thanks - we'll get there!


  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 03, 2008

    Yes, sirree, I am getting them - and you've got it down!

    Good deal - it sounds like you did exactly the right thing. We'll see if it helps. I posted a response on your other issue just a few minutes ago, and went to close my email and saw that you had posted all these comments here while I worked on the other one!

    No problem with the way you are posting. When you have a new issue, just make sure (if you want me to be the one to answer) to choose me from your experts (should be at the right of your screen) when you go to post the question. I think you've been doing that, with only that one slipping through to the general community. When we continue on one problem, as we have here, commenting back is exactly right. Either one of these methods results in my receipt of an email notification, and if it takes a bit for me to get back to you, it is only because I am either working or sleeping. I WILL get back to you just as soon as possible - as you have become "mine" now! :-) (I want to make sure you get the best help I can give you.) Have a good one - and thanks again. You're doing great!

  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 03, 2008

    Hi there, Whiteox. Took some time looking at the provider's pages. First, let me address the pages you specifically pointed out. The page that comes up when you hit the Instructions link (from the Support page) gives instructions for setting up a dial-up account. This is not what you want, as you have the DSL service. It also gives you the email settings for Outlook Express, in case you haven't already set up your email account.

    NOTE: This paragraph is not something you need to have, but is for your information, and I don't want to confuse you, as I think we've made big progress! So FYI: If you have an internal modem, you could put these settings in your connection tab - the top section - in order to have it there as a backup. You do not want to change any of the other settings we have already put in place, as this dial-up would only be used if your broadband was down, or you had taken the computer elsewhere, and you needed to connect via dial-up. Maybe just keep this in mind, in case something did go wrong wth your broadband and you needed to connect via dial-up. Hopefully that won't ever happen and you would never need it at all, as dial-up speeds can be extremely frustrating. I would suggest, however, that you make a note of their telephone contact information somewhere (on a piece of paper), just in case you need to call and can't use your computer for some reason to get it.

    Some General Information / Discovery

    Regarding settings for your home broadband, the information is at You might take a look at that, and if you are unsure whether your setup is exactly right, call them back and ask them to walk through the settings and equipment with you to verify that everything is set up the best way. By "the best way" I mean that it is structured so that you obtain the fastest connection speeds possible.

    They offer an antivirus/spyware scanner ("Internet Security Suite"), but I think you are well covered with the solutions you have already put in place. If you see something there you may not have, you could switch, but again I think you are well covered now. If you have questions on that, let me know. By the way, I noticed afterward on the home page, there is an additional charge for this!

    Plan Parameters - This is the most IMPORTANT part of this post

    I think I might have stumbled across a big part of the answer here! The basic service agreement is supplemented by the ADSL Service Supplement found at If you look at Section 3, ADSL Plans, you will see that each plan offers only a certain limited amount of "full speed traffic" and then the speed is decreased to 56 kbps. The only plan listed that does not indicate such a decrease is the Pro Plan (the top one) - at section 3.4 - which indicates decreases, but not as much (up to 30GB full speed, 30 - 50 GB half speed, and 50GB+ at 72 kbps). That plan also indicates that it features "shaping", which I don't know enough about to explain, but it is clear this is the primary type of plan where you get the best service.

    Additionally, when comparing the offerings on the ADSL1 page ( to those listed in the agreement, there is a difference between the parameters listed for the basic and pro plans between the ADSL1 page and the agreement, and the agreement does not address the Super or Elite plans that are listed on the ADSL1 page.

    Now, I am NOT an attorney, but based on the speed you signed up for (512/128kbps), once you have reached the total allowed GB of "full speed traffic", which is based on the plan associated with your subscription, the service evidently automatically switches to 56 kbps. I would imagine that this allowed amount of full speed traffic (ranging from 5 Gb to 100Gb per the ADSL1 page) resets monthly, but the agreement doesn't appear to specify if this is a one-time allowance per contract or if it is a monthly allowance. Again, I am not an attorney, but I really think this is the basis of your speed issue. So, that would be why a tech would say that something in the range of 25 - 50 kbps would be normal, even though your subscription states 512 kbps.

    You will likely want to clarify this information with the provider, and make sure what you are entitled to under your plan, and if it resets monthly, etc. Then, once you understand what they are allowing you, we might want to reevaluate some of the other packages you have in place that are routinely downloading files, as this downloading uses up your included full speed traffic Gb's.

    Tea Timer

    In regard to the Tea Timer, it sounds like you got it going - it is resident (meaning it runs in the background all the time unless you turn it off). If you want to just look around in the software, and check out the various settings, just click on that icon to open the program and check it out. You might see something you want to have set differently. However, until you have time, the default settings in place should be OK for you, and you can keep an eye on your registry.

    OK, I'm going to sign off for now. Hope you find out some good information from the provider, and that this helps, and I look forward to hearing from you again.


  • Cheryl Whalen Jun 04, 2008

    Hi there, Whiteox. Thought I would check in as I just came in and looked up our time difference. Depending on exactly where you are in the Australian zones, it looks like we are anywhere from 12 hours to 16 hours apart in time. So, it looks like we are sleeping at exactly opposite times!! Hope you have gotten to take a look at the response I sent you this morning - and that it made some sense. If you have questions, or it doesn't seem clear, don't hesitate to ask!




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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya Technician can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US.
click here to Talk to a Technician (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need.

Posted on Jan 02, 2017


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I don't know whats wrong whith my internet speed since last summer.My computer downloads diffrent aplications at diffrent speeds.

Speed in downloads and uploads vary hour by hour, day in ,day out, where, when, traffic, connections, etc., etc., etc., can affect the speed. Many, many things affect internet speed, some you can control , some you can't. It may be the ISP , equipment outside, if ALL your equipment is connected correctly, up-to-date, that's about all you can do. It's almost impossible to point at one problem.

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Is there way to maximize my computer's speed & performance with free software?

Remove temp files from computer. Press windows key + R then you can see type in run "%tmp%" without "" then press enter then remove all temp files.Type in run "prefetch" without "' then press enter remove all prefetch files. Type in run "chkdsk /r" then press enter then press "y" then restart computer then it fix errors on harddrive. Scan computer updated antivirus it is best antivirus. Download it's free version from below link. Click here Download and install then update it from internet. Then scan computer in boot time avast scanner. Then your computer and internet run fast. Also your mouse not freeze. Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks for using FixYa.

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Is there any software i can get for free to help make my computer more effective

Hi there yes there are several very useful software available for freei will give the names and the links to find them.Spybot search & destroy remove spywares from your computer you should run it every day click here
Ccleaner will clean up your browser and speed up your computer you should run it everyday click here AVG antivirus software there are trial version and free edition,you should run this every day choose the free edition here;a&searchtype=downloads&filterName=platform%3DWindows&filter=platform%3DWindows
Defraggler will defrag your hard drive and this will give you more space you should run it once a week.

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Internet explorer closes down approx 45 secs after opening, happens continuously without warning and up to 16 windows open simultaneously.This is only happening on my laptop and not main computer and only...

you probably have a virous or something else.
check for viruses (if you don't have an antivirus downlaod avg which has a free edition)
also download spybot search & destroy for spyware

Jan 19, 2010 | Computers & Internet

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When it got to the install files part it stopped for more than 2 hours


Download Spybot Search & Destroy. Restart computer, then run Spybot to see what spyware comes up, AND DELET IT.

FYI---Virus Protection-- 2 programs of virus protection will conflict with each other and will actually cancel out the protection. SO just download one.

Running Spybot Search & Destroy with EITHER Avast or Avg (great Free virus protection programs ) will keep a computer in good working condition. FREE

NEW *****Somthing new FROM MICROSOFT.*** 2009 ---Security Essentials

*****Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5.2 ****




**Ccleaner*** FREE…

***Malware**** FREE

$ *** KASPERSKY ***

There are alot of $ anti-virus and Internet security programs out there,

ie: Norton, McAfee, Panda, Bitdefender. If you would like to pay $ then get ***Kaspersky***-- 2010 , I feel that is the best for your money.


Good Luck.
If you think this is good information, , please rate me.
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I attempted to download new maps for my 255W. The download speed to start was around 80 KB/sec. When I was aboutt 9% downloaded the speed dropped to 1KB/sec and I needed 500 hours to fininsh. I quit. Now...


firstly u delete Temporary Internet Files,temp and recent and logs by using given below steps-

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent
My computer-right click-computer management-event viwer-delete application & security logs

Than restart the system and upgrade the anti virus.

check system its working fine or not if same issue occur ,its means some virus attack in ur system thgh sits.san virus and delete it.


Nov 18, 2009 | Garmin nuvi 255W GPS Receiver

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No way to download, or delete any files

Download and install Hijack this. also try installing a virus program like avast free that does preboot scanning.

You could also get something like Ultimate BootCD and then boot your computer with it and run some of the antivirus, spybot, and hijack this programs to disinfect your computer.

Mar 23, 2009 | Gateway MX8711 Notebook

1 Answer


Yes, the pop ups telling you "your computer is infected" "download registry cleaner" etc. usually come from malaware.
The best automated cleaner is still spybot, you can download it here The home of Spybot-S&D! or here Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4 - Free software downloads and ...
If Spybot cannot delete the viruses/malaware, then the choice is between locating the registry entries, infected files and corrupted settings one by one, using regedit and HijackThis , and reinstalling Windows.

Unless you are an expert Windows troubleshooter (or you can get one) I suggest backing up all your data and reinstalling windows on a new folder, if not formatting the HD completely.

Spybot is not a resident antivirus, after cleaning , if you do not have any other antivirus software, you can download this one for free
AVG Free - Download antivirus
Good luck

Sep 07, 2008 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

Spybot ressolved

Great! Glad spybot is there now - and even more that everything seems to be A-OK! Do you feel comfortable with using it, and did you set up the Tea Timer so you can control what happens with your registry?

No, I didn't see another post. Sorry. I did, however, send you some more information on our last one, with images. If you go back to that one, you will see that I had to post the images separately, it didn't come through properly the first time. But this should help us make sure your Internet connection is set up properly...

Just to give us a gauge, as I am in the US and not sure where you are, I went to the oz speed test and ran it as well. Choosing from the Australian list, using the (15MB) OptusNet mirror, I got:
245.01 secs
512 kbps line speed (0.51 Mbps)
64 KB/s download speed (0.06 MB/s)
Using one a little closer to home -, in FL:
49.92 secs
2.51 Mbps (2511 kbps)
314 KB/s (0.31 MB/s)
Using the test provided by my ISP (the internet service provider - in my case the phone company) my typical download speed is 4.5 Mbps and upload speed of 450Kbps. Just as a frame of reference, what I pay for is 6.0Mbps down and 768 Kbps up...

I think based on these results, we can draw certain conclusions, regarding the cause(s) of speed variances, aside from the dial-up vs. DSL controversy:
- The speed or level of service that you are subscribed to receive (what you signed up for and are likely paying for).
- Speed is going to be limited to what the server you are connecting to can serve up. In other words, you can't get it faster than they can give it.
- Location of the server can definitely make a difference - for instance, when the server is in Australia (half the world away from me) my speed is dramatically decreased.
- Completely out of our control is the number of users and their activity levels when we are trying to download, upload, or test.

So, as to the question of whether your speeds are OK or not, my opinion is that they are on the "majorly" slow side. If you take a look at, you will see that the standards for ADSL2 (which we don't have here yet) are 12.0 Mb/s down and either 1.0 or 3.5 Mb/s up. It could be just that the test was run from a server that had either severe limitations, or that it was quite far away, and the best test would probably be something available through the company providing your service. If you don't come close to the speeds you are supposed to achieve (and I am guessing you might have an issue there), then I would say the company you deal with needs to do something to correct the problem.

In regard to the first answer you were given on this particular question, (I went to your profile to look it up) I don't like to be critical of other experts, as everyone has their own opinions and experiences. However, in this case, I have to disagree with one thing, and that is that there IS a significant difference between dial-up and DSL. If one downloads at 5.4 Mbps, for example, as opposed to 54 kbps, the download speed would be exactly 1,024 times faster. This is a much bigger difference than 2 or 3, as was stated...

At any rate, I would say that you should check on what you are supposed to get, we'll keep working to make sure your settings are right (see the previous post), and we'll get you to the best we can! And with that, I am going to call it a night as it is past midnight here. Have a good day/night, and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Thank you as always for using and rating FixYa!

Jun 03, 2008 | HP Compaq d530 PC Desktop

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