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Error code 0142 Dell Studio Notebook will not load windows vista

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  • dennis491 Oct 06, 2010

    I have a Dell Studio 1735 It has a place for 2 hard drives.

    I still have problem when switching drives. I have even tried to boot from the 2nd hard drive and the cd rom. Nothing is working.

    The first error before running preboot diagnostics is: stop: c000021a fatal system error
    the session Manager failed to create protected prefixes system process terminated unexpectedly with the status of 0xc000003 etc.

    The system has been shut down

    I should be able to install the second hard drive into the first drive bay and install windows xt on it from CD rom..... I also get an error when trying to do this.

    I would not like to spend more money if replacing another hard drive into the first bay will not work.

    I also do not remember if I got a phisical copy of windows vista when I bought the computer brand new from walmart. If I did I have lost any and all disks that came with the computer.

    Thanks if you can help.... but I am troubled and confused

  • dennis491 Oct 07, 2010

    Sorry for the confusion the error I gave you is on a blue screen.... however I am running windows vista

    the error comes up after I try to Launch startup repair when trying to start vista on the original drive as I always have. (I do believe the error also come up when trying to install the second drive)

    The only place I was attempting to insall xt was on the second drive wich i switched to where the first drive was at. I realy do not want to insall xt... however if it would work .... then I could perhaps put my original drive in drive bay two and get some files off it.

    If at all possible... I need to attempt to get the original drive to run properly as it always has... I have expensive software on it like Adobe Premiere and at least 4 hours of a Wedding video partialy edited.

    This has got to be one of the worst things that has happened to me. Very costly in time and money.

    In the mean time I do not have any regular work.

    Thanks for your help

    Also if I were to determine that the hard drive or drive(s) would work properly..... as expensive as it might be... I mighgt be willing to purchase a used or refurbised Dell 1735 to place them.

    You can understan why.

    Sorry for the confusion

    I promise to be more complete in error codes when I get them etc. if there are any more diagnostic tools or ideas you might have.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    No this error is the error that I get after trying to boot normaly as I always have or trying to repair windows. After the crash it boots to a screen giving you a choice to attemp to fix a problem with windows or to boot normally. I have tried booth and it always comes up with this error.

    I have to do what I can to see if the original drive is fixable. Once again if it is something on the motherboard or the harddrive controller... I would be willing to by a used model of the computer that is not working and just swap my hard drives.

    There does not seem to be a chioce for changing the controler options to Ide in the bios set up.

    If you can still stick with me to at least isolate the problem.... I would greatly appreciate it!

    To try to set up all my software... the wedding video on any new machienes with the newer operating systems available seem to be possibly very problematic as well. Perhaps not even doable.

    Thanks for your patience and all of your help.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    I am not at all interested in installing Windows XP. This was just a diagnostic tool to find out if I could install any operating system on my secondary drive to at least get the computer to boot.

    I just want to get the computer to boot all the way with the orginal drive with the original Vista installed. I am currently running the complete diagnostic using f5 with the original Vista drive installed. It is only 6% complete with the current test and 3% complete on the overall tests.

    I hope these tests are not a waist of time. If I can determine that the hard drive will never be bootable again. Then I can move on from there. If the hard drive is okay with the Vista insalled as is.....then I may just have to purchase another used or new Dell Studil 1735 to install the hard drive there. I do not have a windows Vista install or backup disk.

    I did not know I was suppose to create these when I bought the computer. I did not know that the computer did not come with them. I belive the hardrive that I am trying to get to boot with the original Vista installed has a backup partition with the vista system on it and repair and diagnostic tools.

    Now what got me to this point is I was watching video program on and tried to back up some of the program with the curser to review some of what I had already seen. I believe the computer locked up at this point.... upon trying to reboot ... the computer gave me a choice to repair the system or boot normally. I chose repair first and got the error message as described earlier something about protected files or protected something or other.
    Then I tried to boot normally and got the same error. I hope this helps. I have not tried to boot with swaping the individual memory sticks as of yet. When the current diagnostics are done... I will try this next.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    I believe the problem with the current diagnostics is that the report after done may not show up at the end properly but rather go into the same or different error code.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    I have tried the controller changes in bios

    did not work. There is no ide option.

    There was some other option that required

    turning off cashing (spelling) I tried that

    and it did not work.

    The Windows XP I tried to install was just

    an old dirty scratched back up disk that

    has not been well taken care of..... so this

    is most likely the problem with that instillation.

    Sorry that I am not being more systematic.

    I can tell that you know what you are talking about

    I will try to follow your lead... but I am fighting many

    battles right now.... not only the computer crash.

    From what we know right now do you believe it

    is possible that my original hard drive is still okay

    and the system may be able to still be restored

    to it's original functionality?

    Or do you believe at this point the hard drive may

    very well be bad?

    By the way... if you get me out of this mess...

    you may very well become one of my best friends.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010


    I realy would like to if possible of course not mess with either drive...

    Because although data can be recoverd.... I am working with Adobe Premiere Software for wedding video....actual footage of weding is on 2nd drive Adobe editing software is on First Boot Drive.

    It is complicated enough to keep things together and running properly when in original condition...

    It would be difficult if trying to peice it all together with restored data files. Once any operating system is put on secondary drive... I believe it may destroy all video files of wedding.

    Anyway.... tried swapping ram.... did not work....Is it possible that The boot sector has been damaged causing this error and problem? Can it Possibly all be fixed with some kind of utility program like Nortons?

    If it would help I can go out now to local computer store and get an external case to try harddrive(s) on USB port?

    What do you believe is best next?

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010


    I do believe that I have tried that... however just to be certain I will try right now again... I believe it just came up with the same error... or possibly a diffrent one... wait here I will do it NOW...

    and then finish this message....I did try it before.... it just goes to the windows error recovery screen

    and gives me the options to attempt to fix the problem or boot normally... just like the first time the error occured.

    Then of course to the blue screen of death. The torrent is just not downloading at all...

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    I know I have made it difficult on you. It is partially because I know enough to try some of these

    things on my own... but not enough to know that I am trying everthing as efficiently and sysematically as possible.

    And there is of course much that I do not know and or that I get confused... I appologise for that.

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    sorry I do not have skype yet... would some free chat site work ?

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    Facebook Chat?

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    okay I am Dennis Vinci From Cleveland OH USA.

    I tried to search Nonontech... i miss typed I will try again

  • dennis491 Oct 09, 2010

    Okay we are friends on facebook

    chat box on lower left of screen

    once open just click on options

    to go online.

    you do not show up yet as online

  • dennis491 Oct 16, 2010

    Nanotech is truly a saint in every way. His ability to help step by step is fantastic.

    He knows his stuff and will stick with it no matter what it takes to come out with the best solution. I believe what he did for me to get my computer back up and running is as great as walking on water (at least to me it is) I have 4 hours of edited wedding video on this computer. It took day to get it to this point and it is not done. It would have been very expensive money wise and time wise to have to start over.

    Do not hesitate to use his help. He has saved me so very much.


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This is a bad hard driver error, you'll not be able to load windows vista or other operating system on it. Perhaps, there are several bad sectors which resulted in the malfunctioning of the hard drive. The only way you can do is buy another hard drive and load the windows from in. In most cases, Hard drive showing the error 0142 is not repairable, but sometimes files can be recovered somehow even if it fails frequently. (If I am right, something must be prefix with the code 0142, like 2000:0142)

Now to recover the files is also a problem, since it's a laptop, we can attach multiple hard drive at a time, you'll need an external 2.5" external drive case which will cost you something around $10-$20.. After the new hard drive is installed and your system is ready, mount the old hard drive with the 2.5" case and recover the files (it has a usb connector) [even if it works for a while or for some time, may crashes unexpectedly, so don't trust it anymore]

You'll see once you replace the New hard drive, you'll be able to load the windows without any problem...

I wish you good luck.

If you need further help, let me know.

Thanks for using FixYa.

Posted on Oct 06, 2010

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  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 06, 2010

    Thanks you clarified it. If I am right, you must be seeing the error message on a Blue screen or Black screen with white texts

    "stop: c000021a fatal system error the session Manager failed to create protected prefixes system process terminated unexpectedly with the status of 0xc000003 etc. The system has been shut down"

    {If you mean this happens during the windows installation}

    If this is the case, then the problem mustn't be with the hard drive.

    This will take a long process and there are many reasons and possibilities as well..

    First try this:

    During the installation startup, press F5 when the "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" message is displayed.

    When you are prompted, make sure that you specify the correct computer type and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). For example, if you have a single processor, specify the "Standard PC" HAL.

    And try to reinstall Windows XP.

    Another possibility, check the ram, if there are multiple ram sticks, install only one of them or swap them after every installation attempt. This process may be annoying, but will be helpful somehow..

    Disconnect all external devices/peripherals like usb devices, etc.. keep the Power chord, mouse, keyboard and monitor connected.. nothing else...

    Try all these and let me know the result. There are still many troubleshooting measure, but I don't wanna give all of them at one go, if in case you might get confused with it instead of fixing it.

    Good luck.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 07, 2010

    Thanks Dennis... I understand your situation and I will definitely help you with step by step instructions. The troubleshooting method is different on Windows XP and Windows Vista. In your case, we have to proceed with the Vista's troubleshooting method. As you know we've already started with Windows XP's. Anyway, no need to worry much. It may take time since it's going to take a long or different procedure/s.

    I have a request, if possible, please give me sometime so that I can post back the detailed solution in the afternoon, (IST - Indian Standard Time) as I have to retire now. Don't doubt that I am opting out, I'll definitely stick with you until your problem is fixed and resolved.

    Thanks and awaiting.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 07, 2010

    I hope you've worked with the Ram (cleaned). Let me make this as possible as simple.

    First you need to go into the Bios Settings, once you are in the Bios settings, look for "Config.." and locate Serial ATA (SATA) and change Controller option to Compatibility or IDE.

    If you can't find the exact term, just try to change the Controller options, since I don't have your laptop, I can't assure myself. But I do hope that Dell's bios has the similar options.

    Good luck.

    Let me know when you are done.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 07, 2010

    I skipped one thing.. please try the installation again after you've made the changes in the Bios Settings.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    Yes, you are right, but booting and recovering/transferring your file is not as tough as it should be, there are several Live Boot CD, using a Live Boot CD, we can directly boot a computer from CD rom even if nothing's installed on the hard drive, means we can recover any files without even installing windows on the current root partition.

    I was aware of the error message, this is not just the result of a diagnostic report, but there's something we need to know and we need to understand. In windows, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is very common and we know it as a Vista Bug, in the same way with Windows 7, both BSOD (Blue screen) and Black Screen...

    Blue screen during Startup or during windows installation is different, it could be with the CD/Media itself or with the Ram or with the Bios Settings. I do hope that we've already done with the Bios and the Ram. Well, if there's another CD/DVD rom or another Windows cd (you can make a new duplicate copy) or swapping ram, etc..etc..

    Now, let's try this, remove all the hardwares (not so necessary hardware - for the time being), install one Ram stick, the processor, one hard disk (the one you are going to install windows xp). Try booting again. If it goes well, then there's still something we are missing. We need to find out that culprit so that it may not continue, but you better proceed with the Windows installation and check it later.

    The most common fix is the SATA/IDE configuration from the Bios Settings. Well, let me know when you are done..

    I'll try my best to give you better instructions.

    Once..again..Good luck.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    Yes, there's nothing to worry about the data saved on the Hard drive, as long as it is detected by the Bios and by the computer, we can always recover the contents (i.e end users can definitely do that.). There are still many options, but since I can't physically inspect the machine, it's a little hard for me as well and it already took much time... If you can upload your laptop here, i will fix it and return it to you.. :-))))).

    I am sorry that you are having some problem, but I do hope everything will be fine..

    Anyway, let's try to find some other way so that you can take this easier. I better give you Torrents to download the Live Cd maker for windows XP or Windows vista.. (hope you know about torrents).

    Sometimes, I don't understand why I always come into this kind of situation.. there's nothing much with yours, but when I offer an assistance for a problem, it always comes out to be a long story which had been attempted by several experts to fix, but without success.. and at the time when I get hold of those questions, the customers are already frustrated and I have problem entertaining them with my instructions... let's consider it's a fate...:-)))

    Ok.. I'll never give up as I always do.. may take time, but will definitely be resolved.... let's hope for the best..

    Let me know how to follow up next...

    Don't worry about the softwares and utilities, there are always free tools and softwares for guys like us...:-)...

    You can download the Windows Vista Live CD Torrent here (click here), this is the highest seeders I can't find of.. I am still trying to get another copy for you...

    Good luck...

    we better do it slowly so that we may not fail.. and please update....

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    Ok.. I've started Seeding.. let help help you "SEEDING" the torrent...

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    I don't think it's boot sector issue, if it is, you should see the boot error message like ntldr missing, hal.dll missing, "press ctrl+alt+delete to restart", no boot drive detected... select the proper boot drive and press enter... etc..etc..

    If I am right, we've skipped one important step... well, before you go out, let's try this... i think we haven't yet done with the Safe Mode.. did we?

    Connect only the first Drive (windows vista installed drive), Power up while you keep tapping F8 on the keyboard, once you see the "Advanced Boot Options" screen, select "Safe Mode" [Use Up-Down key on the keyboard to highlight/select the options and press Enter to select and proceed] and proceed forward, if it's successful, then you need to uninstall some program which are only installed recently, or you can also remove some windows updates from the Control panel's Add/Remove programs.

    This was to be done in the first place, but since you first question wasn't so hmmm... well described.. the procedure had been mixed up...

    Give another try and let me know.

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    There is nothing that you did wrong or misunderstood.. anyway,, how's the torrent? It's done from my side.. size = 125MB, ISO file with a system info file. Still having problem with the downloads? 10 Seeds right now and 4 peers..... oh..ok... we better opt for another alternative.. this isn't going to be through here.... skype/ping me here.. nononraingam


  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    No problem, give me your id .. any.. which one is comfortable for you?....

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    No problem, give me your id .. any.. which one is comfortable for you?....geemail or yahoooooomail or liveeeeeeee etc.... will do... no aol and aim plz.. :-)

    facebook? let's see if I can add you or you can add me...

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 09, 2010

    Got my invite?

  • Lebanon Raingam
    Lebanon Raingam Oct 16, 2010

    Thank you Dennis for your very positive feedback.. I am also very glad that you are satisfied though it takes time.....

    Once again thanks for using FixYa.


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How can I fix a errror code 2000-0142 dell vostro with windows 7


It is unfortunate that the computer is giving 2000-0142 error, you may want to try running the hardware diagnostics again and provide me the Validation code along with the error code. Then I can check and see what can be done.

Thanks and Regards.
Kiran Kumar.

Jun 18, 2014 | Dell Inspiron E1505 Notebook

1 Answer

Error code 2000-0142

Drive Self Test failed. Status byte = XXh.
Start by following the directions on this site;
If a scan for errors doesn't work then your HDD may have failed.

Oct 29, 2013 | Dell Studio XPS 1640 Notebook

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Error code 0142


This error code represents a failed hard drive. It will need to be replaced. You can order a hard drive from the Dell Spare Parts Department by calling 1-877-717-3355 in the US. You can also go to you local computer shop to purchase a hard drive.

Thank You,
Dell-Jesse L
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Oct 13, 2013 | Dell Inspiron 6400 Notebook

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I got an error 2000-0142 on my dell studio 1737. I ordered a new SATA 500gb hard drive and I need instructions on how to install it. I was running windows vista so do I need a new OS or can I reinstall it...

Hi Sarah Johnson,

You may first use the below link for manual of Studio 1737 and install a hard drive to the computer:
You may then use the below link to find instructions on installing operating system using disc:
Then you may use the Dell OEM disc that was shipped along with the computer to install the operating system.

Oct 09, 2013 | Dell Studio 1737 Laptop

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My laptop is inable to get past the microsoft loading page. I ran the test and got the error code: 0142. Msg error 2000-0142. Meaning there is a problem with the hard drive. I took out the hard drive and...

2000-0142 is an UNREPAIRABLE hard drive failure.
IF you can boot to windows, do so and copy any important data to a CD, DVD or external drive before it completely fails (If system will not boot in normal mode, try safe mode (F8 at boot)
If you cannot boot to windows, then you may be able to get a replacement HDD, install windows and drivers on it, then using a USB HDD adapter, see if you can find your data on the old drive.
Regardless, the only way to fix the computer is to replace the drive, there is no tool that will REPAIR a 200-0142 error on a hard drive, only replacement.

Jul 02, 2011 | Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook

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Dell studio windows failed to start. error code 2000-0146

the Error code was sited below as the (Disk Self Test) DST Log contains previous error(s)

in case of your error DST log contains previous error(s) doing a
chkdsk /r or a repair reinstall of xp might resolve the issue.
to resolve issue...

Error Code Error Message 1000-0141
2000-0141 No Drive Detected 1000-0142
2000-0142 Drive Self Test Failed Status Byte=XXh 1000-0143
2000-0143 Drive Smart Read Command Failed 1000-0144
2000-0144 No Support for Drive Self Test Error Code Error Message 1000-0145
2000-0145 Timeout waiting for Drive Self Test to complete 1000-0146
2000-0146 DST Log contains previous error(s) 1000-0147
2000-0147 Unit (x): IDE status failed. Status byte = (x) Control Code = (x) Msg = (s) 1000-0148
2000-0148 IDE ERROR: status (x) (s)

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Error 2000-0142

Hi there!
The error code you have there means that the Drive Self Test failed. You can try to power down computer, disconnect and reconnect hard drive from the system board. Run the diagnostics , if no error occurs then it's a cable/connector issue, if it failed with the same error, replace you hard drive,
Hope this helps!

May 30, 2010 | Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

1 Answer

ERROR CODE 2000-0142

Hard drive is failing. Reseat hard drive cables. If it does not work, have to replace hard drive. probably damage from overheating or powersurges.

May 15, 2010 | Dell Studio 17 Laptop

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