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On button won't stay on

I have to hold the button down in order to work the dyson. I was using the hose and then put it back and when I put the hose back in it won't stay on.

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  • sweetpotatof Jul 16, 2008

    I just bought a brand new dyson dc17 and after about 1/2 hour of using, the on / off button won't stay on! I called Dyson and they want me to take it to get repaired. I have not even had it for one day! I am really disappointed. I never spent so much money on a vacuum before and I had hoped it would have worked longer than this!

  • Anonymous Aug 03, 2008

    Same problem - I have had a Dyson DC17 which I bought from Sears and 1 5 weeks after purchasing it the power button decided to quit working after emptying the dirt out of the holder. Sears told me that they only warrenty things for 30 days and to call Dyson. I have to hold the power button down on a very expensive vacum to use it. Im really disappointed:-(

  • davefixit Aug 03, 2008

    power button won't stay on. Got the cover off after two screws (with torx bit heads) and 2 sets of 'keeper tabs' pushed inward. There are two sets of push on/off buttons, one for power, one for turning the brush on and off.

    The main power button seems to be in the 'stuck' position. After pushing in and out with my finger, it started working again. Found replacement switch on line for $8. Will get a new one if this one craps out again. Haven't figured out how to get the covers back on though...yet.

  • ganthony1020 Aug 06, 2008

    after using my Dyson Animal for 4 months, the ON button isnt working! I have to hold it down to vacuum, which is highly annoying. Ive cleanted the elbow pipe, the brush, the filter, and anything else i could think of. Please help!

  • jyllianm Aug 20, 2008

    Less than a month after I bought this the on button won't stay on. This is absolutely unacceptable for a nearly $500 vacuum. And sears isn't being helpful

  • KDSD Sep 24, 2008

    Same problem here. Power button won't stay on. Have checked for clogs everywhere including elbow pipe and found nothing. Called Dyson and have been told I have to take it in... and lo and behold there's only 1 authorized Dyson dealer within a 100 mile radius of my house... and I live in northern San Diego within 100 miles of LA.. and there's only 1 !!! Dyson should pay for my gas!

  • Anonymous Sep 27, 2008

    I have to hold the on button down when I vacuum because the on off button won't stay day

  • laurie0920 Oct 02, 2008

    We've had our Dyson for 2 months and the on button will not stay pushed down...very inconvenient when trying to use the hose attachment. Having to hold the button in to upright vacuum is quite back-breaking :(

  • hello_avon Nov 20, 2008

    it calls my attention what I read my vacuum seem to be clog or something after looking everywhere I found on the filter comparment a fuzz ball or something like that remove it an a while after my on off botton doesn't work

    I will try to see if there is something else stuck elsewhere maybe it has a sensor thing or may be I did not put the pieces back well ...I will let you know later if it worked..

  • monk1288 Nov 27, 2008

    The on off switch is stuck in a position where if I press it down the vacuum won't stay on. I tried cleaning out the elbow hose and I still have the same issue - could something else be wrong?

  • sethsoo Dec 13, 2008

    i was using the regular upright position, then i switched to the hose attachment to clean to couch; then when i tried to go back to the upright position, after retracting the hose, it didn't stay on when i pushed the button. i finished the vacuum job by just holding the button down, but that was a hassle. any ideas?

  • bocag May 02, 2009

    Same problem as others on this post. "On" button won't stay in on position. I have to hold it down to vacuum.

  • sla3 Jun 06, 2015

    It took a few tries, but it worked!

  • Ronald Rapp
    Ronald Rapp Dec 24, 2016

    Many thanks happened just before Christmas works again now best Christmas present ever!


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Easy fix, unplug the machine sit in front of it. put your thumb on the on/off button and push down and slip your thumb off of it as fast as you can so it pops real loud. Do this ten times and then plug back in and see if it works. ( this came from talking with Dyson people) Hope it works for you. They said this will reset the machine. also acts as a warning that your filters most likely need cleaned.

Posted on Jun 06, 2013

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  • Lyndsay Beaulieu
    Lyndsay Beaulieu Jan 01, 2014

    This worked for me!

  • Doug Keen
    Doug Keen Jul 01, 2014

    Totally wasn't expecting that to work. It totally worked. Mind blown.

  • Susan
    Susan Jul 22, 2014

    This totally worked! I cleaned filters(didn't know there were any, ugh) and popped the on/off 10 times. WORKED! Thanks

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Jul 30, 2014

    Yes! Thank you so much- it was an easy fix!!!

  • Mark Brookes
    Mark Brookes Nov 04, 2014

    You know we had the exact same problem and read this, and thought no way its a wind up. So my wife said go on.... So I did, and it worked, can't believe it. So thank you for the answer. Anyone reading this, yes it does work and the Dyson is a live again. Now I have to do the vacuuming ha ha, but wouldn't have it any other way! Cheers Mark.

  • Amber
    Amber Jan 24, 2015

    I can't believe that just worked! Thanks so much!

  • Meagan Haar Dodes
    Meagan Haar Dodes Apr 16, 2015

    I wanted to try this before taking anything apart and it worked! Thank you!

  • MeLanie Gitlin-Rosario
    MeLanie Gitlin-Rosario Apr 18, 2015

    Couldn't imagine that this would work ... And then it did! Thank You!!!

  • Karen Hodgson
    Karen Hodgson Aug 17, 2015

    Brilliant!It worked - thank you

  • Albert song
    Albert song Oct 11, 2015

    unbelievable!It works, thank you Jeff.

  • Breanna Hayse
    Breanna Hayse Jan 27, 2016

    It worked perfectly! Thank you!!

  • Mariann Sheldrick
    Mariann Sheldrick Apr 26, 2016

    Worked like a charm. Thank you.

  • Michael Rooney
    Michael Rooney Aug 17, 2016

    I am amazed but it worked - 30 secs. A lot less time than trying to find the guarantee! Thanks Jeff.

  • Bunny Feete
    Bunny Feete Nov 12, 2016

    OMG! This worked!

  • Anonymous Nov 20, 2016

    Worked for my DC14. I was skeptical, but can't deny the result. Super thanks!

  • Tracy Tolley
    Tracy Tolley Dec 06, 2016

    Omg!! Actually worked! Thank you to the person that posted this tip, thought my dyson was a gonner, either that or cost a small fortune to fix!

  • Charlie Marino
    Charlie Marino Dec 17, 2016

    That worked, thanks!!

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller Dec 18, 2016

    It worked! I didn't believe it, but it worked exactly as explained. Thanks!

  • crafteedee Jan 08, 2017

    This solved our problem in our purple animal. Thank you for sharing the fix.

  • SMJK
    SMJK Feb 23, 2017

    This worked for my DC33! I can hardly believe it!! Thank you so much for posting! However, it did not work for my DC40 animal, in which the roller bar no longer spins. Is there anything else I can try??

  • PhilB
    PhilB Mar 04, 2017

    That did the trick. Thank you!

  • Anonymous Mar 25, 2017

    Woohoo! It worked! Thank you!!

  • Yvonne Stubbs
    Yvonne Stubbs Apr 08, 2017

    You are my hero!


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I had this same issue under the same circumstance. I followed the repair guide for replacing the switch (I didn't replace the switch, just disassembled the switching mechanism) posted here:

I found the switch to be stuck in between on and off. I just manually pushed the switch and it became unstuck and started working again.

Posted on May 17, 2009

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  • Snauserz Jun 16, 2011

    Tried to use my Dyson after sitting unused for a few days (so it wasn't overheated) & this was my same problem. The website posted my SporkLover was perfect! The steps took less than 2 minutes and fixed my problem!!

  • Heather Jan 17, 2012

    SporkLover: How did you get the power buttons back on? When i took them off to reach the button to get it unstuck i had to remove the red power button and the little white piece and short, fat spring inside came loose. Where do they go?

  • Heather Jan 17, 2012

    SporkLover: How did you reassmeble the power buttons? When i took the red button cover off, the little white piece and a short, fat spring came loose. Where do they go so i can put it back together?


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Thanks Sporklover! Had same problem on my DC25 Animal. This was not an overhead/plugged problem - would not stay on when starting cold.
Partially disassembled according to instructions (link below), then just depressed the on/off button a few times with screwdriver. Started right up next time I plugged it back in. Didn't even take the cover fully off, just exposed enough to poke the switch a few times.
Dyson - thanks for making the simple parts (switches, etc) accessible - but you might want to check that part of the design...

Posted on Jan 23, 2010

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Check the elbow pipe. The it is not really on..the suckion is gone. I found stuff in the elbow pipe and when I removed it and made sure it was clear..the system started working and staying on.

Posted on Jun 10, 2008

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Follow the directions mentioned above to remove the case.

There is a little red switch in there. Press and depress is several times to unstick it and it will fix the problem. I am a woman and this literally took me 5 minutes to fix the problem. I did not have the screwdriver they mentioned but I used a very small hex and it worked. This was so easy!

Posted on May 17, 2012

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After almost 5 years with my DC17 Animal, out of the blue the power button wouldn't stay depressed. Followed the link above to removing the switch cover and unplugged and plugged the switch back in and it works fine now. Thanks to those who have gone before me and had the thoughtfulness to post this fix!

Posted on Feb 03, 2012

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I removed the circular filter under the canister (remove the canister to get to it - then open up the cover and pull the filter out) and rinsed it with just water - no soap. I left it out to dry for 2 days, put it back in and the vacuum now works. I had never cleaned the filter before.

Posted on May 19, 2009

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After clearing out all of the pipes and tubes (yes, I did find a few small clogs) my dyson still wouldn't stay on. I followed the link with directions for replacing the switch. Like other posters, I didn't actually replace the switch, just pushed it up and down a few times. Worked right away after that!

Posted on Nov 21, 2010

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You probably need a new switch

Posted on Mar 04, 2017

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Omg. You're a life saver. It worked :) With 5 kids I need to vacuum numerous times a day and was starting to think I needed a new vacuum

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

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I followed the directions mentioned above to remove the case.
I depressed the little red switch a few times, reassembled and VOILA it worked! Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Posted on Nov 14, 2013


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I also followed the link above to get the plastic casing off and access the switch. I pushed it a few times and expected it to stay on, but after I replaced the casing it still wouldn't stay on. I realized that the plastic casing was bent just slightly and it was keeping the switch from going up and down. If I don't put the casing all the way back on, it will allow for the switch to move freely. Kind of a pain since I just bought this thing yesterday, so I may return it. However, my fix works for now.

Posted on Dec 09, 2010

I just called Dyson because I was using the pipe/hose and all of a sudden the dyson shut off. The dyson will only power if it is in the reclined position. I was told that I should check for a clog with the pipe/hose... so I did and it was clogged. They then said that after an hour the dyson should work again. I guess it is senses that it is clogged then it shuts off that motor so it doesnt over heat. I guess it has two motors one for the brush and one for the pipe. It has been an hour and it still wont come on.

Posted on Aug 17, 2008

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My dyson hose sucks good but, when i put handle down, it won't **** but brush does turn

I just had the same problem....suction from wand, but no suction from soleplate, the brush bar spins. Did all the troubleshooting steps on but they didn't says need to take to repairman, being a diyer I went to search engine. I didn't find a fix, however I found one appears the vac can get stuck in floor mode or in between modes....the dial on top on dc07 ....selector of floor or carpet..try pushing it back and forth to see if that puts it in carpet mode...check for suction or try vacuuming...if that doesn't work, looking at vac from behind vac on the right hand side is the selector dial..on top of bottom portion of vac.....with vac in upright position, recline it as if about to vacuumn floor...look down at selector area should be able to see a rectangular type button exposed ..push this to reset may have to push it a few times...then try vacuumniing.....I finally had suction from soleplate!! Another tipoff to this problem is my selector dial would not stay in place would pop I to carpet by itself, but only halfway....fro a long time my vac would work but not very well...had to go over same area.4-5 times..What a workout! The first time I contacted dyson via tele the rep had me remove some stuff and I was able to look at area below selector...what I saw was two holes, one hole was only over the other hole half way...hence at that time I had only part suction since holes were not aligning properly....I read somewhere as a further tip to get suction to engage, while vac is reclined step on front edge of vac head it said you'll get more suction that way, I haven't tried that, but thought it may help someone

Feb 16, 2013 | Dyson DC07 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic...

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Dyson dc35 button won't stay on

Where can I order the switch from?

May 19, 2012 | Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum

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The power button on my Dyson DC19T2 won't stay on

The switch is broken. If you are handy, remove the old switch and match it up at a hardware store or a Vacuum repair shop. It shouldn't cost much to have it replaced by a proffessional either.

Nov 18, 2011 | Dyson Vacuums

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My on off button won't stay pressed down so the vacuum won't stay running.

Hi Melissa,

I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties with your DC17. If the on/off switch doesn't seem to be working correctly, it's best if you get in touch with us directly so we can help. You can call us free on 1866MYDYSON, or email We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Dyson Online Customer Support

Nov 13, 2011 | Dyson DC17 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic...

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I have an original yellow Dyson, DC07. Two tiny springs popped out from the end of the hose. Now the unlock button doesn't work - has no spring to it, doesn't hold wand in place. Nothing else is...

Hi Natalie,

If the hose lock button seems to have broken, the hose will need to be replaced. You can order directly from us by visiting our online store:

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to order over the phone, or would like to speak to someone before making a purchase, you can call us free on 1866MYDYSON.

Kind regards,

Dyson Online Customer Support

Oct 29, 2011 | Dyson DC07 Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

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My dyson dc14 all floors won't stay on when I press the power button. I can hold it down and it will work, but that makes cleaning very slow.

Quick Fix...takes 4 minutes max

Remove the switch by using instructions here:

(The was an additional torx screw 3 " below the one in the directions...yours may have this too...just remove)

Then...While holding the body of the switch in one hand, use your other to hold both contacts between your thumb and forefinger and gently place pressure on each contact in the opposite direction, just like screwing a nut onto a bolt. Press the switch down while applying this torque and see if it sticks. If it does just bend the contacts slightly and continue pressing the switch to ensure it holds. Reinstall switch.

I still advise buying a switch from amazon for $4.00 and replacing it but this will help you to continue to use your vacuum in the meantime without having to hold the button...

Aug 11, 2011 | Dyson DC14 Telescope Reach All Floors...

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My dyson power button won't stay on unless you hold the button down. Is there anything that I can trouble shoot to fix the problem or is the button broke? If broke where can I go for repair?

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having difficulties with your DC24. If the on/off switch won't stay down, it's probably best if you get in touch with us directly. One of our experts will be happy to run through some troubleshooting over the phone with you, and recommend the best course of action. You can call us free on 08002980298 (UK), or 1866MYDYSON (US). We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Dyson Customer Service

Jul 30, 2011 | Dyson Ball DC24 Bagless Upright Vacuum

1 Answer

Power Button won't stay down/on.

Hi There,

Most likely your switch has gone bad, and you'll need to replace the on/off switch on your Dyson DC07. If you have to hold down the switch in order to keep the vacuum on, this is indicative of needing a new switch. Unfortunately this is very common problem on the Dyson vacuums2_bing.gif . The switch that Dyson uses for their vacuums is one of the cheapest switches on any vacuum on the market today. The good news though is that this is not a extremely difficult repair to fix.

I took pictures of replacing the switch assembly on one of our customers repairs they brought in. It was having the same exact problem that yours is, it just wouldn't stay on. Here's how you can fix the switch on your Dyson:

- T15 Torx Bit Screw Driver
- Genuine Dyson DC07 & DC14 Replacement On/Off Switch Part 901181
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Patience (haha)

The switch above is actually a link back to our site if you have yet to purchase the switch yet. We carry most every Dyson part.


Step 1. First thing you'll want to do is to unwrap the cord from the machine, and remove the handle from the upright part, then slide the hose all the way down the wand, and remove the hose from the handle assembly completely and set it aside. Also remove the dust bin assembly completely from the machine as well.

Step 2. Once you've remove the handle from the machine I find it easier to work on if you lay the vacuum on it's back, with the switch button facing upwards. Now remove the T15 Torx bit screw that is directly below the switch actuator. I have circled the location of this screw in the picture below:

Step 3: After you have taken off the screw, you're doing to need to remove the switch box housing from the vacuum that the screw was securing. Simply use your flat head screw driver, and pry the two small arms upwards. Be careful when prying, the plastic components on Dyson Vacuums are really cheap quality plastic, and I can't tell you how many times I have seen these plastic parts break when customers bring in repairs to us here at govacuum headquarters. Here's a picture of the location of where you should pry the switching off:

Here's what the vacuum should look like after the switch housing has been removed:

Step 4. Use your needle nose pliers to remove the terminals from both of the switch poles.


Step 5. Take out the new switch assembly. I find it the easiest to use my needle nose pliers to reattach the wires to the new switch, but it also can be done with just your hands. Both both wires to your switch. If the cords have come loose while you have been working on the vacuum, you'll need to put the wires back into their proper places as well. This is how the switch and the wires should look like when you're done:

Step 6. Once the switch and cords are back to their normal places, simply put the switch housing cover back on, and screw in the one screw.

I hope that this repair was helpful to you, if you have any questions or have any problems, please feel free to use the clarification request form here on Fixya.

If you ever need any for your Dyson, we do carry most parts and accessories on our site under our Dyson Parts Section .

If this was helpful, please be so kind and leave feedback for the repair. This is really, really appreciated and is the reason repair professionals like myself continue to post free repair help on Fixya rather then just answering the paid questions.

Thanks again,

Chris J.

Apr 17, 2010 | Dyson DC07 Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

1 Answer

Dyson Animal on button wont stay on.

That's the problem with dyson. They work for the first few months then start to break down. Your switch might need replacing or your cord connection is lose and causing it to short out and turn off.

Aug 14, 2009 | Dyson DC17 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic...

1 Answer

Dyson DC-07 Hose Wand Spring Came Out. How to put back in?

You'll see that there is a round piece with a cross shape on the inside of the button wand release button - place the end of the spring over the cross - you'll see the same cross on the collar of the'll take some doing, but line the other end of the spring up with the cross and pop the button back into place - be sure to click it onto those two gray circular/oval shaped divets at the bottom where the release button connects to so that the button stays in place.

Jun 25, 2009 | Dyson DC07 Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

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