Question about Bissell 9500 ProHeat 2X CleanShot Upright Deep Cleaner, Red Berends Vacuum

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Bissell Pro Heat Powersteamer- Filed it up, turned it on, asusual, but no water flowing from machine at any setting. Vacuum part works.

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  • wbdd Jun 03, 2008

    I agree, since I bought the machine the trigger has always given me trouble, getting stuck in  the 'on' position..and having to jiggle it to release it. I am still trying to find someone to service it, but even if I fix it, I will never buy Bissel again. Are you listening Bissell?
    Considering I have had it about two years and used it perhaps six times on two carpets..that's a  pretty sad commentary on your product. I would have spent less, renting a machine six times.

  • ArmyWife1109 Jun 08, 2008

    Yeah, I have to say I feel your pain, bought the machine just less then a month ago, used it once and I am staring at it now surprised it hasnt ended up in the wall. No water will dispense, tried using the hose and even that is hit or miss. Seeing as how I still have the box, its going back and I will put the money towards a cheap cleaner, atleast when it breaks I wont be so mad about the money I waisted!

  • Gordon53 Nov 10, 2008

    Pro-heat 2x..Bought one, worked twice on one room ok, then quit dispensing water through the main unit AND the hand unit. Called Bissell tech support, they ahd me run through about 30 minutes of line checking in the accessible part of the unit, when that failed (as I figured it would, since it was only used twice) they told me that there was nothing more that they could tell me about it and to take it to a repairman.

    WELL.....I decided I must have gotten a lemon, so I took it back and got ANOTHER one just like it.


    Thus one did not dispense water in either the main bottom unit or the hand unit either, AND IT HAD NEVER EVEN BEEN USED!

    I am a technical person, followed all instructions, had tool setting properly turned, lines clear and free, unit spotlessly clean...

    This is not 1970, products nowadays are SUPPOSED to have a reasonable amount of inherent quality. This product DOES NOT. I will never buy another Bissell product of any sort.

    This is rediculous.

  • Natalie Jackson Nov 18, 2008

    I have the same problem! I have used the cleaner twice to clean my carpet and it worked fine. I raved about it and let my friend borrow it, she said no water or cleaner comes out. I couldn't believe it!! I payed over $200 for this thing! Bissell should give us our money back!!!! There obviously needs to be a recall!!!!!

    Why should we have to go to a repair shop and buy anything for practically brand-new carpet cleaners?!

    Bissell, we want a recall!!!!!!

  • ericwenzel Nov 18, 2008

    Did all the evaluatuons Bissell suggested but still no luck. I hear a noise when I pull the trigger, but no water sprays. Cleared the lines, no water sprays. Checked the value that allows water to pass from the tank and that works ok. Our machine worked well for 18 months... but no more... :(

  • martythomas3 Nov 21, 2008

    i've had one now for about six months i've used it twice and now it won't pump water if anyone can find a fix please let me know

  • Anonymous Nov 24, 2008

    Same problem here. We made sure all lines were clear, checked the valve, replaced the pump and belt and still nothing. What a piece of junk!!!!. Hiring a professional to clean the carpet would be less expensive than buying a Bissell.

  • Nemesister13 Nov 24, 2008

    Same problem. Won't dispense water after a few uses and naturally was just past warranty. Makes for an extremely expensive method of carpet cleaning. I would have been better off hiring it done professionally.

  • blucky217 Dec 08, 2008

    what about the belt or the pump? why can't we buy these parts online?

  • Anonymous Feb 07, 2009

    Bought one, worked one time then quit. Called Bissell, tech took me through elaborate ritual to make sure nozzles wer not clogged and belt was on. When it got to the obvious point that the pump was JUNK the tech said "you'll have to take it to a service technician. there's nothing more we can do.

    I took it back to the store and got another brand new one...

    SAME EXACT THING...except this one did not work RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. I'll never never never never EVER buy another Bissell product. This is insane. This is like soemething you'd encounter using 1967 Japanese stuff.

    Salisbury, NC

  • aek764 Mar 03, 2009

    Same Bissell problem here, cleaned and checked all hoses and belts, primed the system only had the unit for a couple of years with minimal usage and it seems like the trigger is stuck or something. Bissell walked us through the whole rigamaroll and of course we have to take it to a repair center. It is not worth taking a 2 year old machine to have it fixed to pay almost what I payed for the unit and from reading all of these e-mails looks like something else will go wrong with it soon. Will not buy a Bissell again and would recommend you all in the market out there to not waste your money either!!!

  • jkbruder237 May 19, 2009

    I have a Bissell Steam Cleaner....Second one. Will not dispense water. I will NEVER buy another Bissell product. Garbage!



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The water sprayers on your Bissell are probably clogged. I had this problem this morning, myself, with my machine, about 15 months old. They get clogged up with mineral deposits. This is a *fairly* easy thing to fix yourself. Read all the way to the end before trying this fix.

Unplug the Bissell. Remove the water container pieces from the top of the base. You'll probably reveal two red plastic pieces mounted in the Bissell's base, about .75" x .75". These spray water on your brushes when you press the water-and-soap trigger at the top of the Bissell's handle. These water sprayers tend to clog. See the metal spring running up the hose, behind each red water sprayer? As you squeeze the red plastic sides of one red water sprayer, use a screwdriver or other tool under the spring to wedge up the hose, to release the sprayer from its mount in the base. Stick a finger in the hole of the base of the Bissell where the sprayer was mounted and run it around the edges there including on the underside of the base to clean out any gunk you can find. Clean any gunk you can off the red water sprayer with an old toothbrush.

Now you need to remove the water sprayer from the hose. You need a pair of pliers. Use the pliers to squeeze the brass colored clip that is keeping the red water sprayed mounted to the end of the small hose there. Move the clip down the hose so it compresses the spring and is no longer on the red plastic water sprayer. Now you can twist and pull the red water sprayer out of the end of the hose. You'll need a little hand strength to do this. Just be careful not to break the water sprayer by using a tool. They're not particularly delicate, but breaking one would render your Bissell useless until it was replaced, so use a little care.

When you've removed a red water sprayer from the hose, put the outer end of the red water sprayer in your mouth and seal your lips around it, and try blowing through it. You can't blow air through it, right? It's clogged. Open up a paper clip and push it back-and-forth through the small hole in the end of the water sprayer back towards its middle. You'll probably push out a line of white mineral deposits. Clean them off the water sprayer with the old toothbrush, and try blowing through the water sprayer again. If air passes through clearly, you've fixed it. Now you have to put it back together. Push the water sprayer back on the end of the hose. Use the pliers to reposition the brass clip on the end of the hose over the water sprayer. Push the red water sprayer back into position in the base of the Bissell.

Now do the same for the other red water sprayer.

I had a problem when I fixed this on mine this morning, because when I pulled one water sprayer off, the hose advanced up under the spring and I couldn't reattach the red water sprayer, because it couldn't reach the end of the hose. So try to use the brass clip or some other means (rubber band, tape, another clip) to keep the hose from crawling up inside the spring after you pull the red water sprayer off the hose. If the hose gets up under the spring anyway, despite your best efforts, I fixed this by removing the six screws on top of the Bissell base (the surface of which the water tank mounts on top of), and then pried it up. You can pull out the hose, reattach the red water sprayers to the hoses, position the hose *very carefully* inside the base (there are mounts under there they need to fit into, so you don't break anything), push the red water sprayers through the mount holes and mount them, and then reattach the screws to the base.

There's something else you may need to do that can help get the water flowing. This one's easier. The Bissell uses pumps, which need to be primed. Sometimes an air pocket inside the machine keeps water from flowing. To prime the pumps, separate the two water tank pieces. Fill the base as usual and mount it on the Bissell without the top water tank piece. Plug the Bissell in and **turn it on**. (The Bissell must be running to do this.) Kneeling on the floor in front of the Bissell, reach up and press the soap and water release trigger at the top of the Bissell's handle and hold it in as if you wanted water to go through. On top of the water tank is a plastic grommet hole about 1 inch in diameter, through which you pour water to fill the tank. Seal that hole with the flat of your hand. You'll feel a bit of suction. Lift your hand up and down a few times. Release the trigger and repeat a few times. Now that you've cleaned out your water sprayers and primed the Bissell's internal pumps, I'm hoping water will GUSH through your Bissell once again.

As you probably have learned the hard way, as I did, it's VERY important to do a lot of cleaning of the Bissell after each use, more than the manual tells you to do. Clean the bottom of the unit. Empty all the water. Thoroughly rinse out both water container pieces. Unscrew the three clear plastic pieces, one in front, two on the sides, that surround the brushes, and rinse them thoroughly in water. Clean off the brushes and all the lint and gunk around and above the brushes. (A water spray bottle and toothbrush are helpful here.) Tip the machine and blow all the water out of the hole in the base. Release the red clip springs on the red water sprayers and blow on them. Doing this will slow the failure of the Bissell. It's a great little machine for the money, but it does have a learning curve and need more pampering than a vacuum cleaner, doesn't it??

Good luck!

Posted on May 29, 2009

  • daryls841 Jun 19, 2011

    Your wright on the money,the jets were plugged.This machine sat for quite a while since last time we used it.I have to agree that when you are finished using the Bissel,clean everything.Learn how to take the lower cleaning area apart,
    It is really quite simpel.


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I have had my Bissell for 2 years. It began to leak water from the bottom of the unit where the tank fits in to the water release valve the last time I used it about 8 months ago. Now it won't shoot water at all. There is no sign of flow in the indicator even after priming. My trigger does not appear to be stuck. I originally purchased a Hoover from Costco but quickly returned it after the same type of valve broke out of that unit. I will not buy another home carpet cleaning system. I will rent from the store and forget about it.

Posted on Feb 07, 2009

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Only used the machine once and second time I used, it won't release water or solution. Called service, tried priming, all her solutions - still no success. To top it off all repair centers in my area refuse to work on it. And it is just past the one year warranty so I'm stuck with a $200 piece of junk that I can't even get fixed with my own money. Will never buy a Bissell again. Cleaned religiously first time I used it too. All parts look good. Seems to be trigger or something in base. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Posted on Jun 02, 2008

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My bissell was very good for two carpet cleanings. Then the pump went out and took the solinoids with it. I replaced these myself No one seems to be able to tell me where all the plastic hoses go. So now I hang my coat on it and will never by anouther Bissell Product again!

Posted on Dec 21, 2010

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Bissell Pro Heat PowerSteamer- Filed it
Posted by wbdd on May 18, 2008
Bissell Pro Heat PowerSteamer-
Filed it up, turned it on, as usual, but no water flowing from machine at any setting. Vacuum part works.

I would advise you to ALWAYS to FIRST UNPLUG YOUR VACUUM before beginning any service procedure. Bissell 9500 ProHeat 2X Clean Shot Upright. It sounds to me that you may have a broken trigger release rod / valve or the bottom of the holding tank has a release valve that might not be working and would need replacement buy a new or a good used one, generally the valve underneath is part of the holding tank assm. So check with your local factory authorized vac dealer that carries and services Bissell. I will give you the Bissell factory phone # listed below for further questions. So if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer in your area or in the yellow pages, or contact the factory phone number or website to further assist you with your questions. Customer Service 1-800-237-7691
Hours of Operation Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST
Saturday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Mail To: Headquarters, Bissell Homecare Inc
P.O. Box 3606 Grand Rapids. MI 49501
Thanks, Don the Vac Man
Go Ahead. Use Us.

Posted on May 30, 2008

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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya Repairman can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US.
click here to Talk to a Repairman (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need.

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Check and clean filters. The User's Guide can provide you specifics. Bissell Consumer Care is 1-800-237-7691

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The belt may be broken. Follow the link below to belt inspection video on

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Not spraying or picking up water


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My Bissell Pro Heat 2X will not release water or

its probably a solenoid that controls the flow to the floor, take it to a bissell repair center, because its not an easy fix.

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Forgot where to put water and solution lost manual

The water goes into the soft plastic bladder in front and the cleaning solution ges into the hard plastic in the back of the machine.

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Bissell Power Steamer Pro

The belt has broken and needs replaced. bissell uses a belt driven pump. ther ar two belts, one for the brush, and one for the pump. all can be replaced through the belt access on the left hand side of the machine.

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Pro-Heat Facility Off

The solution `wich comes out of the hose is unheated ,you could clean the rug with the machine set to the tools mode and use the hand tools .
The solution wich sprays out to the floor is heated ,you cannot turn the heater of.

Jan 05, 2008 | Bissell 1698 PowerSteamer ProHeat Upright...

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Bissell 1697w Powersteamer

I have a similar model and occasionally have problems with water/detergent flow. I find it is generally due to an airlock in the piping caused by forgetting to turn the deregent water control off before removing the detergent container. Follow the manual instructions. Turn the knob to off. Fill both containers. locate them carefully. Make sure filters in the water tank and in the flow meter are clear. Start machine with handle laid flat and knob turned to maximum flow.

Dec 22, 2006 | Bissell 1697-7 Powersteamer Pro Deluxe...

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