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Cannot find how to load photos onto Dolphin 1.5" Digital Photo Frame Key Ring

Dolphin 1.5" Digital Photo Framew with Key Chain

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  • natalier276 Nov 02, 2008

    I can't open up the programme to put any photos on it. Any time I try to open it through "My Computer/Drive", it tells me that the device is not formatted & do I want to format it now? If I click yes, it runs for a few seconds & then tells me that windows was unable to complete the format. It's really pissing me off coz this was supposed to be a great Christmas pressie for my Nanna (yeah, I like to be prepared!) but I'm ready to go postal on this thing!!!

    I'm running xp, which I see is not so great for this thing. I'm in Australia. Can anyone help me cheat my way into getting some friggin' photos on this thing??!!



  • Anonymous Nov 07, 2008

    omg the same thing is going on with me its driving me nuts lol

  • crosbert Nov 23, 2008

    hi my install disc was broken has anyone got the setup file they could email me please cheers jenny

  • ykrulz Dec 14, 2008

    I cant open the installation file to put pictures into it at all

  • sarjoan Dec 15, 2008

    Also problem withphotoviewerV208G2. Managed download pics, worked well after 2 days would not turn on though battery flat so replugged onto computer and now the software program says cant detect device? Still dead ?

  • dandjshannon Dec 20, 2008

    My problem is the one where photos were loaded and all was working fine and now it is dead. Like others, I thought it was the battery but plugging in the USB gives me nothing - completely dead! Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions?

  • lisezeelou Dec 20, 2008

    Im trying to run the software but Trend Micro tells me it found a virus and after i have cleaned and restored it it tells me that it is unable to restore it as it may have been corrupted or another file with the same name now occupies the original location. (?????) AAARH.

  • Anonymous Dec 21, 2008

    i,am a grandmother. dont know very much about computer. i like to put pictures from my computer onto a digital keyring.
    so far i have figured out everything even the software that was supplied. now i need to add photos and i dont know how to do that? from my file called my pictures i suppose.
    could someone please help me.

  • woppas Dec 22, 2008

    This is the worst thing I have brought. Considering it says 'SIMPLY connect your PC, load the EASY to use software and connect via the USB connector cable' well if it was that simple I wouldnt be here would I? I click on the shortcut it creates and I keep getting the error message 'hoto viewer device was not found. Please reconect. Retry?' and it doesnt always recongnise the USB. Hmmm dont buy this product! I purchased it for Xmas presents and I still cant get them to work.

  • gungazza Dec 24, 2008

    how do i download pics to the program ???

  • gungazza Dec 26, 2008

    thats the problem there is no pics on the left

  • gungazza Dec 26, 2008

    as we speak i am reinstalling the the program i will let you know how i go

  • gungazza Dec 26, 2008

    still have no pics on left hand side

  • gungazza Dec 27, 2008

    still no good i have deleted and installed 3 times still no pics ?? whats going on hope someone has the anser

  • blanckety Dec 31, 2008

    Thanks, but I just kept trying and trying until eventually I was able to load some photos - I tried so many different things that I was not too sure what was working in the end. Have not tried to load any more recently - will try again when time permits.


    Phyllis Jones

  • gungazza Jan 01, 2009

    yes ive done all that with the conection ect but the problem is i cannot get eny pics to come up on the lh side

  • rjwatkins Jan 01, 2009

    I can not load any more photo's on to the devise since the initial setup. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times and the computer will not recognise that the devise is plugged in to the USB port. I have tryed three different ports to no avail. My dad has had the same problem.

  • kiwioo2 Jan 04, 2009

    When I try to open the viewfinder icon it comes up with a messgae Unable to find device I was given the Dolphin 1.5 digital photo frame for Christmas from my grandchildren I am soon to travel overseas and this would be a great asset and avoid me carrying bulk photos Please advise what I can do

    Marilyn Campbell

  • pinklady98 Jan 11, 2009

    i cannoooooot tried everything ...oi cant load aany of my photos
    i hate the day i bought it

  • anniglen May 25, 2009

    unable to load photos. computer doesnt recognize dolphin 1.5 digital with key chain. I have installed and uninstalled several times. Hope someone can help. Ann

  • rjwatkins May 11, 2010

    I have been reinstalling and rebooting several times and still it does not recognise the devise when I click on the photo viewer icon. will try it again and agian and maybe by some mirical it will connect for me.


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I had the same problems but solved it by uninstalling the useless POS software, rebooting the computer and reinstalling everything.

I have found that you have to do this everytime that you want to add or delete photos. Probably the worst piece of software I have seen in 15 years of working on computers.

If it won't detect as a seperate drive in "My Computer" then you will have to uninstall it and start again.

There is also no need to format the device. Just ignore it and start downloading photos and it worked straight away. (Using XP Home) As to battery life, I suspect I will never know because it is liable to have a visit from my sledge hammer before it runs out of power.

Posted on Dec 26, 2008

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Oh My GOD! I think I have conquered the beast!!! I'm very nearly bald, I've pulled out so much hair over this rotten bastard of a product! Easy to use my arse! It does WHAT it wants to, WHEN it wants to!
I finally was able to get the programme to download to the C drive. I just had to keep uninstalling & reinstalling until it took. Sorry I can't be more helpful there.
From there, it's a matter of opening the file in the C drive, opening folders that contain the photos you want on your keyring, & double clicking to select. (Sorry, make sure the device is plugged in & ON [select update mode] before doing anything.)
The programme itself is quite straight forward & it would take me longer to explain it all than it would to suss it out for yourself.
After you have selected all the photos you want on there, I've found you need to click on the buttons in a specific order for them to 'work'. Click Save Data, then Load Data, then Synchronize. If the error message comes up, click Cancel. This should then download (buggered if I know why!) but it works & you should have all your photos. This didn't happen the first time, but each time I've tried to download more photos it does this.
Hope this helps all you pissed off users out there!
So much for it being a Christmas present!! Guess you're getting it this year for Christmas, Nanna!!

PS. To all those of you thinking of purchasing one - DON'T. Find a similar product made by someone who knows how to make it RIGHT!

Happy installing!

Posted on Jan 02, 2009

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I have, through my son's help, worked out what to do to get the program up and running and download some photo's onto the Digital frame key chain.
When you have plugged in the USB and the devise comes up with the screen showing USB Charge or USB update. Press the top button on the right hand side to scroll to the USB update one then press the middle button and the picture of the computer and devise will come onto the screen, wait a few seconds and the program will automaticlly open and you can proceed to get your pictures.
It took me a while to work out how to find the files, but after opening a few I managed to get there. Not bad for a older computer user?
Good lick everybody.

Posted on Jan 02, 2009

  • rjwatkins Jan 02, 2009

    If the program does not come up on the screen in a few seconds( after you have chosen the USB update and pressed the middle button on the devise), you can click on the icon and it should then open.

    The files are on the left and you need to double click on the Cdrive, that will bring up files, double click the documents or where ever your photo's are and then you can double click on your photo you want , it will appear at the bottom of the files and you can move the box(red broken lines) to the correct position and then double click on the photo and it will transfer to the right of the screen. When you have all the photo's you want ( about 40) you just click on syncronize and it will be done for you.

    Good luck, hope you succeed. It is a bad program and not enough info in the booklet on how to use it.


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Solution 3 worked for me. Thanks Natalier 276. Ignore format message and follow Nats directions.

Posted on Jun 02, 2009

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I loaded the software, plugged in keyring and in the program files selected photoviewer and then the second photoviewer icon (not the green and red circle. A page appeared allowing you to locate the files saved, select the right. Click synchronise. A file loader will appear along the bottom. Photoviewer synchronise data complete. Click ok remove usb from key ring. photos appear automatically

Posted on Dec 28, 2008

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Yes dont format using widows xp, vista or "a ps3" cos i tried them all but non of them will let you unless you use a windows 95 boot disc to format it yes that worked but i killed the software in the key chain. I got the thing replaced and started from scratch using xp i installed the software on the disc first then i connected the usb and set the to "USB Upload", that i clicked the "PhotoViewer V208G2" icon. The pics on the right are whats on the device and the menu of the left is your computer, find the pics you wont to put on your keyring double click on the pics and thay will copy to the keyring when you get to about "45" pics on the device click the synchronize in the top left hand corner and you are done.
hope this helps ive spent about 8 hours trying to get it to work which included installing windows 95, windows 98 and
windows me on 2 different computers so sorry about the grammar
its just been a long day :-(...

Posted on Jul 19, 2008

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I fixed it took it back to shop and got money back

Posted on Jan 08, 2009

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Okay heres the simple answer

1- install the software from the cd
2- restart pc
3 - connect the keyring to the pc via usb
IMPORTANT - 4 - on the keyring you must choose USB UPDATE - if you dont choose it, nothing will work, once you choose it the pc will recognise it as a storage device and just copy st pics


Posted on Dec 31, 2008

When u first plug the usb into the keyring u get a menu to charge or upload / update pick update and start the program that should be on your desktop

Posted on Jun 10, 2008

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