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How to connect my dvd & vcr with the converter box

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I got the converter box to work, now I can't get a signal through the coverter box to the tv for my dvd or vcr. How do I get this connection to pass through as my tv only had one connector for incoming signals. prior to this I had the antenna and dvd/vcr cable on a split adapter attached to this one connector on the tv. I moved this connector to the converter box, and I have tv signals but can't get signals from the dvd or vcr players.

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  • RbCaroline How do I connect my dvd recorder and vcr with the converter box? It works on the TV so I know the box works. There are no instruction regarding the other two electronic devices. Please send instruction.

    Thank you. Caroline


    May 19, 2008

  • marleny i cant use the dvd when converter box is connected

    Jun 20, 2008

  • Anonymous Ok. the thing is I have no idea how to set up the dvd,tv,or vcr players...I need directions.please and thank you?.

    Jun 21, 2008

  • carolynweave I have the converter box sort-of working as far as digital TV goes.I am now concentrating on getting my DVD player to work with the new system. I have a DIGITALSTREAM converter and the manual says to put the converter box on either channel 3 or 4 and the DVD on the 3 or 4 channel not selected for the converter box. When I go to the "DVD channel", I do get something that could be a very distorted dvd video but no recognizable shapes and no sounds. If I try to get tricky and by-pass the converter, I just knock out all reception and the DVD still doesn't work. Radio Shack personnel don't seem to know anything about the problem and have not been able to help. Are there some products, systems that simply will not allow a DVD player to be used in conjunction with digital signals.

    Jun 21, 2008

  • sdenita We have a dvd player with surround sound, then an older analog vcr. How do we hook up all these with the converter box?

    Jun 22, 2008

  • Anonymous How do I hook my dvd/vcr player to the box?

    Jul 04, 2008

  • Anonymous How do I connect my dvd/vcr to the box and the tv?

    Jul 04, 2008

  • Byssy I have the antenna hooked up to the converter box, the "to TV(RF)" cable hooked up to the DVD/VCR player and the L/R audio and video cables hooked up from the DVD/VCR player to the TV. With this I can watch DVDs/videos but not TV. To watch television, I have to disconnect the L/R audio and video cables from the DVD/VCR player and connect them to the converter box. But then I can't watch movies.

    Jul 26, 2008

  • frenchceltic I've hooked up the vcr and dvd players to the tv via the converter box. When switched to analog the vcr works fine. The dvd player is another story. Switching to analog will allow the dvd to play for about 30 seconds, then the converter iswitches back to digital and drops out the dvd. Did I do something wrong????

    Aug 02, 2008

  • BillDarla I'm not concerned with recording on my DVD and VCR; just want to be able to play my media. Where can I find out how to hook up all three: converter, DVD and VCR?

    Sep 28, 2008

  • dcpmomof5 I can watch TV but I can't figure out how to wire the converter box so I can watch DVD or VHS tapes. Anyone know how? What a joke this.....

    Oct 03, 2008

  • daupfinn How do I connect my VCR/DVD player to the TV? The converter box works fine with the please help me connect the other unit so I can watch my tapes/DVDs. thank you, JR1027

    Oct 19, 2008



    Nov 11, 2008

  • Anonymous my vcr doesn't come through with my converter box connected to the tv. why? and how do i fix it?

    Jan 15, 2009

  • pspmags dvd player, vcr player, old tv with only antenna. I use rf modluator(for dvd player) that works with this link. Can record tv show that's on. TV and vcr and dvd player set to channel 3. Use DTV remote for channel to record on.

    Does not solve my problem with having a vcr player, dvd player,tv hooked up to record one show and watch another at same time.
    I understand you need 2 conveter boxes for vcr hookup but what about connecting the dvd player in the mix?

    Feb 10, 2009

  • lily44 I have an analog Sanyo TV with single audio and video ports on the front, an outside antenna, and a old VCR. I hooked the antenna to the converter box "IN" port, then used a RF cable to hook the Converter box to the VCR. The Antenna "OUT" cable goes from the VCR to the TV.
    My problem is, that I can only "PROGRAM" my VCR to record from channel 3, "CBS". I will NOT let me put any other channel numbers in the program menu. The only other way I can record another channel is to tune the converter box to the channel I want to record, and push "record". I can either leave the TV on or turn it off, and it will record that channel. If I switch from an RF cable to AV cables, will that help? Lily44

    Feb 18, 2009

  • tbone_1957 I've got my tv and dvd/vcr player hooked to my convertor box. My problem is that when i go to use my remote to play a video or dvd it turns on but there is no picture.

    Feb 23, 2009

  • kalvis SAME THING!! i have to connect my dvd player to the converter box due to only one output on the tv. I can get the channels just fine..but when i try to play a shoes for like 30 seconds and then shuts off to a gray fuzzy screen!! HELP!

    Apr 04, 2009

  • Anonymous I can hear my DVD but can't see it. I clicked the input button on my tv and chose channel 03 and 04 and still can't see the picture.

    Apr 15, 2009

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  • on Jan 04, 2009
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Answer # 1

Here is my setup.
1) Separate DVD player 2) Separate VCR 3) Digital to Analog Converter box 4) Analog TV 5) Rabbit ears (UHF/VHF) antenna
The antenna goes into the converter box.   The RF-output of the converter goes into the RF-Input of the VCR The DVD output goes into the front input jacks of the VCR The VCR RF-output goes into the TV RF-Input The VCR Line output goes into the front of the TV
To watch DVDs, we turn on the DVD player, turn on the VCR, and set the VCR channel to L2, and tune the TV to channel 3.  The converter is off.
To auto record on the VCR, the converter must be tuned to the station being recorded.  The converted must be turned on, the TV can be off. 
To watch VCR tapes, turn the TV and VCR on.  The TV is set to channel 3.  Just press play on the VCR.
To Watch TV.   Turn the TV and converter on.  The TV is set to channel 3.   Change the stations using the converter.  

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Answer # 2

I have a great solution. Maybe for once someone can post a response thats not full of confusing abbreviations and typos. you can't even read that!

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Answer # 3

How do I hook up a digital converter box to a TV, a VCR, a DVD Player/Recorder?

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  • on Jul 02, 2009
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Answer # 4

I am now able to record tv shows with my dvd recorder/vcr recorder/player. I also have my old vcr hooked up to it. I did it all by myself! Woohoo! Here's what I did: Back of dvr/output (r,w,y cable) to tv input Front of dvr (r,w,y cable) to converter box. Antenna to converter box Antenna in Converter box coaxial cable "to tv" to Vcr rf in Vcr coaxial cable rf out to tv Turn on Converter box. Turn tv on and change input to Video 1. Turn on Dvr. make sure source is set to "front"

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Answer # 5

I have a converter box and i vant see my dvds

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  • on Oct 29, 2009
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Answer # 6

I have a dvd/video recorder (Samsung) with no tuner. I can't figure out how to record a tv Show. Can someone help

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  • on May 06, 2008

Answer # 7

I bought a magnavox vcr/dvd i called for help and they helped me to set it up the problem us the vcr runs ib 2 the canle box runc on 3 its a dv225mg9/vcr on 2 cable box 3 in order to run this i have to take my tv clicker and minus to get the vcr and plus to get the tv i cannot record un less i set up something which i didn't get a good answer from the co,who seemed not to know very much about this uni t i'm readt to give up and return iy they are going to charge me 9.00 for open box resale and i din;t know what to do i am replacing a magnavox which hooked up fine i don;t undewrstand why

Answer # 8

I have an RCA converter box and lost my instructions. Where can I get another set? I am having trouble getting my DVD player and VCR to work.

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