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Seems to show working order,BUT! THE problem is there is no volume coming out. i plug the wires to out-put from tv and then into input of AV310,but even when changing the outputs to spk channels/cd/tape/ or others,there is NO output of volume. The unit shows all front to be in working order,as far as changing the different settings, BUT no noise comes out. I tried all inputs and output settings and nothing/no volume goes through it. Is there a fuse inside that might have been blown out? There also are setting little light on front of screen, to left and right, that are not light up. I thought those might be to see when using the remote. I have ordered the remote, but not here yet. I bought this used form thrift/Salvation Army store and so I do not know it to work from there. I was hoping there was no problem with it and yet now that i have plugged it all up and checked the speakers,settings,inputs/outputs i seem to see that it does not work, with at least the power/volume to speakers,at least.

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  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Aug 19, 2010

    I will try this for sound.

    I did open the unit and found that the 2 fuses of 4 where blown.
    they are 2amp, 125/250 type fuses. I went to Radio SHack and bought a 4 pack of them
    They where placed in the board and then i covered it and proceeded to wire the 2 speakers from out-put of center and the right speaker out terminals.
    I then put the wire to tv(52inch flat screen LG) where it said output audio and ran it to the in-put terminal in back of av unit.
    I plugged it in and it turned on and little,"POP" noise and the 2 fuses went out .
    For a second the lights came on,in front display, to right and left, where little light dots indicate control adjustments would be made and seen.
    I did not see those at first, of course from the 2 fuses being out in the first place.
    I am thinking there is some problem, beyond the noise not coming through, because of the blowing of the fuse issue.
    Is there something that the fuses,: IE: NOTED AS: fu-483 and fu-484 slots, where fuses: A:SB2/125v-D:t2a/250v , would be placed.
    I am guessing there is something that is causing the fuses to blow? that would inhibit the noise/volume to be given through the unit?
    If i use a slow burn 2a- 250v fuse, that should not be a problem, right?
    I was hoping that the fuses NEW replaced would be the cure and yet it seems to be something else.
    I wrote you all and then opened the unit, so i found the fuse issue and yet if these keep blowing then there is another issue at hand,before the volume can be addressed.
    I would think if the fuse issue is fixed then maybe there will be no wire/volume/noise issue at all.
    Please let me know from here,what you can sugest.
    THANKS soooo much.

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Aug 20, 2010

    Yes, I see,(said the blind man/me) so i read this sort of thing in the other blogs/sites.
    It is not speaker related,it is blowing fuses in slots fu-484 and fu-483, for sure relating to what you have pointed out.
    I am using TV 52 inch flat/1 yr old- Samsung ,and i have used other 7.1 channel unit,which worked fine. JUst buying this HK for looks, more than anything else.

    I figured that others may have been up against this sort of problem and so it could be passed to be the parts to fix,or idea of what i might be able to fix. If a person would know and or have had the same issue,then it could be told to me, to just fix this or that. I can replace about anything, in general. I am not good with tech checking things, but if i see obvious fuse and or a person can direct me to replace something, then i can do all of that. I am very mechanical but it is not so when i am to see if something with wires and transistors are to be checked.

    THis is where i hoped a person could said," that is the issue,i have seen that before", then to direct me to the fix. Of course without a direct part to fix, i would need to tinker and read, buy manuels and tinker more, but of course my time is better spent to drive it to a shop.

    If it was a high 800-2000 spent on this, i might be inclined to fix it and to the work on reading and going mechanic/tech/fix-up/wiring person on it, BUT i figure i got $6 in on this, then $10-15 on a Manuel, then? parts and of course the $50 i bought it for,so then it might have been better to just by a working same unit from ebay or somewhere for $50 more.

    I do appresiate the help and time you all have spent on directing me to the issues and thoughts of fixing it. I will look over the notes here a little more, BUT, if i can not see a ovious issue,(like the 3 prong thing,in the diogram you show above) then i will probably let a shop get after it,,within a resonable price to fix it.

    I can see no more than 200 in this, being a saw one go for $212 on the bay. I would figure they paid ship as well, BUT i am cutting this off at 2 bills and calling it a loss of $50buy-$6 for this help, and $4 with the 4 fuses i bought already. I am at $60 on this already and so i will go $100-140 more if a shop can fix and a guarentte of at least a YR for what i spend to get it fixed.

    I still hope to hear from a person that can direct me to what the problem is, BEING i am sure there are others with this same issue,with this same unit :HK AV310.
    I would guess the person/owner that bought it? or next person, used it to loud and blew the amp parts,which conect to these 2- 250v fuses that keep blowing.
    I would bet a person at or from HK has seen this and know what parts need to be changedfixed.
    When the fuses where replaced, the left and right lights came on, so i would figure that with these two fuses known and the lights details and the ovious of the volume/noise, NO Sound going through, these details are a major hint of the exact problem.

    I do not know much, but i would guess 95% sure it is a issue of power to the amp/vollume/power through these issues.

    Thanks for all the help and PLEASE if there is a person that knows and or have heard of this model and such of this issue, then let me know any details. I would like to just clip and resoder the parts, for sure. I read,( from goolgeing this exact issue: HK AV310 BLOWN FUSES) that there are others with same issue, BUT i do not read that they have fixed it and or 1 person said buy the manuel, which is good for the techy person that is ready with a solder iron at hand.
    I have a solder iron, but it sees very little use, 1 time every yr or so.
    I can replace ANYTHING at all, or can attempt it, no problem at all,( i have been doing Marble/GC work for 30yrs) but the time spent on manuels and checking/testing is not my thing.

    My wifes father was a Rocket Scientist and would have fixed it,no problem, BUT he passed on a few yrs back, from an odd problem, rare issue at would make him just black out, like no power at all, then black out, and no cure at all. It took him out in 8 months, like getting MS and in a very sort time he was gone.
    He had ALL the electrical tools and knew how to build tubes ,(from the past) and all into GPS, where as he first companys built the first GPS systems, then he went into Ford AeroSpace, over next to SF,Ca area.

    I am hoping a person can gleem enough from this info to have run across a person that can say, (within 80-90 percent sure) to just replace a part related and or a pretty certain to be the cause part i can replace. I am pretty sure a person just cranked it up to much and blew out the normal part that conects to these 2 fuses.
    The rest of the unit lights up, the front screen, the little red details in center right and all the front details show to work, when dialing, or puching the buttons. It is the far left and right detail, (WHITE LIGHTS/ITEMS) that do not work, but did when putting the new fuses in.

    Maybe there is something else i can see and with the explain i see above in responce details, i will look at that, of the 3 prong details to check.

    It is nothing about the speakers i am using and nor the TV unit, all those are in Mint and or new condidtion and have worked with other units/items. It is certainly to do with POwer TO AMP fuses.
    2 burn out and yet the other 2 are not effected at all.
    I would hope not to buy a manuel and or spend time to fix/replace parts that lead me knowwhere other than more loss of time and funds.

    I think the information i have gathered is in the right direction and maybe somebody can get me to the best place,to where there is a normal/average problem part that is shown to be the normal problem connected to these 2 fuses in question.
    If it has happened to this unit, then i am sure it has happened to many more at this point, from this unti being 2000yr unit and seeing many more people of writing about issue on this unit.

    Again, i am guessing it is a part i can replace, that is a AMP/VOlume, front lights,(left-right/white lights)related, 2 fuse - fu-484 - fu-483 , related problem parts issue.

    I also then have to wonder, can i get the part/parts? so i would not want to waist my time there as well, BUT if there is anything, just anything, with all this information a person can help me with, it would be a GREAT HELP.
    I am sure the ROcket Scientists have brought down from space, problem ships, with less information. That is what my wifes father did, trouble shooting issues was his thing. Speaking with the Astronauts to fix things so to get them Sq. with helping them susceed and find there way back down save.
    I called him,(nick name) Macgiver Bill. His nick name was Bill H20, and as well with Ham Radio club he was into.

    PLease let me know,if anybody can make sense of this LONG Notes and slight Soap Box writing and such details.

    Thanks so much, DUNKA, GRAZIE, And best regards 2 U all !!

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Aug 23, 2010

    As so far as the Manuel,that i do not have.
    It is blowing the fuses in fu-484 and fu-483 sots , 2 of 4 slots where 250/125v are inserts.
    When pluging it in the fuses blow and so there is nothing i am inserting, as so far as wires to speakers and or the tv output.
    I would say there is something that is causing the fuses to blow,that then will not let the unit work.
    I am guessing that there is only for a person to buy a Manual and or have a electronic person go through the checks to ascertain the reasons that might be causing these fuses and unit not to work.
    I do not have the time to check this and that, then as well buying a manual and the unit, then the remote and tossing this service that is not, pointing out the item to which i can change, so i would not want to spend more time and funds on a 10yr old unit.

    I can drop $100 more into a person to fix it and the parts, then after that i would be in the hole from where another person just bought a working unit off ebay.

    If a person can find or know of this problem,(with ALL the information provided,fuses 2 and which slots and the unit type and in general what might be the problem from hearing or reading this issue for same unit where in the last 10 yrs) then i would greatly be happy to change the part.
    I might by the manual ,but i would not see using it to tinker and hope to fix it,being it might be a to long process and i have on time to do that.
    Maybe there is a person that has better knowledge of this sort of issue and knows this model, where it is known,this issue and what these 2 fu-484 and fu-483 fuses are relating to, so i can replace the problem parts?


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It appears you do not have a user manual for this receiver. You can get it from this site.

You will see on page 52 there is mention that if no sound from speaker. It is possible the speaker wiring is shorted either on the connector or a speaker is faulty. The amplifier protects itself. Also check you have selected the correct speaker settings.

Hope this helps and you enjoy the system.

Posted on Aug 20, 2010

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To work with the unit ( while waiting for you remote )

you may need to check on the manual first.

[PDF] AVR310 Product Sheet - Harman Kardon( click on the link above for more details ).

you need a PDF reader to read the documents after

downloading and saving it on your computer

• If the operators manual still wont do , you may need to

check circuits inside the unit having a troubleshooting

guide like one from here:

a ) Start with the input , then to the op-amp IC. b ) check your cable like those above for co

( click on the link above , just for sample troubleshooting ).

And may need a signal injector or a signal tracer to

properly find the cause.

• A signal tracer can be a simple audio amplifier just to

test if the signal is passing through the stages of the


• If you found that signal have been cut-off on some stages

then it could possibly be from the supply ( low voltage )

or the IC on the Circuit.

seems to show working order,BUT! - 4d26a09.jpg

Here is a simple sample Signal Tracer:

• But start on the speakers first , you can use a Remote

1.5V battery or 2 and connect it on your speaker

( temporary tester ) , if you can hear scratches on your

speaker then your speakers are probably good.

( actual performance will be heard if the amplifiers are

already working. )

Inside the unit , the Main Amplifiers ( one driving your speaker)

needs a good power supplies rails.

• These amplifiers needs a preamplifier to match the input

impedance of the " Source " input and to tailor the sound

according to your needs.

So Divide and Conquer to find the cause.

It may take a while , but it needs a lot of patience to work

on electronic circuits.

And if you need to have the service manual

only with a fee.

• Check for " Preamp " power supplies and low voltage

regulator or possibly just a cold solder joint on it.

( If main amps are OK )

Posted on Aug 20, 2010

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  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    I forgot to ask the Model of your TV , so I can help you further

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    If the fuse are blowing one of the many possibilities are a shorted Power


    in these

    area: ( at the back of it )

    I will post the part number should you choose to DIY

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    and it may looks like these :

    • Insure that there is no shorted pins 2 and 3 on all of the same kind

    ( mounted on the Aluminum heatsink )

    • If you have found even one , disconnect the pair of that power transistor.

    it is always a PNP and a NPN ( check on the link above )

    • Then power it up once again , your amp should work without that missing pair

    of power transistors.

    Then you have the option to buy that pair later, But you can use the unit , only

    that channel or part will not .

    If these is not the case , post what you found and will give you more details how to

    solve your problem.

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    As I am reading your additional comment :

    • If your fuses blows it means a bad components along with it

    one possibility is the capacitor C487 ( 6800 uF 16 V ) [ most common ]

    have it replace or check the diodes before it

    • diodes D568, D569, D 570 and D571


    • the capacitor C 488 ( 2200 uf 16V )


    • might also be from a bad regulators IC 483 and IC 486

    • There is a service bulletin that states that do not replace the C487 with the original part number

    but have the updated part number on it.

    Divide and Conquer to find the cause.

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    • here is the location of C487

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 20, 2010

    • and here it is in schematics:

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 26, 2010

    since you have a soldering iron, might as well unsolder or remove one terminal of

    each of the diodes indicated. and post back.

    you do not have to buy yet.

    Divide and Conquer to find the cause.

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 26, 2010

    • positive side of diode D568 1N5402

    • positive side of diode D569 1N5402

    • negative side of diode D570 1N5402

    • negative side of diode D571 1N5402

  • Rommel Cana
    Rommel Cana Aug 27, 2010

    • lift one part ( pin of the diode ) and check

    Testing Diode-How to test semiconductor diode using multimeter

    How to Test a Diode |
    these two links should help you test the 4 diodes.


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Connect the optical audio OUT on the TV to the optical audio IN on the receiver. Turn the receiver on and set it to input as it was labeled on the connection ("video" or "auxillary" or such). Turn the TV on and set it to an active TV channel (with video and presumably audio info), not to VIDEO 1.
Alse Check the mute is on or not,or you have connected to wrog input or wrong speaker is selected or not.
Let us know if you have somethin more to ask else accept the suggestion.
Thank You for contacting Fixya

Posted on Aug 19, 2010

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a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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If you cut the speaker wire in the TV and solder to the respective RCA connections on the back or side of the TV you can treat the speakers passively, meaning there must be some sort of amplifier to power them. You could also just splice some wire to the cut speaker wire to extend the speaker connection to an amplifier, but I'm not a fan of loose wires coming from the back of my TV.

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