Question about Western Digital 500GB My Book World Edition 500 GB Hard Drive

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After 5 minutes, my 500 GB book is only accessible in read mode.

I have created shares, I can access them.
I start a copy, and after about 5 minutes, my copy says that there is a write error on the disk, and all my book is just accessible in read mode, I can't add for remove files or folders.
I need to unplug the bokk for several minutes in order to access him again in write mode.

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  • f0rst May 02, 2008

    I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?


  • Anonymous May 03, 2008

    Same problem here. I wrote an email to WD, but no answer so far..

  • fedje May 03, 2008

    I have the same problem

  • philbo1234 May 03, 2008

    Same problem

  • orrbeedubya May 05, 2008

    Same problem. I have Vista and XP systems. Reboot always fixes the problem for a short while (i.e. grants write access), while read access continues for a few hours. I'm using these hours to back up everything before the MyBook dies completely. No fan noise. No recent changes. It just started happening for no reason. Device is on 24/7 for 6+ months without a problem. Firmware fix would be good, if one existed, but suspect that if this was a firmware issue it would have appeared as soon as I installed the device. Therefore this is some gradual cause, perhaps overheating?

  • Anonymous May 07, 2008

    Yup - exactly the same problem - brand new device. Have upgraded firmware from 2.00.15 to 2.00.18 - no change

    - Jan

  • Anonymous May 09, 2008

    The same - it's read only, after I coy more than 1 GB.
    Do you know what solution is?

  • Anonymous May 19, 2008

    I had the same poroblem, got a new one. But .... no differance. After exact 5 minutes mybook stops. A software problem?

  • Anonymous May 19, 2008

    Yes, I do have the same problem. It works fine for a while...then displays error message "access denied''. Only I can read files, and no writing is allowed.

  • Walmir May 20, 2008

    I have same problem with 1TB

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008

    Exactly same symptoms; "Access denied" when trying to copy folders with lots of files in them. ~ 5 minutes and then I have to reboot the device before I can continue the copying - very frustrating.

  • Ivo Ponza
    Ivo Ponza May 21, 2008

    I'm a reseller and I've the same problem, I hope that Wd will resolve this bug because all my new 5 "WD My Book Edition" have this problem (firmware upgraded to 2.00.18) and I can't sell them to my costumers in this condition...

    Just a positive note: WD My book Edition II works fine but It's more expensive...

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008

    Mine has the same problem! Arggh!

  • zarat68 May 22, 2008

    Exactly the same problem on mine. I thought it might be because I was trying to transfer data wirelessly but even over cable it happened. I also tried transferring smaller folders of files. 716Mb copied fine, then a 500Mb immediatelly after then it failed at 41 mb for a 600Mb folder.

  • Andydo May 23, 2008

    Yep, same problem here

  • Anonymous May 24, 2008

    I got MyBook World Edition yesterday and have the same problem. It just dies mid-transfer. Annoying!

  • vujovd May 25, 2008

    I bought My Book World 1TB version a couple of days ago and I have the same problem.

    It's very annoying.

    The drive came with the firmware 2.0.15 installed.

    In order to make it writable again I need to reboot the drive.

  • Sven Vandecasteele May 26, 2008

    Same problem here, copied some movies to it, works fine and suddenly cant copy or delete anything from it. I need to wait for a while until i can do new things, Like WTF, like 5 or 6 other people with the same prob, and what about the rest, so as i understand is the best thing we can do is get a new one? How great is that ... (not)

  • philrc May 29, 2008

    Exactly the same problem here. The drive seems to become write protected. I can read but not write or delete.

  • edrice77 May 30, 2008

    Have a 1TB version, bought this week, and exactly the same issue. Disappointed to learn from other users posts that WD are aware of the situation but haven't yet thought to add information to their Knowledge base let alone actually solve the issue!

  • gemdamo May 30, 2008

    I have just purchased the 1TB option, and it does exactly the same thing. Upgraded the firmware but with no improvement.

  • svadolf Jun 03, 2008

    Same problem after of copying approx. 2gb to the hard drive.

  • Ales Jun 04, 2008

    I have the same problem, I have returned my three new WD MybookWorld 500GB and trying to find new solution from another producer. Can you help me find out new NAS?

  • RevCJ Jun 09, 2008

    (Accidentally entered as a 'solution' earlier - sorry.)

    Same problem here, with my 1TB version, bought two weeks ago. Firmware 2.00.15. They suggested upgrading but I can't find the upgrade - none is shown on my device.
    I had one contact from WD suggesting it was a new and interesting problem - but I see not. Nothing from them for 10 days now, despite requests.

    Has ANYONE got a working one of these?

    I'm taking mine back if no solution this week.

  • Anonymous Jun 16, 2008

    Same thing.

  • jslindo Jun 24, 2008

    I have the same problem, in version 2.00.15 and after upgrade.
    the version 2.00.18 have the same problem

  • Anonymous Jun 28, 2008

    same pb
    I'll call them and see if I can have another one...

    I hope they'll be quick !

  • Anonymous Jul 08, 2008

    I have the same porblem but not with the world model, but with my mybook Essintial 2 model.

    It could be related to something else because I have two of them (1TB each) connected to a Wireless Hard disk Enclosure by D-link(DSM-G600). But I got the same problem as yours, after few minutes I will be able to read only , but not write.

  • Trixxy85 Jul 12, 2008

    Same problem, and i also cant get to the "Drive Management" and Format the disk.. Even if i "restart" the Book and uses default user and password...

    I am real dissapointed at this product. gonna go back on monday and refund it!

  • migrans Jul 15, 2008

    I also got the WD 500GB yesterday and started immediately giving the problem.. dont know what to do

  • Anonymous Jul 17, 2008

    same problem, the WD after saying to update the firmware (but no new

    firmware is available after mine 2.00.15) no answer.

  • Jagop Sep 07, 2008

    The same problem. I even plugged my laptop to the caple network and got the same error message. The error mappen between 1,7 and 2.9 GB copying.

  • Anonymous Sep 18, 2008

    me too

  • RueVerdi Sep 24, 2008

    Same problem here. I can use the web interface, create shares that can be seen from Windows & OS X, I can write files to the drive for a short period then for no reason, the drives stops accepting files with a 'You don't have Permission' warning. The files & folders are then read only - can't even delete them.

    Submitted a ticket to WD Support - they have buried their head in the sand with this one.

    Why can't this drive be reset back to factory INCLUDING reformatting the drive to the proprietry file system WD have chosen?

    Back to PC World for my device.

  • Anonymous Oct 16, 2008

    This happens to me all the time with my WD MyBook hard drives (both 500GB and 1TB capacities) AND my WD Passport 120GB drives. It seems that WD external drives are prone to do this. It's EXTREMELY annoying.

    I haven't noticed if my Hitachi 1TB external drives have ever done this.

  • Anonymous Nov 02, 2008

    everytime I turn my PC, I have to unplug and plug the WD in order for my PC to recognize and access

  • Anonymous Nov 03, 2008

    I randomly receive the message that I don't have permission to save files that I created on the My Book World, and which I have opened and saved repeatedly. Sometimes, it won't even let me resave the file under a different file name.

  • mayday67 Nov 15, 2008

    Indeed. My guess is that this annoying external HD has a write throughput at about 200MB before it freezes and can only be accessed in Read Mode. Likewise, the solution is to turn off the HD and back on again to reset the HD. I have contacted WD and, so far, no response.

  • bobbyd579 Jan 01, 2009

    My Western Digital 500GB drive has the same problem. My wife and I use it as our central storage for our music and pictures. After a short time my drive becomes inaccessible and the only way to restore it is unplug it and wait several minutes.

  • danzel_bg Jan 04, 2009

    while trying to move files from PC to MyBook, after 5 minutes apears a message "you have no permission", and the process stops, so i can not move any other files in My Book any more. After restarting My Book it happens agayn... ??? and agayn and agayn. ... 

  • riedi Jan 13, 2009

    I had a similar problem, but while copying large files or large amount of files to the storage.

    The problem, is not related with the time, but with the amount of data stored.

    I've raised the problem to WD support and for my surprise I got the information that this is so by design.

  • dantvnet Mar 08, 2009

    I have the exact same problem as everyone else here. The closest I have come to resolving it involves storing a small QuickTime movie on the drive. When I need the drive for extended periods (large file transfers), I play the small QuickTime movie in "loop" mode (Apple-L) and this keeps the drive active. I can actually copy about 5 GB to the drive this way... but it is unacceptable... and a cheesy work-around. I wish I never would have bought these Western Digital drives. They have been nothing but trouble since day one.



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Hey, last week I returned my mybook and requested a new one. They would give me a new one dirictly but they where out of stock. I've got a new one yesterday, and I'm trying it right now. For so long I have no problems. I've already copied 7GB. So the best solution: Get a new one. If i have further problems, i'll let u guys know.

Posted on Jun 01, 2008

  • Sven Vandecasteele Oct 25, 2008



    I took mine back and got a replacement. The new one has firmware 01.01.18 - and it works fine.

    The problem is firmware 2.00.15, and WD support!

    (They have not replied in over 2 weeks!)

    It's not the firmware, mine has 2.00.15 and works fine.


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This issue is due to the NAS drive or NAS NIC being defective (it does not seem to be related to a firmware revision). I went through WD Technical Support, obtained an RMA and a new drive, and it works as promised (if a bit slow to back up nearly 200 GB of data).

Posted on Feb 10, 2009


I'm having the same problem. But I've configured the device to support ssh, so I can scp files into it from my computer and it appears to never have problems when I'm doing that. So that makes me lean towards thinking there is not a problem in the network hardware as others have said they were told. Maybe there is some kind of bug in the Samba software? I'm not sure yet how to upgrade it.

Posted on Sep 22, 2008

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Yes mine is doing the same after a while it drops the network
It was working fine with the Original firmware it came with, now
I'm up to 2.00.18 and that is not any better...damn update.
Out of warranty since it's over a year now so
HOW DO I GET Firmware 1.xxxxxxx back ?

Posted on Aug 28, 2008

  • ujsommer Oct 17, 2008

    A lot of work but it fixes it


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Take it back... I've had the same problem, the 500Mb Mybook World Edition drops the network connection after about 5-10 minutes of copying files. I emailed WD support and they told me to do the usual, change network cable, upgrade to firmware 2.00.18 etc. Upgrading the firmware did not work so I emailed them back about two weeks ago and guess what? I have had no response from them since. I dug around in my recycling bin and found the crunched up old WD cardboard box (with food stains), put the WD hard drive back in the box and took it back to PC World where I bought. A refund was the only way forward.

I have found a better solution to my problem, its called and is free!!! It allows you to log in and take control of another PC across the internet. I am using this in order to remotely connect to my office Quickbooks PC. The only data that transfers across the web is screen data and there are no network dropouts. Even if the network did drop out across wireless, the Quickbooks file does not crash because it is not transfering across the internet. Take a look at All the best with this and God Bless, Andydo

Posted on Jun 09, 2008

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The problem for me didn't start until after I upgraded to 2.00.18.
Previously my World Book was running 1.xx.xx (I do not remember the exact version but know it was version 1.)
So this seems like a firmware issue not a hardware issue as being suggested by WD.

Posted on Jun 06, 2008

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Turn it off, unplug the wires, put it in the box and take it back to where you bought it from. That was the only thing that worked for me in the end. We should not have to put up with shoddy products like this so make sure you get a refund for it and get something else instead.

I have now got a Buffalo LinkStation Live and so far it is working fine.

PC World told me that they have had the same problem with all of this type of drive that they have sold and are now exchanging them regularly. They think the problem may be software based rather then the network card, and apparently it happens after 620MB to be precise.

Either way, I'd recommend just getting rid of it.

Posted on Jun 04, 2008

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Spoke with WD technical support, and they told me that it was an unresolvable hardware problem.
The network card is dropping out after a while and just stops working. Their advice was to take the hard drive back to the retailer for a refund.

Posted on Jun 04, 2008

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Same problem here, with my 1TB version, bought this week. Firmware 2.00.15. They suggested upgrading but I can't find the upgrade.
Also tried 500MB chunks - no better.

Posted on May 31, 2008

  • RevCJ Jun 13, 2008


    I took mine back and got a replacement. The new one has firmware 01.01.18 - and it works fine.

    The problem is firmware 2.00.15, and WD support!

    (They have not replied in over 2 weeks!)


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I have opened a support case with WD (080507-000052) - they responded with the following:

"I recommend you transfer data to your drive in 500MB increments to see if that resolves the problem you're
having. If you transfer more than 500MB to the drive, it may fall offline and abort the data transfer."

[I interpreted this as a suggestion for experimentation, not as a limitation to accept, as this would render the device useless for me :-) ]

This suggests the cause of the problem, but I tried copying a number of smaller files (1-10 Mb) instead of a few large (750-1000 Mb). Same problem. WD support has now marked my case "Escalated" but offered no further comments.

I have other devices of the same model (wd5000g032), all running firmware 01.00.18 for up to a year and all working fine. The device in question has model number wd5000g032-001 and firmware 02.00.15 (02.00.18 after upgrade) so I have a suspicion this is related to firmware version?

- Jan

Posted on May 22, 2008

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I just called WD tech support. They know about this problem. There is probably something wrong with the networkcard of the Mybookworld. They don't have a solution or workarroud yet and also don't know if there is an solution. I get a new one.

Posted on May 05, 2008

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Can you provide me with your IP router address for you wan and your active dirctory address?

Posted on May 01, 2008

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After 5 minutes, my 500 GB book is only accessible...

I just called WD tech. support. There is probably something worng with the networkcard. There is yet no solution or workarround available. They don't even know if there is a solution at all. I get a new one.

May 01, 2008 | Western Digital 500GB My Book World...

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