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Maytag Neptune TL

I bought my washer in Sept 2004 and the machine is will not spin out the water the codes UC and dc are appearing - After reading the rest of the comments I not even going to bother to call a repairman nor will I ever by another Maytag - so much for dependability  - This is first washer I have ever had that did not last even 4 years out $1000, and the clothes we always to wrinkle.

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  • Anonymous May 07, 2008

    My clothes will go through the wash cycle fine, but when it come to the spin cycle I get a dc error and the washer stops. There is water in the tub of the washer. If I take the clothes out the washer will spin the water out. However I put the clothes back in and it still will not spin. This used to be an occassional situation. I've been trying for two days to finish a load and will have to take it to a laundry mat! :(

  • Anonymous Jun 08, 2008

    Washer will not spin out remaining water, and puts out a uC code. I know the there is a way to reset the washer. How do you reset the machine.

  • Anonymous Jun 09, 2008

    My washer stops with a uc code with about 12 or 13 minutes remaining in the cycle and nothing I do can make it finish the cycle with clothes in it  I took all the clothes out and it did finish.  Very frustrating.

  • downonmaytag Jun 16, 2008

    Our first repair call came just over a year after we purchased the unit in April of 2004. The latching sensor went out. Maytag gave us the number of a repairman, but we were still stuck w/ $140 of the $400 repair bill. From day one, our clothes sour after just a few washings and we run the machine through the "refresh" cycle w/ a cup of bleach per the manual, about once a week. The lid and corners of the machine are rusting out. This may be it for this machine since the uC code shows w/ just 12 min. left in the wash cycle leaving no choice but to hand wring the clothes and then put them in the dryer. Maytag's response: "we'll refund 15% of your purchase of a new one." F.L. Maytag did NOT intend for this to be his legacy! I worked at a furniture store in college and the ONLY washer/dryer trade-in we received was an avocado green set that was 30 years old--they just wanted a different color--nothing wrong w/ the machines!

  • Pamgram Jun 26, 2008

    I have the exact same problem. Repairman says it is working fine, just needed to add more clothes. A Rep. from Maytag says not to over-load it and to have another repairman look at it. The only way to get it to balance and spin is to fill it all the way up to the top. Very frustrating situation.

  • glmheller Jun 28, 2008

    Our Neptune top loader is two years old. It came with our house when we bought it recently. In the last month we have spent $500.00 for the same problem. Cycle will not finish, constantly unbalanced so it will not drain or spin. First repair said a "spring lock" had broken, yesterday had the "clutch" replaced. Tech, ran an empty cycle and it was fine, today went to wash close, and it will not spin or drain, same codes for unbalanced.

  • neptune46 Jul 02, 2008

    I just finished hand-wringing a load of wash. Same problem, washes fine, but won't spin out. dc code around the 11 minute mark. It ran just fine once empty. This used to only happen with bulky items, now its anything. I'm googling repair shops at the moment and cringing at the thought of the bill.

  • GoGirl8398 Jul 03, 2008

    I just bought my NeptuneTop-Loader in Feb 08 and in May'08 I started getting the dc code. At first I was able to redistribute the clohes and it would work. Of course when t he repairman came it was working fine. Now not even a month later, I am experiencing the same problem and now it won't spin at all or go pass the 11 minute mark. The repairman just left and has to order a new sensor which will take at least a week. If there have been such problems with this machine, Maytag should recall and give us something that actually works!!!! If Maytag doesn't make good, I will never buy or recommend anyone to buy a Maytag appliance.

  • lisamae301 Jul 16, 2008

    I have not even had this washer for 2 years and I can do a light load and it throws the code dc or LL. It does it on a little heavier load too. My clothes ALWAYS come out wrinkled. What do I do?

  • Anonymous Jul 18, 2008

    We are on our 2nd Maytag Neptune. We first has the front load one that had the class action suit. Like fools, we used our voucher to get yet another piece of junk. This time we bought an extended warranty through the place we bought it. It started doing the same thing with the small load getting out of balance and we had some computer chip changed once. Then we moved and it is still doing it and has worsened. We have had a repairman her three time. He has changed a sensor, the entire tub, and today the clutch. It still hasn't fixed the problem. It seems to work ok with very large loads at this time although it had gotten to the point where it didn't matter what size the load. It is extremely frustrating to have to add clean clothes to do a load. It was also kicking out at the 11-12 minute mark. But now that the clutch was replace, it's kicking out at 22 minutes.

  • Anonymous Jul 20, 2008

    14 min. left, uC code in spin cycle, machine is less then 18 months old

  • dsteranka Jul 21, 2008

    I have the same problems with my Maytag. It will stop at the spin cycle and display uc or dc. Sometimes this happens early in the wash/rinse cycle but most of the time it is in the last 12 minute cycle. This goes on for as much as 24 hours with me going back and forth pausing the machine straightening the clothes out and having to add clean towels to finish the load. It doesn not matter it the load is a small one or a full one. When the load is finished the clothes are twisted tight around one another and terribly wrinkled. Why is this machine such a problem? I bought this Maytag because the company said they stood behind their product and their machines were the best on the market. What Happened??? Will you stand behind your product??? I NEED HELP!!!

  • Candy260z Jul 25, 2008

    Our Maytage Neptune TL model# FAV6800AWW in the recent months started making alot of noise, squeaking, off balance noise. The tub was actually hitting the walls of the washing machine during the spin cycle and we would get a "dc" code on the panel for being of balance. I dealt with the noise for a while, would rearrange clothes, spun two - three seperate loads, but now it wont complete out a load at all. We had A & E come out to repair it. They told us it was a bad clutch. It still did the same thing after replacement. They came out again said it was a faulty clutch, and ordered another. Same thing after replacement. Then they ordered a spin sensor. They came out for the fourth time today, and still isnt the problem. I called Maytag Corporation and they are offering me 15% OFF a new machine. 15%???? They should be replacing these machines. Its obvious with all the complaints of the same thing happening that its a widespread issue. They are looking for another lawsuit for the top loading Neptunes as well. Any business should back their product and after you spend $800 on a machine - they should make their faulty product good for the purchaser. I wont be buying another Maytag for a long time. I heard Whirlpool bought them out. Was it Maytag or was it Whirlpool who created this montrocity????? Im ready to sue - are you?

  • Anonymous Aug 15, 2008

    I purchased our washer in Sept 2004 and three weeks ago I started having the same problems everyone else is. I have the extended warranty through Maytag Dependability Plus and they contacted A & E Factory Service to fix it. After 3 new parts (tub displacement sensor, ETC Board and 2Base Struts) I still have the same problem. I hope the service tech comes back for a 5th visit tomorrow. My next plan is to contact the consumer reporter at my tv station here in Dayton, OH.

  • michael_r_r Aug 30, 2008

    Same problem. Had the Neptune TL for three years.......about 6 months ago continued 'UC' error on med to small loads. Waste of time, water, and electricity.....typically have to add already clean clothes just to finish cycle which half the time has to be restarted from the beginning. Also the counter-rotating drums seem to twist the clothes into a wrinkled mess........will never buy again.

  • nysdaniels Sep 03, 2008

    Exactly the same as everyone else.  3 year old machine working fine until a couple of weeks a go.  Codes pop up at start of spin cycle.  Have tried everything to no avail.  Repair man here tomorrow on my dollar.

  • rodriguez166 Sep 11, 2008

    I have the same problem too. Not only does it stop spinning and you have to add "clean" clothes for it to spin properly, my families clothes all smell like mildew and mold. I am ready for the class action law suit. Not only do I want my money (in full) back for the product, I also want Maytag/Whirlpool to pay for damages for the clothes and other household items that are now ruined due to the bad product. They were already sued once, you would think they would have fixed the problem with this product.

  • NOT AGAIN 28 Sep 13, 2008

    I have to laugh because I want to cry. Our Matag Neptune TL is doing the exact same thing with the unbalance error message. A&E has been out twice now, replaced the clutch to no avail. So far 350.00 spent and guess what it still isn't working. Who knows when A&E will call me back, I am frustrated, feel cheated by Maytag and its "wonderful product ". I will NEVER buy aything from them.I certainly hope there is a lawsuit, sign me up for this one and maybe they can come do my laundry as well.

  • NOT AGAIN 28 Sep 13, 2008

    Same UC issue, 3 year old Neptune top loader. Will never buy another Maytag product. Count me in on the class action suit.

  • alkbreneau Sep 15, 2008

    I have the same problem. Guess I will purchase a new one and not make it a Maytag product.

  • Anonymous Sep 26, 2008

    the washer always gave the codes for an unbalanced load or that it can not drain . While I have had several repair men out with excuses as I need to wash a bigger load etc and I have tried whatever they have told me to do it does not fix the problem, the clothes tangle and the smell of the water is terrible. I hate this product and would not recommend it.

  • brens8570 Sep 26, 2008

    I have the same problem every time. I have had several repair men out that tell me I need to increase the size load to decrease the load I have tried EVERYTHING with nothing working. The clothes come out in knots and the smell from the water that drains from the first load is terrible. I would never buy this product again and maytag won't even show any concern. I wish there was a lawsuit on this product because you could count me in!!

  • pumpkinltl Oct 03, 2008

    I have the same problem

  • rkoons1 Oct 18, 2008

    My magtag will dc on the spin too and when I take the clothes out it will spin out the water. I am tired od wringing out clothes by hand. Will never buy another magtag appliance again. Class action suit should be investagated. Jeannette

  • makins Oct 20, 2008

    Seems I have the same problem. I have the Maytag Neptune Model FAV6800AWW and it has the same problem. I purchased the washer in 2006 and now I get a DC or UC error code when the unit spins. I troubleshot this error and this is what I found:

    After reading all of the responses, Since I am out of warranty I am hesitant to purchase any parts.

  • stevekelly09 Oct 22, 2008

    I also have the same problem with my approx 5 yr old machine: dc code 9 out of 10 times using. water in tub, clothing smells, having to take clothes out and cycle water out w/o load - then replacing clothes in and switching to spin only cycle. I can be counted on for class action suit.

  • Kristifarr Oct 27, 2008

    I have this same problem. dc or uC appears and it won't spin out the last 11-12 minutes. I've spent time wringing out my clothes and then having to dry them 3 times just to get dry. This is a PAIN! I came online hoping for positive solutions and found this website. How depressing. I feel ripped off! I bought my machine for over $1000.00 3 years ago. I expected at LEAST 10 years out of it. If anyone does a lawsuit! I'm not going to even bother calling a repairman. This is AWFUL!

  • boopleloo
    boopleloo Oct 29, 2008

    It's my Mom & Dad's washer, and never had trouble with it, until the other day when I washed a small throw... no problem, right? Wrong! Water was left in the tub, and it would not spin for nothing. Had to hang it on the line outside the next morning dripping wet. Dad is out hunting and Mom was so worried earlier when the spin cycle was malfunctioning. I went to and typed in Maytag Neptune TL and YEY!! THANKS to all the comments and kudos to 'nysdaniels', I have already drained the water and the clothes spun normally!!! But yeah... I'm sure we will have to do it again. Wait until Dad gets home and finds out...utoh...yikes!! I do not think he will be happy at all, as the last washer lasted like 25 years.

    THANKS Fix Ya - You Rock!!!!

  • DSOSKIN Nov 14, 2008


  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2008

    so sad isnt it .. mine is 2.5 yrs old . never again... maytag thumbs down

    1000. out

  • Anonymous Nov 16, 2008

    UGH!! Same exact problem!! Neptune TL 2004 - won't drain at 10 min spin cycle.  It seems that there is no fix - looks like my holiday spending is going to go towards a new washer.  I just want to - I think I am - going to cry :-(  I see the lawsuit for the front load neptune - is there one for the Top Load?

  • chalter1087 Nov 17, 2008

    Same Exact Problem and I am a Very Upset Wife!

    My husband and I have gone round and round about this stupid washer. We are a family of three with not much laundry to do. My husband wants to throw everything together just so we have a large enough load since the washer won't spin our clothes when doing a small load. This is not an option since the washer should be able to handle any size load and we don't want to ruin all our clothes. When we first got our washer three years ago, we were able to do small loads (even hand wash loads) and everything worked perfect. Now, we can have a fairly large load and the piece of junk won't complete a wash. Always gets out of balance and won't spin. I am fed up with this and ready to buy something else. Will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy a Maytag again. Would love to join a class action suit if there would happen to be one.

  • atlubeck Nov 19, 2008

    EXACT problem - I think it's interesting that all of these machines are between 2 and 4 years old - I wonder if we can go after maytag....

  • Apeterson560 Nov 24, 2008

    Same problem less than 4 years old they want $1200.00 To repair it!

  • whatdah Nov 27, 2008

    I have the same problem, the cycle stops when it reaches the 11-min spin cycle. Called a service tech and they are coming on Tues, if they will let me spend more than $200. I will just buy a new one and definitely not a MAYTAG

  • csherrera Dec 22, 2008

    Same problem at about 11 minutes the machine says dc. Repairman says its a 350 dollar clutch out of my pocket of course. I can't see paying repairs on this machine though because I have hated it since I bought it. It's covered in rust and mildew. The rubber plastic ring at the top of the basket is peeling off and falling into the loads. It rips and stretches clothes. Why don't we have a class action suit going? Anyone else got mold in theirs?

  • spvoss Dec 24, 2008

    Bought a Neptune TL 4 years ago. Had the circuit board replaced last year for 250. The service repairman told me that the tub is going out and will need to be replaced soon for 450. Today I am getting the uC/dc codes. What a hunk of junk. Will never buy a Maytag product again.

  • mbutcosk Dec 29, 2008

    my maytag neptune tl keeps flashing dc I even rearrange the load and it keeps happening what a peice of junk maytag KEEPS the repairman busy

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008


  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2009

    I also have the same problems with this washer. I called for service because of a metal-on-metal rubbing noise. Before the service appt arrived, the machine was out of balance frequently and would stop at the 11 minute mark. I could restart the machine and it would finish with a loud clanking noise. The technician ordered an outer tub, clutch assembly, pump, and tub seal. When all the parts arrived, he tried to install them but the machine was too rusted. Mold and mildew has been a problem on this machine from the start. Clothing smells musty and looks dull after wash. We should do a class action. I tried to join the Neptune Front Loader because of similar issues.

  • Anonymous Feb 18, 2009

    Mine is doing the same thing. It stops at the 11 minute mark with the code dc flashing. it doesn't matter if I have a load of baby clothes, towles, can't seem to balance any of it and complete a load. I am very frustrated.

  • Anonymous Feb 21, 2009

    My Neptune washer will not drain. AHHHHH. I unhooked it and was going to take the back off to see if the pipe was clogged. Too hard to get into for a 50+ year old woman.

  • CaRiverGirl Mar 05, 2009

    I have the same problem! I just wrote to Maytag's customer service inquiring as to a "FIX" or RECALL on this item. I also called a month after I bought my washer (several years ago) about the clothes becoming completely entangled. I cannot tell you how many items of clothing this ridiculous washer has eaten alive!!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 07, 2009

    Bought my maytag pair in 2004 not being told about recall. Have the same problems of not spinning out

  • pipespike Mar 13, 2009

    Our TL is about 3 years old and within a year it started having "unbalanced issues" even with a small load the machine starts dancing around the floor. We cannot often get it through the rinse cycle without having to open it up and adjust the load. Very frustrating product! AND THE NOISE IT MAKES WILL DRIVE YOU FROM THE ROOM! I bought it at Home Depot so will try there first for a remedy.

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Mar 13, 2009

    Hello pipespike,

    Home Depot won’t have a clue, they will have you stimulate the economy. If your are handy or have a relative or friend that can perform clutch maintenance on the FAV6800A/FAV9800A machine you may possibly with little effort and low cost get the machine back to normal service. Here are some folks that followed my lead and have experienced positive results and did not junk their $1000 machine. Even if you have to replace the clutch for under $135 I feel is better than junking the machine. The clutch repair/replacement won’t fix the tangle problem :). Your call, here are a few links to folks on this and another forum that had positive results. Positive Fix 3/4 & 1/19 Positive Fix 1/19 Positive Fix 3/4 different Forum Step by step to troubleshoot dc/UC errors If you want take a look at the SM for the machine here is the link FAV6800A/9800A Service Manual If you need additional help I can give you a e-mail adr. so we can chat on the phone with you or a local DIY’er that wants to get involved in a fix to help you.

  • nomomaytag Mar 16, 2009

    mine does the same and the geek squad dude was here today. he said the clutch causes the clothes to spin to tight - and typically the clutch can go bad. i told him mine has been doing it since day 1 (2004) and i thought it was just a normal action. I am getting a lot of new parts for this as I am still under warranty.. we'll see. they have been out 3x so far - after this it's considered a lemon and i get a new washer ! woo hoo!

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Mar 16, 2009

    I had the same problem;

    If your machine is a FAV6800A/FAV9800A and you are throwing dc/UC errors to the display I will bet my next pay check it’s a clutch issue, could be the tub displacement sensor but can be ruled out with basic old fashion troubleshooting…. Or if cost is no object shotgun parts in the machine till ya hit something that works. If ya don’t mind can ya let us know what the geek squad dude finds? I’m trying to help folks in my position who are out of warranty and don’t have a lot of cash to blow on someone guessing what might be the fail point. Geek squad dude is in left field with this comment “”he said the clutch causes the clothes to spin to tight - and typically the clutch can go bad”” Yea and PIGS can fly. Wait a minute, Washington just proved pork can fly. I can’t stop :) with that one. Bet ya still have the tangle problem when he is done :). The clutch only goes bad if the clutch spring breaks or the clutch roller bearings are rusted up beyond clean up and re-lube. Good for you that you have a warranty. Point the GSD guy to my post of 3/16 Comment posted on Mar 16, 2009 under solution 6. I detail the clutch roller bearing clean up and re-lube process with Pic’s of my original clutch and this clutch that I purchased just to see if it would work in my machine….it does. Good luck.

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Mar 18, 2009

    Pipespike, I and others had the problem.

    GREAT job on your maintenance repair. You save yourself some big $$$. I did not mean to be hard on Home Depot they are good folks they offer a great service. Just to let you know if you have to replace your clutch down the road I purchased and installed this clutch and it works in my machine a series 16 (S/N first two digits are 16) I stated as a series 17 in this post Comment posted on Mar 16, 2009 I do not have the top bearing assembly on my original clutch. What is you S/N first two digits? Here is my link to Step by step to troubleshoot dc/UC errors you mentioned. I just added some additional I just added some additional comments in this thread regarding step by step clutch removal. I have talked about inserting this info into the Tips and Tricks section of this forum. Reposting this over and over is a pain. I just wanted to get enough forum feedback that this was worth doing and could be done by folks with basic mechanical skill sets. What is your feeling on the skill sets required to perform this maintenance? I did use some light duty bearing grease on the clutch roller bearings which I mentioned in my original post of Dec.15. I have a softcopy of the schematic in PDF format if you would like and some more info for resolving issues related to the left lid latch and troubleshooting of OP/OD/FL errors related to the left lid lock and reed relay in that left lid lock. You can throw the right lid lock away and the washer will work as designed. If it fails you don’t need to replace. If you don’t have a surge protector on the washer 120VAC outlet I would suggest one for additional protection of the control board in the console. Again very nice job, you have given your $1000 washer a new life. Tangle issue continues :)

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2009

    Washer will get to the spin cycle for rinse, then stop, and not go any further.

  • Anonymous Mar 31, 2009

    noise when spinning



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Hello all, back with an update.  I am sending this with my fingers crossed.
First, I got smart, sort of,  and called Sears for the repair.  Sears offers a plan that cost about $200 and guarantees that they will repair the unit or they will give you $500 toward a new machine. You do not have to pay for any parts or additional service calls.  It also gives you a 1 year service contract on the entire machine after the repair is complete. So far they have been back 4 times to try to fix our dc code problem.  They have replaced the pump, pressure switch, wiring harness and main circuit board. They have now determined that it is a clutch.  They are coming back next week to replace that.  But since they replaced the wiring harness and main circuit board the unit has been working pretty well 12 straight  loads of all sizes have  gone through without a problem).  They are coming back today to replace the clutch, I might wait on that repair.  The best part is, has not cost me anything over the first $200.
You will have to be very patient if you chose to go this direction because Sears service has its problems.  The first as you see is that they have already been back 4 times.  This is because they have no parts in there trucks.  They need to order it for you and ship it to your house each time they identify a part that needs to be replaced.  They, like many service companies, give you a 4 hour window of when they will show up (they will however, if you ask, call your cell phone 1/2 hour before they arrive if this helps). They also have missed two of there scheduled appointments.
One other thing I learned for those of you who don’t want to bail out the water in the tub.  If you want to have the machine drain the excess water without bailing this should work.  Turn the machine off and make sure the "locked door" light goes off.  Then hold the "Spin" and "Enviro Plus" buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.  "00" should then show up on the display.  Then hit the "Delicate" button, then the “Pre-soak” button. This should activate the pump and get all the water out.  Once the water is out hit the off button.  You then may want to try the Spin cycle alone.  These directions can be found on the Troubleshooting Manual found folded up behind the rear panel of the machine  where the main electrical circuit board is located.

Posted on Oct 17, 2008

  • nysdaniels Nov 13, 2008

    Latest update from nydaniels.

    All - clutch seems to be the problem with these machines.  Not so much that it goes bad, but seems if it is not installed properly the machine does its off balance act.  

    Sears replaced the clutch and I still had same problem as usual next day.  Then as luck has it the clutch fell off (Sears just can't get it right).  I reinstalled it myself, and guess what, it fell off again.  I then realized that the problem was that Sears and I had installed the clutch incorrectly.  

    The clutch needs to be seated all the way up on its axle or spindle with only 1/16 inch space space left at bottom of clutch.  If it is not done this way, it will either fall off or do its un-balanced act.  It also helps to put a lock washer on the bolt/washer that holds the clutch in place.  Once I did this, the machine worked, and sounded, as if it were brand new.  I have now run 20 straight washes without a hint of a problem.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    My thinking on this is that the bolt that holds on the clutch becomes loose over time and the clutch shifts starting the un-balanced problem.  I f clutch is not reinstalled properly or a new one installed properly the unbalanced problem with keep occurring.  Just my two sense.

    Clutch not that had to adjust or install  if you are at all mechanical.

    If anyone wantd instructions, I'll try to walk you through it.  

  • nysdaniels Mar 17, 2009

    Hello all.  Back to give an update. 

    If you read my past entries I had the exact same problem as everyone on this sad blog.  Had Sears replace multiple parts (two sensors, clutch, main board, wire harness) and still had the problem.  The problem is the clutch.  Not that it was bad, but that it gets loose.  The bolt that holds it has no lock washer. When the bold loosens the clutch drops a little and the machine starts to have problems.  The clutch needs to be seated perfectly, a bolted on with a lock washer.  Once that repair is made, and as long as your clutch is not broken, the machine works fine.  Since I made this repair myself on October 18, 2008 the machine has been working perfectly (average 10 loads per week).  Good luck!


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Thanks for all the great info. I too had the unbalanced problem. I took the clutch off and did the simple WD40 fix that others have suggested. IT WORKED!! I still have a bit of a balance issue near the start of the wash cycle but it is not enough to shut it down. After that it is clear sailing.

Here are a few things worth noting.

In my view, the bearing is indeed the culpret. Someone suggested lifting the entire top of the machine and running the spin cycle. I did this and was able to observe the drum and watch the 2 rotating agitators. When I finished the repair, I did it again and was amazed at the increased speed of the drum. The crappy "dry" bearing was putting a drag on the machine and that is why I believe it kept unbalancing. My wife noted the the problem got worse over time and that makes sense as the bearing got in worse shape.

Once the clutch was removed, you need to seperate the 3 parts. They simply pull apart. Now you can use the WD40 or an appropriate bearing grease.

The Service manual download was very helpful because it has a few pictures to show the 1/16"-1/8" gap from the shaft to the clutch face. What this really is telling you is that "if" you get all the three parts (clutch plate- bearing sleeve and cream colored plastic piece with 2 raised projections) to the clutch assembly back in correctly, you will end up with the 1/16"-1/8" gap. I also did my repair by tilting the machine back and working on it in place. Test the fit of each of the 3 pieces seperately so you will have a better idea what you are trying to fit. The cream colored plastic piece with 2 raised projections "seats" into the bottom of the tub. The bearing also seats onto the shaft in the notches. The clutch simply fits on the square shaft. The trick is getting the 3 piece assembly on with every piece seated correctly. By no means impossible, but working in limited space it was the most difficult part to do. Something that I thought of (after the repair) was to actually cut out the sheet metal directly below the clutch. This would allow easy access for the reassembly.

This took me about 1 1/2 hours because I took the time to clean up all the detergent buildup while I was at it. If I have to do it again it should take no more than 1/2 hour.

Good luck!

Good luck

Posted on Mar 17, 2009

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I just did a repair on my FAV6800AAW by lubricating the needle bearings in the clutch pulley hub, the tub displacement sensor checked OK per the service manual check. I was getting dc/uc errors in the spin cycle, washer was purchased in 7/05. I have basic mechanical skills and used a socket wrench to remove clutch pulley hub, just follow the service manual removal steps to remove clutch pulley hub. Pull the plastic cover off the clutch pulley hub and inspect the spring, clean/lube needle bearings and the clutch hub coupler that drives spinner shaft. I used WD40 I may need to re-lube down the road with a good light grease. It took a few tries for me to get the clutch pulley hub to stay on after re-install and power up, getting the clutch pulley seated properly is the trick. I did not remove the washer tub for this fix, I believe I saw a posting where someone did. I just leaned the washer back to get a better reach angle, it is a tight work area. I did not want to junk 3.5 yr old $1k machine with out trying a fix. If you want to work on this model get the service manual, I found it online and I believe you can order it in PDF format from Maytag. Good luck!
I just went thru my 10th load of a mix of light, medium and heavy loads and all work fine no unbalance errors (DC/UC). Doesn’t fix the tangle problem :) Prior to this fix I could only run the washer with no clothes in it to complete a cycle with no dc/uc error codes.

Posted on Dec 15, 2008

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  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Feb 23, 2009

    Posted by Guest on Feb 21, 2009

    Is your machine giving you dc/UC errors in the display failing in spin cycle?

    You can force the drain pump on in service mode take a look at this post for the steps. See nysdaniels post of Oct 17, 2008 3rd paragraph.

    If you want to troubleshoot further let me know.

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Feb 23, 2009

    Posted by Guest on Feb 18, 2009

    Sorry I missed your post, I’m sure you have a clutch malfunction. Take a look at my post in which I tried to put together some troubleshooting steps to diagnose clutch issues. If you can’t repair you can give the repair service some info. for the service call. Have your model number and serial number ready for them. Good luck

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Mar 18, 2009

    Access and remove the Clutch for maintenance

    Disconnect 120VAC power cord.

    The Service Manual for reference.

    Raise the top of the machine. Insert a flat blade putty knife approximately 2.5” from the left and right sides of the washer top, depress the spring tabs securing machine top to the washer base. Raise the top of the machine to observe the wash basket and tumbler action described in step 2. (See page 33 of the SM for putty knife insertion point).

    Remove the front panel see page 41.

    Tools required;

    3/8 inch socket and socket wrench to remove clutch pulley bolt. Page 47 of the SM

    1/2 inch socket or wrench to loosen Drive Motor tension bolt.

    5/16 nut driver or 5/16 ¼ socket on an extension to remove front panel see page 41 of the SM.

    1. Lean the washer back and blocked in that position for a better reach angle. Rotate 3/8” clutch Pulley Bolt CW to remove clutch bolt.

    2. Follow SM page 46 & 47 to remove clutch pulley.

    3. Remove 4 screws holding plastic cover on clutch, inspect clutch spring to make sure it is not broken. Inspect roller bearings clean up with WD-40 and re-lube with bearing grease.

    4. Replace white bearing plate into clutch pulley hub, insure key slot slips into clutch Spring pin in clutch hub.

    5. Replace Clutch plastic cover with 4 screws.

    6. Reseat clutch on spinner shaft and rock back and forth while lifting clutch with upward pressure to reseat clutch. When seated properly you will feel a 1/16-1/8" gap between the Pulley face and shaft end as mentioned and shown on page 47 of the SM. On reinstallation, tighten Clutch Pulley bolt CCW to 96” pounds 8’ foot pounds (Snug no torque wrench required).

    7. Do a quick wash and make sure clutch runs true with no wobble or clicking sound. If the clutch has not been seated properly it will spin off. If this happens go to page 16 of the SM Board Output Test and turn on Drain Pump in Service Mode to pump out excess water.

    8. Repeat steps 6&7 if the clutch has excessive noise or spins off.

  • dh1200s
    dh1200s Apr 01, 2009

    To Guest posted by Guest on Mar 31, 2009

    Is your machine a FAV6800AW type machine?  We need the model number to proceed with troubleshooting.  

  • Louise Ball
    Louise Ball Feb 03, 2014

    You are a God sent person!!!! I fix my washer!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo very much for the info.....Louise Ball


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Both the error codes refer to an unbalanced load that the Tub Displacement sensor is sensing. Could be an actual out of balance load or a loose or faulty sensor.

Posted on Jun 08, 2008

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I had the same problem and called Maytag about it. They told me to use a product called AFFRESH (it can be found in the detergent isle at a Lowes or a Home Depot). The directions on the label say to run a Normal Hot water cycle and use all three tablets that come in the package to get rid of the mildew smell but Maytag says you run a Normal Hot cycle with one tablet for three consecutive cycles. Repeat the process every couple of months and you should be fine. Otherwise, you wiil have to schedule a service with Maytag where they will come and completely disassemble and clean your washer for a fee because it is not covered under warrenty.

Posted on Nov 19, 2008

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Well, I finally had to break down and call a repairman. Seems Maytag repairmen arent as bored as the commercial portrays. The DD/no spinout was becoming a constant thing, no matter what I washed. After about 30 minutes and as many tests, he called someone, came back and told me it was the clutch that needed replacing. The whole repair/part was about 300$. It's been a couple months and so far, so good.

Posted on Oct 12, 2008

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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.
The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones).
click here to download the app (for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need.
Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Related Questions:

1 Answer

We just moved and the house came with a Maytag Neptune TL which won't spin if there are clothes in the cylinder. It will spin empty. Please help! Thanks.

Washer bangs around in spin cycle and throws a DC or UC unballance code with cloths in the wash basket is that correct?

If so it's a Clutch issue.

If you want read more about what I feel is your issue read this post Maytag Neptune load unbalance

Sep 08, 2011 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

2 Answers

Maytag neptune top load washer will not spin out with small loads, large loads are fine. I get the DC error at about 10 mins left in spin cycle. No amount of shifting load will solve problem

This is a Clutch issue could be a easy fix if the Tub Seal is not the root cause.

If you get no help at this forum Google This ""Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW""

5th post down you will find the SM and support for the "DC and UC" unbalance error codes. Good luck..............DH1200s

Aug 20, 2011 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Continue to receive a "DC" code on the Maytap

I no longer post on this site no way to post a Sticky.

If you want to DIY the repair Google this phrase ""Sticky: Neptune TL Washer FAV6800AWW""" Read the post Part 1; DC or UC unbalance error codes in Spin Cycle what is causing this issue? Part 2 for the fix action.

Post your issue in the repair forum not in the Sticky. Please include your Model Number i.e. FAV6800A or FAV9800A and I will help you.

Jan 22, 2011 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Neptune Washer Spin Cycle

If your FAV6800A or FAV9800A wash tub is banging around in Spin Cycle of the Wash Cycle and your Control Board signals a dC or uC error code to the console I feel you have a Clutch malfunction. I feel the TDS is working as designed with the unblance error code shut down.
See my Clutch Fix post for more info related to dC and uC unbalance errors with the FAV6800A and FAV9800A TL’s and the repair action…….Rich

May 10, 2010 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Spin cycle is not completing, code DC appears.

If your FAV6800A or FAV9800A wash tub is banging around in Spin Cycle of the Wash Cycle and your Control Board signals a dC or uC error code to the console I feel you have a Clutch malfunction.

I feel the TDS is working as designed with the unblance error code shut down.

See my Clutch Fix post for more info related to dC and uC unbalance errors with the FAV6800A and FAV9800A TL’s and the repair action…….Rich

May 10, 2010 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

My Maytag will not run a complete cycle. Is there


What is your machine model number? Is it a FAV6800A or FAV9800A TL?

If it’s a FAV6800A or FAV9800A TL do you error out in the Spin cycle of the wash cycle with an unbalance error code such as dC or uC? Is the wsh tub banging around during Spin Cycle of the Wash Cycle?

If so see this post Clutch Fix. I have a step by step maintenance/repair process for Clutch Pulley assembly issues related to the above error codes.

Post back if you have questions or concerns………Rich

May 03, 2010 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Error code of "dc" on my TL Maytag Neptune

If your machine is FAV6800AW or FAV9800AW the dc/UC errors are caused by a clutch malfunction. Your machine is shutting down with those errors so your Tub Displacement Sensor is working as designed.

Fix the Clutch malfunction and you can wash a single sock or a load of blue jeans and you will not take the dc or UC unbalance errors. See this post for the fix.

Post back if you have questions or need help.


Oct 06, 2009 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Wont spin with clothes

Common problem with this model I own it. Sounds like the roller clutch bearings in your machine are seized/rusted up. Do you want to try to DIY the repair? Read thru this post for the details of what is involved. Post back with any questions. Rich

May 03, 2009 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Neptune won't advance from Rinse to SPIN

If the clutch fails the first thing noticed is a UC or DC error displayed and there is no drain or spin.

If you are seeing the above error and having a problem with spin and drain then the most likely cause of this is the clutch. The clutch fails to lock down the spinners and the basket is unable to go into spin and without a 90 RPM there is no drain.

Replace the clutch.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question(@#$^

Aug 01, 2008 | Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW Top Load Washer

1 Answer

Neptune won't advance from Rinse to SPIN

If the clutch fails the first thing noticed is a UC or DC error displayed and there is no drain or spin.

If you are seeing the above error and having a problem with spin and drain then the most likely cause of this is the clutch. The clutch fails to lock down the spinners and the basket is unable to go into spin and without a 90 RPM there is no drain.

Replace the clutch.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question

Mar 10, 2008 | Maytag MAH6500 Neptune Front Loading...

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