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Bad SATA data cable connector or drive?

System has been running fine for over a year, almost two now. I added another SATAII 2.0 drive and am having trouble getting winxp pro see the new drive. Any suggestions?

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Hi miss, is you're new SATA being seen in you're bios?
To check this. At boot up press the Delete key every two seconds until the bios main menu loads.
You should see the new SATA listed here. If you do not see you're new drive listed than shut down the PC & unplug the power cord. Remove the data cable & clean it with a cotton swab & some house hold alcohol. (no dripping). Wipe off both ends of
the data cable & the drive's connector. ( Allow time to dry).
Re-connect every thing & again check you're bios. If you're drive is listed than you can use you're current windows to format the drive. I gather you're current windows is running correctly.
If you get a error message from windows during format, do not worry, yet!
I suggest you download the drive's Mfg's software tools & use this to test & setup the SATA drive. Locate the white sticker on the new SATA drive. There you'll find the model number & serial number. Write the drives information down on paprer for later. You can register you're SATA drive later at the Mfg's site.
Most Mfg's have bootable software for a floppy disk & the same to creat a bootable CD-ROM disk so you can setup & test you're new drive which is what I am suggesting you do. You will need to disconnect you're other SATA drives while using the bootable software. (Just unplug their data cable). No need to unplug the power to the drive - (s).
I am sure you will be able to setup and test you're new drive. Once finished, reconnect everything. Double check everything before closing up the case. Boot you're system. Windows should see you're new drive.

Good Luck!
If I can be of more service, just ask.


Posted on Apr 15, 2008

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Find socket for hard drive

HP part number 5188-5473 brings up the Asus A8N-LA motherboard, made especially for HP,

The rest of the number/letters do me no good.

I will elate some information based on the above, and see if it does you any good;

1) The Asus A8N-LA has connectors for two types of Harddrives;

A) IDE. Also known as PATA.

This type of Harddrive uses a flat ribbon IDE(PATA) data cable,

Another look,

(The Asus name probably won't be on it. These two IDE data cables just happen to be made by Asus )

The connectors on each end have 40 socket holes. One socket hole will be blocked off. (Or should be) ONLY 39 socket holes are used.

A look at the connector on the motherboard;

Looking at the motherboard illustration, look at the Bottom/Right corner. There are two IDE connectors. They are marked as IDE 1, and IDE 2.

Scrolling down a little bit to the motherboard photo, you will see IDE 1 connector is Black in color, and IDE 2 is Blue in color.

The IDE (PATA) harddrive's data cable goes to IDE 1.
Optical drive/s (CD/DVD drive) goes to IDE 2.

This is the type of power cable from the Power Supply, that goes to an IDE (PATA) harddrive,

There is usually a square, or rectangle, or two bumps; used on the IDE ribbon cable connector, to line up with the connector on the motherboard, or harddrive, or optical drive.

It is called a Locating Lug.

This particular IDE data cable connector, has two raised bumps, for a Locating Lug.

It lines up with a Cutout in the motherboard's connector, or the harddrive's connector, or the optical drive's connector.

IF, there is NO Locating Lug, use the faint Red stripe on the side of the IDE data cable.
The red stripe is on the same side as Number 1 wire.

Number 1 wire goes to number 1 pin.
On a harddrive, or optical drive, number 1 pin is ALWAYS closest to the power cable connection,

Looking at the photo number 1 pin is on the Right side. It is closest to where the 4-pin Peripheral power cable plugs in.


Looking at the motherboard photo, the Yellow, and Blue, and Black, and White connectors; to the left of the Blue IDE connector, and Black IDE connector; are SATA connectors.

SATA 1 is Black. This is where the SATA harddrive's data cable, is supposed to plug in.

The BEAUTY of SATA though, is that you can plug the harddrive into ANY of those SATA connectors on the motherboard, and BIOS will find the harddrive. (Or any other peripheral device)

An example of a SATA data cable, and it's connector,

The red SATA connector shown below the SATA cable example, is just a different style of SATA motherboard connector; than what your motherboard uses.

Note the L-shaped opening in the SATA data cable's connector.
Lines up with the L shape on the motherboard connector, or harddrive connector, or optical drive connector.

Most SATA data cable connectors, also have a Lock on them.
Sometimes it's a Lock you can easily see.

Most times, it is a small depression you depress with your thumbnail, or a little 'bulb' you depress.
Depress/unlock to plug the cable in, or remove the cable.

The 90 degree angle connector end, (As shown), plugs into the harddrive, or optical drive. The Straight connector end plugs into the motherboard.

This is an example of a SATA power cable,

Between it, and the SATA data cable connector, it is the larger of the two.
SATA power cable connector has 15-pins.
SATA data cable connector has 7-pins.

Also note the rectangular depression on the SATA power cable's connector. That is where you depress to unlock the connector.
The SATA power cable's connector also has an L-shaped opening.

2) IF, you are trying to hook up a laptop harddrive to this motherboard, you need to determine if the laptop harddrive is an IDE (PATA) type, or a SATA type.


There is a label on the laptop harddrive. It has the manufacturer code on it. Type the number/letters in your browser search bar, and click on the search icon. (Magnifying Glass)

Now purchase an external enclosure.

The external enclosure opens up, and the laptop harddrive goes inside, and plugs into an interface.

Close the external enclosure, and plug it's USB cable into any available, open USB port on your computer.

It will be a 2.5 external enclosure.
Harddrive's are measured across their width.

A desktop harddrive is 3.5 inches across in width.
A laptop harddive is 2.5.

Example of a 2.5 IDE (PATA) external enclosure,

Example of a 2.5 SATA external enclosure,

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Jan 28, 2013 | HP Compaq Motherboard

1 Answer

I have a packard bell winfast mcp61dm2ma-8ers2h mother board, with a gigabyte ge-c3209-a2 power box that is in a gigabyte 24zm1-bpd715-32r chassi. I recently took the whole thing apart to clear all the...

The first thing I would do after I copied off all personal info, is to smash that computer into little tiny pieces, pack it in a box, and ship it to Peckerd Bell. "Here.........this is whqat I think of your computers, and your 'support'." (Support = $$$$$$)

OH, did I say that out loud? My bad. lol!

Rant off.

I love the nomenclature you used Jan. You are definitely my kind of people! (Power box)

1) Let's go back to the beginning Jan, and look at the 3 power cables to motherboard;

I see that a 24-pin ATX main power cable, plugs into the motherboard,

[NOTE* Color of connectors does NOT matter]

,and a 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable,

Yours plugs into the white square 4-socket hole connector, that is by the Top/Left corner of the motherboard.

That's it for power cables from Power Supply, TO motherboard.

The SATA harddrive also requires a power cable. A SATA power cable,

Note that a SATA power cable's connector has 15 contact pins.
Between it, and a SATA data cable, it has the longer connector.
A SATA data cable's connector has 7-pins,

The SATA data cable example is at top.
A SATA motherboard connector example is at bottom.

YOUR SATA connectors look different. They are the two Blue connectors below the Ram Memory slots, and to the left of the black round piezo buzzer.

Note the L-shaped opening of the SATA data cable connector.
The SATA power cable connector also has this L-shaped opening.
Lines up with the L-shape on the motherboard connector, or Harddrive, or Optical Drive, connector.

The SATA data cable connector, and the SATA power cable connector; may also have a Lock on them.
Usually a small bulb type of affair, that you depress with your thumb.
Depress the Lock to install, or remove.

The SATA cable connector, power or data; that goes to the Harddrive, or Optical Drive; is usually a 90 degree bent elbow.
The connector end of the SATA data cable to motherboard; is a Straight connector.

The front of your computer is the Front Panel.

The area of contact pins on the motherboard, that the main wires from the Front Panel go to, is the Front Panel header.
Sometimes abbreviated as FP_PANEL, or FP, or FP1, or PANEL; just to name a few abbreviations.

Does it look like this Jan?

Wiring from the Front Panel.
No easy guessing game here. Color code you have MAY be right, may be not.

Remove the Front Panel. See where the wires lead up to.
Wires that go to the Power On switch, and Power On LED, may be in the same area; but the HDD LED is away from them, and should be easy to spot.

Now you are down to the Power On switch, and Power On LED wires.
Suggest process of elimination.
It's usually pretty easy to see where the Power On LED wires go.
Right TO the Power On LED.
Now you know the other wires are for the Power On switch.

Still no?
Then remove all wires from the Front Panel header.
According to the info I posted in the link, the Red area's 2 pins are for the Power On switch.

BRIEFLY touch a small flat tipped Jewelers screwdriver, to those 2 pins.
(I state Briefly because the Power On switch is a Momentary Contact Switch. No more than 2 seconds)

Power Supply still doesn't come on?
Then post back in a Comment, and I will state out the simple procedure for testing if the problem is the Power Supply.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

(It also may be that the 'power box' you are trying to use, doesn't have enough Wattage for that Motherboard/Processor/Ram Memory)

Jan 14, 2013 | Packard Bell Winfast Mcp61dm2ma-8ers2h Am2

1 Answer

How to add a second hard drive to a tower pc

I'll state basic information, and also more detailed info using an Asus M4A88TD motherboard;

The Asus M4A88TD-V EVO motherboard, with USB 3.0 technology, and an AMD AM3 processor socket,

[Plus the motherboard chipset is an AMD 880G - Northbridge chip, and AMD SB850 - Southbridge chip, ]


Under the main view photo at the top left; there are 4 views shown underneath. Click on the third view from the Left. Shows a top view of the motherboard.
Now it is the main view. Click on the main view to enlarge it.

See the 5 blue SATA connectors under the Blue and Black ram memory slots? Red line points to them, and subheading states;
SATA connectors; 6Gbps

IF you are going to add a SATA harddrive as a Secondary harddrive, use one that is open. (Nothing plugged into it)

Which one? Does NOT matter.
The beauty of SATA is, that you can plug into any one of those SATA connectors, and BIOS will find the device that is plugged into it.

(SATA 1 connector is usually reserved for the Primary harddrive, though. The one with the Windows operating system on it.
[Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc )

This is a general example of a SATA power cable,

Note that it's connector is longer, than a SATA data cable's connector.
It has 15-pins.

General example of a SATA data cable,

Looking at the connector for the SATA data cable at the top, note the L-shaped opening.

Looking at the SATA connector for a motherboard, shown on the bottom, note the L-shape where the SATA data cable plugs in.

The SATA power cable has the same L-shaped opening.
Only plugs in one way.

IF, the SATA harddrive you are going to use, has a provision for a SATA power cable, AND a 4-pin Peripheral power cable, ONLY use just a SATA power cable!

Because you will burn the SATA harddrive up! Maybe not right away, but I assure you down the road it will.

4-pin Peripheral power cable,

(Also know erroneously as a Molex power cable.
Molex was the first manufacturer of that type of power cable connector.
Name kind of stuck. Just like calling an adjustable open-end wrench, a Crescent wrench ),

A) Computer unplugged from power, computer case open, FOLLOW Anti-Static Precautions.

Anti-Static Precautions:
Your body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a computer.

Relieve your body of Static BEFORE reaching inside your computer.

Computer on a table, computer Unplugged from power, computer case open;
TOUCH an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of the open computer case.

IF, you leave your computer in the middle of working on it, be SURE to Touch the metal frame again upon your return.

B) Plug the SATA data cable into the motherboard. Bring the SATA harddrive closer to the computer case, and plug an unused SATA power cable into it.

Find a slot in the metal harddrive bay, that you can slide it into.
Install the screws in the side, if the harddrive bay is of this type.
Otherwise there will be plastic clips on the side of the slot.

That's it.
Close the computer case, plug the computer back into power.
WAIT 1 minute, turn the computer on.

General example shown in 3 videos,




That Asus motherboard also has one IDE connector. (IDE/PATA)
[40-pin connector, Blue, and below the round CMOS battery ]

More than likely if there is a device plugged into it, it would be an optical drive. (CD/DVD drive)

I would Not plug an IDE harddrive, and an optical drive (CD/DVD drive), on that same flat ribbon IDE cable.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

Aug 03, 2012 | ASUS Motherboard M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 AM3...

4 Answers

I wish to upgrade my Maxtor 32049H2 HDD (20gb) to a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6B300S0 (300gb) HDD, The KM400-M2-3.0 Motherbourd specs indicate that the HDD is compatable other than the cabling to the Newer...

The new HDD uses a SATA data interface as well as a SATA power interface. You will need a SATA cable as well as a power supply that supports the SATA power connectors. Since this is an older machine you will probably need to buy a SATA cable and a Molex to SATA power connector. This should cover any cabling issues that you are having.

May 05, 2011 | EliteGroup KM400-M2 Motherboard

1 Answer

1.I have 2 Hard Disk instal but BIOS not detect any HDD 2.I want to instal XP but is say not detect Hard Disk. 3.Sorry for my englesh.

HDD2 implies there must already be an HDD1 in the system, unless the number refers to either the ATA-133 or the SATA connections.

If you are using the ATA-133 (parallel IDE) connection for your hard drives, make sure that either both drives have their jumpers set to "CS" or "Cable Select", or one drive is set to "Master" and the other to "Slave". For a single drive, set it to "Master" or switch to the other connector on the cable if you prefer "cable select". (The connector on one end farther away from the other two connectors must go to the motherboard to use "cable select".) Otherwise only one drive will be recognized.

Check the power and data cables to make sure they are properly installed - on some drives it is possible to put the data cable on backwards, but it won't work. The colored wire on the edge of the ribbon cable should be next to the power connector. Also, sometimes the wires work loose from the contact forks inside the connectors. If you think this is the case, run your finger across the cable next to the connector with light pressure to make sure all of the wires are pushed down into the forks.

If you are using the Serial ATA connections, make sure both the SATA cables and power connectors are properly seated.

If you still cannot see the drive in the BIOS, it may be defective, or the motherboard may have a problem with the drive interface electronics (this is much less likely than a bad hard drive).

Once you have both drives recognized, you should be able to partition and format them as needed before you install your operating system.

Jan 11, 2011 | Soltek SL-KT880E-RL Motherboard

1 Answer

Have several Sabrent 3.5 Hard Drive Cases that I cannot use For SATA Drives! .ONE IS A CASE WITH INTERNAL SATA CABLE WHEREIN THE CABLE ISLIKE A TRANSPARENT LAMP CORD. The pilot light does not go on so It...

In many of these cases, you can replace the internal data cable on the hard drive cases with a separate cable - I did that for two hard drive boxes that I owned, both of their IDE cables somehow "stopped working" after a year or two.

I'd recommend buying something like this to fix it:

Also, in the future, Sabrent isn't a good company - I spent $35 and got an Ultra converter.
Right now it's down to $25 - and it's a very high quality piece - I strongly recommend it:

Dec 22, 2010 | Motherboards

1 Answer

Can i use a sata hard drive with my ga 7vklm mobo

The Gigabyte GA-7VKMP motherboard does not support serial ATA SATA drives. Open the link provided;
2 x ATA 66/100/133 bus master IDE ports
1 x FDD, 2 x HDD and 1 x CD audio input
IrDA(1x5) and COM2 on board
GBT standard front panel
2 x USB2.0 connectors (support 4 ports by cable)

You can connect the adapter below to an opened IDE port and connect a SATA 1.5 drive to your system.
This should allow you're SATA drive to transfer data faster than the 133MHz standard IDE speed.


Aug 10, 2010 | Gigabyte GA-7VKMP Motherboard

2 Answers

Connection of DVD writer having SATA cable

The blue ports on this motherboard are SATA ports.


This is a SATA cable:


Mar 30, 2009 | Intel Motherboard

1 Answer

System won't recognize SATA drive

Seagate shows you're did not come with a jumper.
Try removing the jumper. Check if bios see's the drive. Most motherboards that do not support SATAII will automatically reduce the drive/split the SATAII down to 150MB's. If you had or have another SATA & the bios saw or see's the SATA than it's not the motherboard's SATA controller. Take some time & go through Seagate's trouble shooter site.
If the bios did find another SATA other than the ST3750640AS-RK than it's possible the drive has an issue & may need to be exchanged.

Lets hope it's the drive & not the motherboard controller.


Jul 14, 2008 | EliteGroup P4M800-M7 Motherboard

1 Answer

Motherboard problem

Hi Conor, every SATA drive is a master drive. With that in mind you're SATA must have windows installed on it. Please disconnect the data cable & power cable's from the IDE drives.
(Do not reconnect either IDE untill you have finished).
Install windows on the SATA drive. Install all the needed drivers, than update windows. When finished Check the pin setting on the IDE drives. Set one as the "master with a slave" & the other as the slave. Than you can add both into the system. If you had windows on one of the IDE's just delete the root files on that drive so it does not conflict with the new windows on the SATA drive. Go in the bios make sure you have the SATA drive as the boot drive & not either of the IDE drives. If the system still shuts down after all this, try replacing the data cable for the IDE drives (Both should be on the same data cable). Swap the power connector from the CD-ROM drive to the IDE.
Next, if you're system still shuts down after adding either of the IDE drives, than swap the ports. Connect the CD-ROM to the primary IDE port on the board & the IDE hard drive to the IDE slave port. (This is for testing only). Double check all power connections from the power supply to the motherboard. Leave the case opened. Look at the board when booted. Watch for the the case LED's lighting up & flashing cr-rom's LED flashes, look at the CPU fan. Make sure all fan's are running & listen for the drives running.
Let me know if anything changed or not. Post any thing odd or if any thing did or didn't work & I'll go from there. Everything is a test & error soulation. One change at a time.


Jun 27, 2008 | Gigabyte Motherboard, GeForce 7100, Core 2...

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