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Similar problem as you helped me solve before.

I've had this recorder for a couple of years, but I have never been able to get it to record from my set to box (Freeview). It lets me watch the channels on freeview but cannot record them. I thought at the time that because it was a new thing (DVD recorders) and they wouldn't record Digital.
main tv aerial into the freeview box,
then run a aerial lead from the freeview box into the dvd recorder and from the dvd recorder into the tv,
scart lead from the freeview box into the dvd recorder,
scart lead from the dvd recorder into the tv,
But I still have the problem of recording digital channels.
The Venturer TV has only I Scart lead socket.

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  • Bashstkid2 Apr 15, 2008

    Hi Mark,

    I've done what you said but i still can't record freeview. When I watch Freeview and then I want to watch/ record by DVD. I have to switch the 'TV/DTV button at the top of the Freeview handset. This switches to the DVD and I lose the Digital Freeview signal then.

    When I turn on the DVD it say's that it is AV2 mode.

    In the setup 'Record' I can adjust to Tuner or Scart but when I adjust to Scart the screen goes blank with alot of noise.

    On th TV I can set it to AV1 but it says 'Video In' then goes blank. I can only set it to AV2.?

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 15, 2008

    It is a Crown CDVDRW300.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 16, 2008


    The SKY box is a Satellite Pay for TV system, which i don't have. On miy DVD, AV2 is already set on RGB. I'm thinking of packing it in and putting up with what I've got.

    I'm having problems again with the Video as well. You got me the Freeview recordings on that one, but last night I realised i could not record on it and watch normal TV (another program) as all the normal TV stations say 'No Signal'.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 16, 2008

    Just found this Mark. What do you think? Sounds a UK site.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 16, 2008

    Would a 'Splitter help?

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 16, 2008

    Ok I'll leave It.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 17, 2008

    > Ok I'll leave It.

    The Splitter I mean.

    Video solved, Cable came out.

    DVD still unsolved.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 17, 2008

    > Ok I'll leave It.

    The Splitter I mean.

    Video solved, Cable came out.

    DVD still unsolved.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 19, 2008

    I have emailed the Crown Company via thier website with the problem and asking for a on-line Manual, but have not received an answer. Thier website looks poor and one or two links don't work. They may have gone bust?

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 19, 2008

    I just found this on an UK site from 2006. I don't know if it's any different to what you have told me, but again it doesn't say anything about recording Freeview.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 19, 2008

    I'm not sure that it is passing through it. To watch freeview you have to switch over from TV to freeview via the STB. To have to switch back to the DVD by pressing the button again on the STB. When you go to the DVD there is only the Terrestrial channels on it.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 21, 2008

    Sorry, when I did what you said, everthing went blank, til I put the aerial lead back in. The freeview said 'No Signal'. On the DVD under the heading of AV2 you get a choice of DECODER, CVBS, RGB. I tried them all. On the TV (under Funtion) the choice is YUV - PC - O (All 'No Signal') - AV1 'Video In' then 'No Signal' - AV2 it works.

    Thank You Mark for trying, it is an older dvd recorder, and the firm is no longer there (I think). So I wil not bother with it anymore and just use it for recording terrestrial TV.

  • Bashstkid2 Apr 24, 2008

    Mark! (if you are still there).

    I have only just received this from Crown.

    I am sorry that it has taken a while to reply. I have been away from the office for few days. It is unlikely that you would be able to record from your STB. The reason for this is that there is a built in anti pirate software system in the DVDR and STB (Macrovision) , which detects if a program is to be copied without consent of the copyright owners. The approach from most STB manufacturers is to send out the Macrovision signal with all image information. This is then detected by the DVDR and the effect is that the recording may be blank or flash on or off. In some cases the audio is also disrupted. An earlier method was to send the Macrovision only with copyrighted programmes,which meant that your DVDR would record only non protected programmes.
    If you can watch STB channels through the DVDR but cannot record them this a clear indication that the STB is outputting Macrovision and that the DVDR has detected it.
    The only manual available for the model is the hard copy as supplied with the product.
    I hope this is of some help
    Kind regards
    Aron Cross
    Crown Corporation

    So it's the STB?


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OK, I think I see the problem there.
The aerial lead from the DVDR to TV should be removed.
You should have it setup the same as the other Freeview - VCR - TV
Nutshell time:
Main aerial to Freeview input.
Loop aerial from freeview output to DVDR areial input (all this does is allow you to watch freeview, or standard both out of the DVDR)
Scart from Freeview to DVDR input
Scart from DVDR output to TV
Set DVDR to AV input mode.
Set TV to AV (whatever number you need for now won't get anything on screen unless you have the right input selected)

If you can now see the Freeview picture on the TV and change the channels with the Freeview remote then you should be set for recording.

Having the aerial and a scart lead both going to the TV is not needed.

Posted on Apr 14, 2008

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  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 15, 2008

    Hrmm interesting.

    What is the model number of the DVD Recorder?

    What should be happening is..

    The Freeview input comes in through the AV input.

    With the DVD recoder set to that AV input you should only need to press record on the DVDR to start it recording whatever is comming through the selected input. There should not be any need to change the Freeview to any other mode since it is in reality only supplying the DVDR with a signal to record.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 16, 2008

    I was looking around for the manual and stumbled upon this.

    The last post maybe the cause of the problems from the freeview box, but I still cannot see why it could be. If you have that setting in your freeview box then try that.

    I was not aware you guys still had this type of system running in Europe, but there you go.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 16, 2008

    Of you want to add a splitter, then it would have to be from the main aeiral in, one to the freeview, the other directly to the TV

    Then when you want to record on the freeview, set that in motion, then change the TV using the normal TV channels, not the VCR or Freeview. You would have to tune those stations in of course.

    But you would not be able to watch a Freeview channel and be recording another freeview channel at the same time.

    On the site they say they are, but I just cannot see how it is possible.

    Even with the freeview having an aerial out, and a scart out, it is putting the same information down both lines. It would have to have a twin tuner to do that in reality.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 17, 2008

    I still have not been able to track down the manual for your VCR anywhere. Is it possible that one of the scart leads you are using is just the bare minimun for a scart cable.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 19, 2008

    What currently has me is the DVDR should just record whatever it sees on whatever input is selected. The only exception to that is if the channel is scrambled, but even then you should get a warning advising that when you try and record.

    It should in all theory be able to record anything that is passing through it, and there should be no difference at all between Freeview, free to air, or any other format, as long as the DVDR is putting it through it's own input/outputs.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 19, 2008

    Try this and see what happens.

    Disconnect all the cables between these 3. (except power of course)

    Then only connect these..

    Aerial to Freeview

    Scart from Freeview to DVD

    Scart From DVD to TV

    Eliminate the aerial from Freeview to DVD.

    Now put a DVD into the player, Select the right channel on the TV to see the DVD playing.

    OK, once you have that, stop the DVD. (leave the TV on this channel)

    Press the AV button for the DVDR until you can see the Freeview on the TV (or at least select the correct AV port the Freeview box is connected to.)

    Once you can see the Freeview, try to record it with the DVDR

    If you cannot see the freeview, check the setup menu of the Freeview box and make sure it is setup to use the Scart as the output.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Apr 21, 2008

    LOL, But it's annoying me now, and I am half a globe away =)

    It has to be something simple and logical.


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I've been working for hours on this machine, cleaning and lubricating the mechanism and trying various adjustments to fix related problems. If I recall correctly the F11 error is due to tape mistracking, indicating damage to same. Someone posted a suggestion that the F08 error indicated a drum relay problem, requiring professional servicing; but it also comes up on my machine if the tape tension is too high and the mechanism cannot overcome it when loading the tape. I only realised this after finally tracking down pretty well all of the bearings needing lubrication; then adjustments to the tape tension could be detected. I've got to the stage that my AG-DV2700 will accept tapes that have been recorded on that machine; playing them instantly, after the usual auto tape tensioning where the tape is FF a few seconds and then RW a similar amount, if the safety shutter is enagaged; and merely accepting them in the normal fashion otherwise. Up until this point it would throw up the F08 error whatever tape was put in; if you switched the recorder back on instantly the tape would slow FF, ie not its usual whirlwind winding, and be available for use after auto rewind at the end. If a tape NOT recorded on it is put in it still stops with the F08 error. I would suggest that trouble with this recorder is likely due the loading mechanism becoming stiff. All you have to do is dismantle it - but there's lots of tricky bits and bobs in there to watch out for.

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Your VCR has input to record video-audio signal. Here is 2 options to record program in vcr.
1= You need to hook up video-audio cable at Monitor Out in TV and video-audio in at VCR. select Line-1 or Line-2 (where you hook up cable) in vcr and insert cassette with Record Tab intact, VCR is ready to record TV program. select desired channel on tv and hit record button of vcr, recording will start.
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Have further query, let me know please.

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it will automatically play at the speed the tape was recorded at. but if you want to change record speeds here's how: you should be able to access menu functions from the front of the vcr, if so, put a tape to be recorded into the unit and then set the timer for a couple of minutes.while you are on the timer menu it will ask you for recording speed. set the timer record speed to ep and let it record for two minutes and let it record for the full time untill it stops recording. the record speed will automatically change settings to whatever you used last on timer record.

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Depends on what you have for digital cable, but assuming you have a connection for that, you don't need to worry about the other inputs, just find the on-screen menu page that selects the proper input.

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You need to have an antenna in (from TV antenna or cable). Set the VCR to that channel and press RECORD. Or use the on screen menu to set up the recording time/channel

You really need to have a manual to find the step by step instructions for your VCR. Go to this website and search
for a VCR manual from Sharp. I was there and did not find the exact manual.Download a couple of ones that have similar model numbers and follow the process.

Or call Sharp and ask them to fax/email you a manual.


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I had the same problem recently with a Panasonic PV - V4521 which has worked for years for me. I tried everything including cleaning the heads with Q-Tips and pure alcohol. Nothing improved. I tried tape head cleaners. Nothing. So finally one day, as I was unscrewing the cables, this VCR fell down onto the bottom of my foot and drew blood. Now remember, I had been trying to fix this thing for at least 10 days.
So, I dragged it up and pounded the top of the VCR until the top caved in. Then, I opened my front door and tossed it so hard against the floor of my patio that pieces went flying everywhere. I gathered up the pieces and the twisted VCR, put it in a box, and tosses it real hard into the dumpster. It's fixed. I have no more problem with it.

Jun 27, 2006 | Panasonic PV-V4021 S-VHS VCR

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