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My pdf file of my computer will not open, a sign says "This file is not supported or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Gallery" it was working fine till last week. Keynan was a great help with my last question. can you help me?

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  • Jack Woolfe Jun 16, 2010

    I very much appreciation your help and patience.
    Sincerely Jack


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Photo Gallery refers to Windows Live Photo gallery. This shouldn't have anything to do with opening a PDF file. The most common PDF viewer (Reader) is Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free form
If you already have Adobe Reader, you may need the latest version.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Adobe Reader
  3. Uncheck the checkmark that says Also Install Free McAffee Security Scan Plus.
  4. Click DOWNLOAD (Big Yellow Button.
Make sure you follow any allow prompts etc to install this.
Reply if you need other help or if this does not resolve the issue.

Posted on Jun 06, 2010

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  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 06, 2010
  • Jack Woolfe Jun 07, 2010

    After following your advice I got a sign that said "The following application could not be installed

    Adobe Reader"

    What do I do know?.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 07, 2010

    What version of Windows are you running?
    What model of PC are you running?
    These may sound like left field questions, but, it helps to advise you.


    Check to see if you have Adobe reader installed.
    Click start
    Click Control Panel
    Click on Programs (or add remove programs)
    Look for Adobe and reply with the names and versions of any programs you have installed.

    Thanks for using FixYa.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 07, 2010

    Windows version: 6.0

    Model of PC: ASPIRE:M1641

    Installed: Adobe reader 9.3.2 cpsid 53951

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 07, 2010

    According to the Web, your system has Windows Vista, and Adobe Reader installed.

    • OS Provided Microsoft
      Windows Vista , Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

    • Software eSobi , Acer Arcade Live ,
      Microsoft Works 8.5 , Adobe Acrobat Reader , NTI Media Maker (OEM) ,
      Acer Empowering Technology , McAfee Internet Security Suite (Trial) ,
      Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition (60 days trial)
    According to the list you have Adobe Reader. I cannot tell what version you have.
    Please do this for me and send me the results.

    1. Click Start

    2. Right mouse click while hovering over Computer

    3. Select Explore from the drop down list

    4. Click once on the title Documents in the upper left corner. See picture:

    5. Look at the list of documents and tell me if you see any files that are named XXXX.PDF or pdf

    • If yes, what does the border and icon look like? Is it red? See picture:

    • If no, what does it look like? Color or none, shape of the icon, does it look like a file or is it blank?

    1. Right click on the picture and tell me what the information shows in the context menu.
    Report back to me with this information. The line I need is Open with...

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 07, 2010

    Where your screen has




    My screen has

    Music (1)



    I clicked on pictures, it brought up my files.Quite a lot of pdf, as I had bean working on them for some time.

    No files starting xxxx

    The icon on the pdf files is not the same as your red icon. that red icon is on my desktop & on my start menu, not on the pdf files.

    Trying to describe the icon on the pdf files is a big test for me, I will do my best.

    Very small, a taped blue pin with a small red ball on top, on the right side of the pin is a blue square with a red mark.

    When hovering over the icon to describe it a sign said (docx file) I Had not noticed it before.

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 07, 2010

    My apologies for saying look for xxxx.pdf without explaining xxxx is generic for any filename.
    The information you gave me tells me that the PDF files are now associated with Microsoft Word.
    Right click on any file in your documents list and select Open With.
    The next Window will tell you which program is associated with this file.

    At the bottom of the Window, you will see a statement that says: Always use the selected program to open this kind of file and there is a large browse button at the end of the window.

    Click on the BROWSE button
    In the dialog box select Adobe

    Double Click on it
    You will see a folder that says Reader ( or ) Acrobat

    Double click on this
    You will see a list of files.
    Locate the file that looks like
    Double click on it.
    The original window opens back up and now the Adobe program is set up to open PDF files.
    Check the box that says "always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

    If when you click through the folders for the Adobe program, you see the word Acrobat and not Reader, follow that set of folders to select the Adobe program. It will mean you have installed Adobe Acrobat - the program that allows you to edit the PDF files.

    Good luck. I will be checking your response to see how you are doing with this information.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 08, 2010

    The docx indication you see is the default extension for files in Microsoft Word version 2007.

    Files are structured filename.extension A PDF file is Filename.pdf. a Word file can be Filename.DOC, filename.docx or filename.rtf

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 08, 2010

    Trying to follow your last message.

    No Adobe Reader 8.1 clicked on Adobe Reader 9.3

    No icon or file name lacro32.exe. the options are:ecl,Reader, Resource & Setup files, clicked on Reader.

    I followed instruction regarding browse & Adobe Program.

    Now most of the icon's on my documents have changed, a lot to the red adobe and to xps which I had not seen before.

    Should I install Adobe Reader 8.1?

    I still can not open, save or send pdf files and I have many. It was my mane occupation.

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 08, 2010

    Do not install Adobe 8.1. Adobe 9.3 is newer and it was the one installed .

    Please clarify these items for me:

    1. What error do you get when you double click to open a PDF now? Is it the same as the original message? Please copy it in your response.

    2. When you right click on a PDF file, do you see Open with Adobe Reader 9.3? If not, what does it say exactly?

    3. Can you double click on the red Adobe icon on your desktop and open the Reader program?

    4. You say you cannot open, save, or send PDF files. Do you edit them? OR do you just read them?

    5. Go To Start - Type adobe in the Start Search box that appears just above the start button

    6. List for me the programs a\that appear above the pop up, like this.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 09, 2010


    Twice I have almost finished with the answers to your questions when it is lost, it is a long answer.

    Can I submit my answer by email or is there a way of saving as I go, or do you have any suggestions?

    Regards Jack

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 09, 2010


    Before answering your questions, I must tell you.

    After answering your last set of questions my computer played up.

    I couldn't get into desktop, I couldn't bring up any files, and other problems.

    I used backup and restored the computer to how it was before my first question to you.

    This is not a complaint, it may have been my fault. I am mentioning it as it may be a help for you to know.

    1. "Photo gallery can't open this picture. The file format is not supported, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Gallery"

    The answer is the same for photo or document.

    2, No. "Preview,Print, Ace, cDataSecurity, M Scan, Open with, Share, Send to, Cut, Copy, Create Shortcut, Delete, Rename, Properties".

    When clicking on "Open With" Adobe Reader 9.3 is an option,

    3. The Reader program dose not open

    4. There is no option to edit them, that option is available to all other files.

    5 & 6 Just on top of the start button has 5 old email from me.

    On top of start list now has "Programs" Then Red Adobe icon "Adobe Reader 9 installed"

    Then pdf icon "Adobe 2" Then "Adobe 8-6-10=pdf" A blank icon then "Adobe Reader 8" then "Licence Adobe 9.0" Then just as usual.

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 09, 2010

    You say your computer had to be restored to an earlier backup. Did you use Windows restore? If so, you may want to try restoring to an even earlier time. Use this only if the information below is not valid.
    Restoring to an earlier time will not fix this if the information regarding the form of Adobe you were using is true. See below:

    From the list you gave me it appears that you had Adobe Acrobat 9 (licened version). This application is a paid version and requires a license. If you did not pay and receive a license, you could have been using a trial version. This trial would run out and stop functioning. This would explain the sudden change.

    If you were editing PDF files, meaning you were making changes to their form and content, you were using Adobe Acrobat, not Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you did pay for Adobe Acrobat, then you should have a digital (downloaded) or disk copy to reinstall it.
    Your PC may have come with this trial version of Adobe 9.0.

    To check on the status of Adobe 9.0 license copy, Click Start, then All Programs, then Adobe, then Adobe 9.0, (not reader 9,3), NOW look for an Adobe 9 application and click it. If ths requires a license upgrade you should be seeing a pop up dialog box to this effect.

    Please reply to this and let me know what you discover.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 09, 2010

    I did not restore to fix pdf it was necessary to fix other problems and did the job well.

    I don't know if it is windows,it's icon has been on my desktop sense day one, it dosnot mention windows, it says Backup and restore... it's also in my control panel.

    After start and all programs there is no "Adobe" only, there is an Adobe Reader 9 I clicked on it, it brought a screen with 3 ribbons on top and then a large dark empty screen.

    The top ribbon has the red icon with the Adobe logo and says "Adobe Reader"

    The middle ribbon has:File, Edit, View, Documents, tools, Windows, Help

    The bottom ribbon has only 2 icons highlighted, Hovering over the first"Share Documents and collaborate live within pdf files"

    Hovering over the second "Click to create pdf using

    I Will not click on then until hearing from you.

    I do wish your company would except screen shots, it would save a lot of corresponding and be more accurate.

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 09, 2010

    Thanks for the info.
    It looks as if you do not have the full Adobe program. This program is used to Create new PDF files, edit PDF files, and Create forms etc.

    FixYa does allow you to upload screen shots. In this Comment screen you can insert pictures using the small icon that looks like a tree. When you hover over it, it says Insert Image.

    I need to know what you do with the PDF files on a day to day basis. Do you view and print or do you create and edit?

    I am not sure why the Adobe Reader program is not opening the files unless it has become corrupt. When you tried to install it from, you got an error and that is not normal.
    I do not think that clicking on Create a PDF using will resolve this issue.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 10, 2010

    My main use of pdf is after scanning documents or photo I save to pdf, it displays better than jpeg, later I use the file to attach to emails.

    I do nead to: Add to, Delete from,or change some parts.

    I cant find the small icon that looks like a tree to forward screen shots, please give me more help

    Regards Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 10, 2010

    Here is the screen shot of the Comments box. When you type a response, you should see this at the top of the box.

    Do you see this in the comment box where you submit your responses?

    As to the problem, You need to right click on the downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader installation file and choose Run as Administrator. Let me know if this allows you to re-install the Reader program.

    If this does not work, your system may be corrupted. You can try the following:

    1. Go to, download and install the free malware scanner. Remove anything it finds.
    Reboot and test.


    Rollback the Windows system to a date prior to this problem. Do this if the Malware scan and removal does not correct the problem.

    Let me know.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 10, 2010

    I found the little tree. Thank You.

    After run as Administrator I clicked on "Create pdf using" and received this reply.

    "The installing of this application is damaged, Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance"

    I then tried to follow your instructions to download and install the free malware scanner, there is a lot of options.

    Would the "MALWARE REMOVAL MADE EASY" be the correct one?.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 10, 2010

    Instructions for
    1. Go to this link to download the free version.

    Click on any one of these locations to start the download.
    2. Once downloaded, you will have a file named mbam-setup-146.exe

    Right click to run as Administrator and click through changing none of the settings during setup. The last screen during setup should look like this.

    Allow the program to run and then select Quick scan from the main program screen.

    If anythiing is found, you will see a line written in red that tells you how many infections it found. There will be a box in the lower right corner that says "remove " Click on it to clean your computer.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 10, 2010

    Installed Major Geeks. They scanned 130778 items.

    They fond 40 infected.

    I gave the word to fix

    They said they had.

    How does this help with my pdf?

    Regarde Jack

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 11, 2010

    Often Malware causes system corruption. What I would like you to do now, is:

    1. Try your PDF files. If they do not work,then do number 2.
    2. Download and install Adobe Reader 9.3. This time the install should work.

    The download location is It is on the front page.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 11, 2010

    The PDF is not working. I went to install Adobe Reader 9.3.

    After a few function a sign Said :The following application could not be installed Adobe Reader"

    Then Close download Manager.

    The file is not working.

    What now?

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 11, 2010

    First try to update the version you have.

    If there are no updates then you would want to rollback your system to a time before this happened. Now that your system is free of Malware, you can rollback safely.

    The other option is to start the Adobe 9.3 application, then try to open a file from the menu.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 12, 2010

    No new updates,

    My backup system is not working properly (New problem) will only backup a few hours.

    When started 9.3 & clicked on any PDF file the message is same as previous, clicking on any other file the message is (No items match your search".

    What now?

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 12, 2010

    I need you to do a step you have already done, but do it now that the malware is gone. That is, right click on any PDF file and choose Open With. Select Adobe Reader. Make sure the checkbox stating always use this program is checked.
    The error you are getting indicates that Photo Gallery was selected and now Windows wants to use that program.

    Also, when you go to, click on Adobe Reader, At what point do you get the message that you cannot install this program? Is it after you download it?

    Can you please write out all the step and message you see when this occurs?
    You should not be getting any errors for a download and installation of this program.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 13, 2010

    After clicking PDF then Open With. No option to: Always use this program..

    After clicking on Adobe Reader the message comes immediately after clicking on Download.

    After the message clicked OK then Adobe red icon came then "ADOBE READER

    Application Progress Manager

    How can I be sure malware has gone?.

    Regards Jack

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 14, 2010

    PDF File still not working.

    What should I do?.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer Jun 15, 2010

    The Adobe Progress manager indicates that the software has not finished installing.
    This must be completed before the PDF files can be opened.

    Does this progress manager ever complete?

    As to the Malware, you can run the Malwarebytes program from your desktop to check it.

  • Jack Woolfe Jun 16, 2010

    I have installed 2010 PDF successfully.

    Thank you for your help and patience.

    Regards Jack


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