Problem with Panasonic KX-T7735 Corded Phone

Changing the time on the KX T7735

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I seem to have lost the info on how to change the time on the phone!!

can you help please?

  • enquiries237 I do not know how to reset the date and time and do not have a key marked settings. I have tried the program key and entered the code the options which come up are hands free or private. If I get the date and time from somewhere how do I then select the option.

    Nov 10, 2008

  • Anonymous how do i re-set the time and date

    Aug 04, 2008

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2 Solutions

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To set time on KX-T7735:

Press (Program)
at "PITS-PGM NO?" press * then # then enter your password default "1234"
at "SYS-PGM NO?" press 000
at "Day/Time Set" press (SP-PHONE)
date is displayed on bottom with year flashing, enter year on keypad "09" for 2009/
press right arrow to make the month flash, press (AUTO ANS)/(MUTE) button to cycle through months.
press right arrow, then enter date on keypad.
press right arrow, and (AUTO ANS)/(MUTE) to cycle through days of the week.
press right arrow, then enter the hour.
press right arrow, then enter minutes.
press right arrow, and (AUTO ANS)/(MUTE) to cycle through AM or PM.
press (AUTO DIAL)/(STORE) to save the date and time.

and you're done =D

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  • Sandra Figueiredo

    Sandra Figueiredo No, this does NOT work. When I enter "1234" the word 'Private' appears. Now what?

    Nov 13, 2013


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Simple, goto Settings : Date & Time and Change it !

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