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My Imedia 2426 keeps rebooting what can i do to correct this problem?

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  • hemyandhemy May 10, 2010

    Thanks for promt reply.
    I don't seem to be able to reply via E-mail?
    My PC has been rebooting several times a day so I have turned of the automatic reboot. My PC screen just goes black and shuts down. I have updated drivers where possible and removed some software such as google earth but to no avail what is the next step.
    I have not seen the youtube message?
    John h

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 11, 2010

    Do you see this going on? 1) 2) More info:

  • hemyandhemy May 11, 2010

    I don't think i have the skills to replace any defect capacitators. But more to the point I don't know how to get inside my PC!!!!

    Any sensible suggestions?

  • hemyandhemy May 11, 2010

    So far I no experience of working on PCs.
    At the moment I am still trying to get Info on opening the casing to look inside.
    I have not given any ratings as so far I have not recieved a solution only suggestions as to the cause.

  • hemyandhemy May 16, 2010

    not being a techno, I am reluctant to start stripping down my PC! so before I get to that stage I would like to clarify some thing about the software?
    My PC is about 15 months old and was provided with software fully loaded. About 3 months ago I had warning messages telling me that my pre -evaluation copy of vista home premium was about to expire and 'To keep using windows back up your files and then install any released edition of windows vista home premium'
    I am running on version SP2 so just continued using as normal.

    After the notified expiry date my PC contined to run but now I recieve a regular screen flash which appears in an info box headed 'Windows activation'
    And the message says 'This pre released version of windows vista home premium will expire in 0 hours.

    Then the message 'To contiue using windows back up your files and the install any released edition of windows vista home premium'.
    The systems seems to reboot about 30mins after recieving this message.
    Could this be the problem with my PC?
    If not how do I stop this message appearing on my PC?
    If it is how do I obtain a copy of Windows Vista without having to purchase one.

  • hemyandhemy May 16, 2010

    Thanks for quick reply.
    Re A)Yes
    Q1 Yes
    Q2 No everything came pre loaded did not receive any disks.
    Q3 Part of windows update!

  • hemyandhemy May 16, 2010

    I dont recall having seen an activation window ever and it certainly does not happen when I start my PC.
    The only reference to windows is what looks like a watermark in the lower right hand side of the screen which says
    Windows vista(TM)
    Evaluation copy. Build 6002

  • hemyandhemy Jul 03, 2010

    I have solved the problem by upgrading my windows software. I had bought a new PC with an out of date windows vista (pre evaluation copy) that was no longer supported. As customary Both retailer and manufacturer denied liability and I finally paid for an upgrade.
    I would like to thank all the experts for their support and suggestions. If ever I have any more problems this site is the first one I shall turn to.



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You're welcome. Glad you found the Comment button, this is the way we communicate.

My contention, is to see if you have bad Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard.

Specifically, the capacitors which comprise the Voltage Regulator Circuit.
The Processor on your computers motherboard, must have a regulated certain amount of voltage. Can't be too much, or too little. For a Processor this range is VERY small.

This will require unplugging the computer from power, and observing anti-static guidelines, to start.

Your body carries Static electricity. Static will silently fry out (Short Circuit) the delicate hardware components inside a computer.
If you work on a table, and TOUCH the metal frame of the open computer case, to relieve your body of static. (Again computer unplugged from power)

Should you get up, walk away, then return, Touch the metal frame again.

The second link was to familiarize you with what Electrolytic Capacitors look like, and what they look like on the motherboard.

For a very basic explanation of Electrolytic Capacitor construction, let it simply suffice to state that they are small aluminum 'cans' with Electrolytic Paste inside.

When the capacitor starts to fail, the paste develops a gas. The gas expands inside the aluminum can, and compromises the seals at either end of the can.

Once the seals are compromised, the paste is pushed out of the can. It oozes out. So much paste loss, and the capacitor operates at a weakened state. Too much paste loss, and the capacitor fails.

A little more info on Electrolytic Capacitor construction,

The style of Electrolytic Capacitor used on a personal computer motherboard, (Mainboard), is shown in the lower photo to the upper right of the page.
It is the bottom capacitor example. The Radial design. (Blue capacitor in bottom photo)

There are three strips that are inserted into the aluminum 'Can'.

One strip is metal. This is the Conducting strip, or Positive strip.
One strip is metal, but has a Non-conducting medium applied to it.
This is the Non-conducting strip, or the Negative strip.
The last strip is made of a paper-like medium, and is soaked with Electrolytic paste.

All three strips are rolled up tightly together, the paper soaked with electrolytic paste in the middle.
They are then inserted into the can.

There is a lead (Wire like terminal) that extends out of the can, for the Positive connection. Goes to the Positive strip.
Same for the Negative strip.

The two leads extend through a seal at the bottom of the can.
The seal is composed of a synthetic rubber like material.
It is called a Bung. It is a thin flat disk shape.

The top of the can has a shape that is etched part way, into the can. Etched part way into the aluminum material compromising the can.
The shape is usually an X, or K.

When the gas pressure becomes too great, (Hydrogen Gas), the etched shape at the top breaks open, allowing the pressure to be relieved. The Electrolytic Paste is also pushed out.

Same thing with the Bung at the bottom. One side of the Bung is pushed down out of the can, and paste is pushed out.

The Electrolytic Capacitor may not have reached this point, and the exterior of the can may just be bulged out, or swelled.

I explained the above, in the intent that it may help in visually diagnosing the Electrolytic Capacitors on your motherboard.
May require using a flashlight, and magnification.

Of particular concern, are the capacitors which are in close proximity to the Processor socket. These 'Caps' comprise the voltage regulator circuit for the Processor.

Here is a link to better describe the voltage regulator circuit,

This link (Same one from the Clarification) gives a good look at the Electrolytic Capacitors which surround, or are in close proximity to the Processor socket,

Take your time looking at the capacitors on your motherboard. Sometimes they don't look bad upon a cursory examination. Takes a close, thorough examination. Compare the 'caps' to each other. Does it seem as though one may be swelled more than others?
All it takes is ONE bad cap in the voltage regulator circuit, and the processor won't turn on, or stay on.

I await your findings. (And any additional questions)

Posted on May 10, 2010

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  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 11, 2010

    John H,
    Solutions on FixYa can be rated by anyone. I wondered if I might impose, and ask if it was you that rated this solution.

    If so, may I impose further, and ask what capacitors you found to be bad, and do your plans include fixing your motherboard?

    I merely ask because those bad caps can be replaced. You may find you have the necessary skills to do so.

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 12, 2010

    Just got back. Apparently a sympathetic member, or expert rated the solution. I don't care for that, at all. I go along with your theory.

    To open the computer case:

    Packard Bell made several different chassis designs, for their computers through the years. (Chassis being the outside computer case, and metal framework inside the case)

    The iMedia 2426 uses the Zeus Chassis.
    I have never had so much trouble, finding basic info on how to open a computer case.
    It would seem as though Packard Bell doesn't wish the user to have it.

    This is the information stated on Packard Bell Support,

    Information on Cleaning the computer case, info on Disk Drives, (Harddrive, Optical drive), info on Controls and External Features.
    No info on how to simply open the computer case.

    So, we go back to the basics for Packard Bell computer cases.

    Scroll down the page, until you come to the rear view of the computer shown.
    Viewing the computer from the rear, there is a Side Cover Latch that needs to be pushed down. While the latch is kept in the down position, the side cover is pulled towards the rear, whereupon it can be removed.

    If this style of design is not implemented, then look for two screws along the right edge of the computer case.
    (Rear view)
    One screw at a distance of approximately 3 inches down from the top, the other screw approximately 3 inches up from the bottom.
    Remove the two screws, slide the side cover towards the rear.

    Some side covers have where you only slide the cover back approximately 1 inch, or so, then the side cover is lifted up, and out.
    (There are tabs formed from the side cover, which insert into slots of the computer chassis. The tabs are hook shaped)

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 12, 2010

    Sensible suggestions for opening the computer case?
    I don't know who rated this solution either. Could have been a sympathetic member, or expert.
    I don't appreciate it. I concur with your line of thought. I'm trying to help You, and want only Your rating.

    John H, I can usually find a direct link for opening a Packard Bell computer case, to give a user, but find this time Packard Bell Support seems to have it hidden, or not easily available.
    The iMedia 2426 uses the Zeus chassis.
    This is Packard Bell's info about the Zeus chassis,

    How to clean the computer case
    Info about disk drives
    Info about Controls and external devices.

    No info on how to simply open the computer case.

    No matter.

    Packard Bell hasn't changed the system of opening one of their desktop computer cases, all that much through the years.

    Viewing the rear of the computer, you may find that there is a small release lever situated on the right side, and approximately two-thirds the way up from the bottom.
    The lever is pulled down, held down, and the side cover is pulled towards the rear.

    This support page from Packard Bell Support may help in giving more information,

    Scroll down to the photo shown of the rear view of the computer.

    If the iMedia doesn't use this design to remove the side cover, then there should be just two screws to remove, and the side cover slides back, and off.

    Referring to the rear view photo once more, look at the left side. You will see two screws on the left edge.
    Look for two screws to be in approximately the same location, but on the right side. For the right cover.
    Remove the two screws, slide the cover back.

    The cover may only slide back approximately an inch, or so, then the cover is brought straight out, and lifted off.

    (Computer unplugged from power, observe the anti-static guidelines I outlined above)

    Appreciate any progress report you wish to give.

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 16, 2010

    Let's compile your new information;

    A) The iMedia 2426 comes with Windows Vista Home Premium

    B) You've had the computer 15 months.

    C) Three months ago approximately, the Windows Activation screen started popping up.

    Q1) Are you the first owner of the computer?

    Q2) If so, upon first starting up the computer, or within 30 days after the first time, did you activate your copy of Windows?

    Q3) Service Pack 2. How long ago did you download it?

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 16, 2010

    John, to go back to Question 2, when you started the computer for the first time, you should have seen a small Activation window pop up. Whereupon you left-click on the Activation window, and you are given three choices, of how to activate your genuine copy of Windows. Do you see such a small window? Hmmm, to further elate, upon starting your computer up, does such a window come up? More further. You are given thirty days to activate your genuine copy of Windows. [ Microsoft makes a Master disk of any of their Operating Systems. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc. Then copies are made from the master disk. Genuine copy ] It has been past thirty days. You may have to see if you can obtain the restoration disk/s from Packard Bell. Let me know if the activation window comes up. We'll go from there. It may take contacting Packard Bell Support, and obtaining the restoration disk/s. With most prebuilt computer companies the disk is free. The shipping and handling is not. Most. I have no on-hands information to give you about Packard Bell. [Example: HP. The disk/s are free, but it's $17 for a 5 to 7 day ship, $24 for a 2 to 3 day ship]

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette May 16, 2010

    I find this problem to be out of my expertise John. (Will have the 4TU's removed from my solution also)
    Will refer this problem to another expert who has the expertise. Bear with me as it may take a few hours.


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JVC, im with mike258 on this isnt a solution and i dont care if i take a hit for it. i just want to commend you in public for the effort you do in trying to solve all of your solutions...the amount of info you provide is worthy of a 4TU no matter the outcome.

bill metz

Posted on May 16, 2010

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@JCV - I'm one of the rates. If for nothing else but the herculean effort. You make us proud.

Posted on May 16, 2010

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I found this on an internet search:
"If you are running Windows 7 the USB ports can be powered down using Selective Suspend.
Start > Control Panel > Power Options (if not visible change view to Large Icons at top right) > Change Plan Settings (for whatever plan you want) > Change Advanced Power Settings > Change settings that are currently unavailable > Set USB selective suspend setting to Disabled under USB settings and then click OK to save the changes.
You may have to reboot."

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Spare parts

Packard Bell does not make PCs.

Aug 23, 2014 | Packard Bell iMedia Computers & Internet

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Where do I find the wireless button

No wireless on this model if specs are correct.

Desktops that have wireless may not have a wireless button. Just part of the OS. A button is a convenience on laptops, but not required.

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I have an old packard bell pc and it needs to be rebooted but i haven't got the original floppy reboot disc how can i do it without the disc ?

By rebooted, I assume you mean reinstalled? You cannot reinstall a PC this old without the operating system disk. New PC's have a utility partition that contains the reinstall package. You will have to purchase that OS from ebay or some other site.

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Hej min mouse har stoppat att verka?

Check the pins if it's a PS2 mouse. They sometimes get smashed together. Try another mouse by removing the bad one first in Control panel Mouse or pointing device, remove or uninstall. reboot and put in new mouse. should be found by software and installed correctly.

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My IMEDIA 1559 keep asking me for an

try typing admin as password, or press f8 and go to safe mode, once there you can modify the password and user account and when you reboot the problem should be gone,
it should work from what i understood,
let me know how it goes,
good luck

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I have tried to upgrade my Packard Bell Imedia 1559 to 4 gigs from 1 gig of factory installed memory. However, the machine will not accept memory from Kingston or Transcend in any combination, and although...

I have read many posts about the PB Imedia and problems trying to upgrade memory. Sounds like there are some motherboard issues with this PC . Some have reported success with mixing different memory types and speeds, but no real answers as to why.

You may have to check the voltage that powers the memory. Some memory sticks are rated at 1.8v , others use other voltages that will hang your system if mixed.

Check with the manufacturer for their recommendation.

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Computer updreade

check motherboard and power supply. you probly need a relacement part. get it serviced

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