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I have an HP Deskjet Pro K8600 (with Duplexer attachment) running on Windows XP Pro SP3, and I am trying to print a four-page booklet (from an Adobe Acrobat PDF). The document will print as four pages on any common letter-sized printer. However, printing it on the K8600 with Tabloid paper always results in reduced-size images. What I want is four letter-sized pages printed in Booklet form (front side of 11x17 shows pages 4 and 1, the reverse side shows pages 2 and 3). The image size on each quarter of the Tabloid page should be identical in size (or nearly so) as the four pages printed on Letter-sized paper. The test document properly printed on an HP Deskjet 1220C (I did it hundreds of times), but that now-obsolete Tabloid printer is no longer supported, especially for Windows 7, to which I plan to migrate soon. The K8600 documentation is neither complete nor accurate (many of the User Guide statements are patently untrue!). I am using the latest "Full" drivers, v9.0.0, from HP "Technical Support" is pathetic and incompetent: Their people have NO printers connected to their computers, they have NO access to a K8600, and they claim they can only help install drivers and confirm that it prints ANYTHING, not what I NEED to print. They expressly say they do NOT offer any "How To" information on configuring for specific print capabilities promoted in their advertising and promotion brochures. I have 53 years' design, programming and admin experience in the computer industry, and I still can't figure this @&$^&( printer out. I need an expert's help!

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  • caogdin May 08, 2010

    First, an error in my original post: It's not a Deskjet, but an OfficeJet.

    Secondly, that's a fairly obvious place to look, which after 53 years, I might have actually considered. I've tried every printer setting I can find, and I still can't get it to print a reasonable Booklet.

    Do you have explicit experience with the K8600 with V9.0.0 driver software?

    If so, I can eMail you a couple of reports on measurements I've made after printing the same document on a Deskjet 1220C (Tabloid), HP LaserJet 5n (four-pages, duplexed, on Letter), and three different configurations for printing the same document on the K8600, all of which do NOT result in a readable booklet (the paper it Tabloid, but the printing acts as if it can only print on 8.5"x11; it restricts printing on a corner of the page.

  • caogdin May 09, 2010

    First of all, let me correct an error: This is an OfficeJet Pro, not a Deskjet

    Secondly, while the print dialog, below, shows the printer installed on a different computer, the results are the same, whether I connect this way, connect directly while on "Balsa," or connect the printer directly to my own desktop. I've installed the drivers fresh for each of these three environments, for testing.

    These next three shots are of the three tabs in the driver configuration GUI:

    With this configuration, the document prints AS IF it were formatted for letter-sized paper, on a Tabloid-sized page. In other words, the print area is about 8x10 in the upper-right corner (on front and back) of an 11x17 page.

    My expectations are that when I send the printer four 8.5x11 ("Letter" sized) pages, in booklet mode, that each source page will print in exactly one 8.5x11 half of the 11x17 page (with pages 4 and 1 on the front, and pages 2 and 3 on the back). That way, we can fold it down the middle and we have a four-page booklet, bound on the left edge.

    It hard to believe, but you may be right. HP may have shipped defective software with the printer, but their attitude in TechSupport is, "there's nothing wrong if it will print ANYTHING, even though you don't see what you expect from our product."

  • caogdin May 09, 2010

    I've already tried that option (which would work only for those products that can format two pages into one side-by-side pair, as Adobe Acrobat can.

    That does produce something that is CLOSER to the ultimate intention, but it STILL leaves excessive margins. Here's my summary of different options and the "active page" area for each:

    As you can see, using Adobe Acrobat to produce the output produces a page that is out-of-aspect (that is, it changes width vs. height), and reduces the results by as much as 90%. Only the old Deskjet 1220C and the ancient HP Laserjet 5N do a proper job; neither printer is supported any longer by HP (The Deskjet hasn't been updated since 2002; only a Postscript driver--also from 2002--is provided for the Laserjet; both printers have support in Windows XP).

  • caogdin May 10, 2010

    1. There is no opportunity to adjust margins (or, in fact, to "scale") in any Adobe Acrobat or HP K8600 driver configuration GUI (which is the maddening part; if there were, I'd've solved the problem long ago).

    2. Virtually no programs offer "2 pages per side"; virtually all good programs offer the ability to configure the print dialog for the destination printer...and the K8600 does not even have any but the options I've documented.

    But, more to the point: I've tried all these things (for over 200 billable hours, so far!), as I originally explained. I know how to configure products, I know how to write operating systems from scratch, but I do not find it economically practical for me "decompile" the K8600 drivers and limited GUI to achieve the ends HP promises in their brochures.

    I'll ask my original question to you, again: "Do you have specific experience with printing tabloid/booklet on an HP K8600?" I really, really do have the experience to have checked all the obvious. I have the professionalism to have run numerous, fully documented alternative configurations, and saved all the results. What I do not have, yet, within HP or without, is someone who can either a) show me the way to achieve the objective of printing a proper four-page booklet, or b) conclusively explain to me why HP cannot deliver what they promise in their literature.

  • caogdin May 10, 2010

    I need specific, qualified advice from someone with actual HP OfficeJet Pro K8600, not generic debugging advice.

  • caogdin May 10, 2010

    Sorry, no, neither of those ideas help.

    I have uninstalled (swept registry for all the HP detritus) and reinstalled at leat six times. It has never changed anything.

    I have tried the "bare" and "corporate IT only" drivers, too...same results.

    The version has consistently been 9.0.0, which is the most recent listed at

    The option to select the specific paper type (which is the subject of the referenced article) does nothing.

    Apparently, everyone who's tried to print four-page Letter-sized Bookled to a Tabloid (duplex) can only see a Letter-sized reduction of the Tabloid pages in the upper-right corner of the Tabloid page...or so I find in the HP "Support" at (The problem is reportedly inherent to current drivers, for all Windows versions.)

    On top of that, HP has referred me to an "Expert," available only two hours a day, and I've been waiting three days for a call back. (You can see my record of experience with HP on this issue at the bottom of that same "Support" URL.)

    Do you have explicit and personal experience with the K8600? If so, have you solved this Booklet printing problem?

  • caogdin May 11, 2010

    Thank you for the professional reply. I have a telecon scheduled with HP reputed "expert" on the K8600, and I will post a message here if I find out anything worthy of follow-up.

    Oh, and thanks for confirming with your colleague that I'm not alone in this issue.



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You may try this:

1. You said that you updated your drivers. But first go to Programs - Uninstall and removed all of the K8600 stuff and then reinstall from the latest download.
I mean not just Delete the printer and then install the new driver. This may not work. You had to remove the old one first thru Programs Un-install and then install the new driver.
Sometimes this may help.
2. Please find the information which might be helpfull for you in this link:
Incorrect Printout When Printing a Banner

Hope this helps.

Posted on May 10, 2010

  • Ibrahim OKTAY
    Ibrahim OKTAY May 10, 2010

    Hi again,

    Yes my friend. You are absolutely right. And I believe that you have more experience than HP experts. Sorry, I should imagine that you knew most of the solutions after 53 year's experience.

    I also used HP Deskjet 1220C, and was happy with that.

    After my first message, I called one of my friends who is currently using the OfficeJet K8600 about the booklets that you mentioned.

    And unfortunately he has the same problem and trying to figure out how to prevent the shrinking.

    I think HP must solve this problem as they published in their preferences.

    I am sorry that I could not find solution for this issue.

    I wish you good luck. I hope you solve this.

    (NOTE: If I find a solution, be sure that I will inform you. Thank you for your detailed information and explanation.)



  • Ibrahim OKTAY
    Ibrahim OKTAY May 11, 2010

    Thanks a lot.

    Good luck


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It sounds like you have gone through the printing settings. To me the only difference is the actual paper. Each paper has a unique setup. Check the settings after that paper is selected. Look for check boxes that show "shrink to fit" or anything that talks about the margins.
Reply back if this does not resolve your problem.

Posted on May 08, 2010

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  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 08, 2010

    The HP printers all have quirks when it comes to printing. Each driver works well with some jobs and lousy with others.
    11X17 Paper is standard and shouldn't require any special profiles etc to do what you are needing it to do. 2 up duplexed is not an uncommon job. Neither is booklet printing.

    Instead of booklet printing, have you tried 2 pages per sheet, duplexed?
    Booklets tend to print with margins that may limit your images.

    All of the HP printers use a set of preferences. These preferences are going to change the output.
    From Adobe, you select the number of pages and the page scaling (booklet etc.). In the properties of the printer you can choose these settings also. I know you have seen this by your remarks in the post, so I am not telling you anything new. I just know from experience that the software (Adobe) and the printing program may be clashing in the results.

    Since you can do the print job on letter, you should check all of the screens for it and make sure there are no differences in the settings when you go to choose Tabloid paper.
    I am not allowed to send my email address for the printer settings, but you can upload the screen shots of the Adobe screen and the Printer screens to this post for us to dialog about.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 08, 2010

    There is an issue with printing to this size paper under Windows 7. I know you have Windows XP SP3, but the issue is still the same. It may be a driver issue and not your setup.
    I will get back to you ASAP with an update.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 08, 2010

    So far here is what I have found for this printer and one other.
    The Printer driver 9 has shown this issue under Windows 7. No comments on Windows XP, but experience tells me that this issue is in the current driver for the product.
    You can create a custom media size and pick all the settings for it in the printer setup. In the custom media size you can choose the Height and Width. You can then select it in the More section and test print.
    This may override the driver problem.
    All of the postings regarding this issue are being referred to the driver update that you have.
    You will be able to tweak the paper size in a custom media selection. If the real size doesn't get a better result, try Height and Width that is slightly larger than you have.
    I hope this helps. You are limited by the driver for this printer.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 09, 2010

    Try the add custom media path. Set it up to print on this media as booklet, see if it works.
    Try the custom media on a duplex with 2 pages per sheet. This is found on the page you sent as a screen print.
    Make sure you do not choose booklet printing for the second test.

    Good Luck. I know exactly the look you are after, I have used it many times myself.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 09, 2010

    A couple of questions:

    1. Do you have the ability to adjust margins in print preview?

    2. What programs are you using that do not allow a 2 pages per side print option?

    I am happy that the custom media got you closer. I would change the size of the paper to slightly large than actual size. Let's say 12 X 18.

  • Circe Denyer
    Circe Denyer May 10, 2010

    I do not have personal experience with this printer. I have printed tabloid documents on HP and Xerox printers for marketing and publication materials personally and for clients. I have run into this type of issue on other occasions and find that in most cases the driver is at fault.
    However, all the avenues must be checked and verified in this type of support communication. I do not mean to insinuate that you had not checked all of the obvious. I new you had a lot of experience with this issue. I just wanted to make sure that we covered all the bases and didn't forget anything along the way.
    I have seen before where a get-a-round for an issue, that a manufacturer could fix with a proper driver, is often a one off trial and error process. That is why I suggested to you to create a custom media solution and take control of the job manually. Your settings were correct from the start. They should have worked. So, unless it is Adobe conflicting somehow with this printer driver, I expect that the only way to make it print on Tabloid paper is to fool it.
    If all of your applications produce the same result, it is the printer's fault. If only one application creates this madness, it is the application.

    The ways you fool the printer are:
    Media settings that are non-standard that you tweak until you get the results
    Use print preview to change the margins visually and then ignore the warnings for the software that the job will not print correctly.
    Make images of the print pages and paste them onto a Word Doc to see if you can print them.

    And if none of this works, call HP customer service and get the printer replaced with a different model under the premise that the device is not working as expected in the user guide.



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