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HP Pavillion zd8000 lines on monitor

Started 3 months ago with one vertical pink line. Now have 4 thin lines plus a 2 1/2 inch one that is difficult to see through. Laptop will be 3 years old in May. Love it a lot!

Time to look for another?

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  • qnabedin Mar 10, 2008

    Yes I have similar problem with my HP Pavillion ZD 8000 and my computer will be three years on August 2008.

  • Jamesat12 Mar 25, 2008

    I have close to 30 veritical lines now, PLUS a 2 1/2" gray area running the length of the monitor. Getting worse everyday.

  • sportfisher Apr 06, 2008

    A couple of months ago a fine vertical line showed up on the left side of my zd8215us display. Recently a second fine line has developed . I have been in touch with HP support and was informed that it would cost me $398 to have my notebook repaired. This unit is only a couple years old and I paid over twice as much for it as I did for the Toshiba notebook I had for many years and never had a problem with prior to purchasing the HP. From all of the blogs I've read, the problem I have is not uncommon and seems to be the same problem as with the zd7000 series notebooks that HP agreed to repair to settle a class action lawsuit. Has a class action suit been filed regarding the zd8000 series yet and, if so, how do I join in?

  • sportfisher Apr 06, 2008

    A couple of months ago a fine vertical line showed up on the left side of my zd8215us display. Recently a second fine line has developed . I have been in touch with HP support and was informed that it would cost me $398 to have my notebook repaired. This unit is only a couple years old and I paid over twice as much for it as I did for the Toshiba notebook I had for many years and never had a problem with prior to purchasing the HP. From all of the blogs I've read, the problem I have is not uncommon and seems to be the same problem as with the zd7000 series notebooks that HP agreed to repair to settle a class action lawsuit. Has a class action suit been filed regarding the zd8000 series yet and, if so, how do I join in?

  • Anonymous Apr 16, 2008

    My laptop: HP pavilion zd8000

    I have the same problem, I contacted the HP support but they didn't do anything. All they told me was my waranty expired and I'd just have to send it to them to repair which will cost me about $500.

    Anyway HP laptops are badly designed humdreds of people are experiencing this problem, dont buy laptops from HP agen. I have about 28 vertical lines and still increasing every few days. This laptop was bought in summer 2005. Not even 3 years old yet.

    Lots of people have this problem you can even find videos on youtube about this.

  • Randy1962 May 04, 2008

    Yes I also have the same problem with my zd8000, it displays a lot of vertical lines, right now the left side of the screen is totally blank, I have to use a separate monitor to be able to use the laptop. I have bought it for $2300,- now the diplay is useless and the HP support is very bad.

  • Anonymous May 10, 2008

    zd 8000 Monitor Pooped out after just about three years. Started with funny characters around cursor and within 30 minutes the computer would no longer boot up. Now I get funny matrix like characters on the screen half way through start up. I have read this is a video card heat problem. I have read this is a common problem and that HP is not being responsive to what I hope will become a class action lawsuit.. I spent over 2k for this laptop and am very troubled by this problem.

  • Anonymous May 20, 2008

    Multi colored lines developing from left to right. Initially just one or two lines so discrete I wondered if they were actually there and often thought the problem had self-corrected. Over time it has grown to an excess of probably 30-plus lines of various colors. Makes is difficut to read small print and obviously degrades graphics.

  • GuestBelgium May 22, 2008

    We have the same problem on several of these notebooks. We suppose these laptops use the same panel as used in Dell laptops. Dell admits there is a problem and replaces the panel. Somebody told us that he told hp about the Dell issue, and he got a free fix.

  • turbizzi May 30, 2008

    I'm having the same problem after having the computer for two and a half years. About two weeks ago, there were lines of image persistence on the left side of the screen. Now the whole left half is dead.

    HP told me they would replace the screen for more than $600, or they would give me a deal on an upgrade.

    Here's a video:

  • santoshgotta Jun 06, 2008

    i am using a laptop HP Pavilion ZD8000 and i am getting line on screen and battery is also not getting charge .

    2. if the lap top runs for a long time its shutdown and due to extensive heat

  • fraubrau Jun 23, 2008

    Lines for me, too. Started with one then two, then four now six. I, too, spent a lot of cash for this machine and I don't really think it needs to be's just those darn lines and I know there will be more on the way. If it's a new video card ...OK. If it is total replacement...not ok. I am backed up but I don't want to have to send in my nerd box for's the only one I have!

  • sharon21 Jul 14, 2008

    Pink vertical line appeared on lcd laptop toshiba satellite, now another pink and two yellow vertical lines have appeared. Do not go away by pressing on the end of line etc.


  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    HP will not even let you order the part (374722-001) to fix the problem yourself. This is an outrage. It is a common problem with all HP Pavilion zd8000 owners. The product should be recalled and fixed at no extra cost to the consumer. Otherwise, this will be the last HP product I will purchase, including printers.

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    Please submit your complaint to the law office handling this class action suit against HP laptop problems and maybe we can get this resolved.

    Dell computer seems to have recognized their problem and are having laptops fixed at no additonal charge. See web site below.

  • Anonymous Aug 01, 2008

    Yep...same issue...HP zd8000...laptop only 3 yrs old

  • Patti1938 Aug 02, 2008

    My computer screen has 5 vertical lines. Key board does not work properly. Battery does not charge. Computer runs very hot

  • baruffi Aug 05, 2008

    Now up to 12 vertical lines on the display of my zd8110us and it is getting to the point where the flaws are starting to distract me.

  • lkeith57 Aug 07, 2008

    when computer starts the monitor is black or white cant see anything , restrart in safe mode or vga mode can see things but sucks in that mode 8 bit res. cant set any higher goes back to black. was getting lines across the screen and when i would close windowss the screen would be garrablled where it was positioned. need help getting this resolved tried downloading several programs to find the prolbem but wont work system has errors and wont do any thing one program says i have 2000 + prolbmens i suspect it a hardware problem.

  • sondrat Aug 08, 2008

    Yes, exactly the same problem! I have had the fans cleaned at the repair shop and that helps a tiny bit but still is very hot. Now I have 4 lines running down my screen...

  • 21c2 Aug 13, 2008

    Yes - it's exactly the same!!! My laptop has something about 1,5yrs(?). First, it was TWO colour lines. Next months will be...4, 5, 6..... and now - there are 19-24 lines!!! By the way - the computer is VERY hot. These are my problems... If anybody can help me - I will very happy. It is good machine.

  • aca3751 Sep 02, 2008

    I have the same problem about vertical lines appearing on LCD. I bought my zd8000 from CompUSA on May 2005 even bought their 3 yrs extended warranty. I have no problem within the 3 years but 2mos after the warranty expired, I notice this vertical line showed up on the left side of the LCD, and today Sep 01, 2008, another line show up right in the middle of the LCD screen. Base on the reports posted here by other users, I do expect more vertical lines will show up. I hope somebody can give some solution how to get rid of it w/o paying big $.

  • Anonymous Sep 23, 2008

    Mine started last October (2007), just 2 years old. Lines started on the left, about one each week. Then slowed down, now I have 29 vertical lines, multiple colors and seem to get 2 a week now. Have removed the battery, but still persist. HP chat has offered downloads, which I am having trouble retrieving.

  • Anonymous Sep 25, 2008

    My zd8000 notebook started having problems with one vertical line then 2,3, . . . and now I have 6 and sometimes 7 lines. This is the 4th HP notebook that I have had problems with! Someone should start a class-action lawsuit. I tell everyone about the problems with the HP notebooks, and especial y to people in the stores that are looking for notebook computers.

  • Anonymous Oct 01, 2008

    I bought my computer through HP so I thought I would contact them about this problem. I also gave them a link to this site. This is their responce. The pink line appeared on my computer monitor last night. I bought my zd8000 July of 2005.


    Thank you for writing back to us.

    At this point of time, we may not help in this issue to resolve. However, I recommend you to please contact your local Authorized Service Provider to get repair.

    HP have a network of Authorized Support Providers for sales and repairs. HP has authorized Radio Shack, Circuit City and Best Buy as the service provider for the Pavilion notebooks. For your convenience, I am providing the information to locate the Service centers below:

  • richards615 Oct 05, 2008

    I have got 17 different coloured lines running down my screen they are gradually increasing They don't show on an external monitor.What do I need to replace.

  • Anonymous Oct 08, 2008

    over 60 vertical lines down my screen. i have a zd8000 series

  • smithwind Oct 18, 2008

    I too have the same problem and received the same response from HP to contact my local authorized dealer. I went to Best Buy's Geek Squad -- which is where I had purchased the laptop - and they told me to contact HP as they weren't entirely sure what the problem was. It seems that both HP and Best Buy need to google this issue to see how many people have been effected -- yet finding someone that cares and will take responsibility is another issue.

  • Anonymous Oct 19, 2008

    I have five vertical pink lines down the computer screen they are one inch in width and are three inches apart. Also have extremely thin horizontal pink lines that can only be seen on the top of internet explorer where the grey portions exist.

  • wavwoman811 Oct 19, 2008

    I have the same problem, but I do not have a laptop, my problem is on a Dell Monitor. One inch vertical lines, three inches apart.

  • abcall Nov 14, 2008

    same problem, vertical lines on the screen, only 1 of the 3 fans are turning, I was wondering if it was 'cooling' problem?

  • jmdsteel Nov 14, 2008

    I have many colour lines running vertically down the screen. I makes the computer useless. I cannot seem to find a fix for this problem. Does anyone know how to fix it as all repair shops in Australia say I need to buy a new laptop. The laptop doesn't have data problems only the screen is the problem.

    Please reply

  • Anonymous Nov 19, 2008

    i had 2 lines yesterday i turned on my computer today and another one turned up!!..=( im upset can i fix it...yes i have an hp dv8000

  • aila49 Nov 25, 2008

    I have the vertical line problem also. I bought my zd8000 in November 2005, started having problems in 2007. Now 1/5 of the right side of screen is covered with lines. I have a dell monitor plugged in and it does not have the lines.
    Is there any way I can make the Dell my primary monitor? I play a lot of games and some of them will not slide to the Dell.

  • paronco Dec 04, 2008

    It see that a good number of people are having the same problems with the HP Pavillion zd8000. Does anyone know how we could start a class action suit in regard to these problems????? Please contact me at HP does not seem interested in solving them and the Geek and Fire Dog people don't know how or will not fix them.

  • Anonymous Dec 05, 2008

    I have the same problem...It appeared a vertical line yesterday (only one), and it overheats a lot. Only 2 of the 3 fans are working

  • Anonymous Dec 11, 2008

    Zd8000 I get a new line about every week Im up too 8...

    also keys skip when battery is in....

    usb ports falling out

    aircard port tweeked 

    runs super hot

    worst power cord design ever....small blue internal wire broke twice and the 3 prong main a/c wire plug has to be adjusted to make work....and it the point of starting a fire if under something....needs a fan...

    Its too bad because I really like this laptop... 

    It sucks because there isnt a good laptop....the best would be a cross between an hp and a thinkpad....

  • ccreddell Dec 11, 2008

    I have somewhat of the same problem, except my red lines are horizontal, and they show up on my extension monitor also (albeit in different places). I am also having problems with it not booting up. It gets to the desktop and just sits there with my desktop picture but no icons. Any Ideas?

  • gminer88 Dec 18, 2008

    I only have 2 lines on my monitor for the moment one pink(the first one) and the new green one

  • junkpack Dec 30, 2008

    Definitely having issues here as well - I am not sure that they are related though. Does anyone know how to acquire a replacement screen for this computer?

  • abbnbe Dec 31, 2008

    I sometimes get horizontal white lines after games or after traveling with it. When occurring after playing Alchemy it will eventually clear once stopping playing and doing other things,whereas now its occurring whilst traveling and is not disappearing by itself. It's now over 2 years old.

  • Cuil One Jan 02, 2009

    My zd8000 now has it's 7th vertical line. The battery failed a year ago and HP is pathetic in helping loyal customers with these problems. As far as I am concerned HP has gone from being amongst the best to one of the worst products a consumer can purchase. HP management needs a wake up call and if they were half as smart has they think they are, they would come up with a solution that is mutually beneficial to all.

  • Anonymous Jan 11, 2009

    Same for me SHAME on HP.

  • Anonymous Jan 12, 2009

    This is my same problem

  • sfphil Jan 14, 2009

    I have the same problem with the vertical lines. I paid top dollar fot this laptop and it has given me grief ever since. I really do believe it caused me to have a heart attack. Since I bought it- it has had these issues:

    1. The TV tuner application kept having issues, the useless indian service people sent me out 4 sets of rebooting software then sent me out a whole new laptop. which i found out a yr later was a refurbished unit*&*^*$. atfter nearly a yr of this my CD burner only worked 60% of the time. and now its the screen going out. I am sick, I really do not want to deal with it anymore.

  • Anonymous Jan 18, 2009

    Same problem. I put up with it till it got hard to see and then took it apart for a good cleaning. The heat sink cooling fins were plugged with dust and the video card chips were discoloured. This eventually leads to video card failure. Laptop has always run very hot. If anyone is sucessful in getting HP to fix their machine let us all know. Mine is now just an expensive paper weight. In the long run it will be better to build yourself a desktop than to buy an external video card and monitor. The heating issue doesn't go away even with frequent and painfully time consuming cleaning it will eventually lead to other component failures.

  • magrid01 Feb 12, 2009

    i want to know if you have monitor replacement for a hp pavilion zd8000 and its cost.
    please tellme how to do this and how much cost to make the replacement. tank you very much for your time

  • Cuil One Feb 27, 2009

    My zd8000 developed it's 9th vertical line today, that's two more since removing the battery three months ago. I find this totally unacceptable given the cost of these machines.
    Maybe the answer is a Global boycott ALL HP products since HP chooses to ignore these problems and we as customers mean nothing to them.

  • milkod Mar 02, 2009

    I have the same problem with 3 vertical lines on the display. I did notice when I booted my computer today that the lines were not on my screen but showed up in a sequence when it was loading. Makes me think that the problem is not the lcd screen. Comments please!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 31, 2009

    HP Pavilion dv8000 17" monitor the last six months about 40 vertical lines appeared. These lines do not appear on my external monitor.

  • Anonymous May 02, 2009

    13 thine just flickered on. It seems like one a month for the last year.


  • web22333 May 05, 2009


    Vertical lines (up to 15 and increasing) on my screen and only starts up in safe mode or VGA mode, Display remains Black if you try to start up normally, but can listen the windows welcome sound.

    I did repair and install the operating system but when you get to install CD drivers ,Laptop colapse again.

    I only can work

    I have got IBM and Dell laptops since year 2000 and still are running with no problems at all, this Pavilion ZD8215US is the worst piece of XXX ever made: One year ago it was the Dim Card $150 , later the Batery pack $120, later the screen,,and now only works in VGA mode, who knows the cost for fixing the problem.

    I will never buy HP again, this is for sure.

  • Anonymous May 09, 2009


  • Elizabeth Hering Jun 10, 2013

    I have an hp laptop not even 3 years old. My picture went out so I took it to have repaired they ordered a part but did not work. The wiring is shot and cannot be fixed how can HP help me my model #G62-225dx .


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To date, HP has refused to repair these defective laptops despite being fully aware that the problems do exist. The only real solution that I'm aware of is to write to the BBB (the one in California located near HP's Executive Offices). HP agreed to repair my laptop at no charge after I went this route. To the best of my knowledge, they replaced the display as I no longer have the vertical lines. It appears that they may have also reduced the processor speed as the computer runs much cooler than it ever did before HP made the repair. It's been several months since the repair was made and, so far, no problems whatsoever. Hopefully that will continue.

Posted on Dec 31, 2008

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The problem is a faulty LCD display, you'll find that this is the problem with most if not all zd8000s, HP refuses to admit there is a problem with the screens. The over heating problems/low battery life/power adapter problems can be attributed to having a Pentium 4 that is over-clocked and running at a higher voltage level (operating currents are around 7 to 10 amps, most home electrical outlets are breakered for 15 amps), unlike most mobile technology processors which operate at a lower voltage & current. This in-turn causes damage to other components inside the laptop including the processor (routine crashes).

What I can suggest to help the cooling situation is to routinely pull apart your laptop as per the manual and clean out the cooling fins for the CPU heatsink as well apply some good heatsink compound between the CPU and heatsink for better heat transfer (the 3 fans on the bottom sure **** up alot of dust and pet dander), remove the battery and operate it as a desktop (charging circuit adds quite more heat generated inside the laptop). lets face it this was a poor design for a laptop, we purchased a glorified desktop.

As for the LCD display, I would suggest replacing the 17" display with a commercial replacement ($150-$250), or add an external 22" display for the same price

Posted on Dec 31, 2008

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If these verticle lines are present even before computer boots into Windows, you need to replace your LCD screen. If lines only show up while in windows, try reloading the display drivers, but most likely a bad LCD. Very common.....The verticle lines can vary in color, from red, pink, yellow, etc.

Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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Filing a complaint with the BBB may prompt action from HP.

Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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This is a overheating problem. Usually it is not the video card. You can confirm this by plugging in a monitor. Are the lines on the monitor? From my investigation of my Toshiba Satellite A25 (17") and now the HP z8000 (17") it is a wide reported problematic generation of these laptops. Toshiba knows this problem very well and is totally ducking the accountability by my experience in dealing with them and as far as I know by the reports that I have seen on the internet with others dealing with these issues. I have contacted Toshiba repeatedly and get no help and only false promises of return calls. Now, I was given an HP z8000 as a gift which turned into a nightmare. It is only two years old, shuts down in about 5 minutes. Runs very hot. Can't change the operating system to test if there has been some corruption of the installation on the hard drive (caused by overheating). I have asked some technical people about this generation of laptops. They are clocked to high (according to those that I have asked) and therefore they are running way to hot for the architecture (existing design of the unit and cooling).
A very plausible resolve to the overheating is to clock your laptop far slower (say 60 percent, perhaps even 50 percent). That way the cooling should be adequate. Manufactures have done that with the current generation of "dual processor" units. Two units running in tandem run cooler (easier to cool). Only one processor runs at a given moment unless there is a very high processing demand (usually doesn't happen with most computing). If the demand is high it usually doesn't sustain that demand for very long.
If anyone knows how to reset the clock speed I would appreciate and email (
One other point. I just heard that there is a class action suit pending against HP regarding these laptops. I found it by doing a google search. Something like..... hp laptop class action.

Hope this helps some of you.

Posted on Jun 26, 2008

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Not a solution, just an observation - at one point, I noticed that almost every day a new line appeared. I pulled the battery and am running strictly off of AC. No new lines since then. My only guess is that a "couple of year old" battery generating heat contributed somewhat to the overall problem.

Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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Ok i from venezuela i buy hp pavilion zd8000 in usa i have a similar problem my question is where buy de lcd screen new in dallas texas thank..

Posted on Oct 06, 2009

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Here is a link to a replacement display screen
several problems that you can address yourselves:
1st keep heatsinks cleanby blowing them periodicly with the canned air you can buy. 2nd key stroke skipping is a symptom of your battery going bad pull it and run off ac and your keystoke problems go away so replace the battery. 3rd the screans last about 3 years and then the lines apear. replace the screen not hard if you love your zd8000 or dv8000

Posted on Apr 29, 2009

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I have similar problem with several line on the screen of my computer.I first changed my inverter board but the lines remain the same.I gues is the partial failure of the LCD which will eventually pack up later.So the best bet is to change the LCD.

Posted on Nov 15, 2008

This is defect in this device, just google "zd8000 lcd" screen and see how many people had this problem...

Posted on Oct 31, 2008

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I have hp pavilion dv8000, its only working in VGA mode (with pink dots...) when trying to load window using VAG driver (nVidia), at window startup it shows black screen.
any solution..?

Posted on Jul 05, 2011

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You guys have got to be kidding...
1. HP will NEVER EVER admit anything is wrong.
2. BBB has little push at HP, the fact that one person got it pushed through is quite a good deal, but don't think it will happen for you just by complaining.
3. If the lcd pane is more than $50(US) then scrap the thing and get a new machine.. Dell has good low end latitudes that will run circles around this pig and do it for < $700 us...

I have one here from a friend and I repair computers for a living. I told him that it was simply not worth the effort or dollars. Peel the MS Media center sticker off the bottom AFTER you copy off the license key, and toss it in the good will bin.

Posted on Jun 24, 2010

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Mine does all the above and wont accept a operating system boot.

Posted on Dec 10, 2009

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I have the same problem, looked in to it a bit and it appears to be the graphic card which is faulty, makes sense when you look through other peoples comments.

Posted on Oct 08, 2009

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Lines are forming on my screen/monitor on my hp zd8000...please help...if this is common then shame on hp

Posted on Nov 25, 2008

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Well..maybe..that's the beginning of a lcd failure...not too long away, either.

got a backup for your data?

Posted on Mar 09, 2008


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this thing happened in my laptop also i got green screen fully
then when i hit it behind the screen it was gone but comes many times then again i would hit
later on the screen was completly lost then had to replace the screen
yous is a starting period so go to a nearby computer service and fix the screen

May 27, 2009 | Compaq Presario M2000 Notebook

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Thin Vertical lines on the screen

Ebay - new screens $110-$135. Google for step-by-step replacement instructions.

Dec 30, 2008 | Toshiba Satellite P30 P35 Series Notebook

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Vertical lines in my laptop screen

Try connecting an external monitor to the Dell Inspiron 9300 and see if the vertical line is also present on the monitor. If the monitor display is fine, then your laptop’s LCD display panel is defective. If the monitor also displays the vertical line, then your problem is with either the video card or motherboard located inside your laptop.
Not sure if the Compaq Presario has an external monitor plug, but if it does the above procedure can be applied to that one as well.

Your responses are intended to improve the level of service provided. Please rate your experience.
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Pink Vertical Line on HP dv6439nr

screen need to be replace. call hp support and get a RMA.

Oct 11, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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Vertical lines in my laptop screen

I know not everyone has this ability, but if you can, go to a friend's house and hook up an external monitor to your laptop. You may need to use the function keys to switch from LCD to external, but if the lines go away on the external, you have a bad LCD. If the line shows up still on the external, then your problem is either:

a) video driver (free, easy fix)
b) bad inverter (video 'outputter') ...approximately $10-50/varies + labor costs to replace
c) bad video card/motherboard ...usually between $200-$400 + labor to replace

Hope this helps - please be sure to rate my answer :)

Sep 29, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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Vertical lines in my laptop screen

This could be a failure in several areas along the path from the video card to the monitor.

Being that there is not an issue across the entire monitor the video card should be considered a last resort check.

Usually this is caused by a loose connection between the LCD driver and the LCD panel itself. Sometimes light pressure applied near the affected line will clear it up. If that does then it is a connection between the LCD panel and the connector to the LCD driver at the panel's edge.

Not much can be done unless you have it repaired by a professional or you can take it apart yourself and apply a pad of some type inside the monitor's edge to apply the needed pressure once assembled.

Aug 11, 2008 | HP Pavilion dv8000t Notebook

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Vertical lines in my laptop screen

Many times over years of use the thin canle that connects motherboard to monitor becomes loose very slightly but enough to create these type effects on screen.First easy test would simply be hooking up another monitor to rule out video card.Next would be looking up how to disassemble the plastic trim to expose the lcd cable then carefully disconnecting it then reseating it.If problem still exists wiggle the lcd cable see if it affects lines on lcd display if so then you probably need new cable if not then most likely an lcd screen.
Screens can usually be replaced in about 45 minutes by avg.person.

Feb 13, 2008 | Dell Inspiron 9400 Notebook

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Vertical thin linings on lcd monitor

pull out your memory sticks and reboot with one of the two. if you nonly have one barrow one from some one else

Dec 30, 2007 | HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook

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Vertical lines in my laptop screen

The LCD would start to fail eventually, there is a fix you can try which has worked for some, but it solely depends if you want to try it out, it might revive your LCD...

Dec 09, 2007 | Toshiba Satellite P30 Notebook

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