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Panasonic DVD Recorder recently not updating on screen TV Guide system

Just recently my pansonic DVD recorder is not supplying correct TV Guide info and many listings are missing. I have tried all of the suggested fixes found within the manuals but they are not helping.

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  • drogers14 Mar 13, 2008

    I have a sony and a panasonic and both have lost their guides

  • Jakester23 Apr 25, 2008

    MIne started showing No Listing, then it would come back, then go away.

    Panasonic had me hold down the Up and Down channel buttons until the unit turns off. This resets the TV Guide. Then you wait with the unit off 24 hrs.

    I don't know if it worked yet.

    I also read other places that the Feed Host Station sometimes quits sending. This I don't think is the issue, since I still am getting movies, and it comes and goes. Sometimes I have two days' worth, now none.

    However, if Comcast is interfering with the relay, I think this is a monopoly problem and we should all call our state Attorney General. Comcast tried to get me to get a Digital box (which gives you TV Guide, has nothing to do with On Screen for the DVR), tried to tell me I was not "entitled" to the TV Guide (again, this is the TV Guide channel, not On Screen) and tried to tell me I should rent their DVR. Outrageous.

  • RichAZ Jun 09, 2008

    I have had the DMR-EH-75V for 22 months.  TV Guide On Screen signal has been erratic at best but now it has been out since May 17th. Panasonic customer service tells me there is nothing they can do.  TV Guide On Screen acknowledges the problem in my area, zip 85755.  Said they are working with COMCAST to determine the problem.  

    I have case numbers from Panasonic and TV Guide On Screen.  

    I have found no one at COMCAST Customer Service that understands TV Guide On Screen.  (They do try to flog digital service.)  I provided feed back to a SVP at COMCAST, last week, a rep called acknowledging the problem.  I contacted them again this week, no response yet.

    Who else can I contact?

  • Anonymous Nov 14, 2008

    I have the same problem with Charter in zip code 35613. Worked fine until 3-4 months ago, then disappeared. Came back briefly, but is now gone again. No one at Charter seems to have a clue what I'm asking about. Even though Panasonic's manual says to call them, they had no advice to offer (except to reset as you described, but it didn't work). Very frustrating...

  • dell18064 Dec 06, 2008

    same here, but the root of the issue lies in the TV Guide signal being analog broadcast. Many cable companies are converting to Digital and dropping the TV Guide signal...bummer. I have not heard of any way to work around it, but if your cable company still broadcasts the TV Guides signal, you could try the Echo Star DTV PAL. You can get details at That is about all that can be done...however if your cable provider doesn't broadcast it anymore, you are SOL

  • Anonymous Dec 15, 2008

    Just called Panasonic for umpteenth time again today about this. After much holding and waiting, got the same answer. "Sorry, this won't be resolved until the Analog-Digital switchover takes place in February."

    My other problem prior to having no listings available was that the unit always changed channels on my at 10:30 each night (PST). Today, they tell me that is the unit updating the guide service and there is nothing that can be done, except that I could move the IR blaster each night at 10:30. I told the guy that Panasonic was crazy if that is their solution. Apparently it's a TV Guide thing and not a firmware option as to when the guide gets downloaded, but it's still bunk.

    So much for Panasonics foray into the HDD recorder market.

  • neen13 Dec 18, 2008

    My DMR EH50 model stopped displaying TV Guide ON-Screen about 2 weeks ago. We turn the unit off every night and left it off for more than 24 hours with no success. Panasonic is no help. I'm thinking about getting a different model. Any help would be appreciated

  • jddubick Dec 29, 2008

    Same here. I have the EH50 which has been working great for two years. Last week I turned on the system and no guide just "no listing available" for all channels. Called the local cable provider who told me they have not made any changes recently. In the past I have gotten the "unable to locate guide" message which referred to a set-up problem, but this is clearly different. Right now I think said cable company has done something that they do not even know about.

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008

    Same problem witgh Comcast in metro-Detroit.. Guide has not updated in 6 days.. Can't find the guide data that used to be found on PBS channel 97 (local system).. Have EH75V

  • dcr3 Dec 30, 2008

    Same problem in zip code 49525. I've tried everything I can think of without luck!

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2008

    same problem with panasonic dmr-eh50 using comcast in alexandria, va.

  • kblh Jan 03, 2009

    Same problem with Cox in Annandale, VA 22003. Cox says that it will work if I get their cable box. Does anyone know if that is true before I go down there and get a box (which I really do not want)?

  • bobcowen Jan 06, 2009

    same problem, Farmington Hills, MI (Brighthouse Network). Panasonic DVR (DMR-EH50), directly connected to cable, worked fine for 3+ years. I've re-set numerous times & can receive correct channel line up but no TV Guide.

  • jmarks Jan 11, 2009

    I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EH55. I thought I was the only one with this problem, but now I know better. I lost my TV Guide On Screen several weeks ago. I have Comcast with the cable attached directly to the DVR (no box). I will call Comcast to see if, in fact, they have stopped sending the TV Guide On Screen signal.

  • EH55 Jan 19, 2009

    I have a panasonic EH 55 DVD recorder. Feb 2008 I had to get a total redue of my cable hook up with Bresnan in Montana 59427. Finally it worked great. Now since Jan 9th 2009 I have the channle lineup but not the listings. I'd call the cable company, but they would just tell me to call panasonic like last time. But I'm sure the cable company did something. I'll reset the panasonic and try again. But I think TVGOS is gone.

  • Anonymous Jan 19, 2009

    I have the same problem with a DMR-E95H and a neighbor has the same problem with a Toshiba DVD so it appears the problem is not the DVD, but the cable transmission.

  • MBKD Jan 22, 2009

    Same Problem. I am in Southwest Missouri and have a Panasonic DMR-EH55S connected directly to my cable from my cable provider. The TV Guide On Screen system worked perfectly up until about ten days ago. Now it cannot download any TV Guide data.

  • MBKD Jan 24, 2009

    I called my local PBS station and while discussing this problem, their rep googled and found an article stating that in early 2007, Gemstar/TVGOS reached an agreement with CBS to carry the TVGOS data embedded within the CBS signal in anticipation of the digital changeover in Feb 2009. I.E. looks like TVGOS has switched from PBS to CBS. I called my local CBS station and talked to their engineer who confirmed that they added the TVGOS about a month ago. I explained that I am not getting the data through our local Cable provider, Cableone. The guy from CBS was going to contact CableOne to see if they can work out a solution. As of last night I still had no TVG data coming thru. I would suggest that each of you contact your local CBS affiliate AND local cable AND local PBS to confirm/complain. Ask to talk to someone in engineering, OTW no one will know what you are talking about and will get it confused with the regular scrolling TV Guide found on all cable systems. Also, here is a number for GemStar and I would call them: (781) 276-8855. The more everyone complains the greater chance of solution. I have basic cable, no cable box and a Panasonic DMR-eh55S. I was also informed of something else: even though all broadcasts will be in digital form, your local cable provider has the capability to convert those broadcasts back to analogue. That is in fact why, if you have cable service with an older analogue tuner, and no cable box (like me) you will still not be affected by the digital changeover.

  • Anonymous Feb 02, 2009

    Same problem in Mobile AL. Must be somehting Comcsat did, probab;y to get you to rent theri DRV. It is just not right. CLass Action anybody?

  • MBKD Feb 03, 2009

    Yesterday my cable operator confirmed to me that the problem is indeed their equipment (receivers) and his head office is working on a solution.

    I found a technical guide from TVGOS dated OCT 2008 targeted toward engineers at cable providers which describes how their equipment must be set up in order to keep TVGOS data flowing. I suggest that each of you the print out this info and deliver it to engineering at your cable provider. Here is the link:

  • hein1234 Feb 18, 2009

    I also lost my on screen guide stuff at cox. I am finding out that it does seem to be a Cox problem If we hook up one of those Digital boxes you can buy with the government coupon would that make the dvr work. rather then renting a digital box from cox.

  • racefan1 Mar 04, 2009

    On screen TV Guide just disappeared. my cable provider says that it is a PBS problem and it could be awhile but that PBS will broadcast the analog signal again. I hope so, miss the guide for my DVR!

  • forvickys Mar 12, 2009

    I stopped receiving TV guide listings on 2/17/09 for my Panasonic DVD recorder. I have called them 4 times and finally today they informed me that TV guide online uses an analog signal and our cable company has switched signal to digital. Didn't TV guide or the cable company know over a year ago that this would happen? Why didn't they have a solution to this problem back then? Panasonic feels they informed TV guide of my problem and now it's up to TV guide to fix. I think it's up to Panasonic and our cable company to work out a solution with TV guide. If not then we should all request our money back from the cable company from the time we stopped receiving signal for tv guide and panasonic for a dvd recorder that does not have the features we purchased it for. Maybe then something will be done to correct this problem. Here's TV guide onlines phone number. Lets call our cable company and TV guide online everyday and let them know we want this problem fixed. (TV guide) 1-800-386-7380

  • jafieldenen Mar 12, 2009

    Ditto. I am over the air in Denver and have no TVGOS listings after next Tuesday.

  • dkonbest Mar 19, 2009

    I have nothing of value to add to this discussion, but if numbers make a difference, I'm one more person with the same problem (no TV Guide On Screen since early March 2009.) Thanks to all who are helping with this. - Diane in Spokane Valley, Washington

  • mdmpress Mar 19, 2009

    I have had no TV Guide for over a week. Screen says" Updated information will be available within 24 hours. The Guide is rebuilding your channel list based on your setup change." Comcast won't own the problem; says I have to call Panasonic. Panasonic agent had me input some code no. and read numbers off from a series of screens that appeared. Said they'd call back. They never did. Store where I bought the TV said to try unplugging the TV for a few minutes. No solution there either. Comcast is a bloodsucker. (I'm in a condo assoc. that has a bulk contract with Comcast who will continue to get $40/mo of homeowner dues even if I switch providers.) I may end up having to put in and pay for one of their boxes even though I neither need nor want ANY of the features beyond a TV Guide. (I get slews of channels, including quite a few HD ones, without a set top box--just a cable into the wall connection.) The other fix is to use the TV Guide that comes in the newspaper, but I hear my SF Chronicle may be on the chopping block soon. Can anyone tell me WHO has the responsibility for providing the TV Guide? Comcast? Panasonic? My local PBS station? Macrovision? Other?

  • hurrro Mar 20, 2009

    I cannot connect to the TV Guide system with a Pioneer DVR-633H-S

  • twb311 Mar 20, 2009

    same problem here in Kansas City, MO with Time Warner Cable on or around 3/19/09.

  • JimDogX Mar 20, 2009

    I have an LG HDTV with a built in DVR.  TVGOS (TV Guide On Screen) has worked great for the last few years.  As of about a week ago it stopped working.  My local PBS station said:

    "If you are dealing with Gemstar, they have stopped uploading TV Guidedata to their encoders."

    I believe Gemstar is the provider of TVGOS (correct me if I'm wrong).  HOWEVER, this link:

    Shows me that the cable company (Comcast) in my area is set up to continue sending TVGOS data even after the digital transition.  So it looks like this might be a cable company issue (at least in my case).

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2009

    Using the Sony HD DVR (DHG-HDD250). Same problem here in Spokane Washington. Used to get the info off of 90, but 90, 7, 107 are all no go. Stopped working on 3/19/2009

  • Gary Lape Mar 22, 2009

    Same problem with Cox here in Tucson. Samsung TV lost the guide two weeks ago; unplugged set for 10 minutes and got it back. Now its gone for good. One week ago it happened to the Panasonic DVR. Cox Tech support knows nothing about TVGOS, but will rent me a box that gives me their clunky TV Guide.

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2009

    Same problem with my charter cable here in Atlanta. Stopped downloading anything as of last Tuesday. This sucks! Someone needs to fix this.

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2009

    This is not just a problem with the Panasonic DVD Recorder, since I own one. Our new Sony flat screen, which has TV Guide On Screen, is not receiveing the signal either. Both stopped working at approximately the middle of February. After calling the cable company, I was told that the TVGOS signal was being received and broadcast by Educational TV, so I called KET ( KY Education Televison ) and spoke to an engineer. He told me that TVGOS was in negotiations with the Public Television Stations, to continue providing the signal. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.

  • Anonymous Mar 28, 2009

    Please read my posts below from Jan 22 & Jan 24. My TVGuide ON Screen listings went out in Jan. I called Panasonic as well as my cable company. Panasonic had me punch in a code number on my DVDR which brought up diagnostic screens with a bunch of data that I read to the lady on the phone. She said she would send that data to Gemstar/Macrovision. After about a week or so, everything was fine again up until the weekend of Daylight Savings time in early March. Since then, no listings. I have tried everything. Called Panasonic and they sent me a firmware (software) upgrade CD for my unit which I installed. Still did not help. I believe it is something from either Gemstar and/or my cable company (CableOne) that is causing the problem. I do not believe it is a problem with my Panasonic DVDR. My cable company made the conversion to digital back in Feb and in fact the TVGOS was working fine after that conversion up until early March. If I call my cable company I absolutely must talk directly to the engineer because no one else has a clue about TVGOS. The engineer doesn't want to talk to me anymore and just says "we have not changed anything" since mid Feb. Looks like the TVGOS is dead, but I will call Panasonic this week and complain again.

  • MBKD Mar 28, 2009

    Please read my previous posts dated Jan 22 & Jan 24. My TVGOS listings went out back in Jan. I called Panasonic & they gave me a code number to punch in my unit which brought up diagnostic screens and I transferred that data to the lady at Panasonic. She said she would send that info to Gemstar/Macrovision. I also called my cable company . After a week or so, the TVGOS listings reappeared and were working fine up until about the time of the daylight savings time changeover in early March- since then again no listings. (My cable company converted to digital back in Feb and in fact the TVGOS was working fine after that conversion, up until March.) I called Panasonic again and they sent me a firmware (software) upgrade for my unit. Didn't help. If I call my cable company I absolutely must talk directly to the engineer as know one else knows anything about TVGOS. He doesn't want to talk to me anymore and just says " we have not changed anything since Feb". I think the TVGOS is dead and I think it is a cable/Gemstar problem. I think my Panasonic unit is working properly - just no signal coming thru. I will call Panasonic again to complain, as they have to send a complaint to Gemstar, we consumers are unable to.

  • myname867 Mar 29, 2009

    Same problem in Denver with my Panasonic DMR-EH74V. My onscreen listings stopped about 3 weeks ago. I called Comcast about it. Comcast claims the signal was put out by local PBS station, and since the station went digital in Feb, the signal stopped. BS. The station went digital weeks before the signal stopped. I'm going to try a Comcast engineer, but since Comcast here is generally not cooperativewhen it comes to technical question from customers, I don't have much hope. Any other suggestions?

  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2009

    Same in Middletown CT

  • Anonymous Apr 02, 2009

    Lost my TV Guide On Screen right around daylight saving time. Comcast doesn't have an answer, nor does Pioneer.

  • Anonymous Apr 06, 2009

    Same problem here with Panasonic DVD Recorder not downloading programming anymore - Comcast is my provider. And here I thought I was going crazy!!! Hope someone fixes this dilemma soon.

  • JimDogX Apr 07, 2009

    I know this doesn't help anyone, but here in Denver, my TVGOS just started working again this weekend. I never unplugged it or did anything. It was out (i.e. "No Listing") for about two weeks (maybe three). I can only assume that Comcast was in the middle of an upgrade or something? At least that's what I'm hoping. Hopefully it doesn't go away again.

  • mdmpress Apr 07, 2009

    Well I'll be damned! After weeks of struggling with the TVGuide disappearance, I caved to Comcast and had them install an HD box. I haven't even checked to see if the TVGOS guide had reappeared until just now when I read JimDogX's post! Mine is back also! However, since Comcast is going to do its "bait and switch" on 6/29 which will remove all my channels above 30, I guess I'll stick with the HD box. The picture is spectacular but the TVGOS guide is better than Comcast's.

  • neen13 Apr 09, 2009

    Answer guy - count me in your lawsuit -I am really disgusted!

  • MBKD Apr 09, 2009

    Some points to consider:
    Please note that I am on cable (CableOne) and I don't know if this applies to satellite.

    1) Here in my area our local CBS station began carrying the TVGOS signal when it was shut down by PBS. I confirmed this by talking to the engineer at our CBS station.

    2) After the conversion to digital, our cable operater began receiving all signals in digital but they then convert that digital signal back to analog and transmit both a digital and analog signal to our homes simultaneously. That is in fact how people with only an analog TV can continue to receive programs after the digital transition.

    3) I called Panasonic about a week ago to tell them that I again lost the TVGOS. I was told that as of March 1rst, the station carrying the TVGOS would have to make some sort of modification to reinsert the JPEG (MPEG? not sure what they were talking about) back into the signal and until that was completed we would not receive TVGOS, but that Gemstar was working to accomplish it. Panasonic suggested that I contact my cable operator and after I explained that I have called them so many times that they no longer will talk to me, Panasonic then agreed to contact Gemstar (again) to see if they could contact our cable company to get it straightened out.

    I suggest that everyone contact Panasonic/Sony to complain and don't let them off the hook. Make them contact Gemstar. I was told that Gemstar cannot be contacted by individual consumers.

  • Longwing01 Apr 13, 2009

    Same problems with Panasonic DMR-EH75V recorder. The TV Guide stopped working about a month before the transition in February. Still no progress 7 tech support calls later with Panasonic including all their resets and "escalation steps" all the way up through the "753159852" code and reading back pages of default tech parameters to them. Cable service provided by Atlantic BroadBand. After 3 months I'm tired of the runaround and the "wait 24 hours then call us back" and empty claims someone is "working on it". Just tell me where the class-action suit is and I'll sign up. I do not see what motivation cable-providers would have to solve this problem since they want to rent you their own cable box with guide system.

  • Anonymous Apr 15, 2009

    Pannasonic DVD recorder, Cox Communications (NoVA), and the TVGOS just disappeared on April 10. About 3 days prior to that, lots of incorrect data and "no listings" then ...gone. Just the setup screen saying its searching for data. Cable company says they've made no changes and that the signal is coming to my house. Don't know what to do!

  • RON94941 Apr 18, 2009

    Same problems with Panasonic DMR-EH75V recorder - NO TV GUIDE DATA WITH COMCAST IN 94941.

  • Anonymous Apr 21, 2009

    All listing info gone with Charter Cable and TVGOS as of about April 7, 2009. From what i keep reading, is the TVGOS gone for good????

  • vogelfanger Apr 27, 2009

    I lost the TV guide on my Panasonic DMR-EH75V in early November 08. Tech support at Panasonic told me it was a TV Guide issue but they would try to help me reset system. It worked intermittently until I installed the DTV-Pal+ converter box Panasonic said is the only one that is compatible for TV guide to operat on their recorder. No amount of resets and code changes worked. 
     I give the techs an A+ for trying to resolve this,( they have never failed to take my call and at least try), but, I'm beginning to think they're as confused as i am why nothing works. I think the honchos at both TV Guide and Panasonic need to get to put their heads together solve the problem. 

  • iphonerulez
    iphonerulez May 10, 2009

    The Panasonic TVGOS is not working due to no data being found and even the clock won't set. I'm guessing this is a analog to digital mid-transition crisis. I'll wait until a bit after the June 12 analog to digital transmission changeover takes place. After that if the DTV Pal+ doesn't get guide info to my Panny E85H, it would be time to start a class-action suit. The DTV Pal+ was purchased to work with analog guide equipment as advertised and if it doesn't then there is just cause to get the systems working or a monetary compensation. I'd rather just get the the two devices working in harmony.
    The basic functions of the DTV Pal+ are satisfactory, but the advanced guide functions are **** so far.



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I have two Panasonic DMR-EH50s and one DMR-E85H. I also have a Sony DHG-HDD250 which also uses TVGOS, but it is a HD recorder (that means full DIGITAL capabilities, including the TVGOS ) My TVGOS went out in the middle of April. I messed around on the support sites for about two weeks and found little real info.

The bottom line: I live in Madison, WI & have Charter Cable. None of my DVRs were receiving the TVGOS. Charter was not processing and/or transmitting the TVGOS properly (doesn't really matter the DVRs couldn't receive them), so I called them up, got to their "Level 3 Technical Support" and explained to them that I could not receive the TVGOS digitally or analog (converted digital) on any of my DVRs. They called me back a week later and told me to try it again....

So, all you need to do (if your local Cable Company is sending it properly):

WARNING - All SCHEDULED programs that you have previously scheduled by using the TVGOS will be deleted (NOTE: not the programs that are already recorded on your hard drive, they will NOT be deleted)

Turn the unit off.

Press the up channel & down channel (on the box, not on your remote control) at the same time & hold them for at least 10 seconds. This will reset the entire TVGOS system back to the default settings that were present when you first plugged in your DVR. This erases all previous info that your DVR had about what station it used to get the signal from and forces it to scan all the channels looking for the new channel. This is the only way to force this to occur.

When you turn on the unit, it will run you through the setup like it did when you plugged it in for the first time. Enter your zip code, etc. and when you are done, turn it off & leave it off overnight.

If your TVGOS has the Station Grid but no listings, be patient, TVGO updates its own firmware on your DVR automatically, and that may be all that happens the first night. It should start updating the listings the following night.

If it found the station grid, this is a great sign!!!! This means that your cable company is working on it!!!! It took my local Cable Company about 7 or 8 days to get it working properly, but now my 3 Panasonics and my HD Sony are all receiving full listings!!!!

If you are still getting nothing, complain to your LOCAL Cable Company. It is up to them to ensure that the signal is converted to analog & sent out over cable.

Posted on May 14, 2009

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The channel that you have been getting the TVGOS on has gone digital and the TVGOS signal was only coming into your Panasonic DVR as analog. Panasonic has known that this would happen when the digital conversion comes but has chosen not to do anything about it except be evasive.

The people from Comcast have told me personally that my/our issue is with the DVR manuacturer for not providing any form of conversion and the FCC handling the digital conversion debacle.

I have emailed Panasonic and they tell me to call their support center knowing full well that all I will get is some ignorant person that will only frustrate me and that I will give up. FCC has yet to respond. I would encourage someone out there to file some sort of class action lawsuit to recover the value of our now worthless DVRs

Posted on Apr 07, 2009

  • mr smith Apr 09, 2009

    Here's my update:

    I talked with Comcast again and they informed me that the TV station
    that was carrying the TVGOS has gone digital, There is no way that I
    will get the ananlog signal that TVGOS relied-on unless there is some
    method for converting the digital TVGOS to analog for my DVR.

    I have also talked with Panasonic and was told that they were fully
    aware of the problem and have contacted Gemstar to see what can be
    done but inferred that it was essentially too bad and really my
    problem anyway. Panasonic feels that they have no responsibility do

    My position is that Congress mandated the digital transition in 1996.
    Panasonic and all other TVGOS-using device manufacturers knew
    full-well when they marketed and sold us our units with the TVGOS that
    we would not be able to use them after the transition. I based my
    purchase of the Panasonic DMR-EH75 on this service and do not now have
    use of it.

    I have reported Panasonic to the FCC and am in the process of
    attempting to get someone to file a class action lawsuit against
    Panasonic to either recover the value of my unit or have Panasonic
    responsible for providing a converter for the digital TVGOS signal so
    that I might use my DVR according to the way that I used to.

    Let me know if anyone else is interested.


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There is no point in reporting Panasonic to the FCC. It would be better to report Gemstar for not providing any advancewarning that they were turning off the analog feed, and not having thecorrect information in the digital feed for the DTVPal to translate forlegacy TVGOS analog devices. Panasonic licensed TVGOS from Gemstar andit's up to Gemstar to get everything up and running.

The issue relates to the fact that the digital signal does not carry the vertical blanking interval (VBI) that currently carries the TVGOS information in the analog signal broadcast by PBS for Gemstar/Macrovison.

Macrovision turned off the PBS analog signal nationally. It was turned back on recently. Macrovision is working to get the DTVPal conversion of the analog signal working via a standard called SCTE 127 - the standard was created to translate the old VBI info for the digital signal. Here's the bad news - even if they get all the SCTE 127 stuff working with the Dish DTVPal - if you are over the air only (OTA) you will only be able to get the digital TVGOS in markets where the CBS affiliate has agreed to carry the signal. Owners of Sony DVRs have followed this closely at:

If you would like to read about this issue it has been discussed extensively at

Here are some relevant threads - and technical specificiation documents.

TVGOS gone
Dish DTVPal Thread
Magic 8 ball on TVGOS
TVGOS devices

Documents relating to TVGOS and DTV transitionj
ANSI/SCTE 21 2004 Carriage of NTSC VBI Data in Cable Digital Transport Streams
10. ANSI/SCTE 20 2006 Methods for Carriage of Closed Captions and Non-Real Time Sampled Video

So SCTE 21 appears to be specific to Cable.

Carriage of Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) Data in North American Digital Television Bitstreams - SCTE doc
ATSC Standard: Carriage of Legacy TV Data Services

Conversion of ATSC Signals for Distribution to NTSC Viewers (This one has a pretty extensive references section)
5.4.2 ANSI/SCTE 127 Data
ATSC PIRDs should decode ANSI/SCTE 127 [15] payloads carried per ATSCA/99 [17] and should re-encode all the payload data as analog waveformson the appropriate line. When present, CEA-608 [14] data carried perA/53 Part 4 [6] should take precedence over any line 21 (or line 284)data present in ANSI/SCTE 127 [14] payloads.
Section 7 is Broadcast Station Infrastructure Guidelines
Covers closed captioning, content advisory and ANSI/SCTE 127 data
"7.4 ANSI/SCTE 127 Data

And a fabulous white paper on the issue
Preparing for the Broadcast Analog Television Turn-Of: How to Keep Cable Subscribers’ TVs from Going Dark

It covers the closed captioning and content advisory as well as: on p17
4.3 Other Ancillary Data
AMOL data (which are used to create the well-known Nielsen TV ratingsof program viewers) and TV Guide data (which are used by many analog TVhouseholds that do not subscribe to pay TV services) are carried inwaveforms on various lines of the VBI. ANSI/SCTE 127 [17] defines amethod to carry AMOL-48, AMOL-96 and TVG2X data in the DTV signal. Thisis shown pictorially in Figure 19. The timing of the VBI data-stream issynchronized with the corresponding video and audio data-streams, asapplicable, through the use of common presentation timestamps. Thewaveforms themselves are defined in CEA-2020 [18]. If present in theincoming ATSC/DTV signal, the ATSC-to-NTSC converter/receiver willparse through the ATSC transport stream, locate the VBI data-stream,extract the AMOL-48, AMOL-96, and/or TVG2X data, regenerate thecorresponding VBI waveforms and insert them into the output analog TVsignal.

Posted on Apr 09, 2009

  • jafieldenen Apr 09, 2009

    One more link:

    Which is the Macrovision support site.

  • jafieldenen Apr 10, 2009

    For a list of which channels will offer TVGOS over the air there is a list available at:


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To get limited functionality with the dmr-e85h tell the unit there is no cable box, and on time warner you can get the channel line up but they may not match perfectly, next a custom edit of the channels may work to get updates, the local channels appear to be getting the guide info. ok but other channels just added will take longer if they get the program lineup. The ir blaster failed every time for me.

Posted on Aug 25, 2009

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I have had this same issue happen to me three years in a row. It seems to happen in July. First I get limited channel information, and then nothing. I've tried resetting the system, and it never helps.
I normally call Panasonic, and go through all their basic steps, and ultimately they escalate it to TV guide. After a period of time (varying from 2 weeks to a month), magically the programming appears...
Last year, when it happened, I contacted Comcast, in Boca Raton, FL, and was promptly told that they do not do any troubleshooting for non-comcast equipment...

Posted on Aug 03, 2009

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I had read in another forum that beginning May 1st, Comcast would start to Broadcast the necessary SCTE 127 data for the TVGOS function again. I don't recall if this applied to all Comcast locations. I am in New England and sure enough, sometime between the evening of 4/30 and morning of 5/1, my guide has updated. I am using a Panasonic DMR-EH50. I was suspicious that the equipment might not be capable of updating after the DTV conversion. It had stopped updating the TVGOS in mid-February. This is the first time the guide has updated since then. Glad to report that the equipment is working fine.

Posted on May 01, 2009

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I have the DMR-E85H and Charter cable, and received TVGOS solidly until July 2009, when it failed to get listings. I tried the firmware updates and system resets, and further lost the entire channel line up. My unit would never finish setup, still trying to search for channels and programming. But I noticed my TV with a digital tuner was able to pick up local digital signals coming through the cable.

I tried a long shot and borrowed a digital converter box intended for broadcast tv. I set it up, and left it turned off -- also left the DVR set at Cable without a Box. It worked!! When I turned on my DVR later the next day, it stated it had found more than one signal service provider, so I selected Charter Cable and went through a couple of steps to verify setup, and my channel lineup was back, and the TVGOS programming schedule. Hooray!!!!!!!

Posted on Aug 04, 2009

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I just spoke to Comcast cable in Philly.  The channel that carries the on screen tv guide signal was switched from KTCI (analog) to WCCO (digital) on tuesday Feb. 17, 2009.  Coincidentally my onscreen TV Guide listings disappeared in that same time frame (Panasonic Plasma TV and DVR).  Comcast assured me they are aware of the problem and have technicians working to rectify it.  
Thanks for the posts.

Posted on Feb 21, 2009

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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

Hi there,
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Connecting up Digital TV, DVD recorder and VCR


You need to hook the VCR and the DVD recorder to the scart connections on your TV.

VCR to one scart on the TV
DVD recorder to the other scart on your TV

Jan 31, 2008 | Televison & Video

1 Answer

I am getting a U99 error code. The only function

The "U99" error code signifies a "general communications failure."
It is not associated with one specific problem.
It can be related to the version of firmware your DVD recorder is currently using and it has been associated with the TV Guide on screen guide.

If your unit displays U99, turn the power off-unplug the
unit for 5 minutes, and reconnect the power.

If U99 reoccurs, please contact the Global Service Center Network for assistance.

Feb 26, 2010 | Panasonic DMR-EZ47V DVD Recorder/VCR

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I can't get the recorder to keep my guide.

There might be a TV Guide issue located in your area, since the transition to digital, TV Guide have been updating there broadcast frequency which is know been done by CBS. Have unit reset by holding down channel up and down button for 15 second on the unit itself until 12 flashes on display, then power on unit and setup TV Guide, then have unit off for 24 hours especially between 11pm to 6am for listing. If issue still exist contact Panasonic to have issue send to TV Guide.

Sep 28, 2009 | Panasonic DMR-E85H DVD Recorder

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How to connect Panasonic TV, DVD Recorder & Home Theater together

missing one connection connect stereo rca jacks behind tv labelled audio out then connect to any available input in home theater receiver i dont think you need the optic cable connected to anything

Jan 27, 2009 | Panasonic Home Theater System System

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TV Guide stopped supplying data

Gemstar (who owns the VCR+ system tied to your Panasonic) is shutting down the VCR + system - it is shutting down earlier in some areas.

-Tha Mp3 Doctor

Nov 24, 2008 | Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR

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Tv guide not working

I get this problem from time to time when I have more than one Panasonic DVD recorder scheduled for programing (or updating) at the same time -- or recording when the other would be updating. It is really annoying. If I restart from the beginning and disconnect the other recorder, it works fine. It appears to me that they interfer with each other in some way. Sorry, I don't have a real solution -- just that my DMR-EH55 will download the TV guide and work again if I disconnect the other panasonic recorder.

May 26, 2008 | Panasonic DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder/HDD...

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Panosonic dvd recorder

Make sure your aerial's RF lead goes to the DVD first then out of that into the TV.

Apr 22, 2008 | Panasonic DMR-EZ47V DVD Recorder/VCR

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Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EX77 My DVD Recorder is communicating between the Remote Control and the DVD Recorder, but the Recorder is not communicating correctly with the television. The DVD Recorder seems...


It sounds as if the actual T/V channel is out of tune.
I,d suggest powering the player On.
Then using channel 8-12 on the T/V to Scan for its frequency.
When you,ve located it to the Player.
Lock the channel, then use the DVD on Channel 8-12.

Mike @ compurepair.

p.s also check the output from DVD To T/V lead has,nt come loose.

Mar 17, 2008 | Panasonic DMR-EX75EB-S DVD Recorder/HDD...

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