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Zune won't charge

Got the zune for Christmas have used it about every other day. I used it yester day till the battery needing charging. So I plugged it in the computer and nothing happened... so I plugged it in the wall charger... still nothing happened , not even a battery signal. What do I do?

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  • snazzybee Feb 19, 2008

    same problem! and Microsoft wants to charge $109 to fix it because my warranty is expired.

  • Anonymous Feb 24, 2008

    same here... but when i connect it to a car charger it works fine...

  • Anonymous Mar 06, 2008

    yeah... seriously, i can get the lightning bolt (aka: the charging icon) to flash for a split second, then nothing.

    this also means i can't sync, btw.

  • bree2605 Mar 17, 2008

    I got my zune as a gift about a year ago. It was gently used when I got it, or so I was told. I let the battery get pretty low and have not used it in some time. I left it plugged in to my computer over night and I got no more than 1/4 battery power out of that. Just wondering if it's gonna die on me or if I have to get a different type of charger. I have over 2,200 pictures of my children on there and am so afraid of losing them.

  • frank711 Mar 29, 2008

    my zune will not charge in the computer, wall charger or any other place. It gives me a battery signal with a ! located in the center. What do i do to fix this problem?

  • Anonymous Apr 09, 2008

    My Zune wont charge on the computer or on the wall charger!

    What do I do!

    Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee help Darbiee

  • TheProff Apr 21, 2008

    My Zune will not charge. I can get it to come on for a brief second but as soon as it is unplugged it dies. My question is does anyone know if there is another way to fix it besides the Micro$oft $109 solution? Has anyone tried to put in a new battery with this problem?

  • Anonymous May 13, 2008

    1. plugged it into my computer both my laptop (which i have used since i have had it and there havent been any problems) and my house computer

    2. plugged it into t a wall charger that had to USB ports, i have tried both of those, and it wont charge

    3. left it on the charger for 3 weeks and tried to restart it but doing what the manual has said to do and it wont come back on.

  • jamaicangeek May 15, 2008

    i can't seem to get my zoon th charge i plug it int he computer nothing happens i plug it in the wall still nothing happens please help me i use my zoon for work help me plz

  • melang May 20, 2008

    plug it in the computer & the wall just wnt work

  • vonna15 May 29, 2008

    umm......i have a 30 gb zune and it doesn't sync or charge on my laptop.i have the software for it but it still doesnt work.....i get frustrated constantly because it doesnt work.....well what should i do.

  • Anonymous Jun 10, 2008


  • Anonymous Jun 10, 2008

    I recently uploaded new videos and music to my zune. Sometimes my baclklight does not work. Now, the battery is low and the battery picture is red not green. When I plug it into my comp. or the wall charger, my zune does not charge. The zune software on my computer doesn't even read my zune. HELP ME!

  • Anonymous Jun 26, 2008

    I have had my zune for about a week. It just died, but when I plugged it into the computer, nothing happened. What do I do?

  • Anonymous Jun 28, 2008

    Ya this guy that i bought my zune from told me that u just have to wiggle around the cord but it still wont charge

  • ntrott4 Jul 04, 2008

    yea the same thing happened to me and im not sure what to do.

  • jrry_munster Jul 31, 2008

    Just got my 80GB Zune last christmas, and I have had it for about 6 months now. One day it died, which doesn't happen too often but on occasion it does. So, i went to charge it in my computer and left it on all night and saw it was still at the low battery screen, so I let it charge through the whole day and it still doesn't work. I let it charge for 20 hours and it still doesn't work! Help me!

  • Anonymous Aug 04, 2008

    ok. zune has worked for 2 weeks and when i plug it into the computer it doesnt even show that its charging. ive tried to restart it and tried to let the battery drain and still nothing.

  • Anonymous Sep 02, 2008


  • kimberl-yan Oct 13, 2008

    i havent used my zune for about a week then when i went to use it it would not start so i tried to charge on the computer, car charger and home charger still nothing

  • Anonymous Oct 16, 2008

    OMFG i need to do something really badly with my zune and i want to add songs and charge. it doesnt work

  • Anonymous Nov 05, 2008

    same thing

  • Anonymous Nov 06, 2008

    I plug Zune into two different USB wall chargers and try it with my computer, but nothing works. The Zune won't charge and it won't register as connected to my computer.

  • ShelleyLoz Nov 14, 2008

    I try to charge my Zune on my computer and it always says it isn't connected, so I can't even sync anything else to it.

    I don't know if my cord is damaged or what.

    Does anyone know whats wrong, or what i need to do?

  • Anonymous Dec 10, 2008

    my zune needed charging and plugged it in, and came back a couple hours later to find that it still had not charged. What do I do?

  • teehildo Dec 10, 2008

    my zune has always worked without difficulty until now, it wont charge and the charge symbol wont even show up. What do I do?

  • Anonymous Dec 20, 2008

    when im instilled my zune softwar again, its does not charge??

    what im going to do????/

  • Bizmof Dec 24, 2008

    My zune won"t charge i plugged into my cp,wall and car charger and it still wont charge

  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2008

    wont turn on

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    Cannot charge on my computer or the adaptor I bought. I am ready to give it up and return it. Can't get the thing to even turn on.

  • janjen Dec 27, 2008

    Will not charge on pc or new adaptor I just bought. No icon, nothing, please offer suggestion.

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2008

    this solution does help if it is dead!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2008

    My zune is having the same exact problems too and it is really annoying me

  • dmhomz Jan 05, 2009

    My Zune is totally dead! At first I thought it was simply a case of a low battery but when I plug it into my CPU or my wall adapter the player does not light up to show that it is charging nor does the CPU recognize it. I have tried all of the suggestions above, i.e. holding down a combination of buttons, and none have worked up to this point.

  • Zune30dead Jan 05, 2009

    My 30 GB Zune died on me and connecting it to a PC to recharge does not work. The "charging" icon would not even come up onthe Zune screen. I am not sure if the battery is dead or the hard drive or the motherboard. I tried using a car charger but that doesn't work either. I tried resetting. Still doesn't help. If this is a battery issue I am willing to replace the battery but I am not sure if it is a battery issue or something else. Any help/comment would be great. Thanks !

  • shiroi Jan 07, 2009

    Left Zune plugged in overnight, still won't charge. Tried different computers and different USB cables and it still won't charge. It powers on for a few seconds and promptly dies again.

    Any suggestions or solutions would be helpful.

  • Anonymous Jan 11, 2009


  • beverlydavil Jan 17, 2009

    never had a problem until yesterday ,won't charge no matter if wall socket or computer. this really sucks, should have bought an ipod . tried charging 6 hours still dead.

  • msgbeliever Feb 07, 2009

    I just spent $100+ buying new chargers, sync cables, and a new battery and still my computer is not recognizing my device and when I connected my zune to the wall charger, car charger, and sync cable, still nothing!!! The only reason my zune turned on is because the new batter had a little bit of life in it but once that dies I'm screwed because it'll be the black screen with the low battery symbol until it completely dies and no one not even Zune Support know wtf or how to fix it...if any one can help please post something!!!

  • wittless Feb 26, 2009

    my zune will not charge, hold a charge, or sync with computer.
    i have put in a new battery, bought new cords.

    microsoft no help.
    can i do anything other then throw it away and buy an ipod?

  • foie23 Mar 04, 2009

    my 30gb zune will not turn on and will not charge

  • mattox_paige Mar 05, 2009

    My zune is not charging but it only a year old and im getting mad

  • Anonymous Mar 12, 2009

    zune will not charge or be recognized by pc

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2009

    My Zune won't charge from the wall socke.. the green light on the charger comes on but the Zune doesn't even recognise it.. :(

  • Anonymous Mar 22, 2009

    my zune started disconnecting and connecting over and over again after like 2 seconds one day and now it just stopped working/charging. is it my cable or....?

  • Anonymous Apr 02, 2009

    i think the part that i plug the usb into on my actual is broken and im livid because its the second times its happened i hate this thing

  • cpadzjr Apr 08, 2009

    ive got a zune80 and have it connected on my pc for charging..the problem is it did not charge or wasnt even recognized by the PC..device is displaying a low battery icon everytime i press the play/pause button..i tried to drain the battery by holding the play/pause button for 10 to 15, low battery icon was already gone and when i connected it to my pc, nothing happened..i used a wall charger but still it did not begin charging, no icons or any sign that it was charging..what shall i do?

  • BASAI MAN Apr 11, 2009

    My 80GB won't charge. I let it drain all the way down then I connect it to to my pc. The charge indicator stays on for a couple minutes then goes away. I can leave it connected for hours and afterwards it looks like it's going to start then it turns itself off, the sccreen goes black, and I get nothing. It doesn't matter if I connect it to my pc, an Xbox360, or with the wall charger. Nothing works. I tried different cords too. I also tried resetting (holding the back and up buttons together). Nothing works. Can Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!

  • GiLLiY Apr 13, 2009

    i was listing to music on my 120 gb Zune ne day and it shut off, clearly the battery ran out. i notied a large battery symbol on the screen, which i have never seen before. when i pug it into both the AC or the USB chargers it indicated it is charging but when i go to romove it, it is not charged at all. i also tried the resetting it with the play/pause buttons and still no luck.... :( :(

    can anyone help me ?????

  • Anonymous Apr 20, 2009

    same here, I really need my music! My dad said that the battery might be dead, for good, and I might need a replacement. We are going cross country for 3 weeks in June/July and I will not survive if my Zune doesn't work!

  • cggggg May 13, 2009

    I plugged my zune up to the computer last night. It didn't recognize it acts frozen. I hold the play/pause button and the back button to get it to "reboot" but it isn't doing anything. What do I do?

  • locasio06 May 11, 2010









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Now what you do is if the zune just has a black screen with a battery symbol and it stays that way forever when on the charger. you, take the zune off the charger and press the play/pause button and if it turns on for a second with the low battery symbol then turns off, your in luck, just hold the play/pause button for 10 - 20 minutes. the zune will have turned on and off alot agitating the battery. once you hold it for 10 - 20 minutes put it on the charger, then presto it works. let charge fully then die completly for every time you use it for a bout a month to let the battery get back into it's normal cycle. ~Dan herzberg~ Thank you*

Posted on Jan 25, 2009

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Hey guys. just hole the play/pause button and the back button at the same time. this will restart your zune. done worry about losing anything, you wont. if it doesnt fix you problem please visit and click on the "support" button in the upper left corner of your screen.

Posted on Mar 22, 2008

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Was having the same problem as edgardm24.
1: Plug the Zune into the PC
2: Hold back button down along with up on the control pad.
3: Zune should restart

I have a 30 GB 1st gen and this worked for me. :)

Posted on Nov 27, 2009

  • dirrtydre85
    dirrtydre85 Aug 23, 2012

    bro u are a lifesaver.. the trick is to have it plugged in when rebooting.. super gratful man..thank you


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Someone know what is wrong with my zune?? The battery don´t charge and it isn´t reconizing by my PC. I tried to charge with my PC, wall and car charge and nothing happen. Is the battery damaged?? If I change the battery by one new I could resolved the problem?? Please advice me. Thanks

Posted on Oct 28, 2008

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Try the Zune on a different charger or usb port. If that also fails, and the hard reset did not do the trick either, there is probably an issue with your motherboard (could be your dock connector or an electronic problem). There are third party Zune repair services, that will fix it for cheap. Even better, I found an DYI Zune repair guide, so you can do it yourself too. Part is available on Ebay. If you can't do it yourself, have a tech savvy friend do it for you. If it does work on a different PC, then the issue lies within the system you are using to charge it.

Posted on Aug 24, 2010

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Have the same problem, I ordered a new sync/charge cable as my old one is not working very well with my other unit.

Posted on Jan 21, 2013

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: my zune is not detected by my laptop or zune software.

try to wiggle the zune cord but not to hard

Posted on Nov 22, 2008

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SOURCE: zune charging problems, hardware problems

the charge time for the zune is about three hours, as for the seeing if its charging in the lower right hand part of the screen the battery icon will have a lighting bolt in the battery to show its charging, and when fully charged it will turn green

Posted on Jan 14, 2009

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SOURCE: My zune won't charge

It's likely you have a motherboard issue. In some cases the dock connector is physically broken (pins get bent or break off), in other cases the charching circuitry becomes defective.
The only way to get it up and running again is to replace the logic board, the part is readily available on ebay. There are zune repair guides that will show you how to replace the logic board or have a tech savy friend do it for you.

Posted on Feb 28, 2009

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120gb Zune won't turn on or charge

No probley not it needs a new battery more than likely they can be bought for around $25.00 or so no fun to put in very delicate.

Sep 29, 2017 | Microsoft 120gb zune digital player /...

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Zune 120 GB My Zune hasn't been used I bought it in 2008, still have the receipt and everything. So when I decided to put it in use... It won't turn on. the logo will come on the screen and it...

Unfortunately, batteries have a shelf life. If the player sat for three years without being charged, the battery is probably bad. The chemical reactions inside the battery continue, even when it's not charged.

My advice is to replace the battery if possible.

Good luck!

Jul 15, 2011 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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My zune 4g red will turn on and work when plugged into the charger, but as soon as I unplug it from the charger it goes off and I cannot do anything with it. I haven't tried to restore it, not sure...

Ifthe rechargeable battery is more than 3 - 4 years old then the battery could be wornout. Rechargeable batteries have a finite number of charge and discharge cyclesand will lose their charge capacity over time, i.e. won't charge to 100% andgradually the charge reduces until the battery won't charge up atall. ORThe battery shows a 100% charge but when the adapter is disconnected thebattery drops off to zero capacity in a very short time. Ifthe battery drops to an unacceptable charge level then the battery needs to bereplaced.

Jun 29, 2011 | Audio Players & Recorders

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My laptop wont charge.when its running low at 10% i plug in my battery adapter it says its plugged in but not charging. I can only use it when my adapter is plugged in and i've left my computer sit shut...

Ifthe laptop battery is more than 3 - 4 years old then the battery could be wornout. Rechargeable batteries have a finite number of charge and discharge cyclesand will lose their charge capacity over time, i.e. won't charge to 100% andgradually the charge reduces until the battery won't charge up atall. ORThe battery shows a 100% charge but when the adapter is disconnected thebattery drops off to zero capacity in a very short time. Ifthe battery drops to an unacceptable charge level then the battery needs to bereplaced.

May 02, 2011 | Computers & Internet

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Why wont my zune stay charged?

If your Zune is loosing charge quickly, its probably a battery issue. If you use your Zune often and for a long period of time, and end up charging it all the time, then your battery is becoming faulty because over time batteries loose charge. Or if its not charging, your Zune USB cable could have loose wiring. Zune 120GB owner.

Feb 14, 2010 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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Totally dead Zune!

It sounds like you guys might be suffering from the Infamous zune new year bug. Let your Zune completely die (leave it for a few days if you have to). After doing this plug it into a computer or wall out let to charge. Leave it to charge for at least an hour. Come back and unpluge the zune and reconnect it to a different usb port if possible. Let it continue to charge.

Letting it die should fix the freeze and swapping ports during the charge will help the computer detect the zune as when their batteries are 100% dead they do not have enough power to say that they are there.

Hopefully this will help out one or two of you.

Jan 05, 2009 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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Zune won't turn on or charge

I have had A zune before the charger that comes with it only works for a few charges you will have to get a differant chager for it, it worked for me

Jan 04, 2009 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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120 GB Zune wont turn on or charge like its complely dead.

Ok the solution is so simple your goign to kick your self. what you do is take you zune cable plug it into any thign other than your computer say a Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 2 or 3 leave it for a few minutes then unplug it and try to restart it if it dosent restart while its pluged in. if it dosent restart then plug it back in and let it set over night some times the battery is so dead that the computer cant pick it up but make sure your wii or Xbox or what ever is turned on .

Jan 01, 2009 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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Microsoft Zune 30gb black battery/charge problem

When the battery turns green, take it out so it doesn't drain.

Mar 26, 2008 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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My Zune Won´t turn on

my son's just did this and the reset method worked (press the back button and up and hold both for about 10 seconds until the zune screen appears)

Nov 08, 2007 | Microsoft Zune JS8-00001 Digital Media...

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