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Keyboard meaning I have an Aspire AST 180 Desk top. I don't know the meanings of all the keys {buttons} on the very top left of the keyboard. How could I find a diagram explaining what each key will do? Thank you

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  • Ralph777 Feb 11, 2008

    I am going to accept[pay] this answer,which is no answer at all. First and last time using ask the expert.


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With the indulgence of the other posters.

The Acer Aspire AST180-UD400B or better known as Aspire T180 comes with a standard keyboard as shown below

Keyboard meaning - 2dba419.jpg

Should this be what you have, the basic keys on the top left are:
Esc - Escape key. It is basically a shortcut to STOP or get out of a program sequence. Often this is as a shortcut key for the Stop button in many web browsers
F1 - usually launches a program's Help Guide
F2 - usually launches Rename command
F3 - usually launches Find or Search command
F4 - formerly a DOS for launching previous OS but currently used in conjunction with Alt that closes an active, open window and/or exits a program. With no active, open windows, it prompts you to exit.

If for some reason your keyboard is different, it is possible that the dealer could have bundled a different/after market keyboard such as those web or multimedia as shown below. The top left keys then would be either for web browser shortcut keys or multimedia shortcut keys or some other specialized functions.


Should this be the case, pls post back with the brand/model which may be determined by looking at the bottom or any of the markings at the top.

Hope this be of additional help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

Good luck and kindest regards.

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

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I am adding the link for the keyboard diagram and all it functions
Here is the link;

Good Luck
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Posted on Feb 11, 2008

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    Function of Key Key
    Alternate Cursor Ctrl+F11
    Attention Esc
    Backspace <- (Backspace)
    Backtab Shift+->|
    Backtab Word Alt+<-
    Begin Bold* Ctrl+B
    Begin of line* Ctrl+4(pad)
    Begin Underscore* Ctrl+U
    Bottom of Page* Ctrl+2(pad)
    Carrier Return Ctrl+Enter or
    Ctrl+-(pad) or
    Center Text* Ctrl+C
    Clear Pause
    Cursor Blink Ctrl+F10
    Cursor Down V or 2(pad)
    Cursor Left <- or 4(pad)
    Cursor Right -> or 6(pad)
    Cursor Up ^ or 8(pad)
    Delete Character Delete or .(pad)
    Delete Word Ctrl+Delete or
    Display Text Code Alt+Insert
    Dup Shift+Insert
    Edit Copy Ctrl+Insert
    Edit Cut Shift+Delete
    Edit Paste Shift+PageDown or
    Edit Undo Alt+<- (Backspace)
    End Bold/Underscore* Ctrl+J
    End of line* Ctrl+6(pad)
    End of page* Ctrl+P
    Enter/Control Right Ctrl
    Erase EOF End or 1(pad)
    Erase Input Alt+End
    Fast Cursor Down Alt+V or
    Fast Cursor Up Alt+^ or
    Field Exit Enter(pad) or
    <* (Enter)
    Field Mark Shift+Home
    Field Minus (-) -(pad)
    Field Plus (+) +(pad)
    Half Index Down* Ctrl+H
    Half Index Up* Ctrl+Y
    Help Alt+F1
    Home Home or 7(pad)
    Host Print Ctrl+Pause
    Insert Insert or
    Insert Symbol* Ctrl+A
    Jump Next Alt+PageUp
    Mark Down Shift+V
    Mark Left Shift+<-
    Mark Right Shift+->
    Mark Up Shift+^
    Move Mark Down Ctrl+V
    Move Mark Left Ctrl+<-
    Move Mark Right Ctrl+->
    Move Mark Up Ctrl+^
    Next Column* Ctrl+D
    Next Stop* Ctrl+N
    Pause Ctrl+F7
    PF1 to PF12 F1 to F12
    PF13 to PF24 Shift+F1 to F12
    Play Ctrl+F6
    Quit Alt+Left Ctrl
    Record Ctrl+F5
    Required Backspace Ctrl+<- (Backspace)
    Required Space* Ctrl+Space
    Required Tab* Ctrl+->|
    Reset/Control Left Ctrl
    Roll Down 9(pad) or PageUp
    Roll Up 3(pad) or PageDown
    Rule Ctrl+Home
    Stop Code* Ctrl+S
    System Request Shift+Esc
    Tab Field ->|
    Tab Word Alt+->
    Test Request Alt+Pause
    Top of Page* Ctrl+8(pad)
    Word Underscore* Ctrl+W
    Change Screen Not assigned
    Character Advance Shift+BackSpace
    Help Not assigned
    Host Print Not assigned
    PA3 Not assigned
    Roll Down PageUp
    Roll Up PageDown
    Printer Setup Not assigned
    Backspace <- (Backspace)
    Break Ctrl+Pause
    CAN Ctrl+<- (Backspace)
    Cursor Down V or 2(pad)
    Cursor Left <- or 4(pad)
    Cursor Right -> or 6(pad)
    Cursor Up ^ or 8(pad)
    Edit Copy Ctrl+Insert
    Edit Cut Shift+Delete
    Edit Paste Shift+PageDown or
    Edit Undo Alt+<- (Backspace)
    Jump Next Alt+PageUp
    New Line <* (Enter)
    Mark Down Shift+V
    Mark Left Shift+<-
    Mark Right Shift+->
    Mark Up Shift+^
    Move Mark Down Ctrl+V or
    Move Mark Left Ctrl+<- or
    Move Mark Right Ctrl+-> or
    Move Mark Up Ctrl+^ or
    PF6 to PF12 F6 to F12
    PF13 to PF20 Shift+F1 to F8
    Rule Ctrl+Home
    Tab Field ->| or Shift+->|
    VT Enter Shift+Enter(pad)
    VT Find End2 or
    VT Hold Pause
    VT Insert Insert or 0(pad)
    VT Next Page Down2 or
    VT Numpad 0 to VT Numpad 9 Shift+0(pad) to
    VT Numpad Comma Shift++(pad)
    VT Numpad Minus -(pad) or Shift+-(pad)
    VT Numpad Period Shift+.(pad)
    VT PF1 to VT PF4 F1 to F4
    VT Prev Page Up2 or
    VT Remove Delete or .(pad)
    VT Select Home2 or
    VT User F6 to VT User F12 Ctrl+F6 to F12
    VT User F13 to VT User F20 Ctrl+Shift+F1 to F8
    Cut Ctrl+X
    Copy Ctrl+C
    Paste Ctrl+V
    Enter Enter
    New Line Right Ctrl
    Edit Cut Ctrl+X
    Edit Copy Ctrl+C
    Edit Paste Ctrl+V
    Page Up PF7
    Page Down PF8
    Enter Enter
    New Line Right Ctrl

    Good Luck
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    Here is all your shortcut for yours keyboard

    Add Bookmark Ctrl/Cmd+D Ctrl/Cmd+D Ctrl/Cmd+T
    Back Backspace 1
    Alt+<- Win/Linux
    Ctrl/Cmd+[ Mac/Linux
    Cmd+<- Mac Backspace
    Alt/Option+<- Backspace
    Bookmarks Ctrl/Cmd+B
    Ctrl+I Win Ctrl/Cmd+I F4
    Caret Browsing F7 Feature Not Available Feature Not Available
    Close Tab Ctrl/Cmd+W
    Ctrl/Cmd+F4 Ctrl+W Win Ctrl/Cmd+W
    Close Window Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+W
    Alt/Option+F4 Ctrl/Cmd+W
    Alt/Option+F4 Ctrl/Cmd+W
    Complete .com Address 2 Ctrl/Cmd+Enter/Return Ctrl/Cmd+Enter/Return Enter/Return
    Complete .net Address 2 Shift+Enter/Return Feature Not Available Feature Not Available
    Complete .org Address 2 Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Enter/Return Feature Not Available Feature Not Available
    Copy Ctrl/Cmd+C Ctrl/Cmd+C Ctrl/Cmd+C
    Cut Ctrl/Cmd+X Ctrl/Cmd+X Ctrl/Cmd+X
    Decrease Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+- Ctrl+- Win 9
    Delete Del Del Del
    Delete Individual Form Auto-Complete Entry Shift+Del Del
    DOM Inspector Ctrl+Shift+I Win/Linux Feature Not Available Feature Not Available
    Downloads Ctrl+J Win
    Ctrl+Y Linux
    Cmd+J Mac Feature Not Available Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Option+T
    Find Again Ctrl/Cmd+G
    F3 F3
    Find As You Type Link ' Feature Not Available ,
    Find As You Type Text / Feature Not Available /
    Find Previous Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+G
    Shift+F3 Shift+F3
    Find in This Page Ctrl/Cmd+F Ctrl/Cmd+F Ctrl/Cmd+F
    Forward Shift+Backspace1
    Alt/Option+-> Win/Linux
    Ctrl/Cmd+] Mac/Linux
    Cmd+-> Mac Shift+Backspace
    Alt/Option+-> Shift+Backspace
    Go Down One Line Down Down Down
    Go Up One Line Up Up Up
    Go Down One Page PageDown PageDown PageDown
    Go Up One Page PageUp PageUp PageUp
    Go to Bottom of Page End End End
    Go to Top of Page Home Home Home
    Full Screen F11 Win/Linux F11 F11
    Help F1 Win/Linux F1 F1
    History Ctrl/Cmd+H Ctrl/Cmd+H Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Option+H
    Home Page Alt/Option+Home Alt/Option+Home Alt/Option+Home
    Increase Text Size Ctrl/Cmd++ Ctrl++ Win 0
    Move to Next Frame F6
    Move to Previous Frame Shift+F6
    New Mail Message 3 Ctrl/Cmd+M
    New Tab Ctrl/Cmd+T Ctrl+T Win Ctrl/Cmd+N
    Next Tab Ctrl+Tab Win/Linux
    Cmd+Opt+Tab Mac
    Ctrl/Cmd+PageDown Ctrl+Tab Win Ctrl/Cmd+Tab
    New Window Ctrl/Cmd+N Ctrl/Cmd+N Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Option+N
    Open File Ctrl/Cmd+O Ctrl/Cmd+O Ctrl/Cmd+O
    Open Link Enter/Return Enter/Return Enter/Return
    Open Link in New Tab Ctrl/Cmd+Enter/Return Ctrl+Enter Win
    Open Link in New Window Shift+Enter/Return Shift+Enter/Return Shift+Enter/Return
    Open Address in New Tab 2 Alt/Option+Enter/Return Alt+Enter Win Shift+Enter/Return
    Page Info Ctrl+I Linux
    Cmd+I Mac Ctrl/Cmd+8
    Page Source Ctrl/Cmd+U Ctrl/Cmd+F3 Ctrl/Cmd+F3
    Paste Ctrl/Cmd+V Ctrl/Cmd+V Ctrl/Cmd+V
    Previous Tab Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Tab
    Ctrl/Cmd+PageUp Ctrl+Shift+Tab Win Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Tab
    Print Ctrl/Cmd+P Ctrl/Cmd+P Ctrl/Cmd+P
    Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Z
    Ctrl+Y Win/Linux Ctrl/Cmd+Y Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Z
    Reload F5
    Ctrl/Cmd+R F5
    Ctrl/Cmd+R F5
    Reload (override cache) Ctrl/Cmd+F5
    Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R Ctrl/Cmd+F5
    Restore Text Size Ctrl/Cmd+0 Ctrl+0Win 6
    Save Page As Ctrl/Cmd+S Ctrl/Cmd+S
    Save Link Target As Alt/Option+Enter/Return
    Select All Ctrl/Cmd+A Ctrl/Cmd+A Ctrl/Cmd+A
    Select Location Bar Ctrl/Cmd+L
    Alt+D Win/Linux Alt/Option+D
    Ctrl/Cmd+Tab F8
    Select Next Auto-Complete entry in text field Down
    Select Previous Auto-Complete entry in text field Up
    Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl/Cmd+Down
    Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl/Cmd+Up
    Select Tab [1 to 9] Ctrl+[1 to 9] Win
    Alt+[1 to 9] Linux
    Cmd+[1 to 9] Mac Ctrl+[1 to 9] Win
    Stop Esc Esc Esc
    Toggle Checkbox Spacebar Spacebar Spacebar
    Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z Ctrl/Cmd+Z Ctrl/Cmd+Z
    Web Search Ctrl/Cmd+K
    Ctrl+J Linux Ctrl+E Win Shift+F8

    Good Luck
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    I am adding the link for the keyboard diagram and all it functions
    Here is the link;

    Good Luck
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There is no manual released for your version of model,
However you can go to THIS link and download the other version and see if you get to know anything.

If you have anyother problem please feel free to ask.


Posted on Feb 11, 2008

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It depends on the keyboard you have. Generally, it is in the top right or to the left of the number pad keyboard.

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If the keyboard doesn't have a Fn key often the Scroll Lock key is used, try Scr Lk + Down arrow to dim the display.
The manual indicates and Fn Key to the right of the Left Alt Key but that doesn't mean you have that keyboard eitther

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Definetly u want keyboard to press F8 for installating OS. Get another keyboard and connect it.
Thanks Good Luck

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i am planing to buy a hp desk top computor i want to know rates mean price

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My compaq presario lcd is working but it has no lights

If by lights, you mean the LED lights located around the exterior of the laptop (like the power light, hard drive light, etc.) then you may have accidentally switched those off.

First you need to locate the 'FN' key. On most laptops it's located on the bottom left of the keyboard, under the 'shift' key.

Next you will need to look for a symbol on the keyboard that would represent the LEDs. It's usually a light bulb, and is almost always located on the 'Fx' keys on the top of your keyboard (F1, F2, F3, etc.).

Once you have located the correct key, you need to hold the 'fn' key that we found earlier, and press the 'Fx' key that corresponds to the LED (or light bulb) button.

For example, on a older model Gateway laptop, I will hold the 'FN' key on the bottom left, and press 'F1'.

If by lights you mean the backlighting for the LCD screen, which would make the LCD screen appear very dim, then you will have to have the screen serviced or replaced.

I hope that helps, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

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I need help in understanding the keyboard functions

what does it mean. do you want to know the hotkeys of just want to speed up your typing speed.
if you mean is to speed up you typing speed. then use softwares like typing tutor etc. i used typing tutor 6. it is an old version but is simple too. now i can type very fastly.
or if you want hotkeys then visit this links:,
the last one is impressive.

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Acer aspire 5043wlmi laptop starts but know function of lcd but works on desktop monitor

The computer's power management system automatically dims the screen when using battery power, which is one of the power-saving features.
To adjust the brightness:
  • Hold down the Fn Key located at bottom left of your keyboard next to the Ctrl key, and adjust the screen brightness using the left/right arrow keys located at the bottom right of the keyboard.
If that's not it then

A dim or dark screen does not necessarily mean a bad inverter! It could be a faulty lcd backlight bulb, inverter cable, inverter, or in some cases a motherboard failure. If your still under warranty then I would get Acer support on the phone and see what they can do.
An Inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Jul 01, 2008 | Acer Computers & Internet

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Acer wireless mouse and keyboard connection problem

Unplug the USB cable associated with the keyboard and mouse while the computer is still on. Plug it back in to a different USB port. This should cause Windows to re-detect them and reinstall the drivers automagically. Let me know if that works.

Mar 17, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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