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Itouch 16gb, Cannot get an internet connection

I get a full strength wifi connection but cannot get onto the internet as it keeps saying "Cannot connect you to server" what do I do???

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  • Natahem Feb 06, 2008

    My Itouch would actually connect everywhere else. But when I try at at home, it doesnt connect. I can see the full signal and can see my router too. But it doesnt connect. I have tried at my brother's and sister's places, it works fine. It even works at Starbucks. I dont know why it would not work at my home!! Can anyone help me??

  • Anonymous Feb 10, 2008

    will not connect to the internet wi-fi signal is stroung

  • jajl Feb 18, 2008

    I get a full strength wifi connection but cannot get onto the internet as it keeps saying "Cannot connect you to server" what do I do???

  • Anonymous Feb 22, 2008

    Every time i try to get on my enternet or youtube and stuff like that it says,''CANNOT FIND SERVER''.How do I get it to work?

  • siiiiiii Feb 24, 2008

    Every time i try to get on my enternet or youtube and stuff like that it says,''CANNOT FIND SERVER''.How do I get it to work?

  • Anonymous Feb 27, 2008

    my itouch gets connections but it don't let me get to the internet

  • mela_z Mar 12, 2008

    it shows up that its connected but when i want to get somewere it says "cannot connect to..." and i have a quiet strong connection, please help.

  • smiley770 Mar 21, 2008


  • negors Mar 23, 2008

    strong connection but no internet or you tube can't get help no where even at the apple store

  • Anonymous Apr 09, 2008

    Same problem

  • thoma2 Apr 09, 2008

    Same problem.

  • Anonymous Apr 11, 2008

    i have the same problem... only diff is im using an 8gb itouch, but i highly doubt that makes a difference.

    anyways, i got two other comps on the network, and my router is a linksys


  • Raffa Apr 20, 2008

    I cannot connect my itouh to wifi. I have a strong signal. I have tried to renew the lease and the other solution regarding changing the DNS but neither works.

  • 4half Apr 24, 2008

    Whenever I try to enter my WiFi password it says that it cannot connect me to the server.

  • jackee010 Apr 25, 2008

    it won't connect to the internet and it won't go to you tube either this is some bull

  • Anonymous Apr 30, 2008

    my internet doesn't work at all!!! all it says is can't connect to the server!!!

  • melrosebr Apr 30, 2008

    My ipod makes a connection and keeps the connection, but when i try to access the web or utube it says it cannot find the server...i try changingthe DSN or whatever but that hasnt worked..helppppp

  • MissSwiss May 01, 2008

    I am in the same boat, tried to renew the lease, change the DNS, still, no connections despite excellent reception. Help.

  • Anonymous May 09, 2008

    I dont no the password to connect for the internet? How do i find it?

  • lovcava May 11, 2008

    I have full wifi signal and still says cannot connect to server

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008

    if it comes up you need a password like at the school what do i do

  • Meone1 May 26, 2008

    i have the same exact problem with my iTouch i tried what it says down here to renew the lease and all that. But when i try to connect to my network is weird because when i type in my password it says Unable to join it. And I tried writting a random name and it worked. And I can't find my DSN that's the only thing I haven't tried. How can I find it?

  • gavstar May 27, 2008

    Wi-Fi network is selected and password entered. There is a tick beside network name that presumably means its connected. But, when trying to get onto Safari we get - can't open because it can't find the network


  • katken Jun 01, 2008

    Same Problem I can connect to the server, But when i try to go on the internet it says it can't connect to the server, byt in settings it says its connected, how did this happen?

  • Anonymous Jun 02, 2008

    cant get on internet says cant connect to server

  • Anonymous Jun 08, 2008

    I cannot send or receive emails and get the "cannot connect to server, try again later" message. Has happened since I downloaded a free trial of AVG anti virus 8.00 (already had the free 7.5 version). Coincidental, or a connection here?? I have checked my modum connection - no problem. I now intend to access my emails via webmail, but would like the problem solved ASAP. Pamela

  • Anonymous Jun 08, 2008

    i try to connect my itouch throught wireless yet it says "unable to join the network" when i connect it... i tried both WEP WPA2 and unsecured NOTHING IS HAPPENING ...PLZZ HELP

  • weemum Jun 08, 2008

    I have exactly the same problem - can't acees internet or utube.

  • Anonymous Jun 09, 2008

    I cant connect to the internet using my itouch it keeps saying cannot find server what do i do i have a full internet connection and its not finding the server

  • Nora0716 Jun 10, 2008

    I have the same prob i cant access the internet even with full signal

  • Anonymous Jun 10, 2008

    I downloaded some MicroSoft updates on my new laptop. I have a strong wi-fi connection but I can not get on the internet now. Before I downloaded the updates everything worked flawlessly? I try to uninstall the updates by doing the restore to an earlier date and that obviously did not work.

  • Auzzy7 Jun 11, 2008

    My Porblem is i have the full wireless connection at home and it shows on my itouch but it says "cannot find a sever". What should i do?

  • Nick8 Jun 13, 2008

    i have full wiif signal but when i go onto safari it comes up with a message saying "safari can't open the page because it can't find server"

  • Anonymous Jun 15, 2008

    my internet

  • gotdat Jun 19, 2008

    i cant connect to the internet

  • Anonymous Jun 20, 2008

    i cant get a network connection , it just stuck in a loop looking for the network but my laptop works fine

  • wernsta2000 Jun 20, 2008

    stock in a loop looking for network eventhough my laptop works fine via wifi windows xp pro ipod touch 16g

  • Anonymous Jun 22, 2008


  • Anonymous Jun 28, 2008

    my itouch will not connect to safari. It can not find the host.

  • Anonymous Jun 28, 2008

    every time i type something in the address bar it comes up internet cannot display this page

  • Anonymous Jul 11, 2008

    I get full wifi connection yet the ipod cannot find the server

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    I am in the UK but the Touch was bought in the US does that make a difference?

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    my ipod touch will connect to the wireless network
    i have type the password and have had no luck i have Sky broadband

  • lorr747 Jul 17, 2008

    I am trying to get on a local college open network and Safari tells me "can't open the page because it could not connect to the server." But when I am at home on my closed network it works fine. When I looked at the settings I have a IP Address, I have a Subnet Mask, I have a Router #, but I do not have a DSN #... HTTP Proxy is on Auto. IP Address is on DHCP. If anyone can help please do so.

  • Pocahontis Jul 23, 2008

    i don't know what's a wi-fi connection and my ipod won't connect to the internet it keeps saying can't find server what do i do?!

  • Anonymous Aug 05, 2008

    I cannot get the mail icon on my itouch. I would like to set up safari as well

  • heinekein07 Aug 05, 2008

    cant get onto internet but havefull wifi signal keeps saying 'cannot connect to internet' or 'server not responding' WHAT SHOULD I DO??????

  • Anonymous Aug 12, 2008

    i cannot get internet access on my new itouch.

  • zined0527 Aug 13, 2008

    I used to be able to connect just even when im connected (full bars) internet says it can't find the server.

  • cutie_pablo Aug 14, 2008

    i have a perfect connection on my itouch but i still cant get on the internet. why?

  • renzo_90 Aug 16, 2008

    when i try to open a webpage in safari...a window in my screen opens and says Safari cant open the page because it cant find the sever. im in my house and i have wireless.

  • Loumartag Aug 17, 2008

    I have a ipod touch and when I go into Safari I get a connection but mail says I cannot connect because I lost the conneciton to I have gone into settings and tried all sorts of suggestions but nothing works

  • kennethng Aug 21, 2008

    I have a 8gb itouch but that should not be the issue. However, what is the problem is that I cannot connection to the internet even though I have a full bar of strength on my connection. It used to work, but for the past couple days it has not. This is specifically for just one connection but it is the one i use at home. So I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for fixing my problem.

  • beverlyo1 Aug 27, 2008

    Wifi works fine at home. However at work I can connect to 'free public wifi' Have full bar strength but still says not connected to internet. Have tried resetting but that doesnt work either. Any answers????

  • Anonymous Aug 29, 2008

    I just got a touch on tuesday and the wi-fi worked fine but since about 4:30 today it has stopped. I tried reseting it and when i try to go to youtube it says cannot connnect to youtube. when i try to access my e-mail it says cannot get amil the connection to the server "" failed????? HELP I HAVE FULL STRENGTH WI-FI

  • Anonymous Aug 31, 2008

    wifi isnt working and i dont know what to do.

  • Anonymous Sep 01, 2008

    i get the connection but still saying " cant find the server"

  • gurln2kaos Sep 01, 2008

    despite the fact that it finds wi fi connections, all i ever get when trying to connect to the internet is a message saying it can't connect to the server or something like that, what do I do???

  • valentine10 Sep 02, 2008

    My internet access is fine, but whenever i try to connect my itouch, it says "cannot connect to server".

  • mldygles Sep 03, 2008

    I have the same problem with my itouch 32G, I have had it since Feb, 08 and have not been able to access any wifi or any of my other options offered on the home page, ie.. Safari, itunes store, etc... I would really appreciate it if some intellegent soul could kindly email me and walk me through it. I love this thing and would love to check my email and email customers. That is why I purchased this. I even downloaded this upgrade recently. My teenage daughter told me to she thought that it might help with the connection problems.??? Can someone please help?

  • Anonymous Oct 15, 2008

    It says Unable to connect to network when it is listed right there in my networks.

  • buckwheet Oct 15, 2008

    for my 16g itouch it wont let me go into my wi-fi settings at all ever since i got it, and when i go into safari it says, safari cant open the page because its not connected to the internet, what do i do

  • vanputten Nov 09, 2008

    I get a full strength wifi connection but cannot get onto the internet as it keeps saying "Cannot connect you to server" what do I do???

  • Anonymous Nov 09, 2008

    I typed in the password on my i-touch but i cant get internet still!! please help

  • Anonymous Nov 09, 2008

    I cant get internet on my i-touch i typed in the password and it still doesnt work HELP !!!!

  • John B 816 Nov 12, 2008

    Please describe the specifics of your problem below. We'll add
    post as a comment to jules sparks's itouch 16gb, Cannot get an internet
    connection problem, and notify you when a new solution is offered.

  • metzler24 Nov 22, 2008

    Idk how to connect to the internet with through wifi. I know that linksys is involved but idk if u need a wep code or w/e. idk even how to find that

  • barkiwi Dec 06, 2008

    Cannot get internet connection even after trying setup from main computer, this is bogus as it is one of the reasons I bought the itouch 8gb.

  • Anonymous Dec 06, 2008

    i need help cuz i try to go onto the internet on my itouch and everytime it tells me to enter a password and i dont have a password!!!! what do i do?!?

  • Anonymous Dec 06, 2008

    My itouch cannot go to youtube. It keeps saying that I have to connect to itunes first, but I already did.

  • Anonymous Dec 06, 2008

    same as everyone else cannot connect to server

  • Anonymous Dec 07, 2008

    same here

  • Anonymous Dec 07, 2008

    i have the same problem its really annoying me

  • Anonymous Dec 11, 2008

    I can not connect to my home wireless connection

  • macy95 Dec 13, 2008

    my internet onmy itouch is not working all it says is cannot connect to server.

  • Anonymous Dec 14, 2008

    My Itouch wont connect to the internet, even tho it has wifi connetion that is strong, and i cant do anything on it cept listen to music pu contacts i and make notes.  Help plz?

  • this stinks Dec 18, 2008

    i dont know how to get a WIFI network onto my itouch

  • pecker666 Dec 18, 2008

    typed in password and keeps and saying cannot connect to the service

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2008

    cant hook up to home internet it asked for a password i put it in and nothing happens

  • Anonymous Dec 21, 2008

    it wont work

  • katojr20 Dec 23, 2008

    when i go into settings it says that i have a wifi connection, however when i try to go onto safari or the app store it says that i can't connect

  • rhiokai Dec 25, 2008

    Same!! it says i'm connected to the internet but can't access it saying the server isn't responding

  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2008

    same with me

  • bigb12997 Dec 25, 2008

    i cant get wi fi connection

  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2008

    my itouch does not recognize my network name?? why

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    I get connected to the wi-fi signal but then the internet doesn't work...

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    i have an itouch and i try to get on the internet but i cant. i got some servers, but they are all locked. what can i do to get the internet?

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    says it cant connect when i can see the server name and i know the

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2008

    i can find my name and i now my password but its says it wont connect..WHY

  • girlingreen6 Dec 26, 2008

    I have my IP address, but what do I put into the Subnet Mask, Router, DNS and Search Domains boxes under Static?

  • pinkykotecha Dec 27, 2008

    i hava a16gb ipod touch and i wwant to go to the internet i have a router at home but i tried all of the solution but nothing worked i cant go on to internet plz help me i want internet in my iTouch
    plzhelp me

  • Anonymous Dec 27, 2008

    i type in the right password but it doesnt connect to the internet

  • gra1025 Dec 28, 2008

    will not connect when network secured with WPA.
    Works fine with no encrytion.

  • Anonymous Dec 28, 2008

    It works for unsecure and wep, but cannot get it to work for WPA.

  • caskerten Dec 28, 2008

    I have a full wifi connection, and my laptop is working fine on wifi. But my new ipod touch says cannot find server.

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008

    i type the right password for the connection for my linskys router but it says it is an incorect password and cant connect

  • tiptip869 Dec 29, 2008

    well i have a itouch 8gb, and i cannot get internet everytime i go to youtube it say internet not connected!!!!!!!!!! so how do i connected internet??????????

  • hot---chi719 Dec 29, 2008

    i dont kno how to get WiFi

  • sc_claw Dec 29, 2008

    What if you don't have a wireless router? And I am using a Mac at home too, so I seem doubly stymied. I love my iTouch but would love it more if I could use all its apps.

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2008

    my WIFI on my internet says its not if i can at least fix this issue then i can do my iTouch and access it.. but dont know how to connect it to my internet.. and i have a 8GB iTouch

  • tomrags Dec 31, 2008

    It tells me that I'm using the wrong password to connect to my wireless routher, but I'm not. I've double (and triple) checked the router and the password to get to the router is the same and works. So it's something with the itouch and the interaction of the router. The itouch internet works because I took it to the store and the guy was condescending because it was working in the store.

    Any thoughts on how to go about fixing this?

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2008

    ipod touch gen 2 won't connect with my d-link 2310 router even though i have a good signal

  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2009

    Yeah. My Itouch won't connect to the Internet. Although it still connects to my Lynksis router. My Laptop connects fine though.

  • matt98_atm Jan 03, 2009

    Where do I get the DNS number? Please help.

  • Anonymous Jan 04, 2009

    whenever i try to select a network that is not locked such as linksys it sais unable to join network linksys but whats weird is it sometimes works but some times it doesnt,

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2009

    it says i have all 3 bars on my ipod touch but it wont connect to anything

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2009

    i am connected to WiFi but when i use the internet on the itouch, it says there is no connection

  • shari16 Jan 07, 2009

    i have an itouch 16gb i can find wifi networks and everything but everytime i try to connect is says that is unable to connect to any of the them.

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2009

    heloo every one, My I pod is disabled, and I can not remember the passscod, waht should I do,???

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2009

    how do i

    set up my ipod touch

  • MagicClover Jan 13, 2009

    ok so im having same trouble on my itouch 2gen too....i got my itouch 1 month ago and was getting network fine all of a sudden one day it didn't work. i've typed in all setting and info needed but there is no renew lease button there..i go into default network and check and renew lease buton is clearly there...i've tried turning off and on itouch nothing...anyone help!!??

  • Anonymous Jan 23, 2009

    says server stopped responding-but I have complete network coverage

  • robyn102 Jan 23, 2009

    full network coverage but it says the server stopped reponding

  • neek_2110 Jan 23, 2009

    i have connection to the internet but it will nt connect to the the wifi connection

  • Anonymous Jan 24, 2009

    Mine has the same problem! Nothing I find of the internet helps!

  • Anonymous Jan 24, 2009

    My internet is perfectly fine and has no password yet my ipod touch says it is unable to connect. Please help me to get my internet on my ipod!

  • jcolon Jan 25, 2009

    My network shows up in the list of Wi-Fi networks, There is a IP address and a subnet number but no router or DNS numbers? When I first tried to set up the network I did enter the WEP number but I can’t seem to connect. I can connect to the internet on a unsecure network that shows up on the list but not mine.. Please help …

  • alexcontrera Jan 31, 2009

    my i pod touch shows a list on networks and i pick some that are unsecured and it says not able to connect when i have full bars

  • tionnewhite Jan 31, 2009

    i cant connect to the internet or wifi

  • Anonymous Jan 31, 2009


  • dm_c5 Feb 01, 2009

    same here shows full bars like it is connected use to be but now both mine and my wife's wont connect you'd think spending that much it would last a little longer only been 3 months

  • Anonymous Feb 02, 2009

    my itouch says connection to the server "" failed

  • Anonymous Feb 10, 2009

    when i go to the settings for the wifi connection it says that i cannot access to shadow why cant i

  • michaelgrind Feb 10, 2009

    I have an 8g itouch. When i try to pick a network its locked. but when i find one that dosnt have a lock it still wont let me get online, even when it has full bars, what do I do?

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    my ipod gets the signal but wont let me browse the internet or anything

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    my 32gb itouch wont let me join a network

  • Anonymous Feb 17, 2009

    i have a full bars on the internet but it wont let me on. i even put the password in when it asked me to. help!

  • Anonymous Feb 19, 2009

    my internet has the full bars but it says it won't connect.

  • Anonymous Feb 21, 2009

    i have full bars and it wont let me do anything like app store,itunes stoere, or even safari.nothing and i dont know what to let me on two weeks ago and now it just not working.

  • vrishti_ Mar 01, 2009

    i got 32gb itouch
    it worked very well with internet till last week
    but then youtube stopped working
    n now internet i cannot open anything

  • Tooshy Mar 05, 2009

    I have the full bars on Wi-Fi and it says its loading when I touch like the App store. Then it says it cannot connect. Please help!

  • mosty_man90 Mar 12, 2009

    i got a 16Gb itouch and every time i get a connection it wont connect me to any site b/c it says that i'm also not connected to itunes but it never gave me an option to log-in to itunes, what do i do?

  • Anonymous Mar 15, 2009

    i cant either

  • Anonymous Mar 16, 2009

    it says cant connect to internet

  • Cjaviery Mar 16, 2009

    can't connect to safari or itunes

  • Anonymous Mar 18, 2009

    samee vv

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2009

    I touch 16gb, Cannot get an internet connection

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2009

    I went into area with known wi-fi connection. No password, no coffe purchase, only connect. Safari, itunes, and other internet connections would not connect even though I had the bars "saying" I am connected.

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2009

    I think the really deep scratch right by the wake/sleep button might have something to do with it. Also when I turn it on it says "iPod is disabled connet to itunes''.

  • zombie3 Mar 24, 2009

    I have a 16gb itouch and a belkin router . The router has been set to only recognise my dell desk top computer and dell laptop. How can I get the system to recognise the itouch as well so that I may have internet access on the itouch as well as the two dell computers. I only want access to these three pieces of equipment.

    Help please


  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2009

    it conect to the wifi but i stell dont have intenet

  • yojfresh Apr 03, 2009

    My wi-fi in my house is strong, i know the password and i try to join but it keeps saying "unable to join to the network '[my network]'"

  • marisatrejo2 Apr 04, 2009

    i have an itouch with great wifi connection but when i try to do anything that involves the internet it says can not connect you because there is no internect connected!!! what do i do???

  • Cecille Miura
    Cecille Miura Apr 04, 2009

    cannot connect the enternet and cannot send and recieve messege no signal

  • azlanzainal Apr 08, 2009

    My itouch 16gb have a strong signal of the wi fi but cannot get connected to the internet this only happen with my own wi fi at home, oherwise at any unsecured or public wi fi it have no problem connecting to the internet.

    If this is because of my router how can it be solved?

  • midmaine2003 Apr 16, 2009

    Same as all these others can get mail etc but have to reboot itouch to reset connection setting just to be able to use safri

  • Anonymous Apr 16, 2009

    i have 8gb on my itouch and i have done everything for my network but it just wont work... is there a number that i can type in and it will all just work?

  • rissa_rawr Apr 17, 2009

    i know my network password, and when i put it in my ipod touch it just says "unable to join the network" any help please?

  • ny eagle Apr 17, 2009

    I am getting internet access on my laptop but cant download anything on my I touch not sure of the security code

  • taennis947 Apr 19, 2009

    In the signal bars it is full but when I ever try to connect it says "safari can't open the page because it can't find the server" anyone has any ideas for this

  • bolanok Apr 19, 2009

    where do you find the settings on the computer? the ones with the IP adresses and the DNS numbers?

  • adisilve Apr 25, 2009

    I have an ITouch and I can't figure out where you enter WEP Key number. Since I don't use WEP key number one how do I change the WEP Key numbedr?

  • Anonymous Apr 28, 2009

    i dont know how to connect the the i pod touch to the internet

  • Anonymous Apr 29, 2009

    i can't connect my i touch to my wireless internet lynksis.

    8gb... this sucks.

    I knew my password, but it won't work!!!

  • Ceemes May 03, 2009

    I touch connects to the internet everywhere else no problem, at home the WiFi is checked, and it says connected - the password has been entered correctly - but safari, facebook etc won't connect to the internet. A real pain! Cannot seem to find a simple answer here. Hope somene can help

  • oohsoplain May 05, 2009

    This uhh mo ****** won't connect me to my mo ******* itouch to my mo ******* pc and i'm starting to get pissed off and what not

  • bolanok May 11, 2010

    Where do you get the numbers? The IP address and the DNS number on the computer???



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Hit "Forget this Network", go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network. Worked for me.

Posted on Feb 15, 2009

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Try going to the Wi-Fi setting on your ipod touch then tap your home network and when the screen pops up with the I.P Adress, etc...., then go to the button that says " Renew Lease" and Tap it.
It worked for me....hope it helps

Posted on Feb 08, 2008

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I solved my wifi problem by checking the dns settings. When I 1st logged on to my home secure wifi network my router uploaded all of its dhcp & dns settgs to my itouch. My itouch could see my router; I could ping my itouch's ip address from my
pc..but my itouch would get server could not be found in safari.
After trying multiple times to renew my dhcp lease & resetting my network settings on my itouch-all to no avail-I erased all of the dhcp settings that were uploaded to my itouch, and using the static ip setting I manually entered the ip address,subnet mask,router ip address, & dns address into my itouch(all of these settings I copied from my router settings). THE ONE THING I NOTICED WAS THAT THE DHCP OF MY ROUTER ENTERED -2- DNS ADDRESSES INTO MY ITOUCH.I MANUALLY ENTERED -1-DNS ADDRESS-THE ONE THAT DIDN'T BEGIN WITH 192.168.XXX.XXX . IT WORKED!! Itouch
apparently can't distinguish between 2 dns addresses-it needs one to work with. After doing this I was able to access safari.
Beware of dns addresses that begin with 192.168 as these are just octets that home network routers such as linksys use to designate the wan ip address of your router and as such are not true internet dns server ip addresses. i hope this helps:)

Posted on May 21, 2008

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The password is your encryption code.

To find out your encryption code.....

1. Go to My Computer (or just computer for WindowsVista)
2. Go to Hard Disk Drive "C"
3. Then click on the file with the name of whatever router company you use (e.g. Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, etc.)
4. Then click on Wireless Settings
5. Then at the top, check to see if that's your network name. (If it is, continue with the directions. If it's not, then go back to the file name of your router and choose the other Wireless Settings file.)
6. If it is, click on it and look at the page and look to see if it tells you the encryption code.
7. On your iTouch, go to settings.
8. Then click general.
9. Then click network.
10. Then click "Wi-Fi".
11. Under where it says "Choose a network...", click your network's name. It will then ask for your password. Look back at your encryption code, and type it in.

You should be all set!

If this doesn't help, try going to the nearest Apple store. They can set you up with a technician. (You have to set up an appointment) They have very nice service.

Trying to talk to your router company, probably won't help. Your router is not the problem.

Well, Happy Holidays everyone!

And I hope this helps!



Posted on Dec 28, 2008

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Where do i get the dns number?

Posted on Jul 22, 2008

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Ok, I have tried every one of these solutions and I still get "could not open the page because the server stopped responding." Can someone please help me?????

Posted on Jul 15, 2008

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I didn't have any bars at first too. i thought that it was going to automatically find my network again after i restored my itouch. but this was what i did to solve it:

1) click settings
2) click Wi-Fi
3) choose other (i tried choosing an existing network that was listed, but it still wouldn't connect, so click other)
4) enter the SSID (which is like the network name, ask your internet provider if you don't know/forgot what it is)
5) select what type of password it uses, i think either WEP or WPA might work, but they both worked for me
6) click Other Network back button to return to the last screen, it will now give you a space to enter your network's password
7) enter your network's password

hopefully that solves it :]

Posted on Jan 18, 2009

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Just got my 32 gb ipod touch (with updates) today. I also wasnt able to access safari despite itouch recognized my home wireless network. i wrote down all the DHCP settings. I also have an xbox 360. On my 360 I checked the network connections (purple blade for 360 owners). then checked these w/ my laptop's network settings. then i re-typed the settings in static instead of the DHCP section. Actually most the settings were there already. I had to delete2 or the 3 DNS settings (one was the generic that) then there were twice listed identical DNS server #'s: (depending on your own server). I erased one of these & was able to get on Safari right away at this point.

Posted on Jun 06, 2008

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I deleted the dns number and entered the one listed above, unfortunetely that didnt work so I deleted it and turned it off and on again and poof it worked! When I checked the dns setting it was the original dns number which is the same as the router number, who knows but its working now!!!

Posted on Mar 08, 2009

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Simply changing my password on my router (removing characters and changing the password to numbers only) worked for me. (I struggled for hours, setting up static ip addresses etc before i tried this).

I have a Netgear and followed these instructions to change my password "Netgear routers use Web-based administration, so you need to accessyour router's private "page." On my Netgear router, I would go to -- you can also try or visit and try going to the address listed there.

The username will be "admin" and the password is not your currentsecurity key -- by default is "password" or "1234" for older routersunless you've set it differently. If all else fails, you can reset therouter completely by pressing the indented button on the back of it(you may need a pen or straightened paperclip to reach it).

Once you've logged in, click 'Wireless Settings' on the left and theoption for the security key will appear on the bottom. Remember, onceyou change the password, you will need to correct it on any devicesthat connect to the router or they will be unable to connect."

Hope this helps.

Posted on May 23, 2009

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From your network settings change to static from dhcp then manually add in your ip address and, subnet mask and router settings which you should have from router. This solved my problem. The router I was using is a Netgear DG834PN. Good luck

Posted on Feb 28, 2009

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I was having sam prob. with my 16gb Itouch not being able to connect to internet for 2 days. I tried a few things I read here then I just simply unplugged my netgear wireless modem for about 10sec. plugged it back in and it started to work again and it has 2 dns addresses in it. Hope this helps someone.

Posted on Feb 13, 2009

  • j_dragon515 Feb 13, 2009

    Try unplugging the modem for about 10sec. then plug it back in see if that works.


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I got mine to work by writing static ip's for all my addresses, so my cpu was, and so on. i am using a me102 netgear access point. my internet is through my usb. bridged the connections togther. rewrote the ip in the access point to then made sure all adresses are on the same network (this simple check ,i didnt do cost me 2 hours -.-). then wifi conneciton on itouch just do it self and then bingo dchp on iTouch goe slike this

Ip address :
subnet mask:
DNS: ( i dont understand wher this came from, as i it generated from somewhere, i cant figure out where from , checked my external ip that thats not it)
then done any more info send me email at

Posted on Jan 07, 2009

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Definitely try to power cycle your router and modem before trying anything else!! I had the same problem - sporadic connectivity, 2 DNS addresses...Unplug your modem and router for at least a minute. plug the modem in first and give it a minute then plug in your router. Bingo. It worked like a charm.

Posted on Jan 08, 2010

Lol i cant even join my house network... yes my house netowkr has password and i keyed in the correct pasword and the security is WEP so i did the settings exactly like on my windows Xp but they still keep saying unbale to join network. please help me

Posted on Nov 06, 2008

I tried everything on here but nothing still works

Posted on Aug 26, 2008

All of these are great solutions but unless you have high securiy settings on your router you might have to open ports so that is can connect.

Posted on Aug 25, 2008

Im having thAT PROBLEM TOO

Posted on Jul 09, 2008

Only 1 DNS number is needed for the DNS setting.

Posted on Jun 09, 2008

Alright i need alot of help! with my internet i tryed all of that HLEP ME!

Posted on May 18, 2008

I tried that. but it still doesn't work!

Posted on May 03, 2008

Thanks! Changing the DNS settings worked!

Posted on Apr 21, 2008

Try these settings:

* Go to Settings.
* Select Wi-Fi.
* Chose a network.
* Select the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to.
* Select DNS.
* Change the IP Address to

these worked for me on my itouch 16GB

Posted on Mar 09, 2008

Wow, ive read so many solutions on the internet to try to fix this problem and this is the only one that has worked for me. GREAY JOB!!!

Posted on Jul 08, 2008

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Yea the DNS worked wow. Thanks it took 2 minutes to fix after troubleshooting forever.

Posted on Aug 17, 2008

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I have seen many ipod touches come in to my shop for the same problem, contact the manufacturer or service plan provider to get it replaced, or fixed... What happens is many of the wifi circuits are bad, why, (I do not know) what I do know is the easy fix is to just get it replaced (better than waiting for a fix)

Posted on Feb 01, 2009

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I work in tech support and just had a customer call in with this same issue. I had him access his modem and change the WEP key for his wireless to his phone number area code included. logged on with his touch and was surfing in moments. He had been trying all these other solutions for weeks. Give it a try. Hope it helps.

Posted on Dec 20, 2008

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I actually just recently bought a new 16gb I touch. At first I didn't know how to operate the internet but figured it out. From your home page, you would choose settings. On the screen should indicate WIFI button. Click that button. You would first set up your wifi on your itouch to the router coming from your house or an unsecured wireless site. After it is connected, then you would select that router connection Ex. Linksys SES..... then it should go into the WIFI settings. Scroll to the bottom at the HTTP Proxy, select NONE. After I changed the setting, I went to safari and was able to access the internet. I hope this help :)

Posted on Sep 23, 2008

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Hi there,
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My 8.9 lte I can not get on line but say,s I,m connected

When you say it says connected! I think you mean the tablet is connected to the WiFi but the WiFi is not connected to the Internet! Is your internet connection ok? Check all the lights are green on the router!

Dec 11, 2014 | Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi 16GB Tablet

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Wifi connection problem

Need To Double Check Password And Connection Info. One Error Sets The Whole Thing Off As Wrong.

Feb 02, 2014 | Noria 7 Android 4.2 Tablet - White

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Having trouble connecting to internet

My mobile internet is not working with and without the wifi, It's always saying DNS Lookup failed. Why?

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My Ipod touch is not connecting to a wifi which has been working up until 2 nights ago, it still says it has medium signal strength, but if i open the itunes store or any other sort of internet connection,...

Have you had a software upgrade? I had exactly the same problem with a brand new 3rd gen iTouch and it turned out to be a problem with the itouch and the wifi encryption. Mine showed it was connected to the network but wouldn't access anything (invalid argument etc). I tried everything but no joy. Eventually I fixed it by changing the router's encryption from WEP to WPA2-PSK. Fixed it like magic. Where there had been no router or DNA data before, they were suddenly filled in. The key was different but was still on the bottom of the router. I had to re-enter the key on my wireless laptop2_bing.gif but that was a small price.

You can get into the router set-up page through your web browser. I found a guide on You Tube.

Good luck!

Jan 18, 2010 | Apple iPod touch

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Itouch connects to the internet everywhere except home

This is due to your router, not your iPod. I've had to reset the router several times in s row before I could connect to the internet. I'm not sure why the third time worked when the first two didn't. My suggestion is to keep trying repeatedly.

Oct 13, 2009 | Apple iPod touch

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Wi-fi connection does not work

go to settings and wifi...look for your network and tap on it.
Join your network and if it is secure it is asking for the WEP key which is on the label of the router.
Enter that kep and it should join.
if it is truely an unsecure wifi you should be able to get right on by joining it.

You may be seeing full signal but it may be your neighbors or next door

Good Luck

Mar 10, 2009 | Apple iPod touch

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Itouch shows connected but when used says theres no internet cone

go to settings... and view the connection... select the little arrow to the right of the name of the connection.. and select "forget this connection" turn the wifi off... then back on.. and connect back on the network and it should work. it fixed my mine. i had the same issue. goodluck

someone posted this a long time ago.....I just copied it worked for me.

have a nice day

Jan 17, 2009 | Apple iPod touch

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No wi fi for itouch

Usually, all iPods have a WiFi chip imbedded in the device so you have to pay nothing except for your currently active Wireless internet connection. Try checking your modem and making sure it's working for starters. If it is, then go on the iPod and go to settings, then internet connections. Select a valid internet connection and it should automatically connect, given a good signal strength.

If this helped/didn't help, let me know.

Sep 25, 2008 | Apple iPod touch

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