Question about Linksys Wireless-G WET54G 802.11g/b (WET54GSUK) Wireless Bridge

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Unable to get my WET54G up and running

I had a wireless router whose IP config is:
net mask:
security: WEP 128 bits
key 1: X... [13 characters long)

I am trying to connect my PC/Linux to the Internet. I have plugged the WET54G to the PC through Ethernet.
IP address:
net mask:
default gateway:

When trying to setup the security on the bridge, I do not know where to type the key: passphrase or key 1?

My PC setup is:
IP address:
net mask:
default gateway:

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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How To install on a Lynksys router.

ok on every router there is a ip address range in wich it makes up the addresses, for instance on my wrt300n the ranges are -, You can view this by going to your routers page and viewing the SETUP tap and BASIC SETUP subtap and look at Network Address Server Settings DHCP, in order to get the wet54g to work you have to be within that range.

note: if you cant find the ip address range of your router and you have another pc running on wireless go on that machine and run start menu, run then cmd, once there type ipconfig /all and it will show you the ip address of that machine ex, this will give you an idea on were to set your bridges ip address, i just set mine at wich was 1 above my other pc

So with that said in your router function make sure you have DHCP enabled and i have my SSID broadcast on and i use wep 128 bit with a passphrase and firewall protection on

BRIDGE: when first installing the wet54g make sure to use it on the pc that the router is hooked up next to because you need to hardline the wet54g right into the router to first set it up. log into your bridge for the first time at username: admin, password: admin, change the ip address of the bridge from to (within the routers ip address range as stated earlier on my machine i made it and leave it as a static ip address. so it should look like this

Static ip address
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Gateway: (this is your router ip address)

and from here you should be able to do a site surver and see your router, click on the SSID name of your router example linksys and it should prompt for your security settings if not there on the main page. i used wep 128 bit on infrastructure mode. so make sure its under your correct mode (dont worry about channel if using infrastructure) make sure your security is enabled or disabled depending on your set up, if enabled click on the edit security settings button put in your right mode (wep for me) make sure the Transmision key is the same on your router wich you can find at under wireless and wirless security(mine was transmission key 1). so enter your passphase and generate it appy and close.

apply all of your settings and wiat 15 sec for the bridge to reboot, then go to the advanced tap of the bridge and it should look like this

TransmissionRate : AUTO
Authentication Type: Shared (if using security)

Clooning mode i set to Enable and auto

This should be it for the bridge, now go to the pc your going to be using it on and view your network connections and properties of your NIC/network card and highlight TCP/IP setters and click properties of that make it the following

check Obtain an IP address automatically

and check Use the Following DNS server addresses:
Preferred DNS server: (make the xxx to whatever you assigned your bridges ip address to, in my case it was

Alternate DNS server: (make your router's IP address )

save and close settings

you should now be able to see the internet.

i tried my best to fully explain this if i left something out i apologize

Posted on Oct 09, 2008

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Make sure that you routers IP range is setup to handle the IP address of your PC.

Posted on Feb 04, 2008

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Enable security on wireless network

You can secure your wireless network wit WEP or WAP code.
For that Connect your router to computer with ethernet cable then you can access it with following default link.
For belkin router

If you are not able to access it with above ip then check your computers ip address gateway ip is your router ip try with it.
Then it ask for user name and password.
Type user as "admin" and password as "admin" or "password" or blank.
Then you can see configuration page of router.
Click on wireless settings then enable WEP Security then add WEP code .It is your password to connect wi fi.Then save settings and restart router.
Then you can connect your wi fi network with that code.
Thanks for using FixYa.

May 06, 2010 | Linksys Wireless-G WAP54G 802.11g/b...

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How can i put my linksys 54G a password

  1. Using the "Quick Installation Guide", follow the instructions in step 1 toset up your new wireless router. You may also need to restart your computer inorder to see the router.

    Note: If you normally use a static IP address, you will have toreconfigure your internet connection to use DHCP. Go into the controlpanel and open your network connections. Edit the properties of your currentnetwork connection, and make sure that "Obtain an IP address automatically" isenabled.
  2. Connect to the router using your web browser by typing"" into the URL address box.
  3. Leave the Username field blank, and enter the password "admin" to accessyour router when the login prompt appears.

    Note: You will notice immediately a list of menu options (Setup, Wireless,Security, etc.), and as you click on each of these submenus appear. Thisdocument will refer to a menu-submenu combination as Menu -> Submenu.
  4. Setup -> Basic Setup. In the "Internet Setup" section, choose"Static IP" from the drop down menu. Fill in the appropriate values thatdescribe your network. (You don't need to change anything in the optionalsection just below that.)

  5. In the "Network Setup" section, you should at least set your timezone toEastern Time, although you may make changes to the DHCP server as well if youanticipate more than 50 users connecting to your network at once.

  6. Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings. Set the Wireless networkmode to "Mixed" if you would like both B and G clients to be able to connect toyour network. Otherwise you can just select "B-only". The "Wireless NetworkName" will be provided by CNS. Make sure that you disable "WirelessSSID Broadcast" to give a little extra security.

  7. Wireless -> Wireless Security. CNS recommends that you use atleast WEP based security to protect your network. Choose WEP from the dropdown menu and then select "128 bits 26 hex digits" for the "WEP Encryption".Enter a passphrase into the "Passphrase" field and click "Generate" to generatethe corresponding HEX keys. Distribute key 1 to your users as the WEP key foryour network.

  8. Wireless -> Wireless MAC Filter. CNS also recommends that youuse a MAC address list to filter access to your network. Click the "Edit MACFilter List" and add all the MAC addresses that are going to be accessing yournetwork. Any time a new user requires access, you will have to add them tothis list.

    mac-filter.png IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you add the MAC address of thecomputer you are using to set up your router first, before enabling this filter.Otherwise you will be unable to access the router and will have to reset therouter. If you do have to reset the router because you have locked yourselfout, there is a small reset button on the back of the router that will resetthe router.

    Once the appropriate MAC addresses have been added, "Enable" the filter, andchoose the option "Permit only PCs listed to access the wirelessnetwork".wireless-macfilter.png
  9. Administration -> Management. You should make sure you changeyour password on this screen. "admin" is not a secure password! Also,you should disable "Remote Router access" so that your router cannot beconfigured from outside your network. UPnP is a protocol that opens ports inyour firewall on the fly, and can post a security threat. We recommend thatyou disable this, but if you are running applications like MSN video chat, youmay have to have this enabled.

  10. Administration -> Log. If you would like to keep a log ofconnections to your network, enable the logging here.

  11. That's it! You should be on the air!

May 03, 2010 | Linksys Wireless-G WAP54G 802.11g/b...

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Wi fi on ipod touch not connecting

First of all check what is the ip address of your router ,,,default is,,,but if it does not work click on start>run>type cmd >hit enter,,,in cammand prompt type ipconfig >hit enter,,,you will get default gateway address on the computer which is connected to computer,,,,type this default gateway in address bar of internet explorer not in any search engine,,,,it will ask for user name and password of router default is leave username blank in password type admin,,,if it does not work then there is no way to check wep key ,you need to reset the router to factory default ,,,and if it does,,,go to security under that there is subtab wireless security ,,you will get this wep key in key1 field,,,

Jan 02, 2010 | Linksys Wireless-G WAP54G 802.11g/b...

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How to configure my tcp/ip TP-link access point

The router has both a "WAN" (Wide Area Network) side
and a "LAN" (Local Area Network) side.

On the WAN side, most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will provide the values for IP-address, subnet-mask, and gateway.

On the LAN side, you should just use the "default" values.

Connect your computer via an Ethernet-cable to the router,
and the router will supply values to your computer,
so that your computer can communicate with the router.

Nov 06, 2009 | Wireless Access Points

1 Answer

Can not print through my printer

Your printer has to be a network printer first of all. You cannot print through access to the computer it is hooked up to. If it truly is a network computer then you can get the WEP or WPA key by accessing the router via a computer that can go online. Google the IP address for the model number and make sure you also google the default username and password. If you cannot get into the router because someone set a new user and password then reset the router by pushing the reset button on the router. You can then go into your router and access the passcodes and info in "Wireless Security". It will list your net name and passphrase if using a WPA or a WEP key if using a 128 or 64 bit encoding. Use the highest encrytion you can. If your using XP you will have to use a WEP key (don't argue this you other experts) as XP is not really happy with WPA. Vista, although it sucks is good at networking and can use the higher WPA encryption choices. Vista is based on NT which was built to network well so it can do amazing things when trying to network it is just the rest of the program that sucks. Be Well

Oct 13, 2009 | Motorola Wireless Access Points

1 Answer

Can somewone help me pls i need some help with my wii and seting it it alwAYS gives me an error code 51330 and some more help me pls thanks for your help???////

1. Are you using WEP or WPA security on your router?
1. Log into the router using the default IP (consult your router's manual for assistance)
2. Locate the "wireless security" section of your router settings and find the WEP or WPA key.
3. If you are using 64-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 10-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
4. If you are using 128-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 26-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
5. The WEP Key must be a Hexadecimal (0-9, A-F, no other special characters or letters).
6. If your router has multiple slots for a WEP Key, make sure the active key is the one in the #1 slot.
7. If you are using WPA, the Wii console is compatible with the following types:
* WPA2 - PSK (AES)

2. If your WEP or WPA key is correct, then the problem might be related to MAC address filtering:
1. From the router settings, locate the "MAC address filter" settings (also known as "access control", "access list", or "network filter" depending on your router model).
2. If the Mac address filter is set to "enabled", then you must add the Wii's MAC address to the "allowed" list. You can locate the Wii's MAC address from the "console information" page (located under "Internet" in the Wii Settings).
3. If the Mac address filter was disabled, then continue troubleshooting.

3. Try adjusting the "Channel" your wireless router broadcasts on. We highly recommend setting your wireless router to either channel 1 or 11. This can potentially increase the download speed. For information on accessing your router's settings, click here to select the brand name and model number of your router (if available).

4. Check Nintendo's router info for special notes, if available, for your router.
1. Click here to go to our Wireless Router lookup page.
2. Use the drop-down box to select, if available, your router manufacturer.
3. Click on your router's model number, if available.
4. Read any "special notes" at the top of the router's page. Many issues can be solved by changing settings described in the "special notes."

5. Ensure that the router is set to broadcast in "mixed" or "b/g" mode. Routers set to "g only" may not be able to allow a successful connection from the Wii console. (The option to change this setting is typically found in the "Wireless" section of your router's settings. For information on accessing your router's settings, click here to select the brand name and model number of your router, if available.)

6. Try a "Manual Setup" with the Wii console (how to), using your network's IP configuration settings. To access these settings:
1. On your PC, click "Start" and then "Run."
2. Type "CMD" into the field that appears to open a new window.
3. Type "IPCONFIG/ALL" and press "Enter" to display a list of internet settings. Locate the settings asked for by the Wii console during the Manual Setup process and enter them.

7. Power cycle your router and modem by unplugging them both from the wall. Wait a few minutes, and plug the modem back in. Wait a couple of minutes for the modem to initialize, then turn on the router. Try to connect the Wii console online and test for proper response.

hope this will help..

May 24, 2009 | Dynex Enhanced-G Wireless Broadband Router

2 Answers

Wii error code 51330

Your Wiis internal Wi-fi may be defective/ malfunctioning.

Feb 09, 2009 | 2wire Wireless-G 802.11g ADSL Gateway

1 Answer

Making a wrt54gc wireless router work with a wet54g bridge

You shouldn't have to enter your SSID unless you have it hidden. Also, make sure you have the correct encryption set on both sides. WEP/WPA/WPA-2 for the Security type and TKIP/AES for the Encryption type. They need to match your router.

Also, you need ot make sure you are entering the correct IP/gateway/subnet mask address or have DHCP enabled.

Good luck

Jan 29, 2009 | Linksys : WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet...

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Computer found router before why doesn't it now?

Download Network Magic (no need to buy, free one will work) once installed look at your network map, you should see your router click on it and note the IP address. Type this address into your browser.

Dec 09, 2007 | Linksys Wireless-G WGA54G 802.11g/b...

1 Answer

Netgear WG602 wireless router,

Hi, Assuming that the WG602 is fully operational, when you did a hard reset, the router reverted to its original factory setting as you posted. The default pre-configuration: act as a DHCP client; if the WG602 does not find a DHCP server on the Ethernet LAN, it defaults to this IP configuration: DHCP Client - Enable IP Address ? IP Subnet Mask ? Gateway ? Your PC need to be connected via a LAN cable to one of the Ethernet ports of the AP/Router to be able to configure it again to your desired network settings. Further it is necessary likewise to manually configure the connected PC's networking configuration to match the router. Manually configure your PC's IP Address to, Subnet Mask ?, Gateway - You can now try configuring the router through its web interface ( This is better explained in the user's manual available at the Netgear site ( Hope this be of some help/idea. Post back should you need additional information. Good luck and kind regards.

Oct 03, 2007 | NetGear WG602 802.11g/b Wireless Access...

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