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Alarm after MOB was hit will not go off

After marking a spot with the MOB, an alarm continues to sound every 10-15 seconds and the soft key for navagating isn't available.

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Re: Alarm after MOB was hit will not go off


Did you try to reset the unit? Do you have the latest software for your unit?

Posted on Jan 25, 2008

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When i unlock any door on my mazda premacy only the door that the key is in unlocks and because the other doors have not unlocked it activates the alarm system

The central locking system is designed to be opened initially with the electronic remote which will then de-activate the alarm simultaneously.

If you insert the key in the lock to open the door, only that door will unlock but the alarm will sound until you insert the key into the ignition and turn the ignition on. This is because the alarm has not been de-activated by opening the door manually by inserting the key in the lock.

Dec 28, 2015 | Brodit ProClip for Mazda Premacy 2000 -...

1 Answer

I need installation guide for Viper 5000

Identify the primary wiring harness--it will have 12 wires, labeled as H1/1 through H1/12. The colors of the wires are red/white, red, brown, yellow, black, violet, blue, green, black/white, white/blue, white and orange. Locate this harness and get ready to wire it into your car's electrical system.

Locate the H1/1 wire on the primary wiring harness. This is the red-and-white wire. Connect the wire to the trunk release button on your automobile. You should be able to loosen a screw on the backside of the trunk release button, allowing you to insert the wire along with the original trunk release wire, before tightening the screw back down. This allows your Viper 5000 car alarm remote to open the trunk of your car.

Find the H1/2 wire, which is colored red. This wire is the primary input for the Viper 5000 car alarm. Remove the fuse from the wire before connecting. There are two options for where to connect the red wire. You can connect the wire directly to the positive power terminal on your car battery, or you can open the car ignition and splice the wire into the wire that supplies 12V power to the ignition. To do this, use your wire strippers to remove a small amount of insulation from the ignition wire. Splice in the red wire from the Viper 5000 and then wrap the connection with electrical tape.

Connect the brown wire on the Viper 5000 car alarm, identified as H1/3. Connect the brown wire directly to the red wire on the Avenger siren and mount the siren under the hood of your car. Connect the black wire of the siren directly to a metal section on the car body. The brown wire supplies power to the siren whenever the alarm determine it is needed. The siren's black wire serves as a ground for the current.

Take the yellow H1/4 wire on the primary wiring harness of your Viper 5000 car alarm. Connect the yellow wire directly to the positive (+) 12V ignition wire. If you chose to connect the red H1/2 wire to the ignition, you can connect this one at the same time. It is important for the yellow wire to have a full 12 volts of electricity when the car's key is turned to the on position. Check the 12V ignition wire carefully to make sure there are no nicks, cuts or other problems that could cause the current to short.

Prepare to install the ground for the Viper 5000 car alarm by looking under the hood or body of the car for a bolt. Find a factory-installed boat that does not have any other ground wires leading to it. Remove the bolt from the bolt hole. If there is any paint on the metal around the bolt hole, scrape it off with a razor blade. Find the black H1/5 cable on the wiring harness and place the ring terminal at the end of the wire onto the bolt. Then place the bolt back into its original position. The alarm system is now grounded to the car chassis.

Set up the door trigger input. Find the violet-colored wire labeled H1/6 and connect it to any existing wiring that has an active 12V circuit whenever the doors are open. The wires for the dome lights are often the best place for this connection. Carefully strip a small amount of insulation from the dome light wire and from the tip of the violet wire. Wrap the copper of the violet wire tightly around the copper of the dome light wire, then seal the two together with electrical tape.

Find the blue wire marked H1/7. Connect this wire to sensor pins in either the hood or the trunk of your car. This allows the Viper 5000 car alarm to detect if someone is trying to break into these areas, and to instantly sound the alarm to announce the presence of an intruder. Simply use a screwdriver to attach the blue wires to a standard sensor pin.

Connect the negative door trigger input to the Viper 5000 car alarm. This is the green wire identified as H1/8. Similar to how the door trigger input (H1/6) was connected to the wire running from the 12V power source to the dome lights, the negative door trigger will be used on the opposite side of that circuit. The negative current typically passes into the wire that runs from the dome light back to the door switch. Splice the door trigger input (H1/8) into this wire at any point between the door switch and the light.

Establish a connection with the high current output from the dome light supervision relay. Identify the black and white wire labeled as H1/9. Plug the end of this wire directly into the circuit for the vehicle dome light. Expose the dome light circuit by opening the light compartment, the same as you would when changing bulbs. Once the circuit is visible, locate the plug port and plug the black and white wire from your Viper 5000 car alarm directly into the port.

Skip the white-and-blue wire labeled H1/10. This wire is used as a Channel 3 output and is not needed unless you install extra devices that require it. For the time being, just make sure there is no exposed copper at the end of the wire and push it out of the way. If there is copper exposed on the wire, wrap it with electrical tape so that it will be insulated and protected.
Hook up the output signal to make the parking lights flash. Use the white H1/11 wire for this purpose. Remove a small section of insulation from the end of the white wire using a pair of wire strippers. Also remove a small amount of insulation from the wire that connects the parking light relay switch to the parking light bulb relay. Be careful not to cut all the way through the wire. Twist the wires together so that the white wire is connected to the light relay wire, then seal the connection with electrical tape.

Ground the Viper 5000 car alarm when armed using the orange wire marked H1/12. Find a factory bolt on the body of your automobile that does not have any other components already using it for a ground. Under the hood or under the body of the vehicle are ideal places to locate these bolts. Scrape away any paint that may be under the bolt head and use the bolt to fasten the metal ring at the end of the orange wire to the body of the car. Your Viper alarm is now grounded to the vehicle whenever it is armed.
Test your alarm system. Your Viper 5000 should now be able to unlock your doors, light the inside of the car and prevent theft of your vehicle. Test the features of the Viper 5000 car alarm to make sure that all components are working to your satisfaction.

Sep 23, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

I have forgotten my alarm code for my motorhome Sigma S30 The keypads still work but I need the code to reprogramme a more rememberable number

Here are some important informationabout Sigma S30. Programming a New PIN Code:
The standard PIN code can be changed following thesequence below:
i) Type in to the keypad **
ii) Type in to the keypad the "existing PIN code" then *
iii) Type in to the keypad 92 * "new PIN code" * "new PINcode" #
Programming Remote Keys to the System:
Remote keys can be added or removed to/from the systemfollowing the sequence below:
i) Type in to the keypad **
ii) Type in to the keypad the "existing PIN code" then *
iii) Type in to the keypad 91 * " the number of keys to beused" #
iv) Press the first remote key button until bleep sounds,release and press next key. Continue until all
keys have been taught to the system. Note the maximumnumber of keys is 4 and all keys required
to operate the system must be taught during this operation- any key not included will no longer
operate the system.
Full Programming, Diagnostics and Features
This section contains all the information that the dealersuse for programming and diagnosis of
the Sigma M30 alarm system, using the MK1 keypadprogrammer.. Programming can also be carried
out using a dealers CP1 programmer.
MK1 Keypad Programming Introduction
It is important the keypad buttons are not pressed tooquickly-
Each time a button is pressed the LED on the keypad willflash once as confirmation. The next button should
not be pressed before this confirmation.
It is important the keypad buttons are not pressed tooslowly-
When in programming mode, if a button is not pressed for aperiod of 10 seconds or more, the alarm will
automatically exit programming mode. This will be confirmedby repeated flashes from LED on the keypad.
You must wait until the LED stops flashing and then startagain.
All programming functions are entered after typing * andthen the programming PIN code. The programming
PIN code is 17856.
To enter the programming PIN code, the alarm system mustfirst be armed and then disarmed using a valid
remote key. (Or keypad using the PIN code)
* 17856 * must then be entered within 30 seconds ofdisarming the system. This is then followed by a 2
digit function code, then another * and then sometimesoptional parameters as shown in the following tables.
It is important to remember the * key is used to separatethe various parts of the code like this:
* programming PIN code * function code * parameter #. The# key is pressed at the end of all
sequences and is used like the "enter" key on a computer keyboard.
Programming Features On or Off:
Switch Code
(where 0=off and 1=on)
Function Default
* 17856 * 00 * 0 or * 1 then # arm/disarm bleeps * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 01 * 0 or * 1 then # door open warning bleeps *0 (off)
* 17856 * 02 * 0 or * 1 then # auto-lock * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 03 * 0 or * 1 then # auto-arm * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 04 * 0 or * 1 then # auto-arm to include doorlocking * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 05 * 0 or * 1 then # auto-rearm * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 06 * 0 or * 1 then # engineer mode * 0 (off)
* 17856 * 07 * 0 or * 1 then # hold-down remote key button= -ve
output on wire 4
* 0 (off)
* 17856 * 08 * 0 or * 1 then #
hold-down remote key button =
extends lock pulse
* 0 (off)
* 17856 * 09 * 0 or * 1 then # after disarm -ve output onwire 4 * 0 (off)
Programming Timing Settings:
Variable(s) Function Default
* 17856 * 10 * 1 to * 30 then # stall to ignition on timein seconds 30 sec
* 17856 * 11 * 1 to * 99 then # unset to ignition on timein seconds 30 sec
* 17856 * 12 * 1 to * 99 then # panic time in seconds 05sec
* 17856 * 13 * 1 to * 51 then # lock time in seconds (51gives two
short pulses)
01 sec
* 17856 * 14 * 1 to * 51 then # unlock time in seconds (51gives
two short pulses)
01 sec
* 17856 * 15 * 1 to * 99 then # settle time in seconds 15sec
* 17856 * 16 * 1 to * 99 then # threshold setting time inseconds 15 sec
* 17856 * 17 * 1 to * 99 then # auto arm time in seconds60 sec
* 17856 * 18 * 1 to * 99 then # auto re-arm time and also-ve
output time after disarm , on wire 4
(green/red) in seconds
60 sec
Displaying System Diagnostics:
The dashboard LED displays the value of settings as anumber of flashes.
Function Code Function
* 17856 * 30 then # time elapsed since last trigger (inminutes)
* 17856 * 31 then # as * 30 above - but each flash = 256minutes
* 17856 * 33 then # wire 7 (orange) ignition trigger count
* 17856 * 34 then # wire 1 (blue) -ve door trigger count
* 17856 * 35 then # wire 2 (blue/red) -ve boot triggercount
* 17856 * 36 then # -ve bonnet switch trigger count (blacksingle wire on siren
* 17856 * 37 then # ultrasonic's trigger count
* 17856 * 38 then # last trigger register (see tablebelow)
* 17856 * 39 then # reset all above trigger counts to 0(zero)
Setting Up Pre-set Programs:
Keying in the following sequences on the keypad sets up afixed set of features, which can be used as a
starting point for further tailoring:
* 17856 * 80 # everything off, lock and unlock pulses 1second.
* 17856 * 81 # as for * 80 above, with auto-rearm on.
* 17856 * 82 # as for * 80 above, with auto-arm on.
* 17856 * 83 # as for * 80 above, with auto-rearm andauto-arm on.
* 17856 * 80 # Default setting configures the values shownin the previous tables 1, 2 and 3. Hope this will help you. Good Luck.

Aug 22, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

My 99 honda prelude i just put in new battery. now the alarm keeps going off and car wont start. i have tried to turn the alarm off using the button on the car key chain but it wont turn the alarm off

You should be able to turn off the alarm by closing the driver's side door, insert the key and unlock the door. If this doesn't work, try the passenger's side door or trunk.

Aug 03, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

My key fob is lost and my car key does not diactivate the car alarm. How can I disconnect the alarm so that it does not go off every time I open my car door?

Don't be silly. Get a new fob - keep your alarm in operation. It is there for your protection. And, no doubt, you get enough off your insurance to pay for a new fob ...

May 30, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

Gemini 7200 car alarm replaced battery fob not working no tx to alarm. please help and many thanks. natec

The problem seems to be the key fob on these alarms goes out of sink with the alarm unit (thats if you have changed the battery and its not responding), but 7200/7300 have the ability to "self learn" the new frequency your key fob has changed to .I dont know why they change frequency but they do.I have had to do this a few times myself. if you have a manual for this alarm it tells you how to do it in there but you will need the round key that comes with the alarm that fits in the top of the alarm unit (siren). Anyway to do it : 1.using the key switch alarm off. 2. switch on again. 3. turn ignition for 1 second then off. 4. push the key fob.within 30 secs. 5. switch dim dip (6) back to off. if it dosent work repeat.(dim dips are in the siren where the wire goes in) and if the alarm goes of while your doing it dont worry but just try and be quick. Hope this helps. Chris 13.

Apr 14, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

My car alarm system in my mitsubishi eclipse spyder, goes off randomly at diffrent times. but when we touch or hit the car slightly nothing goes off. so its not the fact of something touching it and it...

Your issue may exist with the other alarm triggers; hood, trunk and door. Check under the hood for a pin switch. It would usually be located on the drivers side, under the hood near the headlight assembly or attached to a metal bracket near the firewall. Check to make sure that it is making contact with the hood when the hood is closed. This is the most common cause of a false trigger. These pins and the brackets that hold them become damaged and misaligned by lube techs when performing routine maintenance. You may need to remove and replace the pin if it's damaged or, bend the bracket holding a pin switch upward to allow it to continue to make contact with the hood when closed.

Jan 16, 2011 | GPS Devices

1 Answer

Cannot set up the arrival alarm to a point

If you set your arrival alarm to .001 you are trying to hit a very small circle, only 6' in diameter and the odds of actually reaching that point are incredibly low so it's not likely the alarm will go off. Try setting your arrival alarm to .100 just to see if the arrival alarm works better.

When you set alarm to 15 second arrival you should see and hear an alarm, however, the slower you are going, the smaller the arrival circle gets, which means its gets harder to hit the area that triggers the alarm. 15 seconds is the default setting and I have found that it works fine at normal cruising speeds. If you are traveling very slowly, try bumping the arrival time up in 30 second increments to see if you can get an alarm.

When the alarm does go off, it is a very faint double beep which is hard to hear over the sound of wind and engines. I don't remember exactly how the visual arrival message appears but it is also very subtle. It appears either as a change to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, or as a message box on the screen that dissappears very quickly. When I use that model I frequently miss the arrival alerts.

Jan 08, 2009 | Garmin GPSMAP 3210 GPS Receiver

1 Answer

Lowrance will give me a mob position but will not set automatically for running positions stay 0

I would like to help but I'm not sure I understand the question.

Are you saying that when you push the zoom in and zoom ou key at the same time you get a correct position, but you can't see a box that gives your real time position?

Is your map page set to show data on the right side of the screen? If not, press the page key and select the map/data page. This should give you some information on the screen which includes your current position, updated every second.

If I missed the mark with this answer, please give me some more details so I can help.

Jul 21, 2008 | Lowrance GlobalMap 3500C GPS Receiver

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