Question about GE D52GW12 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

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Same problem. I think GE need to recall this tv. It cost too much just to throw away.

I had my TV for exactly 3 years (older model tv's last longer than this). My TV will not come back on. The power light turns green then you hear a sound then boom there you go, it's back off again. Any help besides throwing away $1000.00+ dollars would greatly be appreciated.

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  • appainter Jan 27, 2008

    I have had the smae problem

    my chassis number is ITC222

  • katfish1 Jan 28, 2008

    My model and chassis is the same as the above. If anyone can diagnose please let me know.

  • vtrogers Feb 23, 2008

    I have the same tv, same problem, same chassis number, please help! Is this a lost cause or is there hope?


  • ktaz12 Mar 01, 2008

    this tv does the same thing.flashes and was bought in 2005.

  • Pullmans Mar 03, 2008

    My TV tries to come on and just goes back off. I took it to the repair shop and they were unable to get parts. I called Best Buy where I bought it and they came out to tell me to throw it away. They just replace those TV's because they cost more to repair than to replace. This will cost more than $1000.00 to repair if they can get parts. They have not had much luck even getting parts. I did not even have this TV for 3 years when it broke down. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2008

    I have the same model tv. and same problem. I notice that the [focus and screen] part in side was on fire. the transformer maybe?

  • glstockton Mar 25, 2008

    I have the the same problem as Chinton, the scary part is that I could actually smell the burning part. I tried looking on-line for a "board" replacement P/N PSB-910 C016 186 144 356 11668 but I didn't have any luck.

  • PoePoe Mar 26, 2008

    I'm having the same problem after two and a half years. Purchased from Best Buy. Modlel d52gw12 Chassis ITC222. TV shuts itself down.

  • janaT Mar 27, 2008

    Yes, I have the same problem. I've had the TV for just 3 years and then all of a sudden when you turn the power on, you will hear a sound on the back of the TV like little crickets or bees. The power button will go on and off a couple of times and then shuts off -- screen all black. HELP! This was an expensive TV.

  • Roger Brake Mar 28, 2008

    Had the same problem after almost exactly 3 years. Heard crackling sound and the smell of burnt electronics. Set tries 3 times to turn on and then shuts down.


  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2008

    same problem after 3 years my tv just died on me while i was watching it .ge needs to recall and we need to find away tomake them fix them or give us at least half our money back.

  • Pete Pickett Apr 09, 2008

    Mine now has just started to do this. I removed the back of it and looks like i can get to everything, just what do i need to replace?

  • ftcfm4 Apr 25, 2008

    I also have the D52GW2 Chassis#I ITC222. Can you please tell me where i can find the correct part# for the flyback ,and then where can i purchase the flyback .

  • GVC66 May 04, 2008

    Help.. I have the same issue!!! What of a recall? thing will not turn on!!!! crackles, etc. etc.

    I took off the front to see inside however I have not poked around or drained the caps yet.

    Glenn -
    [email protected]

  • GVC66 May 05, 2008


    I just spoke with the Customer relations department for this. They dismissed this as a "unusual" problem. PLEASE CALL 1-866-465-7157 and open a case for this issue. I will follow up with filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission and my Governor, I would recommend everyone do the same. Planned obsolescence is stealing!!!! Defective equipment that can cause fires is negligent!!!

    I will follow up!

  • Deb Hollis May 12, 2008

    When I power the TV on,there is a high pitched squeal and then it shuts off. The TV will not come on.

  • oquen2 Jun 03, 2008


  • Smiljanic Aug 11, 2008

    We have the same problem. Turn tv on, power light is green, hear a high pitch and kind of sounds like a spark, smells burnt and then it powers itself off. No picture, no sound. Unplugged it and not sure what to do at this point.

  • Bonziila Aug 19, 2008

    I have the same Problem. When you turn the TV on It makes a squealing sound and shuts It"s self off The Model # IS D52GW12. I have owed this TV less than 4 years. I also had a warranty so the first time this had happened it was fixed, but not for long. I miss my TV

    [email protected]

  • mikewohlwend Aug 20, 2008

    Same thing going on with mine. Model - D52GW12 chassis - ITC222

  • kquave Aug 20, 2008

    I have the same problem as most. The TV went blank while watching it one day. Now you turn it on, hear sound, and it shuts off. It will attempt to turn itself of and on about three times. I brought it to the shop and was told the part it needed was no longer available. I have called Thompson several time, however, was basically told they could not help me because the TV is out of warranty. Any news on a recall?

  • Anonymous Aug 23, 2008


  • mimito4 Aug 26, 2008

    Tv smells like burning wires, smoke coming out, crackles, just went out while watching. Has there been a recall for this tv? It is not even 4 yrs old yet, bought in nov 04. This is a ripoff!

  • Anonymous Aug 28, 2008

    GE Model: D52GW12
    No problems before.  I had noticed the alignment had started to drift (CNN News Bottomline over the years had sank 1/4 of the way below screen).  No other problems.  The night it died I attempted to turn it on, speakers made the normal thud noise, then a loud squeal from behind the TV and the power light went off.  Television didn't respond to the remote to turn back on.  I unplugged the power for 60 seconds and plugged back in... TV automatically turned itself on (as programmed) with same result.  I could visually see sparks through back vents and smell electrical smoke.

  • Robanderson Sep 07, 2008

    have the same problem as everyone else, I turn on my T.v. and makes a high pitch noise and than shuts itself on and off 3 times. :/

  • tladytw Sep 07, 2008

    while watching tv the set made a cracking sound and then turned off

  • Anonymous Sep 27, 2008

    Same problem here, green light blinks 3 times and the TV shuts down.

  • plato2222 Oct 13, 2008

    Yup- same problem! Except the picture in the TV (D52GW12) started to stretch and the three primary colors took on a 3-D look. After turning it off and waiting, I tried it again and this is when it began to smoke and the distinct sound of crackling- much like that of a sparklier (firework) scared me enough to unplug it. Now it all it does when plugged in is light up the power button and then turn itself off approx. 10 seconds later. I've had this television only three years and it was manufactured in 12/2004. Maybe there needs to be more pressure for a recall! This is not the most inexpensive television around and I figure most people don't have the kind of funds that makes replacing a larger ticket item once every three to four years reasonable. I will NEVER purchase a GE appliance again! OH and I have every intention of asking anyone and everyone I know to do the same! For their protection! Thank God it didn't burn down my house or hurt my children!

  • Anonymous Oct 16, 2008

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I have the SAME problem...please help.

  • valsolco Nov 12, 2008


    Got the same problem as most people. My chassis no is ITC 222 bought from Best Buy. We already called the number that was left by somebody here for refund. They said no refund, warranty is only for a year. Can somebody tell me what flyback part number should we get and where? Also, I would like to report them to as many agencies as possible. Please let me know where. I am really annoyed at having a TV that lasts for 3 years only.

  • polyn Nov 14, 2008

    SAme problem, repair guy said high voltage power supply is the problem and asking for $440 to repair. Same model number, chassis number

  • Btee402 Nov 19, 2008

    Called the 800 number left below and was just directed to a repair man nearby. I've reported them to BBB and strongly recommend everyone to do the same. Anybody have any advice on how to fix it myself without hurting myself. Minimal electronic experience

  • Anonymous Nov 25, 2008

    Same problem, and I don't have anything big enough to take this thing to the shop. I've had it less than 2 years.

  • zip100473 Dec 17, 2008

    Thank God I have a PSP from Best Buy for 9 more DAYS!!! I am going to ask the Tech to junk it. I think that this is failure on the part of the manufacturer and the company that sells it. Thank God that no one has died! There is a real concern to the health and well-being of the consumer. Once I verify that this indeed is a failure of that part I am going to write the MN state attorney's office as well as my state governor and rep. This should be investigated. I think that there was some angle to sell these fast knowing that they were defective.

  • Anonymous Dec 28, 2008

    We have had the same issues. We bought the tv 4 years ago and it has died, did smelled smoke turn itself off all of it.

  • OLEARY1967 Dec 29, 2008

    I also have this same piece of **** T.V. Has anybody had this fixed yet? What is everybody doing with these anchors?

  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2008

    Wow! I hope a lawyer-type consumer gets burned the same as all of us and can do SOMETHING. This is incredible. How can Best Buy sell us all the same GE unit from Thompson electronics without knowing that this is a piece of junk. Mine is almost 4 yrs old and has the exact same problem. I'm not sure if I'm more pissed at Best Buy or GE/Thompson. Shouldn't have to try to fix it myself or pay for it to be fixed. Anyone have any ideas?

  • strmnorm8277 Jan 03, 2009

    Same problem. TV went blank while I was watching, made electrical "snap, crackle pop" noises and bright flashes were coming from the rear of the TV. I have not tried to turn on yet after that. It appears this TV is a lemon. Anybody having luck with GE?

  • seaj5 Jan 04, 2009

    TV cracked, smoked and shut off. This TV was repaired under warranty after one month, took them 3 months to get it back. Now it is 3 to 4 yrs old and went out again. Mine burned up the circuit board, copper on bottom melted right where a red/blue wire connected to the circuit board.One of the pins connected to the circuit board arced, melted off and is like welded to the female connector, which goes to one of the three projectors. I think this was a bad connection, no other parts looked bad. It was close to the flyback thing I saw in other post. Can I get a new circuit board for this? When the tech repaired the first time, he said he had to repair the circuit board.I know this circuit board is not repairable.

  • ramakk Jan 09, 2009

    I have the exact some problem. I bought this (GE D52GW12) at Best Buy in late 2004 and we have been experiencing this problem intermittently for the last two weeks and today it finally died. Per one of the suggestions, I will be calling GE / RCA / Thompson today. will keep you all posted.

  • jay7367 Jan 21, 2009

    Same Problem within three years. I think there should be a recall and GE knows this by having the same problem in same time frame. If not resolved there should be a class action, it will be very easy to win just by investigating GE's Tech Support computers database with the same problem and number of complaints.

  • ramakk Jan 22, 2009

    I complained to BBB of Indiana. Here is their response.

    We are concerned about the difficulty you experienced and understand the inconvenience incurred anytime a product fails to function properly. 

    Each product is covered by a written warranty that states the coverage for labor and parts. This warranty is fairly standard in the electronics industry and experience has shown that any defects in the materials or workmanship will show up within the warranty period. The least that we can do is refer the customer to one of our Authorized service center:





    I have rejected their solution and complained o BBB that they need to fix this and gurantee the repair for life because this seems to be a well known problem. I was kind of amused by the sentence that begins "the least that we can do is ...." they have obviously done the least that they can do:-(

    Lets see what happens. I have also registered a complaint with US product safety commission.

  • ssmarsh Jan 23, 2009

    Bought mine in November 2004 and this just started happening to my TV this week. I called Thomson (800-447-1700) and all they told me was to call my local authorized service rep. When I mentioned to Thomson that a quick Google search showed this seemed to be a common problem, the call center guy said they had no record of it. Nice.

    Also, the extension given in a post below (866-465-7366 x3779) no longer works. It's some travel company called Ameniti.

  • Anonymous Jan 25, 2009

    We have the "same problem".
    I have many many years of Navy electronics and general TV & radio repair. I find this television to have the worst track record of any consummer electronics,owned or repaired.
    The flyback was at fault and the Horizontal Oscillator was replaced as a matter of process.

  • dogman2 Jan 26, 2009

    same issue...Model # D52DW12..won't come back on...also purchased Nov 2004...This should be a recall...I have 100.00 tv sets that are as old as my kids and still work great...1000.00 set that just goes caput in a short time....way to go GE!!

  • Anonymous Feb 01, 2009

    I have a Thomson 32WB624 fith the ITC222 chassis. I bought it in May 2004 and it's been sat dead for about 10 mths now. Exactly the same symptoms as I've read several times below - 3 high pitched noises then nothing. Tried calling Thomson when it first occurred, but was fobbed off in the same way as many others. I've just found this site, and I can't believe how many others have had the same problem! For me, it was 1,399 Euros wasted.

  • splatt1 Feb 01, 2009

    Another with the same exact prob. purchased Nov 2004 stopped working this week.

  • kdsykesfl Feb 07, 2009

    I agree completely. We have the same problem too. Picture tube already went out once during warranty period. Now that it's between 3-4 years old and out of warranty, it has the same problem you described. Green light comes on, you hear a noise as if it's going to power up, then it shuts off. It attempts to restart 2 times on its own, but never does.

  • kdsykesfl Feb 07, 2009

    Same issue with mine -- green light comes on, high pitched noise, then it shuts off. Tries to turn itself on 2 more times and then it stops. Also smelled electrical smoke in the back. Purchased mine in 2004 and stopped working around Sept 2008. Picture tube went out before once during warranty period and Best Buy fixed it. Now this. Definitely a recall should be demanded.

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    Same problem here - Green light blinks 3 times with high pitched whistle - Never turns on. I called GE. They gave me a local number for repair, which has been disconnected. Guess I'll never buy Ge again!

  • kimmytw Feb 16, 2009

    Same problem purchased in 2004 - on light blinks 3 times - tv doesn't come on

  • ty_lathan Feb 20, 2009

    Same problem everyone else had with this model, whats going on?

  • jasperjsmith Mar 05, 2009

    JASPER SMITH - I have the same problem - Purchased unit in Dec of '04 from Best Buy and Tuner went bad in '07. I had it repaired undre warranty. Now in Feb of '09 the unit just shut off while watching it. When i try to turn it on then green LED lights for about 5 sec and I can hear the static as if it's about to power up. But the light goes out and the unit never powers up. I called GE and the said the power supply was discontinued July of '08. Products supposed to be supported for at least 7 years. Hmmmm. I have to do more research.

  • Anonymous Mar 10, 2009

    Same exact problem. We purchased the tv in oct 2004 from best buy. I don't know what to do, but it seems like a waste of 1000 dollars!!

  • Anonymous Mar 10, 2009

    I have the same problem. I called the number that somebody posted above (866-465-7366) and was told to call 1-877-722-4388. I gave them my model # and serial # name, phone #, address and was put on hold for a few minutes. He came back and told me that I have to call an authorized repair place to have it fixed, and that they do not cover any fee's for that. I asked about a recall or anything the company was doing since this was a big problem and he said there was nothing. Figures!! Here, pay 1000 dollars for our tv and fix it yourself in a few years cause its a crappy model!!! Thanks GE!!

  • Anonymous Mar 13, 2009

    Same thing...started with sparking noises, burnt smell, now the "on" light comes on and off three times and TV doesn't start up...I guess I'll be reporting it as well

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2009

    Hello All
    I wrote to BBB and the CEO of Thomson in Indianapolis with absolutely no response about this problem. I will be filing a small claims case in Fulton County GA this week.

  • soulman864 Apr 03, 2009

    I have had this tv sitting around for months now and have called thomsan several times...boy oh boy the customer support is "amazing". I am glad to see someone take action against GE, especially after the way they brush off the claims of a defective product. If you could keep me posted on the development of the case ramakk that would be grealty appreciated thank you- James

  • alokgoel Apr 04, 2009

    same problem. I called the thompson but they asked to call the authorized agent at my own cost. I got this late 2004 and it is april 2009 now. I guess I will have to repair it my own cost

  • stclair303 Apr 07, 2009

    same here I called 877-722-4388 looks like it will be out of my pocket to fix. please help if you can.

  • Anonymous Apr 17, 2009

    Hit the power button and it tries to power up twice (unsuccessfully), makes a static noise, then powers down. It started automatically turnig off and now the problem has progressed to not turning on at all.

  • Anonymous May 02, 2009

    My tv started sparking and the picture died. I have the GE D52GW12 the blue tube tries to come on but crackles and no picture. When this initially happened there was smoke sparks and possibly a fire. I quickly unplugged the tv. What a piece of ****. I'm never buying a GE tv again. I'm considering suing them for making something so dangerous. I called the GE support number and they said warranty is a year parts is two years and the service agent verifies it with reciept. The technical support is **** and is india. The CRT bulb was P16lxl00bmb. Piece of **** TV!!! I'm wondering how to get the fly thing.

  • ramakk885 May 06, 2009

    OK here is the update from me (ramakk).
    I filed a case against Thomson in Fulton county GA in March. I received a response from TTE Corporation today. They have decided to contest the case requesting a court date after July 15, 2009. They claim that there was a 1 year warranty on parts and labor and I am out of luck because the problem happened long after the warranty expired.
    They claim that a relatively small number of TVs have experienced this problem out of the tens of thousands manufactured by them.
    I will set up a court date for the hearing. I would really appreciate it, if you all could post your experience (both with the product as well with Thomson) that I can use as evidence. I would like to establish that it is not a random failure.

  • poolshark794 May 07, 2009

    Our TV finally died today - it did exactly the same thing that everyone else is complaining about regarding the power turning off and on. Does not seem like it is a random problem going by the amount of complaints posted. We got our tv in september 2004. Imagine how many more complaints there may be out there who aren't posting on this site.

  • IRONHORSETJ May 13, 2009




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The power problem is the flyback is out.

Posted on Mar 26, 2009

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For those wishing to fix this yourself (if you have the ability), my problem was solved with the replacement of 2 parts (I got a good deal on the parts too, cost me less than $50, getting the parts from a friend who has "connections").  With the help of a relative who is a technician and some research, I replaced the flyback (mine was an RCA 265409 but varies) and I also replaced the horizontal output transistor, although I'm not sure the original was damaged... (mine was a Toshiba C5588).  The flyback and the h.o.t. are both located on the first set of boards when you take the back off on a removable tray (the tray has two sets of boards, one has the input/output jacks for the television, the other one has the parts needing replacing.  In order to get the old parts out and the new parts in de-soldering/soldering experience is necessary.  There are alot of wires to disconnect also to get the board out for soldering and I recommend taking a few pictures of where everything goes before disconnecting wires (helped me out a few times when reconnecting everything). 
Instructions: 1. Make sure the television is not connected to electricity... mine was unplugged for a week or two. 2. Remove the back cover and carefully remove wires from the two boards on the tray.  The flyback has a red wire and a black wire, both pull out (but is hard to do so).  After everything is disconnected from the tv, the tray unclips and slides out.  The white board will need to be removed to allow bottom access for soldering. 2. De-solder the flyback and h.o.t. and remove them from the board. With the parts out find the replacements and order them.  More instructions about flyback replacement is found at the bottom of the post. 3. Solder the new flyback and h.o.t. onto the board (be sure to put heat sync jelly on the h.o.t. to help efficiently transfer heat.  Put the white board back in the tray, slide the tray in the tv, reconnect everything and it should work (did for me, was done in time to watch the 2nd half of the Bears/Colts game).

Flyback Info: To find your flyback replacement part number you need to refer to the drawing # on the original part. Here is a link to another article on Fixya to find this (also shows pictures of the flyback):

Posted on Sep 17, 2008

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This problem seems to be very common. Do a search on google and you will find all sorts of stories of smoke, sparks, flames and melted plastic with these televisions. I believe this common problem with large sparks and flames warrants a recall. Report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commision.

Posted on Feb 07, 2008

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What is the Chassis number for that set? It should be marked on the back next to the model numbers. Rca and GE need to be looked up by Chassis numbers. Let me know the Chassis and I should be able to give you some help.

Posted on Jan 25, 2008

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Call 866-465-7366 Ext: 3779

Thomson Inc
P.O. Box 671988
Marietta, GA
Make sure you have your tv model, serial numbers ready.

I am getting a total refund (taxes included) on this tv.

Posted on Sep 16, 2008

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Call 800-447-1700 and file a report!!! If we do not file a report with the company nothing can be done!

Posted on Jul 20, 2010

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No solutions here . . . Glad to hear this person got a refund with this posted info:
Call 866-465-7366 Ext: 3779

Thomson Inc
P.O. Box 671988
Marietta, GA

BUT, when I called that no., it was RCA's telephone division and I had to call 877-722-4388 to get RCA's television division which is also G.E. They would only troubleshoot which was a waste of time and tell me that it is no longer under warranty. All a complete waste of time since I knew my TV was 3 years old w/out warranty and NOT working. They said "they have no known issues with this model" at least in their department. Now we just have an expense huge box sitting in our family room with a blinking green light that won't come on anymore! So frustrating! (yeah . . . we aren't going to attempt that technical fix offered but appreciate those who can do that -- Thanks.) I'm off to the BBB and Consumer Affairs sites.

Posted on Sep 01, 2009

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Wow! Guess we are not along in this. We just tried to turn our tv on today and it won't come on. Our local repair man said sounded like a power supply issue and would cost about $300-$400 for a rebuilt one.
After reading everyone elses post I think we will just buy a new tv.

Posted on Aug 19, 2009

I received a Full Refund on this television Monday, Oct 6. Just call the phone number I left.

Posted on Oct 10, 2008

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I have the same Make, Model, Chasis, and the same problem. Guess what else? I was told the same thing by the "Service Rep" on the phone. I have filed a complaint at and also
I suggest everyone does the same. How a company can sell a product they know will break down after the warranty is over is wrong!

Posted on Sep 04, 2008

I have the same exact thing that happened to mine as well. I have registered a complaint with the better business buerau and at Let's see if they can help us out on this situation

Posted on Sep 01, 2008

Email or call the BBB and report GE

Posted on Aug 28, 2008

Email or call the BBB and report GE

Posted on Aug 28, 2008

Wow I have the same problem with my 3 year old ge tv must be a thing and this is a tv in a room that does not get used every day eather

Posted on Jun 18, 2008

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6ya staff

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Whats wrong

Call or email the BBB and report GE

Aug 13, 2008 | GE D52GW12 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready...

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Sorry Bud... It is dead, and would cost more to fix it then to buy a new one. And even if you got it fixed, something else will blow out on ya before to long, and most of those old parts are no longer made. Hey- it had a good long run of it's life, it's time to let go.

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PS maybe you could find the other part that he had .it is silver little box


Apr 27, 2008 | Televison & Video

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