Problem with Canon PIXMA MP210 Photo All-In-One Printer

The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized: black printing cannot be executed because the ink cartridge may not be installed properly or may not be compatible with this printer. install the appropriate ink cartridge. if you want to cancel printing, click cancel printing.

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You need a new black cartridge because the cartridge may be damaged.

Source: I get the following popup when I try to Print a

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Don  Farrell

Are you using a factory new ink cartridge?
Please consider the following:
If you are using a refilled or third party cartridge that may well be your problem. Most manufacturers build logic into their products to prevent the use of “Other Equipment Manufactured” cartridges as well as re-filled cartridges.
They do this to prevent problems from contaminated inks causing problems with print quality or damaging the physical printhead.
If you are using factory new cartridges, then please call the manufacturers Technical Support for assistance with the warranty on the cartridges

Source: cartridge problem

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