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My antenna on my uniden handset phone broken, how and were can I purchase a antenne or just an antenna in an empty case of a headset

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Here is the solution I found.
I also bought this equipment and also didn't find anything suitable in the internet, BUT a phonecall to the suplier EUROCOM brought the solution.
I called their service nr. 03-9029000 and got the English user manual as a PDF doc. by email.


Source: Need English documentation for Uniden Sireus 5080 phone & 0500 handsets

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yes just purchase a Plantronics M175 headset, a lot better than the one that Uniden offer.

Source: can you buy headsets seperately for th uniden

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  • ltp9735
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  • April 02, 2010

if its warrenty still in effect or contact Uniden to ask them...thats my best bet ..

Source: My antenna has broken off of the cordless handset of my phone.

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