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Security torx screws

I want to detach the lap mount (legs lap, not timed lap) from underneath, so that I can mount the steering hub to a flat, metal surface and noticed tiny security torx screws are holding the thing together. Does anyone know what size screwdriver I need to undo these?

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Re: Security torx screws

Go to a local hardware store, and ask them for a TORX screwdriver set.  The screws come in a large variety of sizes, and buying a set is the best way.  Make sure that at the base of the driver head it has a small hole for the security nib the screws have that prevents most ordinary screwdrivers from oppening them.  

Posted on Jan 11, 2008

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Touch screen is not responding and can not play any games.

Perform a recalibration as soon as you notice a problem, to prevent performance errors.

If the calibration problems do not go away you may need to contact Nintendo for technical service or if you think you can replace the screen you self i can give the process to do so...

How to Replace a Nintendo DSi Touch Screen

Finding someone to fix a Nintendo DSi touch screen can be time-consuming and costly. However, with the right tools, you can do it yourself. Even if you've never tried fixing anything until now.


things you'll need:

* Tri-wing screwdriver
* Precision Phillips screwdriver
* Precision flathead screwdriver
* New Nintendo DSi touch screen

Turn the Nintendo DSi over and find the five screws on the edges of the bottom. Take each one out with your tri-wing screwdriver. In the center you will find an additional screw that will need to be removed with a precision Phillips screwdriver. This keeps your battery in place.

Take the battery out. Underneath it you will find two screws that must be removed with the tri-wing screwdriver. After both have been taken out, pull up on the bottom casing to access the motherboard. In order to replace a Nintendo DSi touch screen, this will have to be removed.

Detach the right and left buttons in the top corners by pulling up. Underneath each one will be a spring---make sure you don't lose these. Then remove the four screws in the middle of the motherboard with the precision Phillips screwdriver.

Look for the ribbon attached on the bottom left corner of the motherboard. Take a precision flathead screwdriver and pull up on the black bar that connects the ribbon. You should be able to slide it out by pulling back.

Find the two small connectors that are locked in with two tiny clips on each one. Lift up on all four clips to pull out the underlying connectors. Take out the motherboard and turn it upside down. Now you are ready to replace your DSi touch screen.

Detach the Nintendo DSi touch screen with your fingernails. Pull it away from the adhesive, one side at a time. Take the new screen and peel away the protective plastic before replacing it. Line it up where the old touch screen was and reassemble the Nintendo DSi.

Hope it helped...

Aug 15, 2011 | Nintendo DSi Blue Console


How to completely dissasemble an Xbox 360

BEFORE YOU READ THIS TIP: Opening an Xbox 360 console will void any type of warranty you may have. and I are not responsible for any damages you may inflict on your Xbox 360 console.

The tools you will need:

1. A clean, flat working surface


2. Xbox 360 Opening tool

This isn't 100% necessary. But it makes things a whole lot easier. They're about $5 on Ebay.

3. A Torx 8 and a Torx 10 screwdriver/bit

4. A flathead screwdriver

5. A flathead precision screwdriver

6. And of course, an Xbox 360

Removing the Xbox 360 case

1. First, remove the Xbox 360 faceplate. On the bottom of the Xbox, (right side if your Xbox is horizontal), towards the front, you will see a little notch.

Slide a fingernail in there and gently pull up.

The faceplate should come off with minimal force.

2. Next, you must remove the grey grills on both the top and bottom of the Xbox. (Right and left if your Xbox is horizontal). First, lets remove the top one. (The one the hard drive plugs into). If you look through the little exhaust holes near the top of the Xbox, you will see 3 little tabs on each side holding the grill in place.

Each tab must me unhooked by poking it with a screw driver. The ones towards the front are a little difficult. There are 2 gaps in the top grill that you must slide the screw driver into.

Get the screw driver in between the tab and the white outer case and gently pull the tab away. Towards the other side. At the same time, pull the grill up to unhook the tab. Do the same for the opposite side.

The other 4 tabs, (2 on each side), are much easier. Simply poke the screwdriver through the exhaust holes to push the tabs away from the hooks. Gently pull up on the grill at the same time.

One tab will be covered by a little rubber footie. Just pry the footie up with a finger nail to expose a hole. Poke the screwdriver through that hole.

After you've unhooked all 6 tabs, the grill should easily lift off the Xbox.

Now, for the other grill on the bottom do the same thing. Again, there are 3 tabs on each side. These tabs just have to be poked through the exhaust holes. No need to remove any rubber footie.

3. Now that both grills are off, it's time to remove the main case. If you look on the back of the Xbox, you will see a total of 7 slots. 5 on the right, and 2 on the left.

Take your Xbox 360 opening tool and slide 5 tabs on the right into the 5 slots on the right of the Xbox.

Push with your thumbs to release the locks holding the 2 halves together.

Now do the same with the left side. Only this time, use the side of the opening tool that has the 2 tabs.

*NOTE: The above can also be accomplished without the opening tool. Use a small, flat head precision screwdriver. With one hand push the 2 halves away from each other while carefully sliding the screwdriver into each slot individually.


Now look on the front of the Xbox and you will see 4 locks.

Simply slide a flathead screwdriver under the tab to release each lock. Being careful not to snap off the tabs.

Now lay the Xbox upside down and pull the bottom half of the case off.

To get the top half of the case off, you must use your Torx 10 screwdriver/bit and remove these 6 screws:

Then look on the front of the Xbox at the eject button. Pull the eject button off by grabbing it towards the middle and pulling straight out.

Now, CAREFULLY flip the Xbox back over so its right-side-up and pull off the top half of the case.

Removing the DVD Drive:

1. Removing the DVD drive is quite easy. Simply unplug both cables from the back of the drive. And carefully lift the drive straight out.

Removing the Fan Shroud:

1. Removing the fan shroud is also very simple. Just use a small flathead screwdriver to pry open the clip connecting it to the fan. Then lift it straight out.

Removing the fan:

1. first, you must unplug the fan.

2. To actually remove the fan you must lift up on the upper metal lip and tip the fan out.

3. Now, being very careful of the tall capacitors in front of the fan, pull the fan out.

Removing the RF Module:

1. First you must pop off the plastic cover. Do this by using your fingers and pulling the top part off the circuit board. Be very careful.

2. Now remove all 3 screws with your Torx 8 Screwdriver.

3. Now carefully pull the RF Module straight out.

Removing the Motherboard:

The Motherboard is the main component of an Xbox 360. Be very careful!

1. Flip the Xbox upside down and take out the remaining screws. There should be 8 small black screws in the middle and 10 brass screws. The black ones use Torx 8 and the brass ones use Torx 10.

2. Now slide your fingers into the DVD drive slot and keep the motherboard from moving while you flip the Xbox back over.

3. Now carefully grab the taller heatsink and pull the mother board out by tipping the front out first, then the back.

4. Place the motherboard down carefully.

Congratulations! Your Xbox 360 is now full disassembled!

on Mar 22, 2011 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

2 Answers

How do you open a xbox 360 Halo reach edition xbox? Thanks in advance


I will provide a step by step process on how to open up or disassemble the xbox 360, the steps takes You all the way to the lens. Pleas get these instruments(Bath towel, Flat-edged screwdriver, #15 Torx screwdriver, Phillips jeweler's screwdriver, Tweezers, White glove, Compressed air) then follow the steps below:
  1. Unplug the Xbox 360's power cord and remove any cables, game controllers and USB flash drives connected to it. Place a bath towel on a table. Place the console vertically on the towel with the faceplate facing up.
  2. Grip the left top side of the faceplate and the bottom right side. Pull the left side of the faceplate to the left and the bottom right side up to remove it from the console.
  3. Rotate the console so that the vent-like holes are on either side. Insert the tip of a flat-edged screwdriver into each of the holes and lift up to release the inner clips.
  4. Place the console face down on the towel. Raise the shelf on the bottom to reveal the screws beneath it. Remove these screws with the Torx screwdriver. Return the console to an upright, horizontal position on the towel. Grip the sides of the console and pull the outer case off.
  5. Remove the screws at the back panel with the Torx screwdriver. Pull the back panel off the console. Pull the plastic inserts on either side of the console off. Remove the screws from the metal shield on the top of the console with the Torx screwdriver. Pull the metal shield off.
  6. Locate the DVD drive that is on the console. The DVD drive is a rectangular metal box with a warning sticker on the top. Remove the screws from around the drive with a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Lift the drive up and pull the two cables out of its back.
  7. Place the DVD drive on the towel face down. Remove the screws from the sides of the drive with the Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Slide the case off the drive.
  8. Turn the drive over. Locate the lens assembly at the center of the drive. Remove the screws from the clip placed on the drive that is next to the spindle at the center of the lens assembly with the Phillips jeweler's screwdriver.
  9. Remove the clip. Grip the lens that is under the clip with a tweezers. Remove the lens from the lens assembly and dispose of it in the trash.
  10. Put on a white glove. Pick up an edge of the replacement lens with the hand that is wearing the white glove. Place the lens in the depression that was formerly occupied by the original lens. Rotate the lens to seat it in the depression. Place the clip back on and reattach the screws. Blow off the lens and laser assembly with a burst of compressed air.
  11. Place the back panel on, reattach the screws and return the plastic inserts to their original positions on the console. Place the outer case back on. Turn the console over and reattach the screws to the bottom. Return the console to its original location, reattach the cables, game controllers and USB flash drives to their original positions. Plug the power cord back into a wall outlet.
Hope this helped. Thank You for using FixYa!!!

Jan 26, 2011 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition...

1 Answer

Step off the board and press A , i have done what it asked and it still wont work just keeps asking me to step off and press A when there is nothing on the board ..... please help ......


This is a common issue for the Wii Balance Board. Here is how you do it:

  1. Take the batteries out.
  2. Take out the screws from each foot in every corner of the board using a Philips screwdriver. Remove the back cover.
  3. The sensors are located on each corner, it is a metal plate. Loosen the screws using TORX screwdriver.
  4. Re seat the small metal plates by putting it back. Don't screw too tight.
  5. Put the cover back and foot on. Put the batteries back in.
I have also written a tip about this with video, you can visit it here.

Hope this helps!

Jan 08, 2011 | Nintendo Wii Fit - Balance Board + Game...

1 Answer

Wii keeps asking to get off board and press A but no-one is on board. I have checked batteries and it is on a flat surface so not sure what problem is?????? karen


This is a common issue for the Wii Balance Board. Here is how you do it:

  1. Take the batteries out.
  2. Take out the screws from each foot in every corner of the board using a Philips screwdriver. Remove the back cover.
  3. The sensors are located on each corner, it is a metal plate. Loosen the screws using TORX screwdriver.
  4. Re seat the small metal plates by putting it back. Don't screw too tight.
  5. Put the cover back and foot on. Put the batteries back in.
I have also written a tip about this with video, you can visit it here.

Hope this helps!

Jan 07, 2011 | Nintendo Wii Fit - Balance Board + Game...

1 Answer

Our PS3 60gb, with 4 USB ports is having problems reading the new PS3 games. The old PS2 games still play. When it comes to games like Rachet and Clank or any other new game, it will start then freeze. I...

Hi there, it definitely sounds like the blu ray player. They are relatively simple to fit yourself as long as your warranty has expired. If it is still under warranty just phone Sony and they will replace it.

If you warranty has expired then you can buy a working blu ray drive on ebay for around £60. There is a circuit board that is attached to the blu ray drive, it is extremely important that you keep this as it is paired to your motherboard. Your PS3 will only work with that blu ray circuit board, no others.

To actually replace the drive is pretty easy. On the left hand side of your console there is a warranty sticker covering a little rubber bung. If your system is out of warranty peel back the sticker a little so you can remove the rubber bung. Under this rubber bung there is a small torx head screw, I think a T8 torx but a small flat blade screwdriver will take it out.

After you have removed this screw the whole top of the PS3 slides to the left and comes off. Underneath the PS3 top cover there is another plastic cover with screws all around it. As you are looking from the front of the console there is a marking on the plastic cover that points to one screw that says "S", this is a shorter screw and only goes back in that place. Remove all the screws. Just to the left of the short screw there is a small recess in the plastic casing where you have to push a little black clip back gently while lifting the cover from the back of the PS3. It should all lift forward and come off.

On the right hand side of the PS3 you will now see your blu ray drive. It lifts up but be careful, there is a ribbon cable and power cable attached to it. The ribbon cable is hidden underneath. You have to carefully lift the long black strip that is on the clips where the cable is held. This will release pressure on the ribbon cable and allow you to remove it. You will see the blu ray logic board attached to the back of the drive. Remove this from the drive taking care with a very small connector with a black and red wire, this is the optical sensor wires, remove with care!! Nowafter you have done that you are ready to replace your blu ray :)

Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa

Aug 29, 2010 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

1 Answer

Undoing screw to get into ps3

you need a torx bit,not sure of the size though,i open mine with a small flat screwdriver.

Apr 17, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

2 Answers

Taking an Xbox apart.

The screws are hidden underneath the feet and there are a few under some labels too. Just use a flat blad or a butterknife to pop the rubber feet off.

The hidden ones underneath the labels are easy to find just poke your screwdriver around until you hit a softspot.

Feb 23, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox Console

3 Answers

Psp not reading

the memory card is not inserted well.

Feb 20, 2009 | Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console

2 Answers

Game stuck

Fiend your solution direct from nintendo. Here is your solution....


Nov 15, 2007 | Nintendo Game Boy Advance Console

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