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  • Chadd_88 Jan 02, 2008

    My PS3 wont read any disks at all, i havnt downloaded anything at all onto it, i have no idea how to fix it

  • Anonymous Jan 02, 2008

    I also suffer from my PS3 not loading or ecognising games or any disc that is loaded. This also happend after the version 2 upgrade. All that happends now is the system indicates that it is busy (on screen icon indicates that) but nothing else happends.

    I did initially turn the ps3 off for about 2 hours and re-boot it. When I turned the PS3 on it still didnt work however, after a couple of attempts at loading different games I have it eventually loaded one (Virtual Fighter 5) and all seemed well after.

    After a while the system decided to not recognise any discs again so have decided to re-format the hardrive to see if that has any bearing.

    I will post the result once its gone through its 3 hour re-formatting cycle.

  • Kerry Doucet Feb 27, 2008

    I have been having a simlar problem with my ps3 just over a year old. How did you end up getting yours fixed? Did you have to send your system in and getting a refurbished one? Do you have the 40/60/80. Thank you

  • Anonymous Apr 18, 2008

    ps3 wont play any ps3 games ive got they played up until i downloaded an update software

  • desertwoman Apr 18, 2008

    I have the same problem as well. It plays all of my ps2 games, but my ps3 games wont play.

    I just recently purchased a hdmi cable for it, and I own a 60g. I also redid the system three times, but to no avail.

    Should I just give up and send it in for repair?

  • swiftki11a May 19, 2008

    My PS3 wont play bluray movies or any of my PS3 gamesand I could not figure out what was wrong should I send it in for repair.

  • qavip Jun 14, 2008

    PS3 wont play any disc I put in there.

    help, how do I determine if my system is under warrentee?

  • Tifani Brown Jun 26, 2008

    My 40gb wont play blueray or ps3 games. It has absolutly no problem playing regular dvds tho. What can I do cause I dont have the extended warrenty.

  • Anonymous Jun 27, 2008

    My PS3 wont read any disks at all after trying to get online with Metal Gear Solid 4. When I was trying to get online with that game, the screen frozen and I had to manually shut off my PS3 from the back of it, cuz it wouldnt shut off from the controller. Any useful tips would be much appreciated. Thank You!

  • Anonymous Jul 06, 2008

    i can play ps3 demos but it doesnt read disks but it used to before

  • bcap1 Jul 15, 2008

    My ps3 will not read any games or dvds

  • korede Jul 25, 2008

    my ps3, 40gb has the same prob. stopped loading then it loaded once and i played the next time it stopped loading.

    pls furnish me with any breakthroughs in restoring it.

    bought mine in UK but am now home in cameroon.i cant go to UK to restore it,its so painful

  • Anonymous Jul 26, 2008

    when i put the disk in and go to games the option to click on the disc to play the game doesnt even show up but it works with my ps2 games fine

  • kraigbradley Sep 19, 2008

    I am in same situation. My PS3 will play all format's of disks other then PS3. Everything else works perfectly. For a while it would just freeze up, then some games wouldn't play all together and now none work. Tried lens cleaners and nothing helps. Any solutions out there for this?

  • krivenge Oct 13, 2008

    whenever i put in a ps3 game it will not read it but when i put a ps2 or ps1 game in it will read it what do i do

  • alexblues62 Oct 13, 2008

    ps3 wont play ps3 discs

  • tuo_edisni Oct 26, 2008

    Same problem, well almost, PS3 will not read PS3 games and some Blu-ray movies, some do work though, so may not be same problem as with the lazer burning out.

  • Anonymous Oct 26, 2008

    disc screen rolls in top corner nothing happens plays dvd's just fine

  • 123ricardo Nov 09, 2008


  • Anonymous Nov 11, 2008

    my 60gb ps3 console will only play ps2 and dvd's it refuses to read the ps3 discs!

  • beckwilliams Nov 16, 2008

    i have the same problem mine wont play thje playstation 3 games but will play 1 and 2 help me please

  • de_dub Nov 16, 2008

    same problem reads all other disks just not ps3 ??? i have a 60 g bought it when it first came out this is my first problem

  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2008

    my ps3 wnt play ps3 games but it plays every thing else

  • cuzdaddyking Nov 26, 2008


  • Anonymous Nov 27, 2008

    wont read any disks but will play demos -come on sony

  • jason-reeves Dec 19, 2008

    put new hd cable on then now only plays fifa09 no other game works

    spent three hours setting to factory setting but still nothing

    can anyone help

  • Anonymous Dec 24, 2008

    I've just had the same problem. PS3 40gb is exactly 1 year old and has just stopped working. It locked up 1 or 2 times over the last week and then the sound started to go about an hour before it froze for the last time. I hope Sony replace it otherwise I am going to make the swap to the xbox!

  • DeerHunter1 Jan 31, 2009

    My PS3 won't play games but it'll play movies

  • Anonymous Feb 16, 2009

    I am suffering the same problem currently. I have seen in Game u can buy a 'blu ray lense cleaning disk' for aprox £16. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and wether it has made any difference. I do think its rather strange how it wont play BRAND SPANKING Ps3 games but will play the scrattiest copied dvd we have lol!

  • Anonymous Feb 17, 2009

    my ps3 wont read ps3 games

  • posha08 Feb 22, 2009

    my playstation 3 will not play"any" disks, but I can play downloads. I called sony and they said they will send a box with instructions. It will cost me 149.00 (out of warranty) yeAH, of course it is. This is a common problem with the launch series 60 gig system, yet no recall, and they will not wave the 149.00.
    My playstation has now cost me the origional 499.00 plus 149.00. 650.00. I am very pissed off!! Thanks sony!!!

  • xxbrigxx Feb 25, 2009

    When i insert a ps3 game, at the top right it says it is loading the game, but then it just disapears. Same thing when I play blue ray movies. I have no problem playing ps2 games though.

  • Anonymous Apr 01, 2009

    Mine will read any disk other than PS3 games, which it reads after a few attempts but when I insert the disk it shows the icon as reading and then it just disappears. 

  • Anonymous May 25, 2009




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Hey man i found a solution to this problem i fixed my ps3 over nite, and i would like to help out, i have the 80gb and after days of research i realized that the problem is in your hard drive, its corrupted whether it gives you the error or not, at first i DIDNT think this was the problem since it never gave me an error but when i went to the reset screen (or how ever is called) by holding the power key down till it beeped three times and went to option RESTORE FILE SYSTEM and after that it said the system files were corrupted and would be restored and fixed but after doing so no matter how many times i chose that option it would always say files were corrupted. dont SEND IT BACK TO SONY, dont GET ANOTHER ONE, dont GET PISSED AND THROW IT AT YOUR MOM OR ANY MEMBER OF UR FAMILY ITS NOT THEIR FAULT LOL =]......HERE'S HOW TO FIX PROBLEM WITH YOUR PS3 THAT STOPPED READING blu RAY AND PS3 GAMES BUT WILL READ YOUR PS1 AND PS2 GAMES AS WELL AS REGULAR DVD DICS AND MUSIC DISC......GOOD LUCK HOPE IT HELPS YOU..........................................WARNING!!!!!! THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING FROM UR hdd SO DO A BACK UP OF UR GAME SAVES MOVIES MUSIC OR watever U GOT IN IT THAT IS PRECIOUS TO YOU cuz THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING FROM IT, dont SAY I DIDNT WARNED YOU, YOU NAGGERS LOL

THINGS YOU NEED: laptop and recovery system disc(s) for your laptop

STEP 1: take out any disc if any from your 80gb ps3 and properly turn it off.

2: turn power switch off from the back and turn it back on.

3: go to the restore screen....this is how, now this is important, press and keep pressing power button( or key, how ever u WANA call it) on ps3 to turn it on but hold it and wait for 3 beeps till it turns off. now your ps3 will not know u WANA go to the restore screen the first time you try this so do the same step again and it will beep once then it will beep twice repeatedly and bang!! your on the reset screen LOL

4: now take your usb cable and do as the screen says, plug ur controller in and press the ps button on the controller and it will then give you 6 options to choose from, YOU WANA GO TO 3 "RESTORE FILE SYSTEM" but hold on there, dont click yes yet.

5: open the hdd(hard drive) thingy on from your ps3 and take off the blue screw that holds it but dont take the hdd out yet.

6: THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! will select yes when it asks if you really want to proceed to restoring file system and after ur tv flickers and pops up the screen saying the files are corrupted and will be fixed and restored pay attention cuz you need to take your hdd out as soon as it begins to do the restore, YOU WANA TAKE OUT UR hdd WHEN THE PROCESS BAR IS ON 0% NOT 1% NOR 2% BUT 0% ZEEEEROOOOOOOO PERCENT(now leave your hdd on a safe place rit now where nothing will happen to it) if YOURE not quick enough your WOUNT catch the bar at 0% it but thats cool cuz you can try again just repeat the first steps.

7:ok now you need patience here, your ps3 will need to stay on for a long time showing the process bar on zero percent and eventually it will pop up another message saying that there was a problem restoring the system files and that you will need to format the hdd but trust me it will take a looooooong time till u get this message, i left it on over nite so idk how long exactly it took but hey idk, maybe it only takes second for u who knows????.....??? ?? ? WHILE YOU WAIT TO GET THIS MESSAGE YOU NEED TO FULLY FORMAT YOUR hdd USING UR LAPTOP OR SOMEONES LAPTOP, IT IS IMPORTANT cuz OTHER WHISE YOU WOUNT BE ABLE TO FULLY FORMAT YOUR PS3 hdd, WELL THE POINT IS, YOU NEED TO DO A FULL AND COMPLETE FORMAT TO IT, USING A COMPUTER, LAPTOP OR NON LAPTOP AS LONG AS YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS YOURE GOOD TO GO, NOW THIS IS HOW I DID THIS....and dont think, oh well i could just do that using my ps3, trust me, i did that a million times and none of those times worked, i just wasted my time like an idiot =[

8: TURN OFF LAPTOP, now take the hdd out from ur laptop and connect your ps3's hdd on it......(you may need to take the outter metal cover form the hhd to be able to plug it in to the laptop), this is where you need your laptops recovery disc that came with it when u purchased it and if you dont have one then get one or else YOURE fucked =] .........ok now turn the laptop on and as soon as its turning on, go to the boot menu on your laptop on the first screen it gives you, in my case i had to press the F12 key, could be different for when the other screen wit the boot from options pops up, put ur recovery disc in and when ur done choose to boot computer from disc drive meaning from your recovery disc.

9: ok well now you need to choose to "FULLY FORMAT" your hdd just go for the option or options that seem to take the longest time, if u get an option to fully format and delete all sectors and partitions from the hdd then go for that.....thats the message i got i think or something like that. the process will take up to 5 HOURS remember i said you needed patience, make sure your laptop is plugged in to its charger, you dont want it to turn off while it is doing the format. now go watch tv or something cuz this is gona take a long time, formatting 80gb takes a pretty long while, and if you do this before you go to bed then even better you just get up and start a new day knowing ur ps3 will survive this and u will go back to being happy wit it like before =] yay.

10: ok well now that the format is done and ur laptop says is ok to turn computer off, turn it off, it might do it by itself idk, it DIDNT for me i had to click restart now, ok by this time your ps3 should have given you the message saying that there was a problem doing the file restore and that will need to be formatted, now take off your ps3's hdd from your laptop and plug it back in where it belongs, on your ps3 and once it is in place YOURE good and ready to go, take your ps3 controller and click on YES, format hdd, and then it will format your hdd without problem.

SUCCESS!.......yay try putting in your favorite ps3 game blu ray movie or watever you want to test it with and it should work like it worked for me. remember formatting the hdd wit the ps3 itself WOUNT help you at all, this is the best way to fix your problem...good luck and i hope this also helps other people with this problem...latz and feel free to ask any questions, anyone can.


Posted on Mar 31, 2009

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I had this same problem. this will work. first you need to have a demo downloaded on your ps3. with the gsme in ps3 game in the console start up the demo game. after the demo starts up quit the demo. when you look on the list where the game disc appears it should be there.
for some reason the lens does not pick up the game automaticallly so the demo kind of jump starts the lens.

Posted on Jul 01, 2010

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This error is so common now. My PS3 40GB (purchased in Nov/07) throw error 800010514, at first just reads DVDs and CDs. Now my PS3 reads no discs, in fact no spins at all.
I will buy the lens replacement KES-400A and post here my toughts.

Posted on Sep 10, 2008

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I have only had my ps3 two weeks! It now isn't reading ANY of my BRAND NEW PS3 GAMES!
It was when i put in Monster Hunter for ps2, it froze, then I had to manualy restart my console. After that, the machine wont read any PS3 games. I can't believe it, I am so angry and disapointed with my PS3. Yet the machine still reads ps2 and ps1 games.

I could rant about all the problems I have had with this machine, because I have had alot considering I have only had this console two weeks!

Posted on Aug 16, 2008

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Question for all who have has the disc read error problem...

Does your PS3 boot into the menu? If so, see if you can download a demo game and play that. If you can play a downloaded demo game, it generally means that your all your PS3 hardware, except the laser lens, is functioning properly. My friend's PS3 had the same problem. It would not play any discs he puts in, but will play a downloaded demo. His PS3 is no longer under Sony's warranty, so I fixed it by replacing the laser lens for him. You can buy a replacement lens on Ebay. However, if your PS3 is still under Sony's warranty, i suggest sending it back to them for repairs.

Posted on May 20, 2008

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I had a problem where my ps3 would not play games that had 1080p format with hdmi cable. Found problem was with the TV(protron plasma). When using supplied cable all games worked but video quality suffered. Now I have a pioneer plasma and all games work via hdmi.

Posted on Jan 02, 2008

Ma ps3 will not play eneything accept dvds help pleaseee =[

Posted on Jun 27, 2008

Or you can just wait for the next Update and it will pry work fine

Posted on May 20, 2008

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Why won't my ps3 read ps3 games but will play everything else

Posted on Nov 27, 2008

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My PS2 doesn't read all PS game disks.

Some ps1 games don't work right on a ps2.

Jan 22, 2010 | Sony PlayStation® 2 Console

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60GB PS3 will play PS1 and PS3 games but not PS2.

this is a problem with some ps3's especialy the high GB ones like mine. they made it so most if not all of the ps2 games cannot be played to cut down on price and to leave room for all the memory. so you can still play ps1's but you cant play ps2's. sorry

Dec 29, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

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What games beside ps3 games are compatible with the ps3

It depends on your system the 40g will play ps1, but not ps2. The 60g or above will play both.

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Ps3 will not play ps2 disks will play ps3 disks ok

playstation 2 games will only play on the 60gb ps3 the orginal console.

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Ps3 wont read ps3 games

PS3 Not Reading Games

If you have this problem it is because the laser has shifted from where it needs to be and the good news is that it is not that hard to fix all you need is a good repair guide.

You can of course send it in but the disc reading issue you should be able to fix in less than 1 hour from home.

Check out this link for a full explanation:

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My ps3 wont read ps3 games it only reads some ps1 games and some ps2 games.

This is the number one problem PS3 owners encounter. It's a Sony defect. The blu-ray drive is a three part laser ( cd / dvd / blu-ray). The blu-ray portion always goes out. That's why you're still able to play a few of your DVD PS1 and PS2 games.

Check out my common PS3 problem and repair guide for tips and suggestions for your problem.

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Running ps2 games on my ps3

could be laser problem. redlight mode laser controls ps2/dvd/cd reading. does it read bluray games?

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40gb is not backwards compatible, it cannot play some ps1 and ps2 games, the 60gb is though.

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It doesn't play games for ps2 just play the old games ps1

if u are trying to play old ps2 games the sumtimes have trouble reading them wot u could try is cleaning the games and the lazer inside the ps2 with a cleaning disk the should sort it out

Oct 26, 2007 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

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