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Mitsubishi ws-55513 green flashing light issue

Ive seen several articles in here about this ....ranging from a $650 dm board repair to a simple? do it yourself 4 cap replacement.....Does the cap replacement work on this model for the most part? If so how much are the parts, location in tv and so forth....All info is helpful...Thx in advance....

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  • bishihater Dec 28, 2007

    Thx for the info....I will give this a shot this weekend...Ill let you know how it went....Have a great deserve it

  • bishihater Dec 29, 2007

    Hey Bill, Is it possible to remove the DM silver box from the rear on this tv?....I have the back cover off and therre is a chassis removal warning about disconnecting the usb and cables before removing ther chassis.....I dont have a users guide and unfortunately the closest thing Mitsubishi has posted in pdf is the ws-65511, rather than the ws-55513 that I have....It appears that those tvs have a top and bottom half....Mine does look a bit different...I dont see the 2 screws in each side for the decorative panel area/ to seperate the halves....In any case, it appears that just removing the rear covers and1394/usb wires/ 2 copper waves and 4 small screws, 2 at the rear and 2 mid way on the box at the base and a plastic bracket above the DM would allow me to lift it up out of its seat...Is that the way to go? or do I need to rmove the chassis and attack from above....Any help is appreciated...Thx Scott

  • bishihater Dec 29, 2007

    Bill, I found a service manual for 16.99 and an owners manual for 11.99 @ a site called ....Do you recommend I purchase the service manual in order to figure out the proper way to remove the DM box...Do I need to pay the 9.99 to be able to chat with you?....Are you available thru Instant Messenger or by email or possibly phone? Do you work for or just being helpful for free.....Thx Scott

  • bishihater Dec 29, 2007

    DM box removed.......still have a flashing green light even with the E2P module removed.....I even tried to plug the TV in without the DM box installed and still just a flashing green light...I guess the next step is to test the 4 16v caps...They dont look bad visually but I have no idea what they looked like new, so how the hell do I for next indicated step all you Gurus...Thx in advance....

  • bishihater Dec 29, 2007

    OK, upon further inspection and comparison to other caps on the main motherboard, The ones that are suspect on the DM board do appear to bulging at the top a bit....I saw another guy post that you can use the 25v or 35v 1000uf caps and yet another said to replace these with 680uf 16v caps...will all of these work? Thx in advance...

  • bishihater Dec 30, 2007

    Bill, I replaced the caps and I still have the blinking light....Tried the E2P test again still blinking.... I saw this post from another guy who had the same problem....This was posted as a possible solution so I tried it with a multimeter.....Heres what the post said below

    3. LED does not stop blinking after plug in. Verify the standby supplies, 12-volts at connector KA pin 17, 6-volts at KA pin 18 and the 28-volts at KA pin 19, if the supplies are present suspect the DM PCB part # 934C067001

    So, Heres what I found there is 12.80 present at pin 17...5.61 present at pin 18 and 28.55 present at pin 19....I tested this at what looks to be a jumper with very fine connectors from pcb board to pcb board in the front middle floor area labeled KA

    I checked this with the vdc setting on the multimeter is that right?....Any ways let me know if there is something else I can check...It seems that sometimes when I plug the TV in .....there is a ticking noise and sometimes there is not....Its about as fast as the blinking of the timer/power light...maybe two ticks per second.....Whats next?...Thx for your time and patience...Scott

  • Cvdemick Jan 01, 2008

    I have the WS-55513 Television also, one day it works great, the next, the green light flashes continually and won't turn on. I talked to a repair man and he said it would cost about $300 then I would have to pay for the parts... Is there a simple way to check this out for myself? Or should I start looking for a new TV?

  • bishihater Jan 04, 2008

    Well, I have tried the suggested methods of repair that Bill told me to do and still have no luck....Bill was extremely helpful...The only tools I have are a multimeter inwhich I was able to do some continuity tests which came out ok.....Bill walked me through the replacement of the 4 1000 mf 16v caps inside the DM module and that didnt do it either....Bills last email to me was that if I didnt have a scope or ESR meter, that there wasnt a whole lot more I could do....Here is Bills last suggestion for me...which was to ship to the below service place....Its about $350 it appears to find out what the problem is...I dont think that the $275 he mentions is to repair it...Although it says flat fee, so Im a bit confused on that and Bill is on vacation...Hope this helps...Personally Im gonna have someone come diagnose the problem and decide after he tells me how much whether or not its worth it to me...Good Luck...Scott

    Bills last email below

    There are 3 or 4 surface mount caps in the power supply of the DM module that could fail and you can give them a quick continuity test but it's rare that they fail...
    The only tests now that would help is referred to as signal and trace testing, done with a 20mhz or better scope. Don't think you want to spend 1.4-1.6k for that... And you could check some other caps for open if you had an ESR meter - but short of that you don't want to simply shotgun repair this thing it could get VERY expensive..
    You could unbutton the chassis and box it up and send it to PTS Electronics and they can bench test all the boards and do the repair and send it back.. I think their flat rate is about $275.00 on that chassis plus you'll have about $75.00 in shipping... Or you could do it board by board... But that gets even more expensive. Short of taking it to a shop, option one is the most prudent. Just make sure to label your HV circuit, most everything else is clearly marked - which wire goes where..

  • bishihater Jan 04, 2008

    Oh, On a further note...I just looked at that website and it does appear that they are familiar with this problem...Im gonna try to call them tomorrow...they are closed now...Ill update and let you know the status and costs involved....

  • bishihater Jan 04, 2008

    Heres what I found this evening

    OK Bill, Bare with me....I got the tv to work ....but heres what I found.....I was testing the continuity on the 4 caps I replaced and 2 were getting the 0.00 reading and beeping continuosly, while 2 were giving me some resistance I guess you would say...So I decided to test the 3 closest fuses to the caps I replaced and noticed that f9b01 was good and at 0.00, f9b00 was also good, but f9b02 was giving me some reistance at about the same level as the other 2 caps, so on a hunch that the fuse was bad.....I put the Dm back in in tv and jumped a paperclip across thef9b02 fuse, plugged the set in and walla...70 seconds later.....blinking light off, turned tv on just for a minute to make sure I got a picture and immediately turned it back off.....The fuses are so tiny and how do you? or can I replace it...It says it is a 125v 4a and the circuit # is f9b02...It is located on the back of the DM module....Thx for all of your help and hope your having a good vacation....Let me know ..Thx Scott

  • bishihater Jan 05, 2008

    I am now watching my tv.....Thank you very much Bill for all of your help.....If anyone wants to know more info on exactly what the problem was with my tv.....Drop a line and I will help you as Bill helped me....Of course yours may have a different fuse out or cap or whatever ...But let me know...Thx again Bill and

  • watermans Jan 06, 2008


    What finally did the trick: caps or fuses? I found the caps locally for for about $10 per...quote of $250 for parts and labor. Any advice while Bill is out?

  • splishhh Jan 06, 2008

    Hello - I have the same problem, changed the 4 capacitors and still just a blinking green light. Any other suggestions would be great.


  • bishihater Jan 07, 2008

    On the backside of the DM module very close to the location of the 4 caps there are three small fuses....# fb900, fb901 and fb902...They are 125v 4amp fuses( they are little white 1/8" x 1/8" squares)....I found that one of them was bad by testing for continuity with a multimeter.....I was afraid to remove the old one as it is surface mount and small, so I just piggybacked the new fuse onto the old...My soldering iron is less than top of the line and thought I would more damage than good by trying to remove the old one.....

  • ROVERDOVER Jan 13, 2008


  • ROVERDOVER Jan 13, 2008

    we have the same problem. lost our tv on jan 2. have written to mitsubishi. will inform IF we get a response.. seems like a good time to think about a class-action lawsuit.. there has to be something very bad for so many tv's to go out within a few weeks with the same problem.. anyone agree???

  • tmcollins Apr 16, 2008

    i too have this TV only 2 years old, and went out just like everyone else, this seems to be a defect and Mitsuhishi should recall these EXPENSIVE tv and fix them for free, tell me what i have to do for a lawsuit.

  • Anonymous Apr 30, 2008

    Same thing, green flashing lights even after unplugging.

  • Anonymous Apr 30, 2008

    Same problem, flashing green lights even after unplugging unit and letting it set.

  • sdunes Jun 16, 2008

    I have the same green light problem but my model is the WS 65909. Is the repair the same?

  • stever403 Jun 20, 2008

    Mitsubishi model WS-5513 has the same green blinking light. I am tentatively trying to remove DM module to check the capacitors but not quite sure what silver box needs removed. I removed the usb cable and the 1394 cable and uscrewed, but it seems this module is still connected. Any tips on removing the silver box.

  • Tarl Jul 19, 2008

    tv is broke

  • buckwilson70 Aug 18, 2008

    I have the same problem Green flashing timer light . Is this something that someone that doesn't have alot of electronic exp. can tackle ???

  • unclechase Sep 13, 2008

    I have the same as everyone else here. So can I replace these fuses myself?!?! And just where would I get these at...maybe Best Buy?!?!


  • cmiller581 Oct 18, 2008

    We have the same problem, have any of you fixed your tv by yourselves? How much did it cost and what did you change?

  • newport5 Nov 08, 2008

    We had the problem a month ago - then one day the light stopped blinking - and the tv turned on. NOW ITS BACK! How do we replace the fuse which sound like from blogs above is the problem?

  • ccooper24 Nov 08, 2008

    Same problem here. Where can I purchase these tiny little pains? If I
    simply go around them with a small wire would there be a fire hazard?
    Fairly new to this kind of stuff. Thanks in advance.

  • bishihater Nov 09, 2008

    To all who have this problem....I gotta run right now but....would be more than happy to help....Im a rookie and was able to repair myself at a cost of about $20....Please read above...I did replace the capacitors on the DM Module but that wasnt it...It was the f9b02 fuse on the DM module....You can call me if you need help...Im an amateur but did fix my own.....714.401.3557...Good luck Scott



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I would asssume that the four cap replacement you're referring too is in the power supply of the DM module. (The large silver looking box on the left looking at the back of the TV)..
You can unplug that module from the signal board and remove it. Open the cover and you should find 4 16v caps in the power supply. If they look buldged chances are they are the failure. If not you might want to take an ESR meter to them to confirm they're okay and move on... In the back of that module is a small vertical board called the E2P module. Unplug it from the DM and plug the DM back into the signal board. If it powers up your picture might not be in the best alignment but you've identified the problem - just replace the E2P module.
If none of this works you're going to start getting into some greater technical requirements - but let's cover that when you get that far...

Posted on Dec 28, 2007

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  • William Rayburn
    William Rayburn Dec 29, 2007

    Okay, where to start... Replace the 1000mf/16v caps in the power supply line of the DM... You can use higher voltage but not higher or lower mf - in other words 25 volts at 1000mf would be okay or 35 volts at 1000mf just don't stray from the 1000mf and make sure they'll fit (not to tall to be able to get the cover back on...

    The manual I have and if you email me I'll be glad to Pando it over...

    The flashing light should blink for about 70 seconds, that's normal, before you can power it on... But a continued blinking is most likely because the DM is not booting, due to those failed caps...

    After you get the caps replaced let me know - and remember they are polarized +/- so make sure you orientate the new ones correctly...


  • William Rayburn
    William Rayburn Dec 30, 2007

    On the center board, just behind the convergence amps are a series of pico fuses. Check all of them for continuity, especially 9a04 and 9a05 and let me know if any are open.. 9a04 & 05 are your 24v line to the amps and if open suspect convergence amps are triggering the shutdown.


  • William Rayburn
    William Rayburn Nov 09, 2008

    To all who have followed this thread the smd fuses that Scott was referring to can be found at Mouser - this link should take you the the proper page.

    In most cases the DM usually only needs to has the caps replaced and in rare circumstances also the fuse(s)... The fuse being open is never the cause just another symptom. And if ANY of this sounds a bit too complicated by all means contact a technician at a qualified shop near you...

    Good Luck With Your Repairs!


    William Rayburn, CET

    Premium Technologies

    PO Box 442

    Long Beach, WA. 98631



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Same problem here. Where can I purchase these tiny little pains? If I simply go around them with a small wire would there be a fire hazard? Fairly new to this kind of stuff. Thanks in advance.

Posted on Nov 08, 2008


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Bill and Scott,
I am having the exact same problem and I wanted to find out what the results have been and where I should start?
Thanks in advance, Rob

Posted on Jan 04, 2008

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Hey anyone there? I have a WS-55513 with a

There are 4 capacitors on the dm board that cause this problem if they are not puffed up, however the dm board will need to be replaced.

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Mitsubishi-ws55859 power failure flashing timer green light

the capacitors on the DM need to be replaced. Very easy repair you can get the repair kit at this link which is for your model it contains the replacement capacitors and step by step insturctions.

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Mitsubishi hdtv1080 won't turn on. green timer light flashing

could be a lot of things really. when you replace the bulb, there is a switch that will prevent the tv from turning on if the cover isn't sitting correctly, by moving it that might have shifted so it would blink, but not turn on. if not, well get it serviced, sorry

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Wont power up , green indactor light wont stop flashing

You have four capacitors bad on the "DM" module in the unit. I recommend you get a tech to do this repair. This is due to the complexity of accessing the DM module. A qualified tech can do this repair in under an hour. You can find a tech in your area by inputting your zip code on the home page of this website. Let me know if I can be of further assistance

Jan 11, 2009 | Mitsubishi WS-55513 55" Rear Projection...

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Mitsubishi WS-55513- Flashing green light won't power on at all reset does not work

you need to replace the capacitors on the DM board. Its a very easy repair. You can get the V23 DM repair kit at the following link which is the one for your model. Its listed under the repair kit category and comes with the replacement capacitors and step by step instructions on CD. Heres the link.

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Mitsubishi ws-55513 blinking power light

The infamous flashing green LED problem is usually due to a failing or faulty DM board. I purchased the PDF manual online and was able to locate and remove the components as necessary.

If you can solder, and are semi-proficient with electronics it is 4 bad capacitors on the DM board...

Otherwise there are facilities that can repair your failed board for about 275.00 or replacement of the board is between 350.00 and 500.00 buck USD.

Good Luck with your repairs....

-Richard (MetalDad)


May 10, 2008 | Mitsubishi WS-55513 55" Rear Projection...

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Mitsubishi WS-55513 won't turn on

from what i know thru extensive research.....and i mean alot the dm board (as in the whole thing) is not all bad its thecapacitors on the dm board that are supposably cheap O'z if you know what i mean. there should be 4 of them. you can buy the replacemnets from radio shack for about 8.50. if you know someone who is handy with a soildering iron, or a freelace electically type then ask them if they can put the new ones on for you. the correct one you need are -40 degrees to +85 degrees Celceus...tolerance +20%, now this is important 1000microfarad.... now these capacitors cant be less than 16V they can be over but not under.... typical brand to get is have to remove the dm board which is in a metal shield once the back part of the television is removed you will see it cause it looks like it should be in a computer. but apparently this is typical and its a very simple fix but everyone that is capable to fix it want to bend you over and do you should be ashamed of themselves for not correcting this themselve and offering help with cost.. hope this helps guys!


Oct 21, 2007 | Mitsubishi WS-55513 55" Rear Projection...

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Mitsubishi flashing light replaced capasitors that were blown tv still has flashing light

The four cap replacement in DM module repair is simplistic
and incomplete, as you found out. ALL defective DM modules
have bad SMC's ( small "top hat" caps) AKA surface-mount
capacitors that can be changed only by the most highly skilled
bench techs. We used to change out hundreds years ago in
camcorder circuit board repair.DM board repair is a much more
accessible,thus more "do-able". For more info.............T.

Sep 26, 2007 | Mitsubishi WS-55513 55" Rear Projection...

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