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Global Hydronics GH4000 with leaks

I have a Global Hydronics GH4000 (coal/wood) unit and this weekend I found that it some serious leaks. I just called Hawken Energy (who I bought it from) and they directed me to Global Hydronics. The person at Global asked me to disassemble the unit to see if I could locate the leaks. I said I would remove the side panel and see if I could locate them and take pictures. I'll try to keep an open mind to this as GH said they would ''work with me''.

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My advise is this: STAY AWAY from Global Hydronics, Bio Heat, Wood Doctor, and Hawken Energy. All negative stuff out there on them. See arboristsite dot com for more information that is being posted search for Hawken Energy, you'll find it. The only real solution is to sue these companies as they have neglected customers for years, over and over again. It has been posted that Hawken Energy uses an "independent" report that claims Hawken is the best in the business, they are not!!! By the looks of it, the owner of Hawken Energy made up this report and is using one of his other business to promote it. This is pathetic.
I say stay away from Global, Bio Heat, and Wood Doctor, as It would seem that Global hydronics makes them all, at least they all look alike, and the warranty complaints on the internet name these companies as being the worst. Hawken Energy once sold Global Hydronics units that they relabeled as their own, but did not tell the costumers this. I guess they even printed a flyer that changed the model numbers, but when you got the unit on your land it was a Global Hydronics and not a Hawken Energy. One or more of these companies is being sued now. Nothing good to say about one of these companies. The whole thread over at arboristsite should be read as it uncovers a lot of information these companies did not want the public to know about.

Posted on Oct 14, 2009

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If you have not read this post about Global Hydronics and Hawken Energy you need to. START HERE:
June 18th of 2009 (almost 1 year ago) I sent Hawken Energy an email with pictures of my leaking furnace. They deemed it unrepairable on-site and wanted me to ship it back to Canada. They would never even get anyone to come look at it. Two months ago they sent people out to photograph and possibly record my property without my knowledge. They then had the nerve to retract any previous (yet lacking) offers to settle out of court when they saw that the unit was still in operation. Had the fools ever had the respect to come and look at it when they were first invited a year ago they would have seen that this time the leak was on the outside of the unit and about 3/4 up the rear seem. So, it holds about 3/4 of the amount of water that it should because the rest comes out (leak, leak, leak...) I also burned about 3-4 more chord this year because of the lack of reserve water. This is my 4th leak with two units within 4 years. I ordered a Hawken Energy built HE1000, I was delivered a Global Hydronics built GH-1000. There never has been a HE-1000 except in a fantasy book the owners of Hawken Energy created. Now Global Hydronics seems to be footing the attorneys for my suite against Hawken Energy and they are threatening to sue me. What a bunch of worthlesss #@%$#%. I am continuing my action against Hawken Energy as well as when this matter is resolved all documents we've obtained are going straight to the MI A.G. and the Federal A.G. office. I feel they crossed the line by spying on my family when they were invited almost a year ago to come fix the problem with their Hawken Energy OWB. They never showed. And I'm the one "making false claims"? good luck with that one Hawken. I'll be creating a new post at this weekend outlining this mess in detail. We have been damaged enough financially by this nightmare ordeal I will not be harassed as well. I feel people deserve to know the truth behind what has been going on with these guy's. They even tried to get me to sign a dissparagence clause in a settlement offer that would have made me remove any and all posts about Hawken and Global as well as never be able to comment on this waste of a problem without the threat of litigation. Will they stop at nothing to line their pocketbooks? I GOT SCREWED BY HAWKEN ENERGY!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! I have spent thousands fighting this and have not even seen a judge yet. I only wait to get to trial and testimony will be set under oath. The truth will come out. HAWKENGLOBALYUK

Posted on Jun 04, 2010

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The reason they want you to ship it for repair is so you will forget about it !

You are correct its from Manitoba , its part of a Religious cult colony that is building them , and somehow part of the Rock Church out there, I saw one of the owners in a show in USA in 2009 , he and his buddies were joking about how many they can pump out under different names, all old second class steel . they offer 30 year warranty , I got one of the owners cards, some German guy Arthur Turple from Truro Nova Scotia , he has many names I and all owned by Outside Heating Systems Ltd . I think is like this so he can loose on a class action suit !!! so I see he selling all stock as fast as he can and under cut his DEALERS even Wood Doctor !

watch for Wood Doctor Truro Arthur Turple

Registry ID: 3043598
Type: N.S. Limited Company
Nature Of Business:
Status: Active
Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia
Registered Office: 35 COMMERCIAL STREET, SUITE 101
Mailing Address: 35 COMMERCIAL STREET, SUITE 101
TRURO NS Canada B2N 3H9


Name Position Civic Address Mailing Address
ARTHUR J. TURPLE Recognized Agent 397 PRINCE ST
Activity Date
Annual Renewal 2009-05-11
Annual Statement Filed 2009-05-11
Annual Renewal 2008-06-30
Show All


This Company ...
THE WOOD DOCTOR Registered Global Hydronics GH4000 with leaks - user_offline.gif reputation.gif report.gif edit.gif

Posted on Mar 12, 2010

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  • class action Mar 21, 2010

    firestarter nova scotia Total Posts: 2 Joined 2009-02-27
    I have a Boiler Plate model and it is 6 years old and has started to leak. My furnace was filled with antifreeze to help prevent corrosion, but that was a waist of time. I am being told that ” because I had installed a 8 foot section of chimney, condensation in the smoke pipe and ran down inside the firebox and this contributed to the welds failing(Rusting Out).” They are denying warranty. The warranty on the furnace is only good for 5 years. I saw the classic boiler furnaces a week after I had purchased my Wood Doctor and I thought it was a much better furnace, and now I am sure that I made a mistake. If they offered to give me a new furnace to replace this one I would sell it for as much as I could get for it and buy a Classic Boiler. I know there are allot of dead Wood Doctors in this area. The furnace worked well up until now, but I was waiting for the past two years for something to go wrong with it after hearing other peoples stories.

  • class action Mar 21, 2010

    Burning Chunk

    Nova Scotia, CanadaTotal Posts: 35Joined 2009-01-23
    What a farce . . . yours rusted from the outside-in (inside-out to me would be from the water jacket, out!) and they are denying warranty. Does Wood Doctor say anywhere in the literature they provided to you that there is a limit on the length of pipe you can install and that this may happen if you install too long a piece and they will there-by void your warranty?
    Did they convince you to ship your entire boiler to their factory for examination at your expense and then pull this excuse to void your warranty out of their hat?
    So, “Now We Know!!”, Wood Doctor’s boiler plate lasts about 6 heating seasons before corroding through and leaking all over the ground and Heavy Duty Stainless Steel can corrode through in less than 3 heating seasons!!
    Isn’t that Wood Doctor product just the cat’s meow!
    So to add to the confusion that Wood Doctor seems to wallow in . . . is your boiler “Heavy Duty Full Boiler Plate” or did they manage to slip you something they might now describe as “Light Duty Half Boiler Plate” that you didn’t think you had bought from them in the first place?
    Wood Doctor is telling me now, that I originally bought a Light Duty Stainless Steel Global Hydronics boiler from them. Funny, how I never heard any of these terms until well after the fact! I know what I bought from them, “A Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wood Doctor Furnace!”
    It’s like they’re trying to say, “You bought our cheap product and got what you paid for! What did you expect, Dah!”
    Leaky :down:

  • class action Mar 21, 2010

    nova scotiaTotal Posts: 2Joined 2009-02-27
    I can’t find the literature that came with the furnace when I bought it, I will look for it soon. But I have a friend with the same set up and he isn’t having any problems (YET). They told me that my furnace only had a 5 year FULL warranty and I’m not sure what the replacement warranty is , 30 year warranty is a SCAM ! , I have to talk to them again. It’s not like I purchased there cheapest model. I paid almost $10 000 CASH for the furnace, its a big one.
    What I am planning to do is to get a welder down and cut the thing wide open and perform the repairs and I will take some pictures of the thing opened up and then I am going to put it in the Auto Trader for sale as scrap metal. Free advertising for them, I will also put it on the net. I was so upset when they screwed me around, I decided that I would have more fun screwing with them and hopefully prevent someone else from making the same mistake that I did. They didn’t even come look at it. I called them when I discovered the problem and it took them almost 3 weeks to get back to me and say they were not going to cover it. It was some Arthur Turple salesman and really sounded strange on the phone like he was working from his truck. Its a real candy *** operation that they are running. I am going to take the furnace right apart and inspect the entire furnace and rebuild it they way they should have built it in the first place. And when it blowes up I will buy a one from Central Boiler. Be aware WOODDOCTOR is No GOOD !

  • class action Apr 18, 2010

    Outdoor Boiler User Report Wooddoctor , Global Hydronics ,
    Rick has done some deep thinking about his boiler.
    He lives in Eastern Ontario, Canada.
    Those pictures in your article on outdoor wood furnaces are realistic. That is just like my outdoor wood furnace which is now into its fourth heating season.
    It works as described. It regularly produces enormous quantities of smoke especially in fall and spring. When used in summer, it is terrible. Our nearest neighbour is nearly 500 metres away, and the next is nearly 1km away. This is obviously a rural setting. If we were in a populated area, or near a road, there is no doubt there would be many complaints and it would be totally irresponsible to use it in the summer. Running one of these in a city or town in summer would be, at best, extremely inconsiderate.
    Overall, almost all the claims made by the manufacturer were absurdly exaggerated. Long periods between burns, such as 72-96 hours? Ridiculous. As to that, in mid-winter at -30degC, we load it 3 times a day and it burns cleanly with little or no visible smoke. The claims for 96 hour burn times are absurd. This is might be true if you were not pulling any heat out of the unit, and it will indeed go 72-96 hours in July without reloading, no problem, if filled with dry seasoned oak, but this is rather pointless. The joke is that I have seen these units sold at Farm shows and it is always the same line of misrepresentation: the dealers have one set one up and are bragging about how they have only put in one armful of wood since setup three days ago because the unit is just so efficient... Since they haven’t heated anything except the furnace itself, the statement about an armload of wood is completely meaningless, even if it were true.
    Efficiency? Not likely. There are numerous manufacturers of these outdoor furnaces, but I have seen no evidence that any of them has done any serious scientific engineering design of their units. There is no evidence any of them have any concept of the physics of convection, heating or cooling, nor of fluid dynamics. These are basically all just metal boxes containing a fire surrounded by a water jacket. However, as long as the source of heat energy is available and not costly or is free, then efficiency is a moot point.
    Burning Green wood? At this it excels. In fall and spring we burn garbage wood such as Manitoba Maple pulled from off fence lines and elsewhere on our property (all green, all unseasoned). Why not? This junk wood heats our water and when the weather is mild (anything above zero) the furnace does a fine job heating the house--there just are not enough BTUs in low quality wood to use it when it gets really cold as it goes through a load too quickly. I appreciate that some people will think it is BAD to burn green wood (bad for the environment, that is). Well, what is the alternative? Here it is: build multiple brush piles out of all your junk wood, wait for an inch or two of snow in the fall, and watch all those BTUs go up to the sky. That is just reality. So, it is very fine to talk about grams per hour from a furnace or some nice air-tight wood stove with a catalytic converter in it, but how many grams per hour of carbon are there coming out of a brush pile fire? Probably thousands or tens of thousands or more.
    You mention setting fire to your fields with it or setting fire to your house. This is not surprising. The manufacturer of our unit claimed no problems at all with sparks, but we needed to add our own spark arrester because so many sparks came out. The unit as sold shoots lots of sparks unless the wood is high quality and very dry. However, with the spark arrester in place we can burn any day we like, anything we like. We do not need to worry about tending the furnace or starting brush fires.

    Are there Problems? Yes.Problem 1. These furnaces require work. Muscle power. The manufacturers ignore this detail in their exaggerated claims. You need to get out there and put the wood into it. If going from any form of automated heat to an outdoor wood furnace: THINK VERY CAREFULLY FIRST.... Wood heating can lose its romance quickly when it is a day-in-day-out operation for 6 months. The outdoor wood furnace will be one of your major winter hobbies. If going from an indoor wood-furnace to an outdoor wood-furnace (as I did) then the benefits are huge. But, lets be realistic: not very many people heat their houses with indoor wood furnaces. I would think less than 1 in a thousand even in rural areas.
    Problem 2. You need a BIG wood shed. Otherwise, you are going to be burning green, or wet, or snow-covered wood. Wet and/or green wood will burn, but you will waste a lot of wood getting that wet wood up to ignition temperature. And it is very hard to get a wet-wood fire going. Most people do not have the space for the required woodshed nor space to store all the wood they will need to burn for a winter. Let alone space to store wood for the next two or three winters. Very few people have any idea how much wood it takes to heat a house for a winter. It takes a lot.
    Problem 3. A lot of wood is needed. This is because these outdoor wood furnaces are very inefficient. There is no way the efficiency of an airtight is matched even remotely. Ours produces huge amounts of heat, but we go though at least 7 bush cords (i.e., 7 piles of 8 ft logs where each pile is 4ft high and 4ft wide) of dry hard oak per year. The cost for us for to buy this much hard oak (white or red oak) or hard maple (sugar maple) and have it delivered (if we buy it as logs) is $600.
    Problem 4. The units are extremely expensive. Small ones are $6K. Big ones can be $30K or more. Approximately two-three times the cost of a top-quality high-efficiency propane/oil boiler to heat the same sized space. The extra money could buy a lot of propane/oil. The economics need to be considered carefully.


  • class action Apr 18, 2010

    Wood Doctor - Outdoor Wood Furnaces

    Problem 5. The units are not durable. They corrode, even though anticorrosion additives are put into the water. The manufacturer of our furnace went bankrupt within one year of our purchase (so much for the 10-year warranty) when someone when after them for a faulty unit. We learned this when a faulty weld started to leak. We had to fix it ourselves, at our own cost. To do so I ripped all the casing off the front, pulled all the insulation off, drained the unit, and brought in our mobile welder at $50 per hour plus mileage etc. And at that point the real guts of the beast was sitting there before us, not just the pretty furnace, covered in decorator colour aluminum siding, that was delivered to the yard. No, in truth it is just a very poorly welded box, slapped together, apparently in a hurry. We changed the insulation before the siding went back on as the manufacturer was so sloppy in surrounding the boiler that you could see parts of it. That was just ridiculous. We had to do the same thing about 18 months later. It has sprung yes another leak, so I need to do it again. Absurd.
    Problem 6. The units require daily monitoring. Also regular adjustment, regular adding of water, and that gets to be a pain. It takes very little time, but it needs to be done. No one who has one of these can just shove wood into it and forget it. For this reason alone, an outdoor wood-furnace is not for everyone. If you do not enjoy or are not good at playing with machines, then I would suggest not getting one. If you let the water level go down, and you burn out the fire box (I known one person who did this) then there goes your $6-8K investment. Scrap. Compared to the ease of the standard propane or natural gas boiler (at a third of the initial price) with the slide of a finger to do everything, the outdoor wood furnace is often one big headache (especially when it is minus 30 C outside and you would rather just stay inside and be with your wife/girlfriend but unless you get outside and feed the furnace the fire will go out, the water temperature will start to drop and the house will start to get cold).
    Problem 7. Electricity is needed. The outdoor wood furnaces require electrical power to operate: power for the fan (if it has a fan), power to open and close the air vent to get it burning, power to run the circulating pump, etc. If you have a power outage, you have no heat. You probably want a secondary source of heat (i.e., indoor wood stove, or propane heater, etc.).
    Problem 8. There is a risk or freeze damage and pipe bursts. If there is an extended power outage, the unit itself can probably be kept warm. Perhaps by wedging sticks into the dampers to permit airflow into the firebox, and thus a low level of combustion, during power outages if it is necessary (we did this during the Jan 1998 Ice Storm, but we were worried about the underground lines freezing). Even if the underground lines are below frostline (most installation guides appear to recommend only going down 1-2ft, well above the frost line in Ontario), the underground lines MUST come above frost-line to connect to the furnace. At that point, if there is no electricity to operate the circulating pump, the lines can freeze.
    Problem 9. You are a slave. Would you like to go on vacation someday in winter? Then you need an alternate way to heat the house and to heat the outdoor wood furnace. Forget about getting someone else to baby-sit the outdoor wood furnace for you while you are on vacation. No one in their right mind would do this. I would not, and I have had one for four years. They are just too unpredictable, and who would want the responsibility of keeping someone else's house from freezing after the outdoor furnace has gone out from wet-green wood too long on the smolder? If the furnace goes out in the winter, and it is not heated in some way, it will freeze unless you drain it. Draining the outdoor furnace in winter is something you probably do NOT want to do. So, you need to have things set up so that provide heat to it from the house, and this is most commonly by reverse heating from your hot-water tank. This can be a major downside.
    Problem 10. Smoke. The low/no smoke claims of some manufacturers are Ridiculous. There is lots of smoke unless in mid-winter when burning good dry hard maple or hard oak with frequent cycling. The units without fans smoke the worst. The talk about natural draft is hogwash as there is no stack. There is just no draft to speak of. The fan is what makes things burn well, and the fan is what allows you to burn whatever you want. The smoke usually is not a problem for us (personally) as the wind is very predominately away from our house.
    Problem 11. They smoke far too much in the summer to use. It would not be much trouble to feed the machine every 2-3 days in summer just to heat hot water. However, when the only heat be drawn out of the unit is to heat a domestic hot water tank, the units sits and smolders most of the time. When the unit starts to burn after smoldering for many hours the volume of smoke is just unbelievable for about 30 minutes or more (depending on what is being burned). If we have clothes out on the line when that happens, or the windows of our house are open and the wind is toward the house, we or our clothes get fumigated! So, after that happened a few times we decided not to use it outside of heating season. It is just too much hassle and makes too much smoke. Our unit goes out in June and we fire it up again in September. The exception is burning garden weeds without having to bother tending the fire. We save oak and seasoned hardwood for winter.
    Problem 12. These units need to be near the house. Claims in product brochures and manufacturer's websites that these units can be 500ft from the house are totally unbelievable. Virtually every unit I have seen is within 50ft of the house. Heat is lost underground unless the pipes are extremely well insulated. It is hard to see much heat energy being left after a run of 500ft.

  • class action May 30, 2010

    Looks like the WoodDoctor Canadian manufacturing had stopped manufacture under WoodDoctor to avoid the 30 year Warranty ticking time bomb , now they resurface under and wooddoctorusa . GH1000 which mine is Global , but was shipped from wooddoctor now totally rusted out and leaking wooddoctor . Whois - wood doctor -
    Name: Arthur Turple Organization: Arthur Turple Address 1: 397 Prince St City: Truro State: NS Zip: B2N1E6 Country: CA Phone: +1.9028933336 ... - Cached Whois - wood doctor usa -
    Arthur Turple 397 Prince St Truro, NS (CA) B2N1E6 Administrative Contact Arthur Turple Arthur Turple 397 Prince St Truro, NS (CA) B2N1E6 Email Masking Image ...

  • class action Jun 06, 2010

    well said , i have lots info you too, and who really is behind this Global mess , the hidden owners, the lod grade cheap steel , its the factory seconds they buy , if not the steel goes back to the melting pot, i will post more info here for you as i have no way to send direct to you, However check out wooddoctor , he has just shut down his normal name and re registered, if you check the domains he registered about 12 new oned in Feb 2010 so he can drop his warranty and people have no chance . , he is a partner owner with Global and a few other guys, they have private jets and live mainly in Florida , think he is German .

    Domain Name: WOODDOCTOR.BIZ
    Domain ID: D38090685-BIZ
    Sponsoring Registrar: DOMAINS AT COST
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 735
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Registrant ID: DAC1164632
    Registrant Name: Arthur Turple
    Registrant Organization: Arthur Turple
    Registrant Address1: 397 Prince St
    Registrant City: Truro
    Registrant State/Province: NS
    Registrant Postal Code: B2N1E6
    Registrant Country: Canada
    Registrant Country Code: CA
    Registrant Phone Number: +1.9028933336
    Registrant Email:
    Administrative Contact ID: DAC1164632
    Administrative Contact Name: Arthur Turple
    Administrative Contact Organization: Arthur Turple
    Administrative Contact Address1: 397 Prince St
    Administrative Contact City: Truro
    Administrative Contact State/Province: NS
    Administrative Contact Postal Code: B2N1E6
    Administrative Contact Country: Canada
    Administrative Contact Country Code: CA
    Administrative Contact Phone Number: +1.9028933336
    Administrative Contact Email:
    Billing Contact ID: DAC1164632
    Billing Contact Name: Arthur Turple
    Billing Contact Organization: Arthur Turple
    Billing Contact Address1: 397 Prince St
    Billing Contact City: Truro
    Billing Contact State/Province: NS
    Billing Contact Postal Code: B2N1E6
    Billing Contact Country: Canada
    Billing Contact Country Code: CA
    Billing Contact Phone Number: +1.9028933336
    Billing Contact Email:
    Technical Contact ID: DAC1164632
    Technical Contact Name: Arthur Turple
    Technical Contact Organization: Arthur Turple
    Technical Contact Address1: 397 Prince St
    Technical Contact City: Truro
    Technical Contact State/Province: NS
    Technical Contact Postal Code: B2N1E6
    Technical Contact Country: Canada
    Technical Contact Country Code: CA
    Technical Contact Phone Number: +1.9028933336
    Technical Contact Email:
    Created by Registrar: DOMAINS AT COST
    Last Updated by Registrar: DOMAINS AT COST
    Domain Registration Date: Wed Feb 03 10:03:33 GMT 2010
    Domain Expiration Date: Wed Feb 02 23:59:59 GMT 2011
    Domain Last Updated Date: this is the MAIN owner i found him on facebook , he was at the Home show and told me he was the real owner of global and a Dave guy and Zack !! its a Colony of some sort in Manitoba .i

  • class action Jun 06, 2010

    WOW this guy not like someone who complains !! he take a shot to destroy a complaining consumer ???

    I am Warren Walborn, the president of Hawken Energy - let me help you. I am confused because you say I did not want anything to do with you. I spent over $70,000 last year in legal costs fighting for you and other customers, so trust me when I tell you that I want to help you. I am confused though because I have never sold a furnace to anyone in Toronto. Just call me at 231-861-8200 and I will help you. You will not have to send your furnace 2000 miles back to Global - thankfully they have agreed not to require this any longer.

    One clarification - Hawken Energy never owned global or wooddoctor, and did not sell anything. Hawken simply was a distributor for Global in the US. Global is standing behind their products and honoring all warranty claims. Again, any reader who has a concern over this, please feel free to call me and I can help you.

    One caution to readers - a fraud attempt against Hawken was recently made by a member of this community who calls himself "HawkenGlobalYUK". He sued Hawken and Global claiming his furnace was "beyond repair". Global agreed to a legal settlement, which he agreed to, but as part of this, Global sent a private investigator to HawkenGlobalYUK's home just in case to see if there really was a problem with his furnace. The PI returned with photos of his furnace in perfect working condition providing heat for his home! Now he is going to be sued, his lawyer may be disbarred, and they all may face criminal charges. It is sad what some people will do.

    The bottom line is that, as the president of Hawken, I can assure you that we can and will do everything to help you. Please just call


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Usually leaqks comes from two sources one from the vent that may be closed with dirts or from the condensing unit that is building ice and that may need to be cleaned too. open the unit and start it and see where the water coming from does it buid on the bottom and if you can see if you have any dirts...ssometime th ehole is too small see if you can make new one big

Posted on Sep 08, 2009

  • hawken666 Dec 25, 2010

    Best to Study the warranty , Like WoorDoctor Arthur Turple has a SCAM warranty and refuses to discuss it !

    Re: Truth about Wood Doctor by president
    « Reply #3 on: November 13, 2010, 05:32:55 PM »
    arthur, i was trying to look up some infor about yor 30 year warranty on the wood doctor site, i can find none? why is that. would you care to elaberate on the warranty. it says 30 years on the boiler plate, does that mean on the welds also? do you warranty no leaks in the complete stove for 30 years or is this warranty also pro rated and if so at what percent and nubmer of years for each percent?

    i wish each of the dealers for different models of stoves would come on the forum pertaining to their stove and state the true warranty facts of their stoves. It appears that most (if not all) manufacturers seem to word their warranties with loop holes that let them out of repairs. I knew a fellow that had a pacific western, seam in water jacket let loose in year 2, his warranty after fighting for a month was they supplied a patch (a piece of 1/8 plate and he had to pay me to weld it on teh stove. I would say that warranty was worthless.

    arthur i am not bashing you but giving you a chance to be the first owner to truthfully spell out your warranty for everyone to see and if you are willing to do this i would challenge all the rest of the owners or agents of your compatition to come forth and do the same. there are many folks who are looking for info coming to this site and there are many horror stories of false warranty claims, give those looking for info before purchasing an OWB some truthful info on the warranty they would get if a problem arose with your product. all it would take to get this rolling would be 1 honest owner. arthur, is that you?
    « Last Edit: November 13, 2010, 05:34:42 PM by willieG » Report to moderator Logged
    home made OWB (2001)
    Ontario Canada


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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

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Crown Capital save the earth management, what causes global warming?

Scientists think that Global Warming is caused by the gases produced when humans burn coal, oil, etc. These gases trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is made when these fuels are burned. Percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been rising as result of human industries since the Industrial Revolution.

Heat absorbing gases are known as greenhouse gases. The warming of the atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect. Humans add extra greenhouse gases, which gains a bigger chance in the greenhouse effect. The increase causes global warming.

Apr 03, 2013 | Air Purifiers

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Where do you put the wood chips, and do you pre-soak the chips?

yes you pre-soak wood chips. use a nice bed of charcoal to get the fire going when coals get to smoldering in the very bottom try you start adding wood chips. Smoking is an art. you need patience lots of it. its called cold smoking. Do not put the chips in dripping of water, shake off excess water and put them directly on the coals. evry so often add a few dry chip, but only if you think your losing to much heat. I have smoked deer meat and fish and beef for that matter for as long as seven days. Just be sure to kep water in the second pan.

Feb 14, 2010 | Masterbuilt 20050106 Propane Smoker

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How old is the sanyo unit SPW-X361GH5 pLEASE? outdoor unit model spw-c361gh8 thanks alot

It was built between 1895 and 1901 and is fuelled by wood or coal. Works excellent in a cave but is not recommended for installation in cars manufactored after 1920. Hope this advise helps.

Oct 14, 2009 | Sanyo Heating & Cooling

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Do wood chips go in water or coals

wood chips and chunks go on coals if using chips you may want to soak in water so they wont burn so fast

Aug 18, 2009 | Brinkmann Smoke 'n Grill Double-Grill...

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How do I use the wood for the smoker

I notice you have an offset smoker. The idea is to get the coals going in the firbox (the smaller circular chamber). The heat from the coals will rise into the main smoking chamber (the large circular chamber) where the food is.

It is difficult to keep your temp set right (about 250) when smoking ribs, brisket or pork **** on a less expensive offset smoker. I don't know what kind you have but it looks like a Brinkman or Charbroil. I'm not being snobby about this as I have a Silver Smoker myself ($185 at Menards).

The solution is to modify it. Search the web for terms like "smoker mod/s". You should be able to find directions on inserting a heat deflection plate, extending your smoker pipe, even adding bricks to the bottom of the smoker chamber to hold the heat. Good luck.

Aug 23, 2008 | Brinkmann Stillwater Heavy-Gauge...

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My global hydronics outside wood boiler 5 years old has a interior leak who can fix it please, thank you.

Global Hydronics products have a notorious reputation for leaks. Their warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. The leaks are NOT repairable by a local person and then the homeowner is faced with the daunting task of having the entire boiler shipped to Canada for repair. And if you do invest the hundreds of dollars to ship, they may just tell you that they won't fix it anyway and advise you to buy a new one.

After a quick search, it's obvious that their products have a poor reputation. Please people, register your problems with the Canadian Better Business Bureau. It's unbelievable that they have no official complaints against them when clearly, so many people have had major problems. This company needs to be stopped.

Aug 08, 2008 | Heating & Cooling

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Have a brinkman all in one smoker but no instructions on how to use it

Put the briquettes in the bottom pan and put the wood chips around the outside edge. Put water in the top pan. All this must be done before you light the charcoal. Using an electric lighter works best and won't change the flavor of your food like starter fluid will. After coals are lit, place meat on rack and seal everything up. Now you're Smokin'!

Apr 06, 2008 | Rocky Mountain Range Outfitter 12" - OFTR...

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