Problem with Navman iCN 520 GPS Receiver

How to update my navman icn 520

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  • iblisr34 Im in Adelaide Australia do you know where to go and how much it would cost?

    Sep 02, 2009

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Rijul  Pujari

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Take it to service center and they will update it

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  • Rijul  Pujari

    Rijul Pujari For all in warranty repairs for Navman please contact Navman Customer Service on 1300 628 626

    Sep 02, 2009

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  • Anonymous
  • February 26, 2008

The CD is not available for download from Navman it seems, but you can get it at Just search for 'navman icn' and you'll find what you need, I just did. Better learn how to download torrents though! :)

Source: Navman iCN 520

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  • Ginko
  • 19395 Solutions
  • March 29, 2008

There are two possibilities:

1) it is a software problem, in this case you can solve it downloading and installing a firmware update. You can download latest software from here.
This is most likely situation.

2) If the above did not work it means that you have an hardware problem, probably the touchscreen is slightly faulty, or the lcd ribbon cable is not well connected. In this case I suggest to take the navman to service.


Source: navman icn 520

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You can unlock the iCN520 and install other GPS software on it. The iCN520 can run virtually all the major GPS software available today; from Tomtom to Miomap and beyond.

Instructions on how to unlock the iCN520 can be found at:

Source: Navman icn 520 with smartST 2005

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