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My indesit condenser dryer is leaking

My dries is leaking water at the back, the removable water tray is dry, the filter at bottom is dry, but the whole back of the machine is soaking. I cant even turn the thing on as trips all my power in the house. Any ideas on what it can be?

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SOURCE: my zannusi dryer is will not dry clothes on hot setting

thermostat in door part no 1258406014 should do the job colin

Posted on Mar 06, 2007

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SOURCE: Dryer does not get hot enough to dry clothes Roper REX4634KQ1 Electric Dryer

Either the heater element is breaking or is loose and getting only 110V instead of 240V.  First I would check the wall outlet with a voltmeter for 240V between Line1 and Line2.  Also check the connections and continuity for the heater element.

Posted on Oct 11, 2007

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SOURCE: Hotpoint Condenser Dryer Model CDT00

Either your heater is blow or your thermal cut outs are blown easy to check and replace ...

The are located at the back of the dryer behind the protuding funny shaped panel...

Check the continuity on the t-stats if no present then replace both of them small round things
then its the heater....

Posted on Jan 21, 2008

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SOURCE: Tumble dryer trips electricity

I own the same machine and this happened to me, if the internal working of the machine get wet it will cut off causing the electrics to trip. This model is a condenser dryer, at the bottom of the machine if you open up the flap you will see the condenser on the left hand side, the manufacturer recommends that you clean this unit once every month and also empty the reservoir and clean the fluff filter after every use. While this may seem like a lot of hard work there is a very good reason for this. I suspect that your problem is due to a build up of fluff and or gunge in the condenser and bottom of the machine. Remove the condenser and give it a good clean of all fluff, you can run water through it either in the sink or bath as the best way to do this it is very fiddley using just your hands. Next check to see if there is a build up of water in the back the machine where the condenser usually sits, you will have to lie on your stomach and reach into the back of the machine (OBVIOUSLY ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE UNPLUGGED FROM THE MAINS SUPPLY BEFORE YOU DO THIS!) along the floor of the machine you will feel a channel cut into the plastic which runs into the sump at the back of the machine, if you have not cleaned the machine properly this is probably blocked and is the culprit. With this blocked the water is unable to travel to the pump that takes the water from the condenser into the resevoir at the top of the machine, and therefore it stays in the machine and can get thrown about onto the electrics and could cause the machine to cut out and trip your electrics! If this is not blocked check the black rubber pipe leading from the pump to the reservoir is not blocked, failing that perhaps the pump (in the plastic case at the back of the machine) is faulty and will need to be replaced. If water has built up in the machine you will also need to check to make sure none is sitting in the heater coil compartment (it did with mine) to get at this you will have to unscrew the metal plate at the back of the machine and let any water out. Leave the machine for a few hours to make sure it is dry and then give it another go. If your machine is still under warranty though i would call indesit first as they may get a little funny if you remove any of the machine covers yourself and refuse to look at your machine.

Posted on May 28, 2009

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SOURCE: Indesit is70c dryer is not heating?

Take off the back plate of the drier to expose heating elements. There you will find two thermo switches, one with a hole in the middle of it. Push something like a pin into this hole until you hear a click. Re assemble back plate and it should work now

Posted on Aug 31, 2009

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SOURCE: Dryer is not drying. Lint is not collecting on

There is no lint screen that catches ALL the dryer lint. Some lint will always get exhausted through the dryer vent exhaust ducting along with the moisture from your clothing as it dries. If the exhaust vent remains unobstructed, all the air and lint will be blown out the end of the dryer vent exhaust.

However, if the air meets any resistance from kinks, excessive bends, or sags, moisture will build up inside the dryer vent exhaust causing the lint to stick to the interior walls of the vent hose. Over time this lint builds up and forms a clog. With a clog comes condensation and longer dry times. The dryer will continue to run inefficiently and cause the heating circuits to work harder and overheat. This will eventually lead to a failure of the heating circuits. If you are seeing condensation inside the dryer, it is strongly recommended the you inspect and clean the dryer exhaust vent hose. You should repeat this a couple of times a year to ensure it remains obstruction free.

The most frequent causes of dryer vent clogs comes from the following:

1. Ducting that runs in an upward direction in homes that have an attic exhaust. This is a stupid design that gravity will always win. When the dryer shuts offf, anything left in the vent will fall down the ducting to the base of the wall and accumulate. Over time, this forms a clog.

2. Ducting that runs under the home in a crawl space. If not correctly hung from the rafters, the ducting will develop sags causing choke points where lint can accumulate. Leaving it on the ground is not the answer, either. This gives opportunity for rodents to possibly chew through it. This will cause leaks which exhausts warm moist air under your home resulting in mold and mildew.

3. Using plastic dryer vent hose. This type of hose is not recommended because it kinks easily and can get crushed, causing an obstruction where lint can clog. Rodents can also chew through it easily. Pushing the dryer up against the wall and crushing the hose is a common cause. Use the semi-rigid metal type ducting that resists crushing, kinks and rodent infestation.

4. Rodents. Mice love lint. If given the access to it, they will build inside the dryer vent hose which provides a nice warm place to live with lots of bedding material. Make sure you exhaust vent on the exterior of your home is about 12 inches from the ground.

5. Exhaust vent screens. I know there are many types of exhaust vents on the market that you can purchase that have screens on them to prevent birds and rodents from entering them. The screen can actually become and obstruction, though. The smaller the opening, the more resistance the blower fan meets and lint will clog at the end of the exhaust. If you chose to use a protected exhaust vent, the ones with louvers work better. You will still need to periodically check the ensure it does not become clogged.

6. Excessively long vent hose. The rule of thumb when it comes to dryer vent ducting is: The SHORTER and STRAIGHTER the run, the BETTER. Excessively long dryer vent hoses will clog due to the fact that the blower fan is not able to push all the air and lint all the way to the exhaust.

7. Kinked, Excessively Bent, or Crushed vent hoses. If the vent has any choke points due to kinks, bends, or gets crushed behind the dryer, you will develop ponts where the exhaust vent will clog.

The following link may also help in providing some basic guidance on how to install dryer vent hose:

I know it may seem that I'm beating this point to death, but it is important to provide good air flow for your dryer. The number one cause of dryer failures and house fires comes from poorly maintained and poorly installed ventilation ducting.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope you find this information helpful.

Posted on Sep 07, 2009

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2 Answers

Doesn't dry

Drying consists of removing moisture through heat and airflow. Check to make sure that your venting tube is not kinked somewhere and therefore not allowing the air to flow freely from the dryer.

Apr 11, 2014 | AEG T57800 Electric Dryer

1 Answer

Tumble dryer eeps tripping electric

Had same problem found a lot or water at the rear of the condensing element at bottom front of dryer because the float at the rear was blocked with fluff resulting in water being flicked up by the fan onto the heating element and tripping the electric. Cleaned out float compartment and been fine up til now. For a quick fix (UNPLUG FIRST) remove the condensing element at the bottom front of tumble dryer(behind the drop down cover) then carefully tip the dryer forward and to the left so that it practically balancing on the front left corner, you will probably get a fair bit of water come out so have some towels ready, then dry as much as you can see inside the compartment then replace element and should be good for quite a while until you have more time to clean out the rear compartment. Hope this helps, let me know.

Feb 11, 2014 | Indesit IS70C Electric Dryer

1 Answer

I have an Indesit Dryer IDC75(UK), the red light goes on but the Container is empty, therefore it takes longer to dry and all the condesation collects inside at the rear bottom of the machine, I have...

Most likely it is clogged vent and also check for outside vent
Best way is visual check and check for any faulty component and parts and check all thermostats and sensors and look for clogged vent or any damaged or rusty or cracked components and use step by step deduction method for trouble shooting

Dec 07, 2013 | Bosch Axxis WTA 3510 Electric Dryer

1 Answer

Indesit widl126 does not dry

Had the same problem, very hot but wet clothes. This is a condensor drier. The fack that the clothes are hot rules out the heater or its control. If yoy hear the fan running and there is no blockage the fault is caused by the 3 stage water valve. During drying a small amount of water is passed through a condensor chamber, the cold water causes steam the condense backi into water then is pumped out through the drain. If the water valve fails no condensing takes place and the clothes remain wet. The valve is easy to change and costs about 15 pounds.

Dec 04, 2012 | Dryers

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How do you remove the water pump on an indesit idc75 condenser drier?

This easy to use white Indemnity condenser dryer will make a welcome addition to any kitchen. The 10 minute cool tumble and reverse tumble option will help keep creases in your fabric to a minimum. Energy efficiency ratings & performance: Energy efficiency rating: C. Maximum drying capacity 7kg. Condenser dryer features: 160 minute timer. Including 10 minute cool tumble. 2 dryness levels. Manual control. Reverse tumble option. Reservoir full indicator. Fluff filter. Size H85, W59.5, D58.5cm. Drying programmes Freshen up cycle. Manufacturer's 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee. Technical specifications: Energy consumption: 4.48kWh per cycle based on dry cotton cycle. Energy consumption: 336kWh per year based on dry cotton cycle.
please comment on my post or vote for the solution.

Dec 21, 2010 | Indesit Dryers

2 Answers

I have an IDC75 condenser dryer. Everytime i press the start button to start drying my clothes, it will not allow me to start it and immediatley shuts off the electricity in the whole kitchen. PLEASE,...

the culprit seems to be the CONDENSER BOX. This can quickly get blocked up by soggy wet lint/fluff debris from clothes. Some clothes shed more than others, so it is best to check this frequently. What happens is that when the CONDENSER BOX gets partially blocked up, it fails to condense the steamy moist air into water efficiently, and the insides of the drier start to get damp ans steamy. Depending on the amount of moisture, and the make (Some Zanussi and Hotpoint driers may be vulnerable to this), if any vulnerable electrical part get too damp, then there will be a "flash-over" between a live component and neutral or earth (usually a part connected to the casework). This can cause the kitchen circuit breaker to trip. The fix: remove your condenser box, and give it a good spray clean in the garden with your garden hose. Any large lumps of fluff/lint that are stubborn can be pushed out from between the condenser slots with a plastic ruler. Allow to dry. Then , with power removed from the drier, use a good flashlight checking that there has not been any build-up of fluff behind the condenser box area at the rear. You may need to remove the water tank as well to see more clearly. It is worthwhile also checking the little buffer-tank at the back, where there is a level sensor switch for the water tank level. If it is full of gungy water and lint, try to give it a clean out. Give your machine an hour or 2 to dry out internally a bit before attempting to dry any clothes, in case the breaker goes again. If it DOES go again, try leaving it for linger. If it still fails after being left for 24 hours, there may be a more permanent fault, inside the top back of the dryer there should be a wiring diagram(might be on the back panel of dryer) you will need to trace wires and with multimeter try to figure out what is causing the short. Hope this helps Tim

Nov 25, 2010 | Indesit Dryers

3 Answers

Our Bosch Classixx Condenser Tumble Dryer works but there is no heat. I have cleaned the Condenser Unit and the filter and emptied the water, but still no heat. Please advise. Thanks Craig

my wte84105gb condenser dryer (bosch) as a symbol on it looks like a glass with wavey lines inside it will not dry please advise what to do .

Feb 26, 2010 | Bosch Axxis WTA4400 Dryers

2 Answers

I have to use my indesit condensing tumble dryer about 3 times to get 1 load to dry

Make sure the fluff filter and water tray are clean and empty.
Also make sure it is on High heat setting, and set the correct time.

Nov 28, 2008 | Dryers

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make sure it is pushed all the way in but it could be something simple like when it was moved water has splashed out into the inside of your dryer which will make it look like it is leaking had same problems like that with other customers dryers leave it to run and more than likely that it will dry itself out

Dec 01, 2006 | Hotpoint TDC32 Electric Dryer

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