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1 Answer

Producing an unpleasant smell or odor prefix mal

somewhat limited information, but clean out the fridge/freezer.. maybe a liquefying cucumber or worse, potato.. wipe everything down with baby sterilising fluid.

if the odour persists, get a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a small plastic tub without a lid, and stick it in the back out of sight.. bicarb will soak up the odour quickly/overnight. a few drips of lemon juice into the bicarb, and some zest, will add a lemony essence to the interior.

Apr 23, 2017 | Refrigerators

1 Answer

What is the prefix of bell

"BELL" has no prefix because you didn't write one.

Some words can have several prefixes or suffixes. There is no answer to your question since you wrote a word without a prefix. It would be the same as asking what is the prefix of "manufacture" as this word has no prefix; however, if you asked what the prefix of the word "remanufacture" is, one could answer that the prefix is "re". If you asked what the prefix and suffix are of the word "re-manufacturable" I would answer with Prefix = re, Suffix = able.

Sep 08, 2014 | Miscellaneous

2 Answers

A prefix for wishing evil or harm to others

beware wishing harm on other's ,can come back to you ten fold .then it what is claimed to happen.


1 Answer

List of all prefixes

Prefix Meaning Example Comments a- "not" asymmetric, "not symmetric" a- before consonants, an- before vowels acro- "high" acrophobia, "fear of heights" (more) allo- "other" allotransplantation, "transplant of tissue from another person" (more) an- "not" aneuploid, "not euploid" a- before consonants, an- before vowels ante- "before" antebellum, "before a war" anti- "against" anti-inflammatory, "against inflammation" (more) auto- "self" automobile, "moves itself" (more) bi- "two" bicentennial, "two centuries" See number prefixes in English co- "together" cooperation, "working together" contra- "against" contraindication, "against indication" (more) counter- "against" countermeasure, "action against" (more) de- "negative, remove" deactivate, "stop from working" di- "two" diatomic, "two atoms" See number prefixes in English dis- "negative, remove" disappear, "vanish" (more) down- "down"; "reduce" downshift, "shift to a lower gear"
downregulation, "regulation toward lessened expression" (more) dys- "negative, badly, wrongly" dysfunction, "bad function" (more) epi- "on, above" epidural, "outside the dura mater" (more) extra- "outside" extracellular, "outside a cell" (more) hemi- "half" hemisphere, "half of a sphere" (more) See number prefixes in English hexa- "six" hexagon, "six-sided polygon" (more) See number prefixes in English hyper- "a lot"; "too much" hypercalcemia, "too much calcium in the blood" (more) See hyper hypo- "a little"; "not enough" hypokalemia, "not enough potassium in the blood" (more) ig- "not" ignoble, "not noble"
ignorant, (from roots meaning) "not knowing"
(more) ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) il- "not" *******, "not legal" (more) ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) im- "not" imbalance, "lack of balance" (more) ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) in- "not" inactive, "not active" ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) infra- "below" infrared, "below red on the spectrum" (more) inter- "between" interobserver, "between observers" (more) intra- "within" intracellular, "inside a cell" (more) ir- "not" irregular, "not regular" (more) ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) macro- "large-scale" macroeconomics, "workings of entire economies" (more) mal- "bad", "wrong" malocclusion, "bad occlusion" (more) maxi- "big", "as big as possible" maxi-single, "single with extras" (more) meso- "middle" mesoamerican, "middle of the Americas" (more) micro- "small-scale" micrometer, "small-measurement instrument" (more) mid- "middle" midportion, "middle part" (more) mini- "small" miniature, "small"; "smaller version" (more) mis- "bad", "wrong" misspelling, "incorrect spelling" (more) mono- "one" monotheism, "belief in one god" (more) See number prefixes in English multi- "many", "more than one" multiplex, "many signals in one circuit" (more) non- "no", "not" nonstop, "without stopping" (more) octo- "eight" octopus, "eight-footed" (more) See number prefixes in English over- "excess", "too much";
"on top" overexpression, "too much expression"
overcoat, "outer coat" (more) pan- "all" pancytopenia, "low counts across all cell types"
pan-American, "involving all of the Americas"
(more) Sometimes "all-" is used, especially in Asian English, where All-Union was a standard translation of the Russian word meaning "pan-USSR" or "USSR-wide", and "All-India" is a similar standard term in India, comparable to words such asnational, nationwide, or federal (in the case of federations). para- "beside"; "beyond"; "related to"; "altered" paranormal, "beyond the normal"
paresthesia, "altered sensation"
paramilitary, "military-like" (more) penta- "five" pentateuch, "the five books of Moses" (more) See number prefixes in English per- "through"; "throughout" percutaneous, "through the skin" (more) peri- "around" pericardial, "around the heart" (more) poly- "many" polyglot, "many languages" (more) post- "after" postoperative, "after surgery" (more) pre- "before"; "already" preassembled, "already built" (more) pro- "in favor of" pro-science, "in favor of science" (more) proto- "first"; "primitive"; "precursor" Proto-Indo-European, "precursor of Indo-European" (more) pseudo- "false", "specious" pseudonym, "fake name" (more) quadri- "four" quadrilateral, "four-sided" (more) See number prefixes in English quasi- "somewhat", "resembling" quasiparticulate, "resembling particles" (more) re- "again" reestablish, "establish again" (more) self- "[acting on or by] oneself" self-cleaning, "cleans itself" (more) By normative convention, always hyphenated (except for a few multiprefix compounds such as unselfconscious) semi- "partial"; "somewhat"; "half" semiarid, "somewhat arid" (more) See number prefixes in English sub- "below" subzero, "below zero" (more) super- "above"; "more than"; "great" supermarket, "big market" (more) supra- "above" supraorbital, "above the eye sockets" (more) tetra- "four" tetravalent, "four valence electrons" (more) See number prefixes in English trans- "across"; "connecting" transatlantic, "across the Atlantic Ocean" (more) tri- "three" tripartite, "three parts" (more) ultra- "beyond"; "extremely" ultraviolet, "beyond violet on the spectrum" (more) un- "not"; "remove"; "opposite" unopened, "not opened" (more) under- "beneath"; "not enough" underexposure, "not enough exposure" (more) up- "up"; "increase" upshift, "shift to a higher gear"
upregulation, "regulation toward increased expression" (more) xeno- "foreign" xenophobia, "fear of strangers or foreigners"
xenotransplantation, "transplant from another species" (more) list-all-prefixes-vieyp0ksuxq3crfthi5r4xws-3-0.jpg In plain English

Mar 04, 2014 | Games

1 Answer

What does the prefix plac mean?

What word has the prefix plac-? Surely you don't mean "place," which has no prefix. If you mean "placoderm," it means "plated" or "plate-like", and "-derm," means "skin." If you mean "placenta," I'm not sure it has a prefix, either. Plac- is probably more of a word root than a prefix.


1 Answer

Gas smell from the engine

chek carefully for leaks with engine running...charcoal canister if equipped could be mal-functioning...

Nov 27, 2013 | Cars & Trucks

3 Answers

Check engine light came on

What do you mean "can't find code"? If the check engine light is on, there is a fault code stored in your onboard computer - that's the way it works. If you are using a generic OBD code reader, that is most likely the reason you cannot find any codes. You need to use a scanner that has the correct software to access your ENTIRE computer network, not just the "continuous memory" or "generic" side of your computer system.

The window problem is a seperate problem and must be diagnosed accordingly.

Apr 23, 2012 | Daewoo Matiz Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

What does the prefix veri mean?

veris is not the prefix
verisimili= very truthful, here veri is not a prefix but actually the rootword

Oct 13, 2009 | Air Purifiers

1 Answer

1994 bmw 325i sputtering with gas smell out tail pipe rich smell

are the new plugs oiling up suggest remove one and have a look if they are you may have a more sinister problem ie ; valve guides / piston rings cheers mal

Mar 03, 2009 | 1994 BMW 3 Series

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