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Western Digital My Book Essentials will not power on (no light in front).

I have been using the Western Digital My Book Essential external hard drive for about 1.5 years. I disconnected it this morning to use the power cord for another elecronic item. When i went to reconnect it to the power supply and to my computer, the blue light on the front blinked a few times, but does not turn on. This external hard drive also now does not register on my desktop. I would like the data to be retrieved, but i am not sure if this can be done. What do you suggest doing? I am pretty sure that this drive is not under warrently and i am actually not interested in getting it replaced, but i definitely would like a solution to make the drive work or be fixed or to retrieve the data

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  • Rob Gniech
    Rob Gniech Dec 11, 2007

    I have the same problem. There is no blue led and the computer doesn't recognize the drive.

    I normally connect via the ethernet port to my network.

    I tried using the USB without success.

    I tried connecting the ethernet cable directly to my computer.

  • Dawn DS Dec 25, 2007

    I have rechecked the power supply, the power cord, the usb connection to the drive and the computer, the usb port - all function fine. it seems the western digital drive will not power up or power on - the blue led light will not go on and therefore the computer will not recognize it. any other suggestions? again, in a perfect world, the drive would start working - however my concern now is retrieval and transfer of the data backed up on the western digital "backup"

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2008

    Came home after business trip and there is no blue light.  HD inside making clicking sound...  Just over a year old.

  • EnglishAndy Apr 09, 2008

    Yes, I think I have the same problem. First, the network stopped recognising the drive, although the light was still on (it was connected to a wireless router via ethernet). When I power cycled the drive, it spun up but no light came on and it cannot be recognised. Now it seems to be spinning up, then stopping, then trying again over and over. I need to recover the data! Please help.

  • ebel Apr 14, 2008

    I had the same problem.My Western Digital does not power on and the blue light does not light up either, I tried re-booting the laptop but that did not help either. How do I retrieve my data? Please help. Thank you.

  • ran86 May 06, 2008

    i got a wd my book world and doesn't turn on. i just call wd and they told me that the hd when bad there is any way to recover the my data?????? Thank you

  • Anonymous Jun 16, 2008

    I have the same problem, and i tried the best solution 3 times. still not working. faint light blinks at times. but not powering up.

  • cmonroe2 Jul 08, 2008

    same problem here... bought it in feb 2008, went on vacation and left the system shut down but the power plugged in, a week later after returning from Colorado it doesn't power up?. can the hard drive be removed fromt the casing and installed in a desktop with its own power supply to retrieve the data? if you know if this would work.

  • alfie523 Jul 26, 2008

    Same problem Does not power up or power on. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting all wires but to no avail. Other optioins?


  • magicjboy Nov 22, 2008

    my hard drive does the same thing, altho my power cord light (green) just flashes and then nothing. 

  • emondf Dec 07, 2008

    After rebuilding my system (Mac OS 10.4) after an internal HD failure, my WD My Book Premium would not turn on and start anymore, as if power did not get to it.

  • n_bruce1 Jan 02, 2009

    no blue indicator light when i connect all

  • bambo200 Jan 24, 2009

    I was using it to power my keyboard. when i put it back into my hard drive, the green light on the power cord keep blinking and the hard drive would not power on. I have WD My Book Home Edition 500gb

  • Anonymous Jan 30, 2009


  • adguy Feb 14, 2009

    Same problem, but with the 750GB My Book Studio.

  • ve3sp Apr 07, 2009

    I'd like to read a more detailed description of how to remove the drive from its case. I don't see any screws or access points.

    (My drive is working, at the moment, but you never know....)

  • ex74z Apr 08, 2009

    i have the same problem but cant find "the best solution" that everyone talks about... where is it?

  • westward09 Apr 17, 2009

    All I can say is what a "SHAM"...My power is no longer working on my drive and my 2 years of digial pictures are lost... I tried all solutions offered from this website and appreciate the help as I agree with another individual that WD was absolutely "no help" the individual told me just to go pick up another adapter at the local radio shack/best buy and of course since the power adapter has a 5 pin it's not like it's an easy item to just I googled to find a vendor that sells this type of adapter and the vendor from irvine is completely out of these adapters and doesn't know when they will come in (I guess if ever) obviously everyone has had the same problem with this product......after this ordeal I am real discouraged about Western Digital and "external hard drives" in general. I did confirm with WD that they are not part of the same company as Seagate (in case I'm a fool enough to buy another External Hard Drive.)

  • sh66 Apr 20, 2009

    What is the best solution that everyone is talking about? I don't see it anywhere...I tried to unplugging everything and leaving it alone for a night and than plugging everything back in and still the hard drive won't power up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Kurgan123 May 11, 2010

    haleiwa, Do you have any instructions on how to remove the drive from the enclosure? I'm not sure I can do it without breaking the enclosure. Thanks.



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I FOUND THE SOLUTION. Here's what you must do. Unplug ALL the cables that are attached to the Western Digital Hard Drive. In other words PHYSICALLY disconnect the firewire/USB cable from BOTH the computer and the Western Digital Hard Drive.Do the same with the power adapter, unplugging it from the wall outlet as well as the Western Digital Hard drive. Now shut down your laptop or computer. Then plug EVERYTHING back in. Now re-start your laptop or computer. Everything should work fine and be back to normal. Good luck.

Posted on Apr 14, 2008

  • jmginc May 30, 2011

    Awesome. You need a medal, Thanks From Rhode Island. Go Bruins!!!

  • Russ Harlan
    Russ Harlan May 29, 2016

    I tried this, with ZERO expectation of success. It worked like a charm. Kudos!


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The power ac adaptor for my Western Digital Elements 320 GB External HDD died ( the green light came on when powered up, then just went out again. Drive would not come ready )

Spent a huge amount of time trying to find a replacement, everybody said "no chance.... pull it apart and put the HDD in a new case with apower supply". Eventually found a phone number ( from Australia)) for the WD customer service number. It is passed to WD in Singapore, and when I explained my problem they said to email them with : details of the drive, the power adaptor and my mailing address. They have responded that a FREE replacement power adaptor is being mailed to me!

Not bad customer service !!!!! Full marks Western Digital !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email address is
Phone number is 1800 429 861 ( from Australia) for other locations got to WD service website at

Hope this makes your day, as well as it made mine.

Posted on Mar 05, 2009

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I tried the 'Best Solution' several times, and I had no results.

I find this odd and frustrating because I was literally using the HDD less than 12 hours ago to edit a bunch of RAW photos.

After testing the supplied power cord with a multi meter, and the supplied USB cable for impedance, I determined that possibly 1) The HDD took a dive and/or 2) The built in power supply took a dump.

Taking time not to damage anything, I stripped the HDD from it's case. I then used one of those generic Internal-HDD-To-External-HDD adapters, plugged in all the appropriate cables, and the HDD powered right up.

I can now go back to my life and get some darn photo editing done. In the event that I come across a new power supply for the OEM setup, I'll throw the HDD back in it's original case.

Hope this helps.


Posted on Nov 20, 2008

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No matter what I tried, I ws unable to get my "MyBook" working. My solution? Remove from case and voila, it's just a seial ATA drive attached to a small circuit board which converts it to USB. Disconnect from the circuitboard and plug into the motherboard. Imstant success. It failed as an external drive three weeks after the warranty ran out. WD support was zero help.

Posted on May 26, 2008

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Solution #3 works fine for me thanks who ever you are your a life saver!

Posted on Dec 31, 2009

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It worked for me too... unplugged all cords - connections, electricity, everything... then let it "rest" for half an hour... reconnect all cables... Cool!

Posted on Jul 05, 2008

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OMFG. This actually worked. (Time for a new drive!) I got it from an article on CNET:

"Apparently the power button on the MyBook enclosure can get stuck, and since holding the power button on many devices is a way to reset them or otherwise send custom commands to the firmware, this could cause the MyBook to power up but then stop communicating properly with the computer.
The quick fix for this is to turn off and unplug the MyBook, and then give it a few sharp taps around the power button to dislodge it. Once this has been done, plug it back in and start it up again, and hopefully the device will be working. Be sure if you tap the drive that you do so firmly but not violently."

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

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Okay, I was recently hit by the "no light" scare with my, My Book Essential 3.0TB drive. Too many data files and backed up software to loose so I went into "freak-out" meltdown mode. The drive light would flicker, initially, but very quickly it failed to respond. Corrective action: Purchased an additional My Book, same size drive and connected that drive, initially getting the same response (using my current cables). Using the new cables, the drive took a moment and initialized. I swapped drives (using the new cables) and my drive returned, "with all my data". That leads me to believe it is the capacitor on the power cable and/or the USB cable are at fault and not something internally. The part numbers are listed on both items but I have included.
PN: KSAS0241200150HU (Ktec AC Adaptor) - Bad
PN: 4064-705084-026 (included USB cable) - Bad
PN: Same (Ktec AC Adaptor) - New
PN: 4064-705107-020 (different batch) - New
I won't tinker with the old ones, replacing. Good luck

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

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I had this problem with a:
Western Digital MyBook Edition Pro 500GB

After checking that it was neither the cables, nor the PC/Mac, nor the USB/FireWire slots, not the power suply, I ordered an USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE cable adapter.

I opened my MyBook as found on Internet, removed the HDD, a classic S-ATA drive (WD500YS) with a circuit Board for USB/FireWire/Power plugs (WD Galaxy 1T PCBA 2061-701412 + 2061 - 701434).

I plugged my HDD to the newly ordered Adaptor, and to a Power Supply and:

--> It's working again. Better then sending back the HDD to Western Digital and receive a new EMPTY HDD, or to pay € for Data Recovery.

I never ever buy Western Digital Products again ;)

Posted on Oct 25, 2009

  • Anonymous Aug 02, 2016

    Can you please tell me what make and model of adaptor you bought and post a link to the site where you ordered it? I seem to be having the same problem. Thank you so much!


Best solution fixed my problem too.

Posted on Sep 23, 2008

Best solution just worked for me too. I was about to pull hdd apart. Problem was no light over firewire with Macbook. It seems to be with switching power adapter off. As this was the only difference between what I tried 3 times and the solution above.

Posted on Sep 23, 2008

Thank you. The best solution worked for me. Power back on both of my drives.

Posted on Aug 14, 2008

Your "Best Solution" worked for me on a Mac G5.
Many thanks - I was just about to smash it into a thousand pieces.


Posted on May 19, 2008

Thanks a lot. It worked for me. But I'm not sure of the reason.
Thanks again.

Posted on May 16, 2008

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I dropped my Western Digital MyBook hard drive, and the power supply stopped working.

I removed the hard drive from the enclosure by prying the sides with a thin pocket knife.

Then I unscrewed the four screws holding the hard drive to the enclosure mounting bracket.

Then I unscrewed the two screws holding the power supply (and Firewire/USB connector mount), and slid that off the hard drive.

Then I plugged the hard drive into a G5 and it worked.

I'll be ordering a new enclosure tomorrow.

Posted on Oct 03, 2009

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A few simple things you may have already tried:

Make sure the USB cable is still securely in place on the HDD as well as in the computer.

Reboot the computer.

Let us know.

Posted on Nov 20, 2007

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