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Utorrent download from web has caused other problems with my system programs

My aol, my norton internet security, my aol deskbar, my windows media player, my ms works, my internet explorer have been "blanked". My two year old son got on my system while I stepped out of the room and clicked on the utorrent download that I was thinking about but hadn't decided to do. I uninstalled it and now I have the other problems. PLEASE HELP. I have a windows vista home basic system.

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Re: utorrent download from web has caused other problems...

Sounds you are affected with a spyware. Try to download AVG Anti-Spyware for free check this link install it in your PC then scan the system. If you found spyware that's the best thing to clean-up your system.

Hope this will be helpful to you. Hopw you rate my solution SOLVED!

Best regards,


Posted on Nov 20, 2007

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How to back up my hard drive

Determine how much space you need.

The first step in backing up your hard drive is to figure out how much space you will need to back up all of your files.

You can do this in a couple of ways.

Find out how large the hard drive is on your computer first to see if you can back up the whole thing. Click on "My Computer," right-click the "C" drive and select "Properties."

This shows the approximate size of your hard drive, how much space is actually taken, plus the space used by your operating system.

If your hard drive size is manageable (the space actually taken), back up the whole thing.

Your second option is to create a file called "Backup" and copy all of your important files into it.

Right-click on the folder once everything is copied over and choose "Properties" to find out the size of the folder.

This is how much space you will need to back up your important files only.

Choose a backup method. Choose either an external hard drive, data disks (CDs, for example) or use an online backup service.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all.

An external drive is convenient because you can plug it into other computers and immediately transfer or copy files without needing the Internet or having to worry at all about security.

However you have to carry the drive with you and always face the remote possibility that both your computer and the hard drive would break.

Data disks provide the same advantages and disadvantages as external hard drives: portability, but the possibility of theft or breakage.

You can also use an online backup service.

These services range in price depending on the amount of storage.

The advantage of an online service is that you can access your files from anywhere there is Internet, and it is generally cheaper, especially for small amounts of service.

Also, you don't need to carry or store another piece of equipment.

The disadvantage is your backup is stored on the service's external server, so security is a potential issue.

Back up your files. Once you have chosen your method of backup, do not forget the most important step: back up your files.

For external media, go into "My Computer" and double-click the "C" drive to open it.

Select all the files if backing up your entire hard drive, or select your "Backup" folder if just backing up your important files.

Holding your "CTRL" key, drag your selected files to your back up source, either your external hard drive or data disk drive.

Release your mouse button and "CTRL" key and allow the files to be copied onto your backup media.


click start control panel system security tab in that back up my computer in windows7or click start all programs accessories system tools you should see back up in xp

depending which operating sytem you are using this may vary
click start control panel you should see system security tab in that back up then windows will ask for a back up DESTINATION location you can select either dvd or another device in windows7

click start all programs accessories system tools you should see back up in xp after the back up finishes windows will tell you your computer back up was successfull also you could right click on the back up file select properties this will tell you how many GB were used

hope this helps

Its Disk Cloning feature will help you migrate your operating system and data to a new hard disk when it's time to replace the old one

Oct 11, 2012 | Smartdisk - Peripherals Hard Drives

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Virus will not let me do anything

If your system is running slow it might have a virus and most definitely if you've got Norton or McAfee on it, you can almost bet they've let something in.

Now, let's clean your system up a bit.

Click Start/Programs and look for the RUN command. You might see it anywhere once you click Programs, or it might be inside the Accessories folder. Click RUN and when it opens up type "msconfig.exe" (without the quotes) then hit ok.

When the System Configuration window opens click the Startup tab. In the Startup Tab we are only concerned with 2 columns, the first column which is the Startup Items and the column that says Command. You can put your mouse pointer between two column headings and it will turn into a +, then hold the left mouse button and drag the column over to the right to expand it so you can read what's below it.

Now everything has a check mark beside it. This means that everytime you start your computer, these items have to load and run. Most of the stuff is good, but there might be so viruses that are running also so we want to remove the check mark from them.

Start with the first time listed under the startup item column and look at it and look at the command for it. Most times you will see something under the command such as Adobe, Yahoo, Dell, HP, etc. that you know are ok so go to the next item. Also if you see something under the command like C:\Program Files\.... then it's ok, also C:\Windows\System32\.... then it's ok.

If you see something that does not have anything under the Command column, remove the check mark, it's a virus that's trying to hide.
If you see something that says something like: dumprep 0 -k in the startup item column remove the check mark from it. Reboot machine.

Most viruses will attach themselves to a User Account and be in one of the hidden folders. If you see something under the Startup Item column that does not make sense such as xjieryert67 or 12326543;ehdyu and when you look at the Command column it is located in c:\Documents and Settings\the user id\Local Settings\Application Data\...... remove the check mark because it's a virus. Note that the user id will be the name of one of your user accounts. It could be something like your name, Owner, User, etc.

When you have been through all the items click OK or Apply then OK and the system will show you restart options. Select Exit Without Restart so that the machine does not reboot yet.

Don't be afraid about removing the check mark from something. All this does is stop something from starting when you boot your machine. You can always go back in and put the check mark back on something.

Now all we've done so far is stopped the virus from running when you boot your machine. The next thing we want to do is kill it.

Open your internet browser and go to and in the search box type: 'Download Cnet Malwarebytes" (without the quotes) and you will see a site called download.cnet/malwarebytes. Download and install MalwareBytes from that site. When their site opens be sure to click on the Green Download button on the left, that's malwarebytes. Don't click the Red Download button, that's some junk.

Once malwarebytes is at the end of the installation process it will pop up the Gui Interface and a popup window overlaying it that says Decline or Accept a 30 Day Trial. CLICK DECLINE and your copy will always be FREE without a trial period. Then take the option to RUN A QUICK SCAN.

The Quick Scan will run and if it finds infections the number will be shown in RED. When it is done you will click SHOW RESULTS. A notepad text document will open up showing you the results of the scan. You can close it because we are only interested in the Gui Interface. Next click REMOVE SELECTED RESULTS and the results will already be selected for you. Once the infections are removed you will be instructed to click and reboot your computer.

If you're amazed at how many infections Norton or McAfee let in give them the boot and go with a FREE Antivirus such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Antivirus or AVAST Antivirus. If you're going to get a virus, WHY PAY FOR IT WHEN YOU CAN GET ONE FREE.

Also when you reboot and everything is running smoothly go into and search for "download Mozilla Firefox", and "Download Opera" and "Download Google Chrome". Download and install each of these internet browsers, you don't need to make them your default browser unless you want to. They are much faster and safer than Internet Explorer. if you want a virus, continue using Internet Explorer. And don't worry they don't take a long time to install like Internet Explorer they install very fast.

More little things that makes your system run faster:
Don't install toolbars from everybody that wants to stick it on your internet browser. You only need Google and Yahoo toolbars. Toolbars will clutter your browser and slow it down and some just let viruses, addware and spyware in.

Be careful when you search the internet and download something because some products like Norton, McAfee and Ask will already have a check mark by them to install on your system. You don't need that junk.

Click Start/Program and look in your program list and uninstall any buggy and junk programs such as: Weather Bug, anything from, My Fun Web Products, My Web Search, Coupons, Rebates, Norton Products, McAfee Products, etc.

Sometimes there will not be an uninstall option for Norton or McAfee. In that case click Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs in windows XP. For Vista click Start/Control Panel/Programs and Features. When the window opens showing you all the installed programs, click to highlight the one you want to remove and click uninstall, on some it might say remove.

Most people rely on Norton and McAfee because that is what they have on their job. On the Job, they have what is called the Enterprise Version of Norton or McAfee, plus they have someone there monitoring it all the time. The Enterprise Version is a good product, but what they sell you and I in the store is the consumer version which is nothing but a core hog and junk. Also now since they realize people are gaining knowledge about the products they give it away Free from your Internet Service Provider. Also remember this, on your job you're on lock down. You can't go to certain sites, you can't get to your personal email, etc. So that help protect the company from getting viruses. At home there are no restrictions unless you're smart enough to set them.

Jun 03, 2012 | Compaq Hard Drives

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How do I reboot a mini Toshiba laptop nb205-n325bl

I think what you are trying to ask is how to reinstall the operation system ..
the issue here is the lack of disk drive ..and there are 2 ways to reinstall an operation system ..One to download an image with the operation system ..and extract it from the archive ..into drive D ..and run it from there..This will suposed to already have the capability to boot into windows and run the installation over it ..
The second and the one I recommend is to install from a flash drive usb made boot-able with the operation system on it ..
To do that you need a flash drive least 4G ..and a program to make it boot-able and load the files on it ..
here is the program .you need ..(it works perfect with windows 7 and in windows 7 ...if you use a windows xp to make the usb stick boot-able need several Microsoft updates to be installed first .
and you also need an image with windows 7 to be downloaded into your hard disk ..and after that choose it to load it into the usb memory device with the tool I linked..
here is a choice (you can use a windows disk to make the usb , if you have one )
use a torrent client and download this image into your computer
if you don't have a torrent client (bit torrent or other ) use utorrent cause it is non invasive and reliable and tiny ..
to download the image with windows on download this torrent .., avoid that big download button cause it is a spam ..
OK ..lets take it from the start ..assuming you do not have but this net-book you want to install and a usb 4 G
download the utorrent ...and the tool for making the usb and run them into computer ..
after that go to the link for windows..and click download this torrent
it will start the download with torrent automatically ..and will not be too fast ..but take about an hour or so ..
when it is finished..close u torrent (remove the torrent first from teh list (select and click remove )
Now you have the image for windows 7 and the usb stick and the tool the tool for loading it to usb ..and select the flash drive by browsing for i t..than next ..You have to select the image with windows..Browse and select ..and next ..Now will ask to confirm the formatting of the usb ..and after that will load files..When it is finished.. Close the tool ..and you have a boot-able usb with windows ultimate on it ..
save all files you may need into other partition ..and also if you do not have all drivers fro the support site ..and restart computer with he stick on .
press f12 or f11 on start (it is specified on the boot screen what to press for boot menu ) ..and when the boot menu is on the usb flash to boot from ..and ok ..It will start windows installation and the only intervention you have to make is to select teh C drive and format it (using advanced tool for partition ..and format it quick ) ..after that will load by itself and restart several times during it ..
When it is ready needs all the drivers for the devices..this is why I suggested to load them in D drive before so it will be easier when you get to this point also need a antivirus ..and right after the connection to the internet is made I suggest to use the Microsoft essentials ..cause it is free and it works great with windows 7..
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have problems ...By the way ..If you have issues to boot from the usb device can start the windows installation direct from windows..just open the flash drive folder and click on the set-up ..and will start from windows and will go on after restart ..
Please rate my answer cause it helps my activity here ..and let a comment if you need any further assistance ..
have a nice day !

Dec 20, 2011 | Toshiba Hard Drives

3 Answers

Dell Latitude E5520 (4GB Ram / Core I5 / 32Bit OS / Windows 7 Pro). The laptop runs very slowly and sometimes freezes when the internet connection is slow and affects other running programs (eg. Words...


There could be numerous causes for this issue, so it may be hard to narrow down the exact problem. It could be your computer is overheating, has to many background processes running, hardware or software issue. Some laptops have battery settings that can effect computer performance. You may have the battery settings set to "power saving" which could cause it to go slow. At the bottom right on the toolbar, you should have a battery icon, if you right click that you can go into the power saving options. See what it is set to. A high performance settings will obviously increase performance but decrease battery life. Also, Windows 7 has some new graphic settings which are resource intensive, like Aero. Try lowering your Windows GUI settings and see if this helps. You can do this by right clicking on the desktop and going to Personalize. Set it to a Classic Theme and see if you see an improvement.

I wrote a couple of tech article you can read and it may help fix your issue.

Computer Freezes, bad performance article
Computer Processor maxed, poor performance
Tips to speed and clean up your computer

It could be you just need to clean up the computer. There is a good computer clean up/optimization tool called TuneUp 10. You can get a free trial of it by clicking here.

Comment back if you have any questions.


Jun 21, 2011 | Dell Latitude E5520 Laptop Computer

1 Answer


I will answer this in two areas.
  1. You have an AOL account on a machine and you want to make sure your favorites and emails make it to the new computer
  2. You downloaded and installed AOL on one machine and you do not want to have to download it again.
I will answer the second one first.
  • aoldnld.exe is a very small file that you get from to install AOL 9.5 on your computer. As it installs it gets the rest of the files from the Internet. The computer would have to be connected to the Internet to use the file from the flash drive.
As to the first scenario;
  • Aol has a menu to back up your favorites.
  • Click on the Favorites bar at the top of the screen
  • Click on manage
  • Click on Save my favorites to a file on my computer
  • You will get to choose the location to save the file
  • Select your flash drive.
To backup your Personal Filing Cabinet:

1. Close the AOL software.
2. Click Start, click All Programs or Programs, click AOL, and then click AOL System Information.
Note: If you are unable to access AOL System Information, go to the help article Open Data Folder for instructions on how to manually open the Data Folder. Once done, click the Back button in the help article to return to this article, and then continue from step 4.
3. Open the Data folder:
  • If you are using AOL 9.5, AOL Desktop, AOL 9.1, or any version of AOL 9.0, click the AOL Software tab, and then click Open Data Folder.
  • If you are using AOL 9.0 Optimized, click Data Folder.
  • If you are using AOL 8.0 plus or lower versions, click Folder.
4. Right-click the Organize folder, and then click Copy.
5. Right-click on your desktop, and then click Paste.
6. Click X on the upper right to close open windows.
You can now send this folder as an attachment through e-mail or save it to your USB drive to either keep it as a backup or transfer it to another computer.

Mar 28, 2010 | SanDisk 2GB Cruzer Micro SDCZ62048A10 Hard...

1 Answer

My computer gets this weird message that says cannot find or run file ''C:WINDOWSsystem32awvvu.exe'' when it boots up can anyone help me on how to remove this problem? thanks so much

This is some sort of malware or virus. It needs to be removed by a antivirus software product. But if you can't get your system all the way back up, you may need to take it to a service center where they can run the antivirus product against the disc as a second drive in a two drive system. The reference to the awvvu.exe program is probably from your registry file. If you are not technically sophisticated, you should not go into the registry file and change anything.

IF you have another computer with the same operating system and know how to remove the drive from the bad machine and make it the second drive on the good machine, you can do the same thing (check the second drive (D:) from the first on the good system. If you don't have a good internet security product, purchase AVG internet security from It is well worth the price, much better than Norton or MacFee.

Good Luck

Feb 02, 2010 | Hard Drives

5 Answers

My son needs help in getting rid of virus on our computer, what do we do now

get something like norton anti virus insall it on the computer and run virus scan
and hope that norton can get rid of the virus
if not you will have to reinstall windows

Jan 02, 2010 | Hard Drives

2 Answers

Desktop computer freezes when on Internet or playing music

Hi there,

This could be because you are running to many programs at once and your RAM cannot cope with it, or it could be because you do not have enough virtual memory on your computer and this is due to the fact that you do not have a large hard drive. This could also be because of a virus.

To try and speed up your computer I suggest you do all the following:
1) Click "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools" then select Disk Cleanup and set your computer to clean up C: Drive.
2)Click "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools" then select Disk Defragmenter and let the computer analyze and defragment itself.
3)Download AVG or similar free anti-virus software and install it. Then let the computer scan the whole computer to pick up any viruses.

Thank you for using FixYa! Have a nice day and please remember to rate this solution.

Warm regards,

Dec 30, 2009 | Hard Drives

1 Answer

I can't open my hardisk by double Clicking, when I do so, A pop up window comes out, named OPEN WITH... what should I Do? and my files are being corrupted

Norton System Works may have a disk that will start your computer, fix problems, and then let you install an antivirus program. Norton Internet Security includes antivirus protection. I get mine from Purplus or Amazon, even e-bay, shop around.

Apr 28, 2009 | Hard Drives

1 Answer

After instaling mionet i loose my ip-settings

the problem is another Filter Driver on your Network Card. MioNet installs a WinPK Filter Driver (you can't see it under the "This Connection Uses" list under Windows XP, but you can under Vista) on all of your NICs, so if there is a filter driver from other software, such as your Internet Security, you can lose Internet connection. Go to Control Panel > Network Connections, right-click on either wireless or local area connection, and go to properties. Check the "This connection uses the following items:" box for anything with the word Filter in it, select it, then click Uninstall.

MioNet is also not compatible with the following programs for this very reason:
Sygate Personal Firewall
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall
AOL Xdrive

Dec 25, 2008 | Western Digital My Book Essential Edition...

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