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PS2 Madagascar We are on the stage where you need to collect 10 items of food around the island, 9 have been collected, the 10th food item is a "pineapple" sitting on top of a palm tree. I cannot get any of the character's to jump as high as the palm tree, therefore am unable to get the pineapple and continue to the next level. Please, please can you help me. Thank you.

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Re: PS2 Madagascar

It all about jump and double jump. Alex is the man for the job. It must be on the rock facing to the pineapple tree, a little back so he may run, then press the (x) to jump - press it just one time - and just after you see if with the feet on the air, press (x) TWICE. My problem here was I keep on pressing (x)(x)+(x)(x) when it should be, really, (x)+(x)(x)

Posted on Oct 20, 2009

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Re: PS2 Madagascar - Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console Video Game Consoles

Ok...probably a bad lens or firmware..wait..

Posted on Nov 15, 2007

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Skylanders codes

Alternate opening sequenceHave all 32 Skylanders registered, then start a new game. The opening sequence will now feature all 32 characters in a large fight sequence.
  • Infinite moneyNote: This trick requires two players. After completing Crystal Eye Castle, do not start the next level. Go to the Molekin camp, and have one player be Gill Grunt and the other any fire element. Have the Fire Skylander stand in the fire, and have Gill Grunt shoot the fire. Do not do this too long without collecting the money or else the game will freeze.
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    Oct 19, 2013 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

    1 Answer

    What the enter code of murloc RPG?

    I assume you mean item codes

    Arcane Crystal Pendant, 5 Armor. +8 Intelligence Item Level 13. Rare Necklace, 32fad4e73aacbfe603fe487dd92533cd
    Assassin's Blade, 3 - 5 Damage. +3 Strength Item Level 5. Rare Dagger, 2b42fbe4e8a7786a5ede7196dda2009f
    Deathslayer, Emerald Blade, 9-16 Damage +25 Strength Item Level 20. Legendary Dagger, ab6627d02488d8b2868773e723fa54c4
    Dragonskull Helmet, 400 Armor. +15 Strength Item Level 18. Epic Helmet, b76096738777404b54b617450104639f
    Eternium Band, 0 Armor. +35 Intellect Item Level 16. Epic Ring, 1014cb602659291e718c1e7d8ddd3e4e
    Geisha's Silk Kimono, 85 Armor. +50 Agility. Item Level 17. Epic Chest, e54fa6df48764bcf9b007d5b8f994deb
    Hellfire Choker, 75 Armor. +8 Stamina Item Level 12. Uncommon Necklace, a53f9c3cb5f5cfe528ef94bc3a5b71c4

    Lightforge Belt, 341 Armor. +9 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Belt, f6ad75ef1ab32154ef5e38d98257193c
    Lightforge Boots, 424 Armor. +18 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Boots, abe905f768246d765472c3c3011cf463
    Lightforge Bracers, 261 Armor. +10 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Bracers, f89a8621e099077f711d851a046f3d58
    Lightforge Breastplate, 657 Armor. +21 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Chest, c519c769d5b5f003a15d8d440f182d25
    Lightforge Gauntlets, 386 Armor. +9 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Gloves, f0a5460aa9c3c253ff48591149ca8036
    Lightforge Helm, 526 Armor. +20 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Helmet, 2b3f59fc332d6b41e82004b6a01b21bc
    Lightforge Legplates, 557 Armor. +14 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Pants, d21ea2c7ea7b624304c561dedbbab993
    Lightforge Spaulders, 470 Armor. +15 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Shoulders, f1c4d3de306f0e1c21a6ebfb87acf975

    Magister's Belt, 46 Armor. +21 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Belt, 6f66fdf2958135180caaff47e7756acf
    Magister's Bindings, 35 Armor. +15 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Bracers, 876dfa68b59dc748922a4f41fe5ec30f
    Magister's Boots, 58 Armor. +14 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Boots, a6d7b08a3661918afb247faa01c7c50c
    Magister's Crown, 71 Armor. +30 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Helmet, 539a0cd3c30117eb6c89924c326ded97
    Magister's Gloves, 52 Armor. +14 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Gloves, 0e146b974d2af70ede16c5d9bd2e4d04
    Magister's Leggings, 76 Armor. +20 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Pants, 2945df577062a57e79f5d503df376191
    Magister's Mantle, 64 Armor. +22 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Shoulders, 0367078991a9f977fc83e368603be298
    Magister's Robes, 89 Armor. +31 Intellect. Item Level 15. Rare Chest, 55c279a7ff3e914993c5d3bb244be07b

    Reforged Katana, 5 - 14 Damage. +15 Strength Item Level 18. Rare Sword, be8f6bb0fc46d73d3d2127abd2d980b1
    Rune of Duty, 20 Armor. +7 Stamina. Item Level 8. Rare Trinket, 4de0edd84a5ac30876667dfe4e4009c5
    Samurai Platebody, 570 Armor. +24 Stamina. Item Level 15. Rare Chest, 233fb5eca3e8bd88b820e75964cf1472
    Seal of the Assassin, 0 Armor. +25 Agility. Item Level 15. Epic Ring, 63066f40fd5b28e390db3384b212a286

    Shadowcraft Belt, 93 Armor. +14 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Belt, c803bde9e49df539aa14082ed1b94de9
    Shadowcraft Boots, 115 Armor. +21 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Boots, cd288664eba2e60d5b078d41fea5a5b8
    Shadowcraft Bracers, 71 Armor. +15 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Bracers, 6bc3f89b33af3cc59ce9ce4f5d7144fc
    Shadowcraft Cap, 141 Armor. +20 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Helmet, 95efb4c45096600b12c772e0def87261
    Shadowcraft Gloves, 105 Armor. +14 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Gloves, 9d5541f805c7a0c85b6a43a314dfcc67
    Shadowcraft Pants, 150 Armor. +25 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Pants, 7ebfeed79bc005ca4e2b06f22088a1db
    Shadowcraft Spaulders, 127 Armor. +22 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Shoulders, 5a2e5f321b4c2175e4c04e168ed1510b
    Shadowcraft Tunic, 176 Armor. +26 Agility. Item Level 15. Rare Chest, b5ca348dc4291ee71084e3c3ac193c63

    Shimmerweed Branch, 69 Armor. +15 Intellect Item Level 12. Uncommon Trinket 852897b7ad210cc446262732f73cb919
    The Emperor's Shield, 5214 Armor. +15 Intellect. Item Level 20. Legendary Shield, 3ffcd8a5055189bc00ad45fbe275ba6e
    Worn Dagger, 1 - 2 Damage. Item Level 2.Poor Dagger, 8b8ffef1a9ffa52dbf6ac9170daa2fe3
    Zul'Gurub Mango, Reset Zul'Gurub. Item Level 1. Epic Special Item, f6436f5b34a934c38deef9f775d0f582

    Jul 30, 2011 | Video Game Consoles

    1 Answer

    I am stuck on james bond from russia with love level 7 on my playstation 2 can you help please

    If it's the Gypsy Camp:


    Protect Keim Bey.
    Get The Sniper Rifle.
    Rescue 4 Hostages.
    Defeat The Gunner.


    30 Disables.......You have to take down 30 enemies via any method.
    9 Minutes.........You have to complete the mission in 9 minutes.
    Bond Moment.......You have to find a way into the kitchen.
    Difficulty........You have to play with 00 Agent difficulty.

    Schematics: 4 Available

    Your first objective is to take out the gunner of the turrect, try to clear
    the mess a little before locking onto the turret, then just keep shooting at
    it until it's health metre dops to zero. Head left and take the gasmask by
    the wagon. Now go behind the wagon and kill two enemies and enter through an
    opening, take out another enemy to free 1/4 hostages. After you get the
    gas mask, go to the building highlighted in the cut-scene, towards the right
    of the wagon with the gas mask equipped. Enter the door and take out two
    guards and collect everything on this floor. If your gas mask metre finishes,
    come outside and get another one, go back to this building and kill two
    guards on the upper floor to free 2/4 hostages.

    In this building, stay on the upper floor and take out a Q-copter.

    Q-Copter Controls:

    Left Analog Stick......Navigation
    Right Analog Stick.....Left/Right Navigation
    X Button........Ascend
    SQUARE Button.......Descend
    R1 Button.....Self Destructing Explosion

    Navigate it downstairs. There should be a small opening underneath the
    stairway, navigate it through it into the kitchen and blast it near the chair.
    Now go back down and enter the kitchen. Take out the guard and collect
    everything. Comeback outside. As you comeout of the door, head right and
    then behind the building. You will see another door, make sure you are wearing
    a gas mask and then go through the door, take out some guards to rescue
    3/4 hostages.

    Replenish your gas mask and go towards the rappel point near the buggy. Go
    up. Follow the path downstairs and kill the guard to rescue 4/4 hostages.
    Cut-scene. Go towards the buggy placed directly infront of the rappel and
    enter the door nearby. Rappel up. Collect the sniper rounds and move forward
    taking down the enemy below. Jump the gap and collect the sniper rifle. Now
    go towards the place where you got the sniper rounds and stay there because
    they regenerate. Take down as many enemies as you can until the stage ends.
    If you find the sniper rifle difficult to handle then use your other weapons
    because they also do the job perfectly fine.

    *from Gamesfaqs, a_heavenly_body

    Apr 04, 2010 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

    2 Answers

    I was looking for god of war2 cheatcodes

    go to
    cheats were to long to post ,here the link.

    Aug 28, 2009 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

    1 Answer


    Here are some cheats that might be of use.
    Enter these codes at the bar in the Mos Eisley cantina to unlock the specific item or items
    Cheat Effect UDLRAB Unlock all Characters ABACAB Unlock all Extras 867539 Unlock all Clothing in Character Editor BIGGUN Unlock all Weapons in Character Editor HGIGHF Earn 500,000 Bonus LEGO Studs 4PR28U 10 extra studs
    Here is also a walkthrough for the level you are talking about i hope:
    4. Episode IV: A New Hope
    4a. Chapter 1: The Blockade Runner
    You'll start the level playing as Leia with a Rebel Trooper as your
    companion. As a general rule, I won't mention any studs you can collect
    either lying around on the ground or created when you destroy something,
    but you need studs to buy Extras, so collect, collect, collect. You'll see 3
    doors. One requires C-3PO to open. Come back here later in the level.
    Another opens into a room with a `kit (#10) locked in a tube. We'll have to
    come back later in Free Play with a Jedi to open it.

    The remaining door requires you to pull a switch (and your buddy should
    help) to open the door. Blast the Stormies and make sure you get the
    camera up and to the right of the Turbolift door so that more Stormies don't
    come after you. Kill the Stormies in the control room area and build a
    bunch of consoles for studs and to unlock a `kit (#1) floating above a
    console. Go up the ramp and around to the door. You'll enter a dark
    corridor which leads to a room where a bunch of Stormies and an Imperial
    Officer wait to be exterminated.

    Two more doors here. One requires R2-D2. We'll come back in a bit. The
    other opens into a large hangar area where we'll grab Artoo and Threepio.
    You'll find a number of blocks and holes as well as a door which requires a
    Bounty Hunter to open. We'll come back in Free Play later and go
    through. Pushing all the blocks into the holes lowers a force field leading
    to a grappling hook pad as well as bringing more Stormies to obliterate.

    Grapple up 2 levels, grab the `kit (#2), and find the pile of Legos to build.
    Build the spinning lever, and spin it around to form a bridge over to where
    Threepio is waiting. Grab the `kit (#3) after Threepio takes the elevator
    down. Kill the Stormies, and use Threepio to open the force field. Kill
    some more Stormies, touch Artoo to add him to your party. Push the
    blocks into the holes to reveal another `kit (#4). Switch to Artoo and head
    directly across the hangar to the deadfall. Use Artoo's jets to hover over
    and grab the `kit (#5). Kill more Stormies, and head back out to the room
    that had the Imperial Officer and his troops. Grab the `kit (#6) in the
    corner of this room. (I'm honestly not sure if it was there originally,
    but it's there now, so take it.)

    Go back to the room you started the level in, use Threepio to open the
    door, and grab the `kit (#7). Return to the Artoo door in the Imperial
    Officer room. Kill the Stormies and follow the corridor until you reach the
    Escape Pod hatches. One requires a Bounty Hunter. Blah blah come back blah
    blah Free Play. One requires Threepio. One opens to anyone. Go here,
    kill the Stormies, and grab the `kit (#8). Have Threepio open the door to
    end the level.

    Free Play should unlock as should Episodes V and VI and the next
    chapter, and you also unlock Artoo and Threepio for Free Play. Also,
    when you return to the Cantina, you can purchase the Imperial Officer and
    a Stormtrooper for use in Free Play from the bartender. You should buy
    the Stormtrooper at the very least as it makes replaying a level easier and
    gives you access to Stormie-only rooms in Free Play. You can also buy
    the Bith band members too. If you didn't get enough studs for true Jedi
    status, don't fret. It's easy to get in Free Play.

    You can immediately replay the level in Free Play mode as Greedo and go
    through the Bounty Hunter door in the hangar area to get `kit #9.
    Remember, now that you've unlocked the 2 droids you can switch to them
    on the fly and not even worry about freeing them as you did in Story Mode.
    When you get to the Escape Pod room, you can open that other Bounty
    Hunter door, and see two Stormies making out. Once you've seen that
    little gag, you can choose Threepio and end the level again. You will have
    to completely enter the Escape Pod and perhaps wander around in there a
    bit to get the level to end.

    I've found that even though you can exit a level during Free Play without
    finishing it and have the `kits you've collected and studs you've found
    added to your total, it is almost always necessary to finish the level and
    have your studs totaled and your `kit pieces assembled for the game to
    register a character unlocked via 10 out of 10 `kits. In fact, you may have
    to completely replay the level in Story Mode AFTER you've collected all 10
    `kits for the unlocked character to register.

    Jan 27, 2009 | Nintendo DS Console

    1 Answer

    PS2 Version 10 Modchip Installation Request

    Which solution are you looking for, there is the PS1 independance exploit that boots the file from memory card or the new freemem option which launches automatically as well as plays backups, etc. I live in NV

    Dec 21, 2008 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

    1 Answer

    Tinker bell, nintendo ds

    Make sure you play the games that the main fairies have such as collect dewdrops from silvermist, jewels from iredessa, threads from fawn and flowers and such from rosetta. Also give the flower petals to the flower fairy so you can exchange them for whole flowers, leaves to the leaf fairy for things and snow drops to the snow fairy for snowflakes. a few hints is look for the twinkling lights in the trees ,ground and just around and it will award you prizes when you find them. Pet the butterflies and bugs and then you have to sneak up on them to pet them when they are asleep. Do the task the fairies ask
    you and they will award you things. I get stuck sometimes but I just keep doing this and I eventually get what I need. Last tip is when you do the games on harder levels you get better prizes.Vidia will give you gems when you tag her in the race.

    Nov 27, 2008 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

    1 Answer

    Problem in using cheat codes for playstation 2

    Level Select Insert this code as name for access at all levels
    Code Effect PAQUIRRIN Level Select

    Passwords Also, for a bonus mission, collect all of the brown bonus books during the course of a mission to complete the photograph at the end and unlock a bonus mission.
    Password Effect PLKUM Hard 1 PAEN8 Hard 10 JE5SH Hard 2 DFY3B Hard 3 K9D3H Hard 4 NMWQ9 Hard 5 16G3L Hard 6 WL3CZ Hard 7 LPQ6T Hard 8 SRCM8 Hard 9 XHGDR Normal 1 9TT5W Normal 10 WKUC4 Normal 2 YSM51 Normal 3 B7D8F Normal 4 3GHSL Normal 5 AZLM1 Normal 6 JAHSG Normal 7 UN63A Normal 8 VAZ2P Normal 9 PVTSL Very Hard 1 1LPQD Very Hard 10 SKDJF Very Hard 2 3DYNG Very Hard 3 9BG3S Very Hard 4 KJWJK Very Hard 5 E2J7H Very Hard 6 ZX78Y Very Hard 7 TRIB4 Very Hard 8 TRD78 Very Hard 9

    Sep 27, 2008 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

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