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Disk was put in wrong. Took apart to put ribbon tape back in slot, and inso doing to 1 inch back plastic parts came out. I need to know where they fit back in at?

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1 Answer

How to disassemble the Samsung brightside cell phone

Don't know if you were able to get this done but I needed to take apart the lcd screen on mine and replace it. in order to get to it you need to start from the back and work your way up to the front.

-preferably a #000 philips screwdriver
-not necessary but I also used a 3/64 flathead screwdriver

1. Take battery cover off.

2. Take out battery

3. Take the #000 phillips screwdriver to take out the six silver screws.

4. Now take out the two black screws that were behind the battery.

5. Slide the phone out now in order to get better leverage to take off the plastic case that protects the circuit board.

6. Now there will be a ribbon cable connected to the circuit board. just pull it off. The cable actually snaps on so all you need to do is pull it off, there is not a locking mechanism for this.

7. you can now take the circuit board off to see the back side of the qwerty board and the slider. remove all of the silver screws on the slider.

8. Now the slider can come off, to make it easier, take off the ribbon cable that is fed through a slot on the slider. The ribbon cable is connected to a square, the square is stuck to the plastic piece by tape and will not hurt anything as you pull it off. Once that is off you can now fee the cable out of the plastic piece that was connected to the slider in order to get it out of the way.

9. Now there are 4 black screws on the back of the lcd cover. take them out.

10. This is stuck on pretty good and I had to use a small flathead screwdriver (I used a 3/64 flathead) and a lot of fandangling to get this piece off.

editor's note: I replaced the lcd so I'll just explain how to do that. I don't know if you needed the window replaced or if it was the lcd.

11. From this point the ribbon cable's port is blocked by a bluish tape. peel that off, and you should be able to see the locking mechanism which is a black bar on the opposite side of the ribbon cable. lift this black plastic bar up and the cable will pull right out. There are two other ribbon cable's on the left side of this port where you will need to do the same thing. These two other ports have the same locking bar so make sure to lift it up before taking the cable out.

12. Last step, the lcd screen is not connected but stuck to the bottom by a tape or some sticky substance. I took my flathead screwdriver and just peeled it off.

13. That was the last step, should be self explanatory from here, just work your way back and make sure all those ribbon cables are snug. I hope this helps, I noticed no one had made a video or made any responses from what I could see toward this subject so after successfully doing this I hoped I'd be able to do someone some good. Peace!

Jun 13, 2012 | Samsung Brightside U380 Smartphone Verizon

1 Answer

There is a black line across the middle of our picture on our Panasonic 50 inch plasma TV. Do you know what is causing this and how we can fix it?

1 of 2 things can be wrong. Bad panel, or a ribbon cable that needs to be reseated.

1. take a piece of tape and stick it where the line is. So you will know what cable you are looking at.
2. unplug the TV
3. Take the back off of the TV
4. If you look at the far left side of the set, you will see a whole row of ribbon cables. Find the one that is in the same location as your piece of tape.
5.Disconnect the ribbon cable. This is done by simply flipping the connector up and sliding the cable out.
6. Put the cable back in. Make sure it is straight and all the way in, then push the connector back
7. Reassemble your set, plug in and see if the line went away. If it did, great!!! If not, you have a bad panel.
The only fix then would be to replace your panel. Would be more cost effective to replace your TV.

May 06, 2011 | Televison & Video

1 Answer

I need to rewind the spring and starter pull cord. I need to understand how all the parts fit together

I had the same problem. I had to take it apart and rewind it manually. To do this:
Step 1:
There are 4-bolts to remove on the orange plastic section the screw into the motor housing (one of them is hidden inside the orange plastic housing, you'll see an opening for it). There are also 3 screws in the black plastic exhaust housing that screw into the orange plastic housing, find those and remove.

Step 2:
Carefully remove the engine from the plastic housing. I didn't disconnect the throttle cable or the electric wires (points) just kind of worked around them.

Step 3:
The mechanism is kind of crappy. There are two black pieces with a spring in the middle, and a metal disc on the bottom with a ribbon coil on the underside of it. The top plastic piece is what turns the flywheel when you pull the cord. The spring in between connects the two plastic piece. This is probably what popped out. There is a piece sticking up on one end, which inserts into the hole in the top black plastic piece. If you remove the little guardrail things you can probably remove just that piece. KEEP TENSIONS ON THE PULL CORD. Once you remove that top black piece, it should start to recoil.

Step 4:
If it did recoil, put the spring back in the top plastic piece, and then put the plastic/spring combo back into the the bottom plastic piece, there is a little groove for the bottom of the spring to slide into. Then put the little guardrail screws back on. Make sure the big metal wire thing hasn't slipped down into the shaft of the weed whacker. That needs to go back into the motor, as it is what gets spun and in turn spins the strings. As you start to put the motor back in, you may have to pull on the pull cord a few times to get the flywheel and plastic piece to line up. Once you hear the motor start to catch, then you should be able to wiggle it back into place and put back all of the screws. Then give it a shot. If it pulls out again, you may have to drill a new hole into the top black plastic piece for that spring to slide into (this is the crappy design part).

Step 5:
If the pull cord didn't retract, you need to remove the other two pieces (lower black plastic piece and metal disc with ribbon). The metal ribbon has a nub on the outside that hooks onto a plastic piece in the bottom of the orange plastic housing. You'll need to wind it around once or twice to "charge" the ribbon, then wind the string back on the black plastic piece. The black piece should slide into the center of the metal disc and catch the inside of the ribbon. Once you get these two together, again, make sure the metal ribbon piece is wound once past normal and then you have to slide both parts together down into the housing catching the metal ribbon loop over the orange plastic nub. It's tricky, it took me a few tries. Once you get that you can try and test the pull cord, you'll see it pull out and feel it retract due to that metal ribbon. Then go back and do step 4, where you put the upper black plastic piece with spring back into place and replace the little metal guardrails.

This whole thing took a few tries, and the pull cord still gets stuck out. It's a major pain to say the least, but after the 5th time fixing it, you'll be a real pro.

Aug 16, 2009 | Homelite Mighty Lite Lawn Trimmer

1 Answer

How do you open DVD Player? DRC630N-M

I've successfully opened the case and re-attached the ribbon cable and now have a working dvd player (DRC630-N).

Once the screws are removed, you will want focus on separating the case at two clip locations on the bottom of the player, centered approximately 1 1/4 inches to either side of the brass threaded insert on the bottom.


You can see one of them broke for me when I was trying to get it open. If you apply some pressure under those clips you may have more success avoiding any clip breaking. I'm not worried about it since with all the screws it is plenty secure. What I did to get it open at these clips was insert a small flat screwdriver head in the small gap (seam) at the clip locations and twist. It did gouge the plastic a bit, but worked well enough. Once this side opens up you should be careful about separating the unit along the side with all the plugs. It took a bit of easing around the volume wheel and a couple plugs to get it fully apart. The opposite end of the player from the clips will come apart once the clips have been released as it is on a separable hinge.

Here is the ribbon cable detached from the circuit board.

The ribbon cable (blue part) slides into the black and white connector. Make sure the black part is pulled slightly away from the white part when you are sliding in the cable. Once the cable is in as far as it will go then slide the black part of the connector until it is flush against the white part. This secures the ribbon cable in place.

Here is a picture with the ribbon cable slid all the way into the connector and but still unsecured:

Now here is a picture with the black part pushed tight with the white part of the connector:

Here is how it looked when I closed the case back up:

Good luck. Hopefully this helps.

May 18, 2009 | RCA DRC629N Portable DVD Player

1 Answer

Nothing works on my Pioneer P7500dvd after getting a new ribbon??

I recently opened my unit up and experienced the same problem. What I found is when I took it apart, I had to remove the gray portion that holds the removanle faceplate. It has two tiny screws, one on each side. When I removed them the piece flips up and comes loose except for the ribbon which clips in place with a tiny plastic clip that WILL BREAK if you remove it. You have to basically break it to get it apart. The ribbon is covered by a small silver plate that has two screws. Since the clip breaks, when you put it back together, you have to slip the ribbon in place and find some way to secure it. What I did, is i placed the ribbon back in place and placed a dab of silicon on the broken piece and placed it back in its original position. I then placed a piece of black electrical tape over it to hold it in place. The ribbon needs to be held down tight to work so I took about two inches of black electrical tape and folded it a few times, placed it on top of the broken ribbon clip and placed the metal cover on top of it. Basically when you put the srews back in placed it squeezes down on the tape, clip, silicon and ribbon holding it in place. I turned it back on and it worked. Hope this helps. Dan(Macgyver)

Mar 23, 2009 | Pioneer AVH-P7500 Car DVD Player

1 Answer

A thin ribbon made from plastic fell out of printer, where does it go? Printer model:2400 all-in-one. part 1/4inch by 12 inches appr.

have a look at the ends of the ribbon to see if any of the connections are exposed, they will look like brass or gold, if they are you may possibly be able to put is back in place. the ribbon goes in the ink carrage at the right of the printer (the unit that slides up and down to print accross a page) and is also connected to the left or right hand side of the printer, this is all internal and you have to take the printer apart
If the plastic coating covers the whole ribbon cable, or just at one end, this means the ribbon cable has snapped and you will probably have to buy a new printer

good luck


Nov 18, 2008 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

System wont load or eject any discs...

Remove the disc drive from the console. Remove the cover very carefull. Take the top part off (remove the 5 screws) and open the disc drive like a book.
Carefull remove the guide mechanism (the front part -1 screw).
The clicking noise is caused by the fact that the left side mechanism that raises and loweres the deck when the disk is inserted or ejected is stuck. Carefull push back the piece of plastic with teeth located on the left side of the deck (as you are looking at the disk drive the oposite side with the lens driving motor) until it clears complete the plastic round gear that drives that part.
mount back the guide mechanism, and the top part.
Attached the ribbon cables to the unit , power the console and keep the eject button pushed for about 10-15 seconds.
That will reset all the gears and stuff.
Worked for me when I experienced that issue.

Sep 05, 2008 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

1 Answer

Ps2 disk tray wont open, power light is on, eject light is off

if the ribbon cable that goes to the lens came out its gota go back it. has a plastic tab on the top that lifts up and down to lock it in place....
If its the eject/reset button the ribbon might not be in all the way

Dec 30, 2007 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

2 Answers

PS2 won't work, red light comes on, buttons don't respond

Sounds like the ribbon cable is ether damaged or not in the slot all the way.. that clicking sound you hear is common after extended use, all mine make the same sound ..try opening it up one more time and check the ribbon ends i know it's a pain but might be worth your time. pulling them out too hard can damage the ends.some time's putting them they seem like there in all the way but it might not be in straight.REMEMBER BENT FOLDED FLAT CABLES = problems.

Nov 28, 2007 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

2 Answers

Panasonic PV-DV52 Tape Feed Problems

Its a longshot, but I'd rather be lucky than smart! I have one, too. It ate a coupla tapes. Its 4 yrs old and off of warranty. It replaced a Sharp VHS c-corder that crapped out after 11 yrs of dutiful service and occasional abuse. The DV-52 was treated more carefully, yet had this problem after only 4 years. Still, if I had to replace it today for $300, it would be an equivalent value to the $800 I paid for that Sharp.... perspective. AAANyway, I figured what the hey and looked in the tape drive and jiggled everything to no avail. Load a tape and the power light flashes twice, pause, twice, pause for as long as you like, but no play, no record. Then I pulled a Tim Allen- RHS cover has 6 tiny screws- careful they'r JIS not Phillips heads- get the driver. I opened the cover ~1/2" to see if the back of the tape drive was visible- thinking maybe a belt change was in order like on VCRs at the 5-7 year mark. I peeked in and saw a bunch of delicate ribbon cables and circuit boards so I put it back together. NOW IT WORKS AGAIN> don't know why. I have an MS in Mechanical engineering, but no clue why taking something apart carefully and putting it back together often works wonders.....just don't go so far you break stuff!!!! I never got to unplugging/replugging any of the ribbon cables because they look too delicate. I honestly just removed 6 screws and then lifted the cover 1/2" gently, peeked (not POKED) inside and put it back together carefully- all screws part way, then tighten alternately till all are snug. MAGIC? perhaps some little button was jammed, perhaps the case/cover was skewed a tad and I released it. Perhaps it was latent Luck o' the Irish. Hope it helps, hope you don't break anything. You could also take it to a repair shop. Eaten tapes have no audio for me.... but a new tape seemed to record and play ok. This was a ditch effort before buying a replacement- not for the faint of heart.

Jan 19, 2007 | Panasonic Palmcorder PV-DV52 Mini DV...

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