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Laptop runs hot and freezes - heat damage or Power supply issue?

I've had my computer for about three years. One reoccurring problem with it has been the battery runs down from 100 to 0 in a matter of minutes and the connection in the back of the computer is so loose that if it's sitting on my lap or even a table, it can go into and out of connection, back into connection and out of connection again several times in a matter of seconds.

Anyway, the other day I was running the Hellgate demo and occasionally leaving it on a leather Ottoman (I know, stupid) for a quarter hour at a time.

After I quit playing, I was just doing some casual surfing when suddenly the computer went completely down.

Reboot suggested a file was corrupted (I've forgotten which one). I System Restored and everything seemed to be fine. I continued my surfing for a couple of minutes, then the computer froze solid.

I had to unplug the computer and detach the battery to get it to shut off.

Got the 1-3-4-3 beep on reboot attempt. I let it cool down.

Reboot seemed normal, but after several minutes it froze again. Didn't shut down, didn't crash, just froze solid.

It's always run very hot, so I let it cool and did some research. Eventually I pulled the heat sink, cleaned it and the CPU and Artic Silver 5'd it pretty again (it was pretty dry / "blotchy" looking). Didn't help at all. I was getting blank screens and the 1-3-4-3 beep routine on Power Up.

So I figured out what the 1-3-4-3 beep meant and re-seated the RAM card. Computer loaded up beautifully but after fifteen minutes or so it froze again. Thankfully I got all my necessary stuff off the computer (thank goodness for flash drives!).

I noticed that the RAM (1 GB - replacement) card seemed hot. Oh, one of the two RAM docks is apparently non-functional. It went out several months ago, at least.

I'd rebooted when I realized that I could actually CAUSE the computer to freeze by removing the battery and sometimes even the power cord during operation.

I tried another battery from my wife's computer (duplicate computer purchased at the same time, but her's actually holds a charge), and the computer froze just as it would with mine...though now that I think about it I didn't try just running the computer off of her battery.

I pulled the 1 GB card and tried a 256 RAM card from her computer and again, the computer froze normally.

A friend suggested it might be a power supply problem created due to a Hellgate memory leak having drawn too much power to RAM during my play of the demo and screwing up the way the computer regulates how much power it takes in. He thinks I should take it to a hole-in-the-wall shop near my work and ask them to check the Power Supply.

Anybody have any suggestions on anything else I should try beforehand?

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Re: Laptop runs hot and freezes - heat damage or Power...

As for the battery over time batteries hold less and less of a charge until you have next to know battery life. I had similar heating problems with a macbook and it turned out my fans weren't running at all so that could be the cause or it could be a bad heat sink. Some laptops just always run hot because of poor ventilation design. IF your acer computer is still under warranty(usually if it is a year old or less) I'd call them and have them check it out for you. I know one of the best solutions I ever found for a laptop that always runs extremely hot was a metal plate of metal designed to absorb heat. I'd just put the plate in the freezer for 10 or twenty minutes or until it got really cold and put it under my computer and that kept my laptop running cool for hours. If your having ram issues and it's a hardware problem there isn't likely much you can do.

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

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Re: Laptop runs hot and freezes - heat damage or Power...

Check the heat sink..if its not properly insatlled the somputer reaches the warning temp and shuts down the processor to prevent may have to replace it if its damaged..heatsinks dont cost much..

Posted on Nov 14, 2007

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I have a laptop lenova my problem is when i on my laptop and then wait for an 10 seconds is automatic shut down heat past also applied still problem

This could be several issues. The computer could be overheating, there could be an issue with the power supply, or the DC jack is damaged. I'd suggest taking the computer to a repair shop.

Jun 09, 2015 | Lenovo PC Laptops

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Samsung r730 laptop

It could be, though power supplies typically work or don't work.

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Why isMy Acer aspire gettting really hot, would replacing the battery help?

Sometimes, the computer gets really hot because the "ventilation" (cooling) system (fan, etc.) is not working properly. Normally, if it gets too hot, i.e. to an unacceptable level, the system will shut down. Or, it will catch on fire.
Yes, it's known that some battery will get too hot ... and potentially damage the system. So, if you already know that the cooling system is working properly, then try replacing the battery.

May 28, 2014 | Acer Aspire One PC Notebook

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Acer aspire overheating fix

What model of acer apire ?
When a laptop gets hot physically hot, to the touch you know something isn\'t quite right. It\'s normal for a computer to get a bit warm as it runs, which is why computers have a built-in cooling fan in addition to a heatsink and cooling vents. Excessive heat, however, is almost always an indication that something is malfunctioning. This is no different with the Acer Aspire 5000.

What\'s Happened If you\'ve ever looked inside of a computer or seen an "exploded view" of a laptop, you will know that thousands of components work together to ensure your computer\'s best performance. The cooling fan is activated by temperature readings from the central processing unit, which heats up and cools down depending on what it is being used for. Sitting idle, the temperature of the CPU will be low and the fan won\'t come on. When the computer is performing a few tasks simultaneously, the CPU is taxed and the fan kicks in. When you hear the fan whirling excessively, the computer is overheating which can damage the CPU. Thermal compound is a sticky paste that is placed directly onto the CPU. Allowing for a more direct heat transfer between the CPU and HEAT SINK and preventing air gaps from forming between the CPU and heat sink. b> Checking Temperatures You can download programs to monitor the core temperature of your CPU. Programs like Core Temp, Speed Fan or Motherboard Monitor use the hardware monitoring devices built into your Aspire notebook to track its core temperature. Different sources suggest that the Aspire 5000 can run at a different maximum temperatures. Users on Tech Support Forum say 50 to 60 degrees Celsius is normal even optimal and that above 75 degrees is a problem. Acer\'s technical manual for the Aspire talks about external temperatures for running the computer efficiently (between minus 20 and 30 degrees), but it says nothing of internal temperatures. A few different users reported overheating to the point of 90 degrees, at which point the computer freezes and shuts off. Warranty Fix Computer original equipment manufacturers like Acer sell every computer with a limited warranty. Overheating is usually covered by this warranty. If your computer is repeatedly reaching high temperatures, and you\'ve recorded the temperatures with software, contact Acer for a replacement or a repair. Out-of-Warranty Fix The simplest way to address an overheating problem is to let the computer breathe a little. Make sure that you use it on a flat, hard surface so that air can pass to the fan easily and without interruption. You can buy laptop cooling pads at most computer stores that are designed with this in mind. As a complex fix for an out-of-warranty system, you can follow a picture tutorial from MPS Computers to replace the sealant around the heatsink with a new glue called Arctic MX-2. This glue allows more heat to escape and brings the core temperatures down about 10 degrees. Acer Aspire Overheating issues 257 software downloads results for "temperature"
b> Acer Support - ASP Login

Feb 26, 2013 | Acer Aspire PC Laptops

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I have a acer laptop that I let my son use and I've noticed that it is very slow and also it gets very hot. What do you think the problem is?

Dear Kristen,
1. Your laptop is running slow because there are too many applications running in the background. Go through the start menu and remove them if you don't need them.
2. Defragment your hard disks. Use a tool such as O & O Defrag Pro.
3. Your Acer heating up is a normal issue. Some older acer laptops heat up quite a lot. This is not an issue in laptops purchased after 1/1/2010.
If you are worried, get your laptop checked and serviced by a qualified technician or just simply hand it over to the nearest service center.

Oct 19, 2012 | Acer PC Laptops

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I've a Medion Akoya, it keeps running hot till it freezes

What happens if you just use the power cord without the battery being in the laptop?

Three things that will cause a laptop to overheat:

1) Dust - Dust inside the laptop, dust clogging the vents and fans, dust around the cpu and heatsink. Remedy - take the laptop apart and blow out the dust with a can of compressed air.

2) A Fan not working - Remedy- Replace the fan.

3) The Thermal Paste on the cpu and heatsink has either dried up or is too thin to keep the unit cool. Remedy - Apply a fresh coat of Thermal Paste to the CPU and Heat Sink.

You could try a Laptop Cooling Pad which has fans on it and the laptop sits on it to keep cool. It plugs into the laptops usb port. Try Tiger Direct at:

When the site comes up just type: Laptop Cooling Pad in the white search box at the top of the website then press GO. Sort the returned results by Price Low to High

Below is a link to one I use most times for people experiencing overheating issues but can't afford the expense of going inside the laptop. $12.99

Jun 01, 2012 | Medion PC Laptops

2 Answers

My Compaq Presario CQ62-225NR keeps freezing and is getting extremely hot. I think the internal fan has stopped working. How do I replace it??

This can be the fan or what is more common is just dirty fans and ducts. It takes very little dust or lint to stop the airflow in a laptop and if you have pets, gas heat or use near a kitchen (hot cooking oil vapours)
they will need cleaning as little as every 2-3 months. The more it runs with the particles in the air the faster it gets dirty. Can can blow this out using compressed air. You need to take the battery out then insert something to stop the fan from turning. The compressed air will turn the fan too fast and risk burning its bearings out. All you might see is one good puff of dust and thats all it is. You blow the air in through the fan and then reverse through the exit duct. That should knock the dust loose. You might have t pick out lint through the grill but get it as this will block more air and collect the dust faster. You can do it yourself or most shops will do it fairly cheap.

This is the cause of the majority of heating issues.I've only had to replace a handful of fans over the years. And I've ended up with free laptops where the dust was the only problem. Most times the fan doesn't move that much air so people think it is out. If you set your fan to max cooling under power properties you will get as much cooling at it is designed to do. Normally it will be off or very low speed until it hits a certain temp than will kick up the speed .

To replace the fan you need to take the laptop almost totally apart. The display comes off, the keyboard off and the case split and usually the motherboard comes out as well. Before you attempt this try blowing it out first. Then look at pictorial instructions so you have an idea of the work involved. It isn't tricky other than splitting the case but it is involved and you can damage the board with static.The fan will run you $20-$40 from a laptop repair parts place (search for laptop repair parts) Most shops do not do laptop repairs but send them away to a repair depot so you may have a bit of trouble finding someone to do it for you.

Sep 01, 2011 | Compaq Presario Notebook

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I have a v-epc-001 and when I turn it on it just shows wireless book and a progress bar with 'loading device drivers' underneath never boots to windows

Few computer problems are more frustrating than a laptop that refuses to boot, as troubleshooting becomes infinitely more difficult when you are unable to get into the operating system. By understanding the common causes of laptop booting problems, you may be able to spare yourself the cost of paying an electronics store by resolving the issue on your own.
Laptop computer
Error Messages
If a laptop is unable to boot, there will usually be an error message giving you some idea of the problem's cause. Read this error message to know where to begin in the troubleshooting process. Some common error messages seen on laptop computers during the booting process include "NTLDR" messages, which deal with the operating system, and messages relating to the hard drive and the power supply.

Identifying a Software Issue
If a laptop has trouble booting and displays error messages generated by Windows, the cause is often a failed driver installation or other change that rendered the computer unstable. This type of issue can often be resolved by starting Windows in safe mode, then using the System Restore utility to roll the computer back to the previous configuration. If an external peripheral was recently added to your laptop, such as an external DVD drive, try booting the laptop with the device disconnected, then reconnecting it once Windows is fully loaded.

Identifying a Hardware Issue
Random booting issues on a laptop--those that seem to come and go with no explanation--are often caused by a problem with the hardware. Other symptoms of a possible hardware issue include a system that does not get past the POST screen (the initial monochrome screen displayed when the unit is turned on), or an error message containing the word SMART (this refers to an internal health monitoring system used by hard drives).

Identifying a Heat Issue
For all electronics, heat can be a killer. Heat-related issues can be caused by using the laptop in an unsafe way (such as by putting the laptop on a surface that blocks the air intake port), or by dust building up inside the cooling system. An unacceptable level of noise emanating from the cooling can generally signify that the cooling system needs to be cleaned in order to prevent a more serious issue. If a laptop has a booting problem that only tends to arise after the machine has been in use for extended periods, heat is likely to be the cause.

Do not neglect your laptop's power supply. Laptop power supplies are often quite fragile, and are susceptible to damage from heat (exacerbated by being trapped under a desk or chair) as well as damage to the shielding surrounding the cable. Problems caused by a faulty power supply are often not instantaneous; it can take time for a power-related issue to become evident. To avoid booting problems that may be caused by a power issue, replace your laptop's power supply at the first sign of physical damage.

I hope you find it very helpful. Thank you.

Aug 22, 2011 | ASUS Eee PC 900 16G Notebook

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Acer Laptop runs but shuts off suddenly

this is an overheating problem, computer have a thermal protection sensor that senses extreme temp.
i suggest return to your service provider and have them check again, it could probably cause by, the fan isnt plug or there is a lot ob obstruction to exhaust that tned to build up heat around your pc

Aug 03, 2009 | Acer Aspire 5720-6661 Notebook PC

1 Answer

Gateway laptop 450ROG freezes up after it gets hot & screen frzs

This definitely sounds like a heat problem. The system fan should cool it, but there may be a lot of dirt in the heat sink or along the path that the fan blows air. The first thing I would try is to get a can of canned air and blow it into all the vents under and on the side of the computer. If it is dusty, keep your face away.

You didn't say, but if you let the system cool down for a while (maybe 15 minutes or so) and start it up again and the same thing happens, it['s definitely a heat issue.

Feb 08, 2009 | Gateway 450ROG Notebook

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