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My opponent's game is not coming through.

I can send a word and my opponent responds with a word but the game doesn't come through to me.

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How can i beat the red dead duels

When duelling, you'll have a short cutscene, then you'll see in the bottom right hand corner, two meters appear. As soon as those meters appear, draw & aim your weapon. You can either draw back on the right analogue stick & flick it forwards, or press L2 to give the same effect, then you can either move the reticule to your opponents right hand, or move it up to their chest/head.

Now the tricky part: In order to win your duel, you must have your meter (which is the left hand meter) filled up higher than your opponents at the end of the slow mo in order to win. Now, your reticule will flash between red and white. Click R2 to shoot when the reticule is WHITE. That will not only give you more accuracy, but fill your meter up faster than your opponent. If you get it right, you'll only need to press fire once & you'll almost fill your meter up completely. Then you'll win your duel.

Jul 24, 2014 | Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption for...

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My children found one of their old games and wanted to play with the younger ones but we could not find any instructions for the game Obsession - bought around 1978-1980

I could not find any printed instructions for Obsession but the information below might help you in playing the game.
Obsession is a board game released in 1977 for two players in which the player wins by moving their ten rings along numbered slots. They must get all ten rings into the "safety zone" before their opponent. Each player rolls a pair of dice, and can choose either to move their own rings up, or their opponent's rings down.

You can find images of the game here.

Sep 17, 2011 | Toys

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The touch screen doesn't respond to the stylist and the arrows and the x, y, a, b control buttons are not responding either.

The most common problem is that you might have disessembled your dsixl and might have damaged the wires. It wouldn't just break in the first day you get it. So i recommend you to send it to the nintedo or find a local geed to get it fixed. If you break somehting, you can't fix it by your self.

Jul 27, 2011 | Nintendo DSi XL Burgundy

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Instructions as to HOW TO PLAY DRAUGHTS

  • Set up your pieces on a black-and-white checkered game board with 64 squares of each color. Each player should set their 12 pieces on the 12 black squares closest to them on opposite sides of the game board.Decide who goes first by tossing a coin.Move a game piece forward diagonally along the black squares if you are the first player. You may move only one square at a time per turn and you must go forward on the board.

  • Take your opponent's game piece by jumping over it forward diagonally along the black squares if your opponent has one of his game pieces adjacent to yours and there is a vacant space beyond your opponent's piece. You may take more than one jump if you land on a space where you are able to jump another of your opponent's game pieces

  • Have a game piece crowned as a "king" if you reach the far edge of the board closest to your opponent. Your opponent must place one of the game pieces he has captured from you on top of your king piece to distinguish it from your other pieces. Your king is now allowed to move diagonally forward or backward instead of just forward.Win the game by capturing all of your opponent's game pieces,Hope this helps :D

  • Jul 16, 2011 | Toys

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    Rules to Guess Who?

    Select a red or blue game piece with the faces of all of the Guess Who? people. Your opponent will use the other game piece. Draw a card from the deck of face cards. Your opponent will do the same. The younger person will start by asking a question about their opponent's secret person on their face card. Ask questions that help you figure out who the mystery person is on your opponent's face card. Answer questions with either a "Yes" or a "No." For instance, your first question could be "Does your mystery person have hair?" Answer your opponent's question and then your opponent will eliminate people who do not fit the answer. If your question was, "Does your mystery person have hair?" and your opponent says no, you can eliminate all of the people on your game piece who have hair. Eliminate people with the answers received during each turn. Use your turn to either ask a question or guess the mystery person. Be sure to narrow your list before asking about a specific mystery person, otherwise, you lose the game.

    Jun 17, 2011 | Milton Bradley Toys

    1 Answer

    Need to know what the steal key is used for on the electronic game a to z

    • The purpose of the steal key
    • Turn's on your opponents lights.
    • You get to look at the progress of your opponents, and take away from one of them.
    • Press each of the other player's blinking numbers and look at their letter lights, comparing who has the most turned off.
    • Steal from the player of your choice.
    • To confirm which player you want to steal from, hold their number button down for several seconds.
    • This allows you to use your turn to turn back on as many of your opponent's letter lights as you can. Just play the same way as before, but instead press the letter lights that are not lit, turning them on as you go.
    • Play the same as before: the Game Unit will select a category number, an opponent should read it aloud and start the timer.
    • You will have 15 seconds to turn on as many letter lights as you can.
    • Then your turn ends. Press your own number button to confirm the end of your turn, and pass the Game Unit to the next player.
    • Hope this helps.
    • Regards,
    • Tony

    Jun 10, 2011 | Milton Bradley Toys

    1 Answer

    I don't have the game rules for the game Admirals by Parker Brothers. Where can I find a free copy?

    ADMIRALS NAVAL BATTLEfor 2 or 4 players ?ADMIRALS? is a mobile game that compels the players to strategically place the ships of their fleets in order to engage in individual combat or spectacular captures. THE FLEETSTwo fleets are placed face to face one WHITE and one RED. Each fleet is composed of 32 pieces classed by the following decreasing values 1 Admiral 1 Aircraft Carrier....................6 2 Helicopter Carriers.................5 3 Cruisers............................4 4 Destroyers..........................3 5 Convoys.............................2 6 Submarines..........................1 5 Mines............................... 5 Mine Sweepers....................... 32 Pieces Total PREPARATIONEach player places his fleet on his side of the game board. The strategic positioning of the pieces is fundamental this positioning is the basis for the tactics that follow, and also determines the outcome of the game. The strategic placement of the pieces is the most important aspect of ?ADMIRALS?. The opponent must not know the value of the ships and, therefore, each player most place the pieces on the board with the numbers facing him. Only the ?Admiral? is visible to all players The Mines, once placed, may NOT be moved. These are the only pieces that are not mobile. The squares forming the two rows in the middle of the board, must not be occupied at the start. They will be occupied during the course of the game by the attacking ships. No ship may occupy the squares marked by islands. COMBAT ACTION The WHITES move first. Each Player, in his turn, moves one piece at a time in the direction of his choice. He moves, square by square. towards his opponent or retreats in the same manner, if this is his strategy. The ?Admiral moves? horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally. (Exception, see Individual Attack).

    ATTACKSAttacks are never compulsory: they are left to the judgment of the players, when two opposing ships are within contact of each other. BUT: ? The attacking ship is not necessarily the winner. The attacking ship could be blindly attacking a mine. The attacking ship could be attacking a ship stronger (in value) than himself. The attacks are of two types ? those that provide individual combat
    ? those that aim for the destruction of opposing pieces INDIVIDUAL COMBATIn this type of combat, the value of the pieces is the most important. The Mine: destroys all ships, except the ?Mine-Sweeper?. The Mine-Sweeper: destroys the mine, and may be destroyed by all other pieces. The Aircraft-Carrier: destroys all ships except the mine. The Admiral: The Admiral is superior to all other ships in attack and inferior to all in defense. (The Admiral will be destroyed when attacking a mine.) To provoke an individual combat, a player may move his piece to any square, in any direction. (Only in this particular instance can the Admiral move in any direction). If the attacker feels that his ship is stronger, he places his piece on the square occupied by his opponent. He announces the value of his ship. His opponent does the same. The stronger of the two remains in the square and the losing piece is taken by the winning player. If both pieces have the same value, they are both removed from the board. DESTRUCTIONA player may also destroy his opponent's piece by jumping over it and removing it from the board, just as in Checkers. In this case, the attacker need not disclose the value of his piece. His piece does not have to be greater in value. Also, he may take the Admiral in this way.

    The jumps are done either horizontally or vertically, never diagonally. There may be multiple jumps as well as singular, provided that there is never more than one free square between each piece jumped.

    THE WINNERThe winner is the player who succeeds in destroying the opposing ?Admiral?. In the improbable case that the two Admirals are the only pieces on the board, left facing each other, this would be a ?null? game. HINTS ON PLAYOne may play a game with 4 players. In effect, the game of ADMIRALS requires a player to memorize the value of his opponents pieces that have successfully eliminated his own pieces, and also the placement of Mines, over which his pieces have jumped. Using 4 players, the opponents consist of 2 teams. Within the team, the function of each player is different, but complementary: One is in charge of the placement of the pieces on the board, and particularly of the strategy to follow. The other keeps score of the attacks, captures, etc. Players may indicate their captures on the appropriate squares on the left side of their half of the board. Remember, when planning your attacks, that you may attack or jump over a Mine. Keep in mind, the pieces that your opponent does not move might be Mines. The Mine that destroys a ship remains on the board. However, if a Mine Sweeper jumps over a Mine, the Mine is removed from the board. In the case of Individual Combat, each player must reveal the value of his ship. The player who loses his ship should remember the value of his opponent's ship, so that he may eventually try to capture that ship with one of his own ships of a higher value.

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    I have not personally played this version of SmackDown!, but in others that I have played, DQ stands for disqualified. Technically, it is against the rules of wrestling to hit someone with a chair, especially in an official belt match. There is no way of getting around this without cracking the actual game programming.

    Jan 18, 2009 | THQ WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008

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