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Zen V Series mp3 player won't turn on.

I just finished charging and putting music on my computer and it doesn't work, it won't even turn on! what the hell. it was just working before hand. i used it for a week and then put new music on it and now it wont even turn on? does anyone know why this might happen?

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  • lilmama4894 Nov 08, 2007

    when i turn it on the first thing it says is ZEN vplus and it frozes

  • Anonymous Nov 12, 2007

    it was working then it died. then i charged it & put new music. when i unpluged it.. it wouldnt turn on.

  • ssmurph Dec 09, 2007

    I have had mine for about 9 months and now it's not being recognized by the laptop, but recognized by my pc and after trying to figure it out (with a fully charged battery) I disconnected it. I tried turning it on to listen to my tunes, and no go. I am very frustrated for I have researched the problem and seems this is an ongoing issue with these mp3 players. Great, I spent good money and got tempermental mp3 player!! I have tried the reset button and still nothing is happening! I guess it's going to go back! Is there anything else I can do??

  • AsiawithP Jan 09, 2008

    my Zen wont turn on.

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2008

    I've had mine for about 4 months, with no problems at all. Tonight I put on some new music, and when I went back to unplug it, it would not respond, no lights, no words, nothing, I tried plugging it back into the computer and nothing happened. It's almost like the battery burned out.

  • RJGMovie Jan 11, 2008

    Last night after putting music on it, I noticed that the PC had stopped recognising it - as it I did not have it connected. Even though it was disconnected from the PC, I was still getting the "docking" message. This morning when I tried to turn it on, the buttons flash blue and nothing happens. Only bought it last week. Very disappointed. Have an IPOD shuffle which never gives problems.

  • sam 46 Jan 14, 2008

    I have been using my Creative Zen V Plus for about 3 months. Great sound, OK functionality, no real problems. I plugged it into my computer last night and loaded some music and data. When I wento to unplug it, it was dead. Won't turn on. No signs of life. Stone cold.

  • Anonymous Feb 03, 2008

    Yes, same thing here. Just got it last week. Charged for 6 hrs. Worked fine for 3 days. Went to put music on it, the comp. wouldnt recognize it. It wont turn on. Tried to charge it, cant. Its totally dead. This player reminds me of one I bought directly from China off ebay. It did the exact same thing. These damn things are so tempermental.

  • Anonymous Feb 04, 2008

    I have the same problem. I got the device Christmas for my kid and yesterday when I finished downloading music it went dead. I've tried turning on and off, recharging it, and reboot...still dead. Do anyone have a solution?

  • Anonymous Feb 11, 2008

    My problem is about the same......all I get is the start up msg...anyone know what to do??

  • smile222 Feb 16, 2008

    I try to turn on my Zen V Plus also so i do this

    1.try to turn it on

    2.plug it in

    3.try restarting it

    NOTHING will work

  • jjrazafi Feb 24, 2008

    well i have the same problem at first my zen v was working just fine but after i just got done downloading music unto it it froze and said playback error so i took it apart took the battery out and plugged it back in and it worked but no the screen wont turn on and the screen is also connected

  • tracIIrazor Feb 25, 2008

    Device appears to be dead. I've tried to reset the device, replug into the USB, but still can't get the device to turn on.

  • Linster Feb 26, 2008

    Same thing. I downloaded the music, photos, everyhing, listened to maybe two songs. Then I clicked on the video section in the Zen V Plus and it went completely black. I keep trying to turn it on and nothing!

  • Anonymous Mar 13, 2008

    unit was working fine, I plugged it in to my computer to do a download. upon unplugging it , it would not turn on.

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2008

    my zen froze after I paused it. I thought it went to idle shutdown, but it was still on. I tried everything turning it off, nothing, hit reset, nothing, even hit every button at the same time. help!

  • Anonymous Mar 22, 2008

    Tried to transfer music but the computer said it was not responding. Then even undocked it kept saying it was docked even though I safely disconnected it. A short time after that it died completely and won't even switch on despite trying the reset button. I only had it 7 months.

  • Anonymous Mar 24, 2008

    it worked for a a lomng time
    i go to turn it on one day and the light turns on but the screen, nothing shows
    i was thinkin that i might of accidently messed with the contrast but i hit the reset button, and nothin please help me

  • Anonymous May 14, 2008

    My daughter has the same problem with her Zen V player. The computer recognizes it but it dies after about 30 min of play time. I let the battery run out and recharge and it seem to work until 30 min later, it died again. Won't turn on or off and is not recognized by computer. Has anyone found a solution?

  • Anonymous Jun 06, 2008

    hi ! i juust have 3 days ago i bought my zen creative mp3, and i was listen to the radio in cause i dont have other music yet and it was about to die i put some charge in it from the usb key and now after that it want open. please help me i need it. please give me a solution?

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    please help me with this situation on my mp3 player cuz I charge it and i plug it in but it just shuts off and wont turn on please i dont want 2 buy a new on can u please help me with this so u can help me turn it back on

    thank you soooo much

  • gette75 Jul 17, 2008

    My MP3 player just wouldn't turn on. I tried recharging but would not even charge.

  • Anonymous Jul 17, 2008

    Was charging it and it suddenly turned off while plugged in and now won't power up at all, even when plugged in. LAME.

  • chynyute Aug 05, 2008

    the player cant turn on n the reset button have been damage is there anything that can be done to help

  • bud916 Aug 12, 2008

    My creative Zen V Plus will not turn on and i tried pressing the reset button and that won't work either. Right now, I have it plugged into the computer and it still won't work, and it is also saying that the player is not connected.


  • Anonymous Aug 29, 2008

    Every now and then my zen will not turn on after unplugging it from the computer or out of nowhere.


  • Anonymous Oct 01, 2008

    My player was connected to my PC and I was listening to it, suddenly in mid song, it just shut down. Now I can not get it to do anything, turn on, reset..nothing.

  • jodz nd brae Oct 04, 2008

    one day when i went to use it it just wouldnt turn on....and nwo it still eont i have tried charging for like ages but it wont work when i turn it on the lightd come on for 3 seconds and then they go wont even come up with charging symbol when its plugged into my computer..i have tried both the computer nd laptop and they dont work.

  • ibeale1 Oct 10, 2008

    when I plug in my zen it doesn't even charge! I've left it on there and tried turning it on but not even a light came on. This is a new zen only 4g please help me!

  • Anonymous Oct 17, 2008

    Did not use it for a month, now it wont turn on, charge, reset, anything!

  • Ccfreakb1269 Oct 20, 2008

    I 've had mine for almost a year and i was playing a sony and it froze and would'nt turn so i charged it over night and would'nt eve turn on,reset or any thing it will go to the screen that says Creative but thats it

  • tabbikatt Nov 07, 2008

    :( i was charging it as well but i left the usb cord in overnight but it wasn't charging... and now this morning it won't turn on, reset, work when I put the usb cord in it... im lost :S

  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2008

    it was working fine, then it wouldn't turn on. Also, the computer won't recognize it. I have pushed reset, tried like crazy to turn it back on, charged it up, etc, but nothing, it just seemed to die.

  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2008

    my creative zen v 2GB wont turn on. it might need a new battery but i dont know who to install one.

  • rleecd1897 Dec 02, 2008

    It was on when I docked it. It docked normally, and I went to bed. When I got up it was off, and will not turn on; or reset.

  • Anonymous Dec 13, 2008

    Won't shut down? States "shutting down..." but doesn't. Battery is fully charged.

  • buchito Dec 13, 2008

    i got the same problem i put it to harge to see if theres any problem i could fix but it will just not turn on..It turns on for like 3 seconds and it pops up something like a menu.i need help

  • Anonymous Dec 17, 2008

    when you press the reset button, would you lose all your music? because i haven't dragged all my songs back into the computer

  • adlez Dec 24, 2008

    my zen v+ wont turn on. it was connected to my pc and i was transferring music then it turn off by itself and since that it wont turn on. it worked perfectely well before that.

  • Anonymous Dec 28, 2008

    I had the same issue when I unplug my Zen (16g Creative) device from my computer. I have to use a pin to reset each time.

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008

    am pissed i just got it yester day and the sh!t won't work >:I

  • baloe Jan 03, 2009

    my creative zen v plus won't torn on. Bur the lights of the buttons "play/stop" and "back" are still working.

  • gr0vergurl Jan 04, 2009

    i have all these problems argh and it does not even seem to be charging so i dont even know if it wont turn on as its flat or coz its stuffed. i hit the re-set nothing happend. before it totaly stoped it was staying itwas re-buildiong the library now there is just nothing

  • combathero Jan 13, 2009


    Thanks for giving this solution. I was just experienced while ago this same problem, I panic, I tried several things, reset, push any buttons but no luck then I found your solution. 

  • ashsai Jan 21, 2009

    i am using creative zen 4gb mp3 player. though i connect to my laptop it is saying that it is not connected.Player is not switching on..

  • Anonymous Jan 23, 2009

    i have the same problem its so ******* crazy!!

  • Anonymous Jan 24, 2009

    Same problem, dude.

  • AvenueQ Feb 01, 2009

    Ugh I know, My zen Just wont keep a charge! ITS SOOO FRUSTRATING

    Plz Help me

  • lexiixp Feb 06, 2009

    nothing at all is working for me!!!!!!!!!!ughh its frustrating

  • AM208 Mar 15, 2009

    Just got done downloading music turned my player off then when i tried to turn it back on it wouldn't turn on. Used a earring on the reset button and it worked.

  • Anonymous Mar 19, 2009

    will glow blue like normal charging but wont turn on, computer wont see it. tried holding reset but to no avail

  • Anonymous Mar 20, 2009

    it wont turn on anymore. i cant find the install dist for it either where can i down load the installation disk or a solution to fix my zen v plus?

  • eliasgonzale Apr 25, 2009

    doesent turn on at all. tries paper clip, power thein conecting it and everything

  • hollydeannco May 11, 2009

    i have the same problem. i plugged it into my computer to put music on and it was working fine, then shut off and wont turn on again. it was fully charged.



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Try pushing the reset button with a paper clip while the unit is plugged into the unit. This worked for me.

Posted on Oct 06, 2008

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  • molly83 Apr 12, 2011

    Thank you for that advice. Made it work right away :)

  • Maria Fernanda Angulo Nov 02, 2011

    perfect, I vas looking a day for a solution

  • marylalari
    marylalari Jul 04, 2012

    Worked with XNJB too!!!! no more helpless trying!!!! but to avoid it i learned this only happens when i don't do the pull out ritual. And it goes like:
    1. press disconnect on the creative program (i use xnjb for mac)
    2. switch of the mp3 (if it goes from docked to off i turn it on thaaan off again)
    3. only than i pull the cable out...

    whenever i don't do that...

  • rebecca_petr
    rebecca_petr Dec 26, 2012

    omg you are a genius, i thought i had lost all my music


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I had similar problem too. But then I pushed the reset button for a few seconds and it magically became alive again. Hopefully it works for you too

Posted on Dec 02, 2008

  • molly83 Apr 12, 2011

    I has this same problem. Reset button did make it magically work again
    Thank you :)


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My Creative Zen V Plus went dead while I was using it. I Plugged it into the computer USB port pressed the reset button with a pin for three seconds and it came back on. Then I went to control panel > performance and maintenance, > system > hardware > device manager > right clicked on the zen and then clicked on update driver. If you don't insert the cd then it will find the latest driver from the internet. Resetting the device doesn't erase your music so don't worry.

Posted on May 06, 2010

  • Jerry Pittman Jan 08, 2014

    thanks that worked.and all the music remained intact..


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Next to the on off switch (I have Zen v5) there is a very tiny pin hole. find something (ie paperclip) to stick in the and hold it in a few seconds. This will restart you player.

Posted on Mar 19, 2009

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Ok so yeah same thing happened to me i plugged in the mp3 to my computer and it just turned off and never came back on. so i waited for like 8 hours while i was in school and i came home plugged it back in the computer held the power button down for like 30 to 40 seconds then it turned on! :) it was kind of frozen so i unplugged it and it was working fine!

Posted on Dec 06, 2008

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Posted on Dec 12, 2007

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I just bought a brand new Zen and the charged the battery. However the stupid thing will not turn on. I spent considerable amount of time trying to make it work and in addition the player was not cheap. My plan is to returned the mp3 to the store,take the refund and buy a different brand of mp3. This is ********. In my opinion this product is not ready for the public consumption, this product is ****

Posted on Jul 10, 2010

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Hope this help! the same thing happened to me, my zen v was dead for 2 weeks, but now its Ok. the problem is Windows 7... or at least that was my problem. if your Zen v screen is black and ir doesnt turn on, what you have to do is to enter here: Control panel > performance and maintenance, > system > hardware > device manager > right clicked on the zen and click on delete device, after this you try to turn on your Zen v, and bingo! its alive again :D.

Posted on Feb 28, 2011

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I accidentally disconected my Zen while downloading music from my laptop and it won't turn on any more, resetting isn't helping too. What should I do :/

Posted on Jul 05, 2010

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I havent used my zen in a while (1g v plus) and i knew it was dead, i tried turning it on.. nothing...plugged into computer...and the blue lights on the 2 buttons came on.. but flashed off very quickly.. so i dont even know if its charging i tried everything else and NOTHING worked so far... i am not taking it apart like sum ppl .. it can make it worse.. plz help!

Posted on Mar 30, 2010

  • the_virus14 Feb 28, 2011

    hope this help! the same thing happened to me, my zen v was dead for 2 weeks, but now its Ok. the problem is Windows 7... or at least that was my problem. if your Zen v screen is black and ir doesnt turn on, what you have to do is to enter here: Control panel > performance and maintenance, > system > hardware > device manager > right clicked on the zen and click on delete device, after this you try to turn on your Zen v, and bingo! its alive again :D.


If the zen is still on let it sit until the batteries run out. then let it sit for a while. then plug it in to charge.

P.S. this is only known to work with 1 GB zen V.

Posted on Mar 21, 2008

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Kia Ora, I had the same will not turn on problem. Reset did nothing but kill a perfectly happy paperclip. Plugging it into a USB port on a computer without the Zen programme seemed to re-set it for me. It seemed that it had not got the correct signal about being charged when on the Zen programme.

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Posted on Dec 05, 2008

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MP3 players can only play music files in mp3 file format.You can download mp3 music files from the Internet toyour computer and then copy them to your MP3 player using the USB cable.For your CD collection, you need to convert your CDs tomp3 music files onto your computer or download them from the Internet and thencopy them to your MP3 player after you have connected the USB cable tothe MP3 player and the computer.
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open zen folder from my computer, Make sure file is put in MP3 file or DHCM file. Manually drag it to a specific file and not just drive alone. Make sure all your drivers are downloaded. You can also create a playlist in media player and sync device and add playlist to zen from media player

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I cant put music in my zen mp3

Does it turn on at all? If it doesn't than the battery needs replacing. If it does turn on and it just doesn't play, than it either has a virus or there is an error in firmware and will have to be replaced or sent in for firmware upgrade.

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Hi There

my zen mp3 went dead
i was downloading from the computer and it went dead
won't even turn on now

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I KNOW I can charge my MP3 player and listen to it at the same time, but I don't know how.

Disabled it under device manager! So that it still draws power from the USB port without attempting to pair with the computer.

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My mp3 player will not come on or it won`t even charge. its like it don`t have life

I turned on my Zen MicroPhoto and it was frozen on one song so I restarted my zen.So I finally managed to get it into recovery mode. I cleaned it up, then I had no choice but to format it, and then I deleted the firmware because I had downloaded the new one and figured I could just put it into my mp3 player and it would work. But now no matter what I do, I can not get it out of recovery mode and the computer says it isn't connected even though the player's screen says it is. What do I do???

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The first problem is probably a software incompatibility between Creative's software and Windows Media Player version 11. The second problem is possibly a need to replace the battery. 3rd party batteries are about 20 dollars now.

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replace usb cable that comes with it with new one.or check connector of your mp3

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Hmmm when you plug it in to put music on it do you use the sync manager thing? thats what i use and sometimes it says theres no player connected even though there is, so i just keep plugging and unplugging until it works.. but then if that doesnt work i just go to  "Zen v series media explorer" it like lets you upload music there too.. hope you find something that works! 

Oct 11, 2007 | Creative Labs ZEN V Plus MP3 Player

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