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Hp pavilion dv8000 help

I thought my power supply cord was going out because the battery would not charge and the plug lights did not come on, so I purchased a new one. The battery is completely dead but when I plug in the cord the battery does not charge and the laptop boots into windows xp fine and then shuts off. I tried using it without the battery and only the plug and it has no power. It is not the power supply cord..for sure...what else could it be?

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  • Anonymous Nov 11, 2007

    Same issue, was using it left for a few hours and it would not power up. The power button when pressed would blink twice and then nothing, thought maybe it did not have sufficient charge. I bought a new power cord thinking that might be the problem, but still no change. Contacted an HP rep and she suggested it could be the mother board. Estimated $700 to repair. Fortunately, I bought it at Costco with our Executive American Express Card and that extended the warranty a year and I'm sending it in to their repair depot in Utah. Computer was 15 months old. Once repaired I'll post an update.

  • 1Annie Dec 15, 2007

    New battery doesn't charge

  • cleverer Dec 27, 2007

    same problem here on DV8000, computer would not stay powered on unless I was holding the plug a certain way. That worked for a week until a few days ago when I heard a clacking when the plug was touched, and it will not boot. Computer is just over 2 years old, and was otherwise still very usable. I'm quite tweaked about this.
    I'm interested to hear about the difference in price for repairs. 300 to 800?

  • glosphers Dec 30, 2007

    I have exactly the same problem. Some times, if I carefully place the cable in a specific position, the battery recharges, so at least I can use it for like one hour. But that is the only way I can power it up. It went out of guarantee 3 days ago (I had an extended 2 year guarantee).

    If they have to replace the whole motherboard and it is $700 I will not be happy at all. If it is a known problem they should have recalled these laptops. Very very disappointed. I will definitely send a complaint letter and email.

    Has anybody tried to open it up and fix it by themselves?

  • Anonymous Mar 07, 2008

    I have suffered from the same problem, I spent a lot of time on the phone with HP tech support and got nowhere.The HP tech offered nothing except "send it in for repair and it will cost at least 450 dollars to fix"! I've come to the conclusion that this model is a lemon, Hewlett Packard knows this, and they suck! I will post what I find out after I inspect the motherboard. I suspect the AC power jack is loose.

  • Michelle Larsh Apr 16, 2008

    I have the exact same problem as all these people!! Thank goodness I got the PSP plan. But eventually the same thing will happen again. I wonder if they will replace this laptop with a different laptop?!

  • cweir1969 May 28, 2008

    On my computer, the power light and charge light will start flashing and after a few minutes it will shut down. If I catch it before it shuts down and unplug the power supply and plug it back in it will start charging again. Sometimes I have to do it two or three times before it will start charging. I've had my computer for about 2 years and that is way to short for having to replace the motherboard. If this is a problem with this model computer then HP should fix it.


    Americus, GA

  • Byroneck2004 Jun 26, 2008

    I also am having the same problem. I plug in my power supply and then connect it to my laptop and the plug will show up in bottom right hand screen then dissaper then the battery will show up low. I have to plug it in about 5 to 10 times and rotate the connector then it will stay on. Its 2 years old the battery may just be completely worn out. It only last about 10 min on full charge. Ive heard that with new laptops to remove the battery if you will be plugged in for few hours. Somehow saves battery Life.

  • Davinator Dec 01, 2008

    I have that same problem. I have a Pavilion dv 8000 series that is a little over two years old and the power light and charge light just began flashing. I tried rebooting, pluging the power socket back in, I just reset everything but they still flash. I have a docking station that has the custom connection on the side of the system. I plugged in my power to the docking station and then hooked up the notebook to it and it works. It is charging and seems to be fine. I assume with this action the orginal problem has to do with the circuitry in the mother board. I have had to replace the mother board in it once after I had it a year. This second one is somewhat repeating the same symptoms the first one did. It overheats and shuts down. I have checked to see if they have any recalls but HP won't fess up to any known overheating issues that I can see. 

    I hope this will help. For those that don't have warranties left I was able to find repair shops on ebay that will fix any mother board for a flat fee. I have not looked lately however I may be doing this again as my notebook is now out of warranty.

  • Anonymous Dec 20, 2008

    My battery does not charge up. I have to constantly plug and replug the power supply. It normally takes 20 to 30 minutes of plugging and replugging it to start charging the battery.

  • Anonymous Dec 23, 2008

    This HP8000 power problem is a nightmare. is it only being tolerated because no one has sued HP (as yet)???
    i will rue the day i got myself a hunk of junk like the HP pavillion series

  • Anonymous Mar 01, 2009

    Power jack wont take power. Tech said it was a problem with the power jack broke free from the motherboard. An easy fix with normal computers but with the HP Pavilion series its a problem I guess cause the whole computer has to be taken apart to try and get to it. I guess the whole motherboard is connected somehow wheras other computers are not. It makes it more time consuming and costly to fix. Seems to be an ongoing problem with this computer, almost sounds like they made it to fall apart after 2 years.

  • JenCos Apr 12, 2009

    Same problem with dv8000. I have completely disassembled the computer. The power jack is not the issue! The power jack is pretty well made. The connectors on the back are soldered and sealed with shrink tubing. The plug end on the mother board is very secure. Very difficult to remove. Tested it and there is no problem with the internal power plug to the mother board.

    Battery will not charge, power ac cord is good. Will not power on with or without battery once the battery went dead. Leaving me to think it is something on the mother board, ac plug on the board.

    FYI: Be very careful when removing the keyboard. The tabs on the back side break very easily.

    The connection on the mother board appears to be separate for the battery and the plug.

    Open the RAM panel. The grey wire wrapped with red and plugged into the mother board is the plug. The battery connection is next to it toward the battery compartment visible from the battery compartment.

    ?? Can you bypass the plug somehow on the mother board? doesn't look like you can. Can you replace just the power connector that the plug goes into on the mother board? or do you have to replace the entire mother board?

  • hpuser5 May 10, 2009

    I had the same problem with my HP Pavilion dv8000 where the battery light flashes and the laptop runs on the battery even though its plugged in. After reading many of the posts here I almost gave up. Then one day I accidently dropped my laptop and it landed on its side and the power supply connector broke so I had to get a new power supply/cord. The cost of the new power supply was 30 bucks including shipping and it fixed the problem. Seriously, it fixed the problem. I bought the new power supply a month ago and my laptop charges while plugged in and remains charged. This may not work for all but it's worth a try.

  • nethead_levi May 25, 2009

    Same as below >_<

    I disassembled the computer, there wasnt any obvious defect in the power circuit, but I am going to replace the board power jack and cable anyway.

    It was quite the chore getting to this jack, everything except the CPU had to be removed, no wonder its an expensive repair. If this doesn't work, and a new power supply doesn't work, I will have reached the end of my patience with this model. It is my thought that this problem could be the result of two malfunctions...

    1) Defect in mother board hardware components, part number 403814-001, which is the power jack, cable and plug assembly which connect your power source to the board, easy to get, but a bear to replace. (It is UNDER the fan assembly)

    2) Damage to the wire or heat damage to the internal components of the transformer for th epower supply. This is th eoptive case, as it woul dbe cheap and fast to fix. I never hold for the easy solution when it comes to computers.

    I will post again when I solve the problem.



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I had the EXACT same issue on my HP Pavilion DV8000. After reading this thread I started disecting the machine, sure the issue was a faulty internal power plug/cable. It is TRULY a big job, but very doable without special tools. You pretty much have to take every single screw out of the thing to get to that stupid cable.

Here are a few things to know:
1) there are a lot of screws - mainly long black (L 12) and short silver (L 5x2.5). Keep track of all of them in order so you don't end up like me - with 3 leftovers. Lol. There is ONE long black screw that is a little shorted than the others (L 10). This is one I had left over. There are two VERY tiny black ones. I also have one of those left over. There is also a few smaller black ones, too. Just keep them all noted as you remove them and remember where these odd ones go!
2) There are some very flat band cables that plug in to tiny plgs. However thereis no plug on the cable. The flat end just shuves into the plugs. These are very delicate. be gentle with them.
3) When you finally get the housing for the fan loose you can now get to the entire power supply cable. Here is a note: I FIXED my problem by unplugging this cable and plugging it back in. The cable runs under the fan housing, and it seems like you have to remove that housing to get to the cable, but actually it comes out again right next to the processor and heat sink. There is a thin sheet of black sticky insulator tape over the processor and the cable at that point. You'll have to gently remove it. There is not much room there, but you CAN unplug the cable without removing the entire fan housing.

Here is what I did to test this plug and cable. After unplugging it, I shoved a tiny straightened staple (the female plug is very tiny) into the female receptacles for the prongs on the motherboard (red and black only). Then I plugged the power supply in to the power jack. With a DC meter I verified that the female end of the power cable inside the machine was getting juice, and it was.

With nothing left to test, I put it all back together (save three screws) and it is now charging the battery and running from the ad power plug. Whatever I did fixed it!

One last note: There are 4 sequenced screws that hold the heat sink tight. These are under a bit of pressure so the sink is tight. DO NOT remove these as the sink has a heat conducting "goo" that helps it disperse the processor heat. As old as these machines are now, you don't really want to disrupt that "goo" and risk the processor over heating.

I hope all of this typing helps someone.

Posted on Apr 17, 2010

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Find out how to open up your computer youself and where the wires run from your ac power plug to motherboard has a little socket it plug. sounds like it is not connected. lol, free advice. Just plug it in

Posted on Dec 06, 2007

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I had the identical problem and found a solution, which I hope lasts beyond just a few days. Sadly, it is very labor intensive and requires several hours to complete.

My dv8000 is about 3 years old and this week the power and recharge LEDs would suddenly start flashing simultaneously and the computer would indicate that I was running off of battery power. Unplugging and replugging the power cable solved the problem for several minutes or seconds, but the same thing would happen again. I noticed a very faint clicking sound coming from the DC power jack when the lights started blinking. When the computer was off but plugged in, the battery charge LED was lit, indicating that the battery was charging normally. This led me to believe that the problem was actually a short in the power jack that occured when the computer was running, causing it to break the external DC cable circuit and run on battery, even though the cable is still plugged in. Unplugging the cable has the effect of resetting the circuit breaker.

I followed the procedure for accessing the power cable in the dv8000 repair manual. This is very labor intensive and involves literally taking the entire computer apart. I removed the internal power cable and essentially disassembled the jack-end of the cable. There was no obvious short, but I made sure all the metal pieces were properly alligned. I reassembled it and put the computer back together and so far the problem has not recurred. You can buy a replacement internal power cable from HP, but it will run about $80. I think the root cause is a short caused by a faulty jack, which starts happening when the computer hits 2 or 3 years. No replacement of the motherboard should be necessary. Hope this helps others who have been frustrated with this annoying problem.

Posted on Feb 11, 2010

  • ehrenbrav Feb 24, 2010

    This appears to have solved the problem - the issue has not recurred. I'm pretty sure this is a problem with a short in the the internal power cable, NOT the motherboard. You can either tinker with the power cable itself until it no longer shorts or buy the repair package from HP for like $80. Either way, rather painful but does appear to solve the problem, at least in my case.


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Same problm here in the UK DV8025EA . Now out of warranty , pile of junk, brought a new Sony Vaio gonna shift the HP on eBay

Posted on Feb 26, 2008

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Here is a curious solution. Not tested with time, however, so I will need to update this for certain. This solution is FREE to do. I had an identical problem to ehrenbrav "My dv8000 is about 3 years old and this week the power and recharge LEDs would suddenly start flashing simultaneously and the computer would indicate that I was running off of battery power. Unplugging and replugging the power cable solved the problem for several minutes or seconds, but the same thing would happen again. I noticed a very faint clicking sound coming from the DC power jack when the lights started blinking. When the computer was off but plugged in, the battery charge LED was lit, indicating that the battery was charging normally. This led me to believe that the problem was actually a short in the power jack that occured when the computer was running, causing it to break the external DC cable circuit and run on battery, even though the cable is still plugged in. Unplugging the cable has the effect of resetting the circuit breaker."

I noticed when my dv8000 was running on battery power both power and charge lights would flash in tandem, however when the AC adapter was unplugged the power light would become solid while the charge light turned off. I knew the adapter was drawing power both from the spark it made when being plugged in and its heat so I ruled out the adapter as cause to the problem (only after freaking out, running out the door, going to a computer store, not finding a power cable and rushing back livid- of course).

I unplugged the computer (however, not the cord itself) while on and then turned it off. While off I removed the battery, and plugged the cord to the computers power supply. Turned it back on and after 10 minutes it's still on without problem.

Posted on Mar 15, 2010

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Unfortunately, There is another possible problem. Old/dead battery. --------------------- Here it is.

HP has an undocumented addition that causes quite a bit of confusion.. You will be working on your system, and if you are paying attention, both the power and charge lights start flashing.. According to HP Support, this is not possible. (not documented). so what does this mean? Your laptop is trying to "retrain" the battery.

Retraining requires that when the battery reaches 100%, both lights flash, indicating the battery is discharging. Windows will try to shut down to protect itself until about 5% (as configured). Then, it powers off.. but wait, the charge light is still flashing.

Now, you just have to wait for it to discharge the rest of the way. Leaving it off could take years (if ever). Turning on Windows could only invite a crash. One nice solution, either enter BIOS, or run a ram test. Once the battery reaches 1%, the power light should remain solid, but the charge light will still flash. (Hidden charge).

Windows will report the battery has 0% or is missing.. unfortunately, BIOS has not released the battery to normal operation yet. once it reaches 100%, it will stop blinking the lights, and the training process will be complete.. So that's it, right? Nope.

If the battery doesn't reach 100% during a normal charge cycle, it will initiate the "retrain" automatically. I have not yet found any way to disable it, or to reload the original bios to the charger.

Unfortunately, you face the same problem I do, buy a new battery for $100 (US), or replace it with another laptop...

Since the display is dying of old age (and much sooner than my first laptop, since it still works), I will probably find a cheap replacement I can torture.

Unfortunately, the only certified HP repair facility in existence resides in Texas (and since I am far elsewhere), I will not buy another HP device.

Shame, HP used to stand for reliable technology. Strange to think Toshiba is making better marks. I am still happy that HP, Dell and Toshiba have their own recovery discs, making life easier when necessary..

Good luck in your quest. (and watch out for Windows Starter.)


Posted on Feb 25, 2010

  • Jeff Mathews Mar 01, 2010

    The curious thing, if you allow it to charge without using the laptop (keeping it powered off), it seems to charge the battery to 100% (According to Windows).. however, the HP Battery check program still indicates replacement necessary. Doesn't seem to go into the recharge cycle anymore.. (Cable does have an issue, but is not the cause of the problem. Does the same with universal cord.)


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I had to wrestle with this for a few days. The problem was that I kept getting a "Battery Low" warning even thought I had the adapter cord plugged in. I checked the plug adapter with a voltmeter, and it read 18V, so it was not a faulty AC adapter. It definitely is a design problem with HP dv8000 motherboards. Since the notebook PC was out of warrantee and I didn't want to pay for the repair or to get a new notebook PC, here is a "solution". What was happening was that excess charge was storing in the capacitors on the motherboard. This kicks the motherboard to go from AC power to battery power.

1. First, set your power option to "Max Battery". For those who use Windows XP, go to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options > In Power schemes, choose "Max Battery". This is not the fix but will alert you when to do the procedure that follows. Set warnings that if your battery goes below 60%, it will warn you. If the battery goes below 40%, the PC should hibernate. Save the settings.

2. Shut down the notebook PC.
3. Disconnect the AC plug.
4. Take the battery out.
5. Press the "ON" button and keep it down for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Longer if you have the time.

What this does is it drains those capacitors. This is not a permanent fix. Those capacitors will eventually charge up again but it allows you to keep using the notebook. I think HP discontinued the dv8000 series. HP dv-series are pretty inexpensive. This workaround just allows you to save a few dollars until you are ready for another notebook PC.

Posted on Jul 02, 2009

  • kitiany Jul 04, 2009

    My apologies for earlier suggestion. "It worked" for a few days but now the notebook fails to remain on for more than 3 seconds if battery is not connected.


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Ive had the same problem and i fixed it, first of all its usually the power supply, to fix it you have to do some surgery, at the end of the cable, the side you plug it into the laptop, there is a black piece and then theres the piece you plug into the laptop, first cut open the black piece, this may take a while because its pretty thick, after you open it usually there is a wire that got cut because its pretty difficult to get the cable out of the power jack, just solder the cable and it works, did it with mine, dont have a battery but it keeps my laptop running as long as i want it to, hope this helped

Posted on Jun 29, 2009

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I had exactly the same problem with a HP DV8000.
Constantly putting the cable in different positions to get the power light to come on.
I downloaded a manual for this unit and found you have to disasseble the whole laptop
to get at this power connector. Considered taking out the screw in the corner and using a dremmel
tool to cut off a small portion of the casing. Eventual the metal connector fell out of the cable from the external power pack. I soldered it back to the cable ( at 90 degrees). Encased it in 5 minute epoxy. Now its better and more robust than the original.
Good Luck

Posted on Dec 24, 2008

Same HP 8000 model here. HP customer support says the problem of having no power is caused by the connection jack in the computer that is a component of the motherboard. $300 to have a 2 yr old notebook that is out of warrantee fixed.

This seems a very common, expensive and very difficult to fix HP problem. The entire mother board has to be replaced or the computer taken apart? These computers should be recalled.

Posted on Dec 22, 2007

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This can be a problem with the power supply of the computer already that may need a replacement, you can buy a new power supply and put it in this computer or take it to a repair center near you..

Hope that helps..........

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HP Pavilion DV7-1245 runs on battery, but not with the power cord

If there is a light on the charger? check to see if is illuminated when plugged in the mains.
Could be a faulty power supply lead, check for broken lead near the plug that plugs in to the laptop. The socket it'self could be faulty, if it is then the laptop will need to be stripped down to repair it. Usually it's only a matter of resoldering a joint but it's not cheap because of what's involved.

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When the power button is pressed the light flashes for a few seconds and the system stops and not working. but the charge light in the side is glowing and not in the front side

Light flashes cause battery is critical low.
Try to unplug and then plug in cord again, until front lamp lites on.
If you continue to have this problem, post and I will explain how I solved mine.
Well I had problem that sometimes after plug in or out, battery goes from 100% to 3%, I thought it was battery or adapter, but it was software. I did ask HP about it, they said they had customers with such problem.
You might have same problem.

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How about this Pavilion dv8000 Battery for HP Laptop Battery?

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HP Pavilion 8000 power light and battery light blinking


Hp recalls some king of batterys, maybe yours it is on this recall, contact hp web or phone to take advantege of this recall, otherwise appears that your battery do not work you may replace it.


Apr 27, 2009 | HP Pavilion dv8000t Notebook

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When connected to mains adapter the 2 left side LEDs on the front of the computer {standby+mains connected]start to flash and doesnt charg

This happens when the battery will not hold a charge. You will need a replacement battery if you want that light to go away.

If the battery has not been like that too long
put in a plastic bag and freeze overnight
let thaw until room temp
insert battery
plug in jack
do not power on laptop
let charge for1 hour
then try

Apr 15, 2009 | HP Pavilion dv8000z Notebook

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HP Pavillion ze2000 loses power

I had a laptop just like that and it ended up being that the cpu fan and heatsink was coated with dust. do you have pets or dusty house?

Dec 18, 2008 | HP Pavilion ze2000 Notebook

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