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HP Pavilion zd8000 PC Notebook Problem

My laptop displayed some squares shapes on the screen and then the below error:

"VPU Recover was unable to fully recover from a hardware deadlock, and has switch to software rendering. To restore hardware rendering, you must restart your computer. Do you want to restart your computer now?"

After this message the computer was still working displaying normal resolution, but after I restart the computer the desktop did not load at all and all it was displayed was a black screen.
The only way I managed to get the computer working was in "Safe Mode".
I installed the most updated driver for the video card but thid didn't change a thing.
After I disabled the video card the computer start working but only with low resolution 800x600.
I believe that this must mean that my video card is busted.
Can you help me with some information on how can I get this computer working again?
If I need to change the video card is this possible or do I need to change the mother board as well?
What is the closest place I can have this done ( I live in Romania)?
Many thanks for all your help.

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  • Adis Nov 17, 2007

    Is there any contact information you guys have, so I can join you in this try to get HP fixing this failure for us?

  • xenosapien Nov 20, 2007

    I use this computer mostly for world of warcraft, but I get on the internet to with it sometime. Usually it does fine, I don't use the battery because when I do I have this problem more. But recently I added some WoW mods and it works fine the day I download them, but once i turn off the computer i can only play about 10 min or so before the screen gets distorted, black with gray lines or distorted with red, green, and other colored squares. I have 73% free space on this computer, 68.06gb to be exact. My dad bought this same model a couple years ago, had this problem so we sent it back, got a new one, and this still has the same problem.(which to me would be a good sign to buy a different laptop, but i dunno what my dad was thinkin haha) To fix the problem, I have tried to update the graphics card with the most recent version i can find, and i do disk cleanups and defrags everytime i get on, i also try to find and delete extra files i KNOW i dont need or use often.

  • Bill Dec 03, 2007

    Both screens -(lcd & external lcd) suddenly got garbled and both scrrens went black. Windows tries to find video but only ends up black or rebooting. I can press f8 and reboot in vga mode, but any attemp to use the ati card results in a black screen. The only workaround I've found to get out of 640 x 480 is to open hardware manager while in vga mode & disable the ati graphics card. Upon normal reboot you will at least have 1024 x 768 at 32 bit color. This will allow low end games & most programs too operate. Forget graphic oriented programs though.-

    Also this is my second motherboard- 1st board lasted 6 months- One memory socket shorted and the computer would not boot up with a chip installed in that socket. All you here is beeping when you try to start it. If you have this problem you may be lucky enough to try leaving one of the memory sockets empty & it may run.

    Never-never leave this computer running & close the lid- too much heat- also never cover any fans -don't set on the carpet -beds -your lap ect. And blow the fans out regularly with a can of duster-

  • JulieMaree88 Dec 04, 2007

    I have a HP ZD8000 with what sounds like the same problem as others have listed here. I am not a techo type, I am a female who knows little about a computer's intestines, so was just searching the net for information to help with my problem and found this blog.

    My laptop when turned on goes through the Windows setup then the screen goes black, then white, and stays there. I took it to a non-HP repairer who told me the video card is the problem but because he's not a HP provider couldn't get the part ect. He disabled the video card which enables me to use the computer but everything is big and distorted and I'm unhappy because until now, it's been a great computer and I don't want to use the computer like this long term.

    I live in Australia. I have called HP but just end up talking to someone in a call centre in India who informs me my computer is out of warranty (really!) and here is the phone number of someone who will fix it. Thanks for nothing! So I call these people who inform me of their fees to inspect my laptop but cannot tell me how much the video card is to replace.

    I do not want to end up spending a fortune to fix it when the best solution may be to replace it. What are others thoughts on this?

  • gravman Dec 16, 2007

    I have this exact same problem with my zd8000. Had the thing 2 and a half years and it worked perfectly and now I can hardly get it to boot up at all. The most frustrating thing, however, is that my notebook is under warranty until april 2008, but HP f*cked up my warranty registration and they're telling me the warranty expired in '06. I've been fighting with them for almost 2 months now! I'm just happy to find out that I'm not the only person experiencing this problem - though I am sorry for those others. I've restored the notebook to factory setting with NO software installed other than windows updates and the most recent video driver update from hp, and it doesn't fix the problem at all.

    I am at my wit's end with HP and how they can't seem to fix this problem or even figure out how to competently offer warranty service. I will NEVER buy another HP product.

  • Sea Eagle Dec 31, 2007


    Same problem here! Black screen after the Window XP logo disappears. Apparently, I left the machine running idle too long. I actually had a 2 year extended warranty, but HP wouldn't repair or replace the video/graphics controller. I really like the machine for the video and graphics which I used extensively. I actually restored Windows XP and that was fine, but when I restored the ATI driver, then it fails. Without the ATI driver, video and high resolution graphics iare non functional.

    I will not pay to repair this problem and I will "hound" the HP service center until something is done to resolve this problem.

    Thanks to all for previous postings. Let's make something happen!

    signed: Extreemly unhappy multimedia engineer!

  • 6gebhardt Jan 21, 2008

    my zd8000 laptop is just over 2 years old. It suddenly had weird lines across the screen and went black. I brought it in to my local tech repair. Apparently, this problem is common at about 2 years into the computer life - overheating because of high wattage to run computer 135, takes its toll and damages the VRAM on the video card. Solution is to replace the motherboard - very expensive! Called HP to complain about product design defect. They claim they've had no complaints, and I'm out of warranty. I told them I did not extend the warranty because they have horrible customer service. I believe it's time to hit them hard with our complaints and shame them into replacing our computers - we should threaten to go public - not so much about this problem as much as the pervasiveness of the problem, their lack of truth about the problem, and their failure to stand by what clearly is a design defect in this particular model. I was told they only recall a model if the model has reports of fire!

  • squirrell Feb 15, 2008

    hi my names paul im form the uk i have a pavilion zd8000 like a few others just started gettin problems with it i can boot it up sometimes its fine but other times itll just turn itself off 2 days ago i couldnt eve get past the hp screen the first 1 you see when the laptop boots up ive tried telling hp and they said it was out of there hands because the extended warrenty was with comet and there proving to be a handfull about my problem telling me theres nothing wrong with it when i kno there is i spent all afternoon on the phone to comet multimedia cente only for them to tell me it will cost 24.99 to take me through some test i jus told them to forget it i think hp should fix it myself any problem it should be down to themif any one can give me a solution to help me i would be gratefull thanks paul

  • BTK13E Mar 07, 2008


  • rbert2 Mar 10, 2008

    Man, I thought htis was just a fluke with my system. I got my zd8000 back in Jan 2005 and it has been through Katrina, numerous Army training exercises and planning cells, and hours of video gaming. I had upgraded to Windows Vista in Jan 2007 and had ** issues. It has run like a dream up until about 2 weeks ago. First the Hard Drive crashed and wouldn't load up at all. I kept getting a message that said I had to pres Ctrl, Alt, Del to restart. So I took it into a local repair shop and had a new hard drive put in. I got it back and started the painful re-installation of all my programs starting with the Vista upgrade, but it wouldn't take. I gave that up and put all my other programs back on with XP running the show. ** problems up until 2 days ago when the screen just blacked out on me. I rebooted and got a bunch of hatched lines running across the screen making it almost impossible to read. I tried messing with drivers but obviously that's **t the issue. It will VPU recover to software render but the screen jumps whenever I'm scrolling down any windows, and forget about playing any video games without any hardware rendering available. **t only that but **w it takes almost 10-15 mins to do a reboot or get the system up and running. The sad thing is I bought a**ther HP laptop which is in the mail right **w. I hope this new one doesn't crash too. If there is any solutions let me k**w because I would like to get this laptop in better running condition to use as a backup/server and eventually givwe it to my daughter to use.

  • mommylady Mar 14, 2008

    I've sent an email to the address ikenfixit gave.

    HP gave me the ZD8000 as a replacement for the ZD7000 that I had, that caught on fire in my lap!! (The flawed power supply design - power cord connection to the battery). That's when I found out that HP actually has a "computer on fire" department!

    But I current issue is that my ZD8000 gets so hot under my hand that I put ice cubes in a paper towel and lay on the hot spot in order to use it.

    I've gone to their support site to search overheat problems. The only thing I found was HP trying to make their overheating issue okay with a press release blaming it on faster processors. Forget about phone support. I can hardly understand a word they're saying, and they just read from the script they've been given, anyway, which is less than no help at's angering. Trying to communicate beyond that is futile.

    I will NOT buy another HP...not because there is a hardware issue, but because HP support sucks, HP's disregard for the problem sucks, and HP's trying to cover it up instead of fixing it double sucks.

  • mcnamara Aug 07, 2008

    My problem is identical to that of Adis. All of it. I had the IT company that services our office look at it. They told me I need a new motherboard, at a cost of about $650.

  • govideodfw Feb 27, 2009

    After sending this laptop into HP for a warranty repair when the power supply died, my ZD8030 had a broken headphone jack, the plastic piece that covers the audio ports was broken, my DVD player wont play DVD's videos any longer, and finally about two weeks after the machine came back from HP the checkered splash screen and the VPU error message started. I have just resolved myself to give up on having hardware acceloration with this laptop. Im done with HP. In fact, I'm done with PC. Once you go MAC you never go back.



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Hello people! I have a solution for the resolution probleme, Please read.

As all of us, I have the SAME probleme with the graphics.

After having my computer crashed and out of warranty, (and after been requested from HP for 450 EUR as flat rate price for replacement of my broken parts), I started investigating.

At I have found the HP Pavilion zd8000 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide (here to full zd8000 manuals

Well, with this manual I opened my broken computer. After remove the last part, the motherboad, I seen that my heat sink module was full of dirty! This caused my fans to work all the time and, probably, this fried my graphic card.

Try it for youself. You will be able to see that the dust is the main cause of the probleme. After cleaning the heat sink, the fans stop while I am working! Increible.

Well my ATI is fried. But I can tell everyone I am NOW in my notebook with a resolution of 1440x900.

The "solution" is as follows (hey, don't believe you will have hardware acceleration anymore! This solution gives you native resolution, true colors, but nothing else! Forgive games etc.):

You need to have the OLD ATI DRIVER and the graphic card should be enabled. If you have the new one your computer will not work after step 3 and will get freezed. The old driver is in the DVD provieded with the computer, containing all the drivers.

1) Boot your computer. Press F8 before windows logo, and turn it up in VGA mode.

Wow! Computer is on and monitor is working in 640x480 resolution (but Windows has disabled ATI in order to turn up in VGA, is this because you are able to see something).

2) Enter to Screen Propieties (at Control Panel) -> Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Probleme Resolutions (I am spanish, I have translated the descriptions, but it may vary slightly).

3) Hardware Acceleration: Put the slide bar to "Nothing". With this you will give to Windows all the graphic tasks. Now press aply.

4)The screen will become black. (Oh no! Again!). Start pressing fn + f4 in order to "switch" between displays. This will refresh a bit the screen (don't ask me why...)

Finally press fn + f4 (the keys that switch the monitors) a lot of times, fastly. This may crash your computer. (Don't worry, is part of the plan).

5) Reboot again in VGA as in step 1.

6) Go back to hardware acceleration as we did in step 2. Wow, hardware acceleration is still in nothing! ATI won't "run anymore".

7) We are near the end. Press "cancel" and get back to Screen propieties, where you will be able to change the resolution.

8) Put the resolution to the max (1440x900), with true colors.

9) Press Aply. The screen will go black (again).

10) Press fn + f4, one time and wait. The screen will flick.

Repeat step 10 until the screen displays normally.

If sometimes you turn up your computer and the screen is black, repeat step 10) until the screen displays normally.

As I said, now I am writing this from my crashed zd8000 with 1440x900 (the normal) resolution and with my fried ATI.

Posted on Dec 27, 2007

  • superclutch Oct 19, 2010

    It does work!!!

    Few things though :

    - I had to use the C driver I downloaded from HP


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There is NO Majic cure for this issue period.. Its related to the BGA RAM in the Video circuit and a Sphere release or bad Connection. Weve repaired a ton of these and I foresee Litigation regarding these models down the road. (Google ZD7000 Video issue).. This is pretty much the same problem with a few more added problems. Contact Scott Kamber at or direct to Hes a personal friend And Ive advised him on the issue. HP Had numerous pages of Posts on their own forums regarding these problems and they deleted them entirely.. (Which is fine as I saved them to disk)..
If anybody can get anything done he can. Trust me...

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

  • Ken LaDere Jan 29, 2008

    There is NO Majic cure for this issue period.. Its related to the BGA RAM in the Video circuit and a Sphere release or bad Connection. Weve repaired a ton of these and I foresee Litigation regarding these models down the road. (Google ZD7000 Video issue).. This is pretty much the same problem with a few more added problems. Contact Scott Kamber at or direct to Hes a personal friend And Ive advised him on the issue. HP Had numerous pages of Posts on their own forums regarding these problems and they deleted them entirely.. (Which is fine as I saved them to disk)..
    If anybody can get anything done he can. Trust me...


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The solution is to send the computer back to HP under their one charge fits all repairs plan. £249 plus VAT, not forgetting postage.
My 18 month old HP zd8044a, suffered the same problem, suddenley decided would not run on anything other than the basic windows video driver. New ATI drivers had no effect other than white screen. Formating, cursing, reloading everything twice, all had no effect.
For the cost of repairing, I can get a new equivilant laptop, but it won't be a HP!!

Posted on Dec 05, 2007

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I have found a solution to the HP pavilion zd8000 video card burnout concern. I guarantee it works and I now have a (almost) fully functional laptop again. If you are able to get to the basic VGA screen by using the safe mode to disable the ATI driver, here is your answer.
Go to the openSUSE Linux website, download and install version 10.3. The video drivers in this version will wake up the video card but not the 3D acceleration part of the chip (the part that is burned out). You will be amazed at how bright the screen looks, just like it did when you first made the mistake of purchasing this computer. You can’t use Goggle earth or any programs that require the 3D chip, but you will have a running computer again. I have tried several other versions of Linux and the installation fails on Fedora, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mandrake. If you find another that works, please let us know. Don’t throw this boat anchor away, use openSUSE Linux.

Posted on May 18, 2008

Gravman, I had the exact same problem with my laptop and warranty. The p/n on the warranty card didn't match the p/n on the unit. It took 2 weeks to fix the warranty mess and then it has been about 5 weeks now and I still haven't gotten my notebook back.

HP buyers please check your warranty card vs. the label on your unit as they don't necessarily match!!!! You will have to go through h-ll to get this corrected.

Posted on May 06, 2008

My Graphics card is still fine, but it shuts down quite regularly. It started this at about 21 months and became more frequent up to Jan 2nd (24 months) when it just wouldn't run. I formated and reinstalled everything and it was good for about 7 weeks then started crashing again. Some of this is the media player software as when I create a DVD it crashes 50% of the time. If it has been turned off for a few hours then it is more reliable. I have found the following to help: 1) prop up the computer so there is lots of space underneath it; and, 2) leave the battery out and it will run a little cooler. I am going to pull it apart and clean it as it is visibly dirty when I look inside it...weekend project.

Posted on Mar 12, 2008

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Download the maintenace and service guide pdf from the HP site.
Buy some thermal paste.
Open the laptop remove the heat sink module, clean it and the fans too.
Clean the processor and reassemble with new thermal paste.

I did it this morning, it took me about 3 hours.
Average Temp before 70à 75 celcius, afterwards 50 à 54.

The laptop was 2 years old

Posted on Feb 01, 2008

  • mantaray Feb 01, 2008

    Buy some thermal paste and download the service and maintance guide from the HP site.
    Its the c00291986.pdf
    Open the laptop and clean the fans, the heat sink module and the processor.
    Reassemble with new thermal paste on the processor.
    I did it this morning, it took me 3 hours temp is now 50à54 degr celsius.
    Before the temp was 70à75
    the laptop was 2 years old


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Updated solution from HP us - the price to get an out of warranty -extended warranty is down to $119us - This is considerably cheaper than the $300 -$700 cost of a motherboard.
1-800-474-6836 (us)- This is a 1 yr warranty covering hardware & software
An extra extended warranty is available for $149 which also covers accidental damage, dropping, drowning, ect.

Posted on Dec 27, 2007

Well it's now a few weeks later and I've had the computer repaired, which meant a new motherboard because it is all integrated with the video card which is the thing which failed. This entailed a diagnostic fee plus part from HP and all up cost just under AU$650 which is a lot but less than a new computer if all went well. Anyway, after testing the repaired laptop the repairers told me there is an "imminent hard drive failure" meaning that the hard drive is due to go whenever.. if I'm lucky a long while but maybe tomorrow. My computer is operationally back to normal but it's responsively slow to commands and a bit noisier than I remember. When the next problem happens I've decided to send it to the cemetery and buy a new one. End result, this is an expensive lesson in owning a laptop. I think I'll buy a cheaper one next time as it appears they are overall more problematic than a desktop unit and nearly always more expensive to repair.

Posted on Dec 20, 2007

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I recently experienced this with my ZD7230US. The unit would start with vertical lines on the splash screen, then full of broken vertical white lines would appear on a black screen - just completely comes to a halt from thereon and will not start. I have to press and hold the power button down to restart at 'safe mode' (with oversized icons appearing all over) and scan my computer with Ad-aware. If I'm lucky, the screen will go back to its 1440X900 resolution after the scan or reboot. The problem would repeat the next day. I have a feeling that the video card is toast, or maybe the whole motherboard since it is all mangled up together in one piece. Shyte, I just bought the thing a little over two years ago.

Posted on Dec 20, 2007

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I have the same problem. Did some research online...apparently when Windows is loading you should press function+f4. Did that (compulsively) it actually worked, but had to try it a million times. Its to switch between external - internal monitor...I dont get it as I only have one monitor.

Also, once I get the VPU recover error everything will work perfectly until I reboot. Then good luck. Just keep pressing function+f4 youll eventually get somewhere. Do some research online this problem, as mentionned before, is way too common. Im now depressed because there does not seem to be a cure. People have had their whole motherboards replaced - still same problem. SIGH. Definitly making complaint to HP!!!

Posted on Dec 16, 2007

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Same problem, after splash screen it goes black.

1. Hit fn+f4 enough times to bring up the "VPU Recover was unable to ..." screen (this may take a number of attempts, sometimes holding power button down to reboot computer if necessary).

2. Answered NO to restart message. Right click on empty screen area, select "Properties", then select the "Settings" tab.

3. Set Screen resolution to "1440 by 900 pixels" and Color quality to "Highest (32bit)". Select "Advanced" and then the "Troubleshoot" tab.

4. Adjust the "Hardware acceleration" to one position left of "FULL" and then click "OK" and "OK" again.

That should give maximum use with a broken video system.

TO AVOID STEPS 1-4 EACH TIME THE COMPUTER IS STARTED, put it into hibernation between uses by pressing the power button momentarily.

Posted on Dec 16, 2008

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This is an ongoing problem with the zd8000 and zd7000 notebook. I have the same problem like many other zd8000 and zd7000 owners and all of us are trying to get hp to fix this free of charge. help out and call hp customer service like others and let them know of you problem.and by the way it your video card that is going because of the over heating problem this laptop has.

Posted on Nov 16, 2007

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A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.
The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones).
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Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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"VPU Recover has reset your

That is a hardware problem with your graphics card (VGA) you may want to update your graphics driver from your manufacturer (nvidia, ati). But it sounds a lot like a hardware problem

Mar 03, 2011 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

VPU Recover VPU Recover has reset your graphic accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphic driver commands. Please tell ATI Technologies about this problem The Generate error report contains...

Have a look in "Control Panel", "system" "hardware" and find out which ATI graphics hardware you have. When you have that information, go to and download the latest drivers for the gfx hardware in your system. If asked, select AGP not PCI-e as these don't mix well and will cause instability (like the problem you are having now) Install the software answering "yes" to any questions you are asked and this should fix your problem. If the problem continues, you will probably need a new graphics card.
Good luck.

Jan 28, 2011 | Microsoft Computers & Internet

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Vpu recover

How do you know your motherboard is for ati.

The vpu is like a processor for a computer but it runs the video card.

Are you sure you loaded the right drivers for your operating, are you sure the card can run on your system.

This error suggest the wrong drivers are installed or it can't run on your system.

You can enter your bios and try to turn off vpu recover and clock down agp to 4x

Read the system spec for the card and make sure you have them.

Then see if you have the vpu in your bios, make sure you have the right drivers, post back if your sure you have everything right, but still have a problem.

Post the brand of motherboard and model.

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ATI Technologies:VPU recover has reset your graphics.....

Jun 01, 2009 | Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline Console

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Getting VPU recover, hardware deadlock prompt, also noticed one of three fans on bottom of laptop is not working

Good morning! It's not difficult to replace the fan, you can get assistance to install it from where you're going to buy the replacment fan. best regards.

May 02, 2009 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

Screen goes blank for a few seconds, i get an error from vpu rec.


I'm sorry the video card has a hardware problem, have you overclocked it?

the card froze and stoped responding to the commands from the driver. so it had to reset.

This can happen if the card is damaged, by overclock, or the clocks are too high, voltage too low or too high, this is all related to overclocking.

But this can also be caused by overheating.

Feb 18, 2009 | ATI RADEON X1650 Graphic Card

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No display

you need to boot to safemode and reset your resolution it sounds like someone has set the resolution higher than the monitor can support, just press F8 right after the post screen goes away when you turn it on, then select safe mode, once in safe mode go to your display settings and set the res and color depth to a low settings ie. 800x600 or 1024x768 then reboot and it should work

Dec 06, 2008 | ATI RADEON X600 Pro, (128 MB) PCI Express...

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VPU Recover - Hardware Rendering disabled - using software instead

Go HERE and download the original version of the video driver and install it.

You may want to use an ATI driver from here but it looks like there is not a 9200 mobility driver ???

IF the problem continues, I suggest you use this LINK to a guide to remove the driver manually before installing new one.

WARNING this includes editing the registry so take extreme care to do EXACTLY as stated.

It would be worth creating a restore point PRIOR to startin so that if necessary you can get back to where you are now if it all goes pear shaped.

Jul 02, 2008 | ATI RADEON 9200SE Graphic Card

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VPU Recover error

Go to ATI/AMD & download the latest driver package for your Radeon HD2400 video card. Download Catalyst Software Suite
File Size 35.2MB. Date Posted Apr. 16, 2008

If there are still problem while playing the game. Lower the games graphics settings. or move up to the 512MB card.


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