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My olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Last night I was using my olevia as a computer monitor. After done with my work I hit the power button on the remote to turn it off. Today when I try to turn it on, it won't come up. THe LED on the tv is glowing. I tried switching the tv off from the back and removing the cable , but to vain. Please help.

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  • Anonymous Nov 02, 2007

    Hey This happened to me today, too. I have a 37" Olevia. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • scooterjohn Nov 08, 2007

    I am having the very same problem. Watched TV the night before and the next day we can not get it to come on even thought the red LED light is on. The only reaction to the remote or manual off/on button is the LED light will blink when either button is pushed.

  • Anonymous Nov 29, 2007

    Having the same issue on a 40 In Olevia, will not power up out of standby.

  • tneedles Jan 17, 2008

    I had the same problem this morning. It would not come on even though the red light was on and would flash if I tried to turn it on. I did everything that I could think of.

    After a quick online search I found this site and read the posts. I grabbed the USB cord from my digital camera. It came on right away. Just to be safe, I disconnected the USB cord afterwards.

  • jazzman53 Feb 24, 2008

    I have a 32" Olevia LCD TV....powered off last night no problem. This morning went to turn it on both manually and with the remote and no response. Blue led remains lit. I disonnected everything and tried again no luck. Can anyone help?

  • FUNSEEQUER Mar 12, 2008

    I'm having the same problem.

    I have to LC23HVX LCD TV.

    I looked in the Olevio Manual and could not find what type connector I need to plug in the USB Port to try the charger method, any info would be helpfull.



  • mdeva Mar 16, 2008

    I'm having a similar problem with a 30" Olevia - EXCEPT the LED is NOT glowing. It's happened about 8 timnes now. Previously, I unplugged and waited a few minutes (NOT WAITING DIDN'T HELP) then replugged into the set and all was well for another several days.

    Tonight, it appears to be dead. I've re-plugged about 10 times - and several of the times the LED came on - or flickered off, but Iit's not working at all.

  • RJ Miils Mar 17, 2008

    I been having problems with my LT23HVX also. On Standby The LED Light is light, when I go to Power T.V./Monitor on, the Red LED Light Blinks but no power up. This has happened many times. I unplugged and plugged back in a few times which worked but after six times or so times, it won't power up, either by remote or power button on LCD. Oh Yah! Banging on it doesn't work either!! Pissing me Off !!

  • benzg35 Mar 21, 2008

    Hi. I have a 42" lcd olevia tv. I purchased it in november 2006. The lights keep blinking red white blue and other colors. Someone please help! i tried everything and it would be very helpful if someone show me exactly how to do it. Thanks.

  • Wigginheimer Mar 27, 2008

    TV will not come on. Yesterday morning it did the same thing but I held the power button down and it did come on. But today it wouldn't come back on so I tired holding the button down once again but nothing. Tried unplugging the TV, waiting for a few minutes plugged it in and tried turning it on again, but nothing.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2008

    Red Light is on, it is receiving power, when I push the power button it flashes and nothing happens.

  • nonworkingtv May 27, 2008

    Red light is on, the tv is getting power, but no picture/sound. The red light just blinks when I try to turn on the tv.

  • cephie Jun 15, 2008

    No sound or picture...the red power light is on, but TV won't turn on with the remote or the button on the set. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in, but it didn't work. For the last few weeks, it has usually taken a couple of tries to get it on, but now it won't come on at all. I'm not understanding the USB cord solution....can someone help?

    Olevia LT23HVX 23 in LCD TV

  • Anonymous Jun 21, 2008

    red light on blinks but no picyure or sound 6 months old

  • rpfaff Jul 23, 2008

    Have the same problem, power light is on, but will not come out of standby mode. It started about a week ago, it took several pushes of the power button, but did come on. It has since taken more and more pushes of the power button to make it work. Now it will not come on no matter how many times I push power button.

  • Anonymous Jul 27, 2008

    no power

  • Gary Aug 09, 2008

    My TV was doing exactly the same thing described by the rest of you. I plugged in the mini USB cable I use to hook to my digital camera and, bingo! I would have NEVER in a million years have thought of this trick! Looks like at some point I'll have to opt for the more permanent solution, but, hey, it's on right now, so thanks everyone!

  • Anonymous Aug 19, 2008

    my Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television takes 75 to 100 attempts to successfully get the TV to power up. I have no other fix. The guys at sold these as re-certified but offered no help.

  • aca28 Aug 20, 2008

    OK, took the Power supply out (Pretty Easy)

    Replaced all the caps that where bad. My buddy said there where more then 4 and most where cheap junk anyway. He stated the way you can tell they are bad is that a good one is flat on top the bad ones look like a coke can left in the freezer (tops bulging out) he replace like 6 bad and all is OK!

  • irobinbanks Aug 30, 2008

    I purchased the LT23HVX two years ago. Has worked o.k. (sound and picture could be better). Tried to turn the tv on today and the stand by light went off and came right back on - no picture. I tried unplugging for a while, tried different power cord but nothing would work. I contacted tech support and they told me that this is a known problem with the motherboard. They suggested I take it to a local repair shop and that the motherboard may have to be replaced. They told me this is a common problem with all LCD televisions. I explained that I had three other LCD's that are all older than 2 years and have had no problems. This is definately a defective product.

  • Gary Sep 04, 2008

    Well, the USB trick worked great for several weeks, but now it won't power up at all. Looks like the next step is to tear into it and see about trying my hand at soldering capacitors. Is there anyone who has done this that cares to post any potential pitfalls, things to watch out for, or just general hints to make the process a bit easier? I figured I might be able to learn from your mistakes and not have to make any of my own! Thanks!

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008

    thanks to this website I could fix my TV/VGA monitor. It was not turning ON. Reading about the USB trick gave me the clue. Here is what I did.

    First, I made sure that every capacitor in the Power Suply has the top flat, no leaks, no undervalue.

    Second, once the USB cable is connected from the USB port of the PC and the Serviceport of the TV, The Microcontroller inthe Keypad has +5V (no 3.3V). So, jump the 3.3V regulator that is in the Main boar, close to the power wires that come from Power Suply, Making +5V constant. This worked for me, I hope for all of you too.


  • Anonymous Jan 16, 2009

    I have this exact same problem. The usb trick is working but I want more of a permanent solution. I decide to take the plunge to open unit the unit. Capacitors CS21 and CS22 are bubbled. I will check my local radio shack today to determine if they have the immediately available, if not i will place an order on the internet. Wish me luck!!!

  • mauvees Feb 02, 2009

    Same issue with the TV not turning on. We unplugged it and every week we plugged it in and hit the power button to no avail. The fifth time we tried it, it worked, the tv came on. So it was about 1 month of sitting and testing before it came on. Then it happened again 1 yr later and we did the same thing, unplugged and tested 1x week for about 1 month and Voila, Ta-Da!! it powered right up. Well this is the 3rd year and it did it again. I read this blog and will try the USB trick before I replace the capacitors. Thanks Y'all..

  • badtv2009 Feb 07, 2009

    I have the same problem with the 37-inch LCD TV. Can some one give my the USB fix and the Capacitor Fix ? It is just bad quality and no surprise they are no longer in business. Please advise.

  • highspeeddan Feb 14, 2009

    Same deal almost. Set the timer on TV to 1/2 hour auto shut off and the next day after work, it won't power up. There's power to the TV because the LED is on but when I try to turn it on the light goes out which indicates the TV is on, however, the LED light comes back on and it stays off. It's like it won't come out of some sleep mode. Tried different power cord, unpluged it for a 2-3 hours as suggested by the company's 'tech team" and no dice.

  • RDale7243 Feb 25, 2009

    I want to pre-order the capacitors. Where did you purchase these items? Can you give me the part numbers?

  • mt3355 Mar 20, 2009

    I too couldn't power up. It took a while to find mini usb service port. It's above yellow, red and white plugs with removable cover. Best part is my old Motorola Razor cell phone charger works well. Plug it in and power up button works

  • pack1212 Apr 07, 2009

    need to know when you use the usb solution, how long this will be resolving the problem? short or long terms?

  • Lionel Jul 20, 2013

    I'm having the same problem, watched tv last night, next day would't come back on.



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If you want to see photos and a description of the disassembly process and commentary on my repair job, soldering in the new caps, etc. I've posted them online for anyone interested in tackling the job themselves. I've never cracked the case on a TV before, but thanks to some of the hints here, and some efficient Googling, I was able to fix my own set with a screwdriver, pliers and a cheap soldering iron, all for less than the price of a pizza.

Posted on Sep 14, 2008

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PROBLEM: I turned my "Olevia LT23HVX" off the other day and the next day it would not come on. I unplugged it and turned it off for 15min or more like the mfg said and it still would not power on after a day of sitting off it would power on. this is the signs of the power supply going bad and eventually it will just die and not work anymore.


very easy to fix if you ever soldered before this is cake!
must have a pretty good iron with a nice and sharp tip "i used a Weeler 60watt and it worked great".
"I had 1 cap that was bulging just i little on top so i replaced
it and that fixed it. I got the replacement cap from a local PC repair shop
they pulled it out of an old mother board and gave it to me for free.
the cap size is "1000uF 16v".
My new one is smaller around but don't worry about the shape of the new one as long as it's a
"1000uF 16v".

Thank you to all the great posts they helped me do the repair and i think i would have bought a new 400 dollar LCD TV or paid a lot to have someone fix it if i hadn't stumbled across this forum.

Posted on Jun 02, 2009

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Ihave replaced all my 16v 1000uf capacitors and the same thing happens...i think about going for 1200uf

Posted on Jul 11, 2008

  • umek5 Jul 11, 2008

    i will work this out on my own

  • umek5 Jul 11, 2008

    My update...Concerning olevias with the ATI video chip (I have 527). It seems that the ATI chip is faulty.. whenever it has to much decoding to do it takes much more power after a while. What i did was that i have swapped all the capacitors with 0.2 higher nominals same voltages but higher farades..(16v 1000uf to 16v 1200uf and so on) if u swap yours do this, disconnect all sources to make the test.. if your tv does power up leave it running overnight and see if its still on in the morning..if not try to leave it on with power on only without any sources connected(that will leave the tv running without the ATI chip decoding the source signals).

    If the tv runs with no signals for a couple of hours go into the factory service menu (press menu once, when it comes up hold sourcre vol- and ch- all togehter) when you enter the servicemenu do the sevrice factory reset. After that leave this menu and disconnect all the cablesfrom your tv and leave it powerless for a day... after that the tv seems to reset its power supply unit and when you tur it on it should work without any other problems.. workes for me fine.. I have checked all ofmy circuits withmy meters took me almost a week,, but all seems fine now:).. ps im waiting for some feedback


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I plugged in a USB cable from my Playstation 3 into the USB port on the television and into my computer and it worked! However, I have to leave it plugged in or i won't be able to turn it on once it gets shut off again.

Posted on Jun 13, 2008

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The charger does fix the power problem. I did contact Olevia tech support after 2+ hours on the phone and they had not heard of the charger solution and did not recommend it but when the warrenty is out "what the hey". They did sell me a new power board which I installed and that fixed the problem. $50 and return the old one. Need to be familiar with computers or electronics to do yourself.

Posted on Jan 12, 2008

The problem with the Olevia 23" not coming on with the remote control or the front power button can be solved with a USB cable plugged into the service port on the rear of the set. That cable will have to be plugged into a USB port on a computer or better yet a low voltage USB style charger. I purchased on from Radio Shack. It seems that part of the internal TV power supply that feeds the off/on circuitry is failing and the necessary power can be delivered through the service port. Hope this helps!

Posted on Nov 20, 2007

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Unplug tv and press on power button to power cycle

Posted on Sep 03, 2015

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I replaced the 1000uf 16v capacitors along with the 220uf 25v ones (4 altogether) on the power board. Tv works great now. Easy to disassemble/reassemble.

Posted on Dec 28, 2010

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I found a power supply at the following location
It's the part number on the power supply and it lists it for the Olevia TV. The price is $51.95.

Posted on Jul 12, 2009

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Well this model you not able to get parts for what you need is a new mainboard i had to buy another tv on ebay that was hit by lighting or that has power problems solution is dont buy olevia they all have that trouble and olevia knows it and wont change it or fix it

Posted on Feb 04, 2009

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I decided to give the soldering trick a go, since I have no fear to speak of when it comes to tearing electronic things apart. Plus, for me, poverty is the mother of invention. One difference I noted was that Dogset mentioned CS20, CS28 and CS22 as the caps that need changed. On mine, 20 and 22 were obviously bad (bloated tops—not flat) and in addition, CS23 was bad as well. Now, visually, CS28 looks fine on my board, but I believe I will go ahead and replace it as well, since it was mentioned as a possible culprit. As far as do-it-yourelf goes, I'd have to say this is for relatively brave folks only. However, all I needed as far as tools to get the job done was a cheap little Weller solder iron, and reading some tricks on the internet concerning how to un-solder the caps from the board. It's really not hard to do, just mildly intricate, so you do need patience and a steady hand. The trick is to heat each side and essentially "rock" the capacitors back and forth as each post's solder pool liquifies. about three or four "rocks" per side and the caps are free. Now I'm off to discover an electronics shop that will be able to sell replacement parts. I'll keep you posted, and thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Couldn't have gotten this far without this site.

Posted on Sep 06, 2008

  • lyndali Jun 01, 2011

    I want to buy cs20, cs22, cs 23 and cs28 because I need to replace them all, but I cannot find them from the internet when I do the search capacitor CS20, CS22, CS23 and CS28. What capacitors are they? How do you describe the capacitor when you go to radio shack to buy them? Or What specification are these capacitors if I want to buy from internet? Thank you?


Could you upgrade the ati chip? if so, what to?

Posted on Aug 12, 2008

Same issue, TV won't power on, the problem started about 6 months ago and was fixed using the USB cable method. BTW I called Olevia tech support, the parts dept said that they do not have any more of these power supplies and are not expecting to get any more in ever... so me may all be S.O.L. unless we solder in new capacitors ourselves...

Posted on Jul 21, 2008

Where is this hidden usb port?

Posted on Jul 19, 2008

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I did the usb to service port with my PSP cord and it booted up fine. Its a temp fix though. How hard is it to install a new powerboard? Is it like installing a PCI card in a computer? Do I hjave to solder anything? I was ready to buy a new TV, but now I think I can fix it. Thanks everyone!!

Posted on Jul 09, 2008

  • mainen8 Jul 10, 2008

    I'm with #20
    Do you have to solder the capacitors? I am pretty capable with electronics, but I don't have soldering tools. Hopefully they're just plugged in. Where might a person find these capacitors? Radio shack? A repair shop would charge you 50 bucks just to look at your TV, so thats not an option for me.
    Thanks again to everyone on this board!

  • mainen8 Aug 03, 2008

    Well, I used the service port with usb, but that only worked for a week or 2.

    I brought the TV into a repair shop, and the guy replaced 5 capacitors on the power board. It cost me $120, so it may well be worth it to try to fix it yourself. The guy also mentioned that Olevia recently filed for Chapter 11, so that would explain why they won't be getting any more power board supplies. Good luck everyone!


Wow! This actually worked. I don't know what this part is but I will look for it. Great suggestions!

Posted on Jul 08, 2008

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Mine also had the same turn on problem. Replaced the three capacitors mentioned above and it worked . . . thanks

Posted on May 15, 2008

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I have the 23 inch and the usb port on the back of mine is a 2.0 usb port (like a printer) Cant find the mini USB? When I plug the USB in and into the PC the red light just stays on and I cant do anything? I guess I need to go to the Capacitor Fix?

Posted on May 06, 2008

  • aca28 Sep 15, 2008

    The Capacitor fix is the ticket. There is more than just three bad as well. They are very easy to find. Once you take out the Power Supply (again, very easy) look at all the capacitors. I had five on mine that where oval at the top.(Bad) Should be flat at the tops. After replacing all five worked like a charm.

    If your shaky I would suggesttaking it to an electronic store or hopefully you know someone. It been working for 4 months now after replacing them. I have a friend who does electronic work and he replace the caps with better quality ones and ones that can deal with all the heat.


Where can you get the capacitors from. Thanks

Posted on Apr 22, 2008

That USB to computer worked great, thanks.

  • You have get a mini usb to connect to computer
  • just plug in and ready to watch

Posted on Apr 14, 2008

Anyone have the part number of the power supply board to order from Olevia?

Posted on Apr 05, 2008

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Appreciate all help. The USB port from TV- to- computer solution did not work for me. I eventually called OLEVIA at 1-866-965-3842 and bought a power supply for my 37 inch model. Again thanks. You gave a non electrical novice the confidence to try.

Posted on Feb 10, 2008

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In regards to solution #7 through #9, how hard is it to do? Would it be recommended that a novice like me take it to a repair shop?

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

To fix this problem you need to replace two 1000uf 16v capacitors on the power supply board, they are bad making one of the voltage from the power supply low.
If you remove the power supply board look at the tops of the capacitors for linking and not flat on top. You can replace them for about $2.00 each. Better than $50 to replace the total power supply.

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

Solution #7 If you remove the power supply board look at the tops of the capacitors for linking and not flat on top. You can replace them for about $2.00 each. Better than $50 to replace the total power supply.

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

To fix this problem you need to replace two 1000uf 16v capacitors on the power supply board, they are bad making one of the voltage from the power supply low.

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

  • okos Mar 23, 2011

    I have never trired to fix a TV before could you send some pictures to as to what has to be changed. I have already taken of the back panel, I just don't want to mess it up. Thanks in advance


I had this problem with my Olevia 23". I connected a usb cable from my computer to the service port on the back of the Olevia.(USB Type A to Type B 5-pin male).

Posted on Nov 10, 2007

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Thank you mt3355! I see this was a problem 2 years ago, this just happened to me this weekend and my set is about 5 years old. Your solution worked like a CHARM! I was like a little kid at xmas as I thought I would have to dish out more monies for a new monitor. At first I thought I didn't work until I also plugged in the AC/DC cord and BAM!, it's on, just hope it lasts!

Posted on Mar 08, 2011

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Posted on Feb 28, 2008

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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: my olevia LT23HVX does not power on

It could be a power supply failure.
Read other member comments by clicking here.

Posted on Apr 29, 2008

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SOURCE: my olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Are you still using it as a computer monitor, or are you
back to watching television?

1) Make sure that the you have selected the correct
video input for your programming and that you have
a valid video signal connected the corresponding

2) Does the menu come up when you use the remote?
Make sure that the remote is still in TV mode,
not in cable, VCR or DVD modes.

3) Most TV's will blank the screen to black when there
is no input. If you have recently changed the cabling,

e.g. unplugged the computer

the TV may still be stuck in computer mode,
waiting for a valid video SYNC signal to activate
it from a power saving mode.

Some TV's will also not wake up even to display
a settings menu, unless a valid TV signal is present,
due to idiotic design. (This is now rare for newer TVs)

4) Try pressing the MENU button or the INPUT SELECT
button on the remote, to see if the TV responds.

If it does, select the correct video input and you are done.

5) If the TV does NOT respond to the menu button
(on the remote, or on the TV itself)

re-connect the computer and make sure that the
computer is not in STANDBY or HIBERNATE mode.

Press a few keys on the computer's keyboard,
or briefly press the power button on the PC
in order to to wake it up if necessary.

wait a few seconds....

Does the TV come back on ?

if yes, use the settings menu to change the video input
to normal, before disconnecting the computer,
and you are done !

6) Try all the external video inputs, by plugging in a cable box,
VCR, DVD player ... etc

To see if the TV wakes up

If it does, use the menu to select the correct input,
and your done.

7) Leave the TV switch on, but unplug the power cord
for 2 minutes, to see if it resets.

By leaving the power switch ON, you are making sure
that any residual energy in the TV's power supply capacitors
is fully discharged,

in order to make sure a full power-on reset sequence
is initiated.
8) I you cannot get the TV to wake-up or respond by taking
the above steps, the TV is probably defective and you
may need to contact the manufacturer for technical support.

9) I checked the specs on your TV model, and it appears
that the TV is a true LCD monitor, not a rear projection
LCD chip, so there is no projection bulb to burn out.


Posted on Apr 29, 2008

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SOURCE: my olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Try unplugging and replugging after waiting.

Posted on Jun 13, 2008

  • 1665 Answers

SOURCE: my olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Look for manual at link below

Posted on Jun 13, 2008

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1 Answer

My lt23hvx power button does not work. I keep pressing the power button to turn on and it will not turn on

If you're trying from the remote control, then try from the TV and see if it works. Or vice versa... Also, make sure the TV is plugged in (you would be really surprised to see how often this is a problem).
If there is no noise and no lights, then odds are your power supply is faulty. For that tv, you're looking at a replacement of less than $100.
Cheers, -SJ

Mar 08, 2011 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

2 Answers

My olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Try unplugging and replugging after waiting.

Jun 13, 2008 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

5 Answers

My olevia LT23HVX does not power on

Hello CarolMae,
Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your TV. this seems to be common, though, as seen from the other posts.

This is most likely due to 2 problems -Temperature or a bust capacitor,

1. There is a simple trick...just warm the back of the TV with a hair dryer for 5-7 mins after you have unplugged the TV. Look for the little areas of holes in the back panel of TV. Use these as your guide at where to use hairdryer., but don't hold the dryer too close(say 5-6inches away). (Make sure the dryer is on High heat). If the TV doesn't turn on after you have heated it up (like it tries to come on but then turns off) you need to unplug the TV again, this resets it. And repeat those steps till it works. Reseting the TV after it fails to turn on is the key. Also, just leave the TV on. Don't turn in off. Since it is LCD, it doesn't take much power...only a few bucks extra a month for your utility bill.

2. You can also try plugging in the TV through the USB on its panel to a computer or USB charger, and it may work. However, this is only a temporary solution.

3. If you want to go in for a long term solution, you can easily replace the whole power board (should be about $50 or so). You can call OLEVIA at 1-866-965-3842
or just change the faulty capacitors. You will have to open the back panel and take a look. You can make out which are faulty, because their caps will be swollen on top. Here's a pic:
Check the specifications of the faulty capacitors, and get the replacements from your local electronics shop. If you are comfortable with this, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to G-E-N-T-L-Y pull out the defunct capacitors. Once that is done, solder in the new capacitors carefully. If are unsure how to do this, try to get a friend who knows how to do this kinda stuff do it for you, or get a qualified technician. Warning: If you do not have a background in electronics repair, or are inexperienced, get a qualified techie to do it for you.

PS. The capacitors are usually 680 - 1000 micro farad and 16-35V.
You can buy the capacitors online from HERE or HERE if you wish..They cost $0.068 - $0.85 each, depending upon the model.

Hope that helps...Should you have any further questions, please feel free to post them here.

P.S. - If you find that the solution/answer I provided led you to, or resulted in a fix, please close the ticket with a FixYa! rating. I would be very grateful for your show of appreciation.
If it hasn’t, please do not assign a rating just yet. Please post back as to what steps you took, results, etc, and I will try to assist you further as best I can. I am here at your service.

Thank you for using FIXYA!


Apr 29, 2008 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

I have Olevia LT23HVX tv/pc monitor. Im trying to hook it up to my home pc but it keeps on saying OUT OF RANGE under pc. But for the tv is fine can youo help please.

"Out of range" meand the screen resolution of your PC doesn't equal the input possibilities of your screen
Check the resolution is compatible.

Feb 07, 2011 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

2 Answers

Olevia LT23HVX screen resolution

what kind of cable are you connecting with? If you are using a Composite or S-Video cable perhaps you may want to use the VGA cable instead and see if that corrects the issue.

Nov 29, 2007 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

I need a driver for my LT23HVX Olevia Display

Since this is a TV, you do not require a driver for it or any display device attached to a PC. The driver you need to update is the video card driver of your PC.  Once it is installed, it will be able to communicate with your TV or monitor's EDID (Extended Display Information Data) and be able to send an image to it properly.  The internal EDID will tell the video card what resolutions it can accept.

Mar 24, 2009 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

Olevia LT23HVX where to find a power supply for this tv ?

do you have any power if the led is not on on then make sure the switch is on

if its on and no led take it apart and look on power board you will see a fuse use a screw driver with a rubber handle jump across and see if it works then if it does goto radio shack and get the same fuse slow blow fuse

Jan 25, 2009 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

7 Answers

Olevia won't turn on.

I posted photos and a description of my solution for this problem here: There's another thread on FixYa dealing with this same issue that has a variety of solutions as well.

Mar 04, 2008 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

Power indicator on, but nothing else

Plug a cell phone charger in the service port on the back. The charger does fix the power problem. I did contact Olevia tech support after 2+ hours on the phone and they had not heard of the charger solution and did not recommend it but when the warrenty is out "what the hey". They did sell me a new power board which I installed and that fixed the problem. $50 and return the old one. Need to be familiar with computers or electronics to do yourself.

Sep 27, 2007 | Olevia LT23HVX 23 in. LCD Television

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