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Red spot Growing in the middle of my Projection LCD screen

I have had my Hitachi LCD unit for over 2years. I am beginning to notice the gradual presence of a red spot growing and becoming visible on the screen. It is more noticeable when the picture light level and content is low. When the picture has alot of color and light content the problem is not as apparent. So what is behind this gradual degradation?


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  • trudd Nov 04, 2007

    I have this exact same TV and problem. It had been present for some time at a bearable level. But, recently, it has brightened significantly and when the picture would naturaly have read in that portion of the screen, it takes over to become a red blur in my picture.

  • superjon Nov 05, 2007

    We also have the same problem. We have had our Hitachi TV 60 LCD for 4 years and the color is gradually fading. We have noticed a big red circle on our screen especially when the light is low. When the picture has alot of color & light the problem is not as noticeable. However it is gradually getting worse. We have heard that it could be related to the "light engine or processor" and quite expensive.


  • manny21 Nov 26, 2007

    I too have the same problem.Our Hitachi is about 3 years old. I've noticed a red spot in the middle of the screen.

  • toolmaker Nov 26, 2007

    We have had our Hitachi for 3 years. There is a red spot that covers most of the screen now. It shows up more when the picture is dark. We called the Hitachi Help Line, and the representative stated to us," You have a serious problem." He offered a repair phone number in our area.

  • Anonymous Dec 22, 2007

    I have had a small red spot in the middle of my screen as well as a couple yellow spots, one near the center and another in the lower middle of the screen. I just recently noticed another small red spot beside the origninal. I can only see them when the picture is a light color like white or yellow.

  • 1452 Dec 26, 2007

    I have had my Hitachi LCD unit for over 2years. I am beginning to notice the gradual presence of a red spot growing and becoming visible on the screen. It is more noticeable when the picture light level and content is low. When the picture has alot of color and light content the problem is not as apparent. So what is behind this gradual degradation

  • Anonymous Dec 26, 2007

    I have the same problem. Technician claims that the part required for replacement is $810 plus labor. Trying to find if Hitachi will stand behind their products. I paid $2,300 for this - only four years ago.

  • RPS80 Dec 26, 2007

    Red cloud growing in the middle of the 50" LCD screen - about 3 years old. Sears didn't even have to come to the house. They told me that they knew exactly what it was and it would cost $810 plus installation. Glad I checked on-line - thanks for posting your experience and for the information.

  • Anonymous Dec 27, 2007

    Don't waste your time on the following:

    Cleaning dust on the optics or an optics filter or replacing the lamp.

    The optics cooling path is poorly engineered, there is approximately a 2-3 inch opening in the bottom of the TV for air intake to cool the optics engine, the new style engine has two 3-4 inch openings.

    Bottom line.....replace the optics engine (hope you have an extended warranty)


  • 1452 Dec 28, 2007

    I have had my Hitachi LCD unit for over 2years. I am beginning to notice the gradual presence of a red spot growing and becoming visible on the screen. It is more noticeable when the picture light level and content is low. When the picture has alot of color and light content the problem is not as apparent. So what is behind this gradual degradation?

  • Tay 71 Feb 16, 2008

    Installed new lamp, but that did not help. Picture was brighter but resd

    cloud was still there.

  • Anonymous Mar 09, 2008

    We have the exact same problem..have had for a while now..we were going to clean the tubes but I guess that's not the solution. Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymous Mar 12, 2008

    their is a white, blue spot in the middle of the screen

  • Anonymous Apr 09, 2008

    same problem. red spot in the middle of the screen. replaced bulb, seems to be getting worse.

  • Anonymous Apr 14, 2008

    I have a 50V500 with precisely the same growing red spot. TV is four years old.

  • d1cordero May 21, 2008

    my tv is also suffering the red glow in the middle

  • CDRIZ May 23, 2008


  • lorilolo Jul 23, 2008

    We bought out TV about 4 years ago and are now having the same problem. Large red glow in the middle of the screen. Much more visible when the picture is dark. We were told Hitachi is offering to replace the parts for free because they are worried about a Class-action Law suit.

  • camaraisbl Jul 27, 2008

    to mutch red in picture

  • Anonymous Sep 24, 2008

    ya i have the same problem. i also have 3 green lines stretching across the tv seperated by about 2 inches each and a little smudge on the center right of the tv. what the hell

  • robinwood Oct 24, 2008

    large red splotch developing over the last month or so, 2
    previous post indicated the following
    "The Customer Relations Number is 800-654-7013.

    If you're TV is not under warranty and you're willing to spring for the install, it's well worth it. Hitachi will send it directly to them and you should only
    pay for the install. Good Luck!

    they were right called number above and they immediatly acknowledged that we should have their recommended service store come and verify
    the proble - luckily I was able to get an appointment within 24 hours
    technician looked and 5 seconds later said the light engine is defective"

    Hitachi called the service people to verify and the light engine is in Transit as we speak - my TV is 4 1/2 years old so I will be willing to to pay the $250.00 service diagnostic, and install -

  • Anonymous Oct 25, 2008

    i have hitachi 60V500A big red spot just right of center of screen. called cust. serv. they gave me authorized tv service no.# to call in my area to confirm problem but did not commit to anything.

  • Anonymous Dec 15, 2008

    I have this same picture of red as every one

  • Eagletoenail Dec 20, 2008

    i have the same problem

  • somnath6363 Mar 02, 2009

    my baby was having one red small spot on her back side when she was born and day by day it is growing,plz suggest me what I will do next and what will be my next step. plz give me the answer in urgent basis.

    please do the needful at earliest.

  • pnjarich May 22, 2009

    Same problem as everyone else. Same model of TV.

    Called repair and they verified the problem. Called Hitachi and they refused to send a part - the guy at Customer Relations just kept telling me how old my TV is and how he has no idea what Hitachi has sent to other people.

    I'll try to call again. But if I have to buy a new engine, I'll probably get a new TV and know what make it won't be.

  • Anonymous May 24, 2009

    Red (Pinkish Purple, Magenta) shodow arround light colored parts of the picture on a dark background (i.e. white text on black background)

  • robinwood May 11, 2010

    bought in 2003

    will pursue




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We took in a 60v500a with the same problem, Customer bought a new set. We took hers apart. Here is what we found.
1 there is a squril cage blower and a small air duct that cools the lcd screens and polarizer lenses. Yes there are 3 polarizer lenses one in front of each LCD screen.

These start to overheat and discolor. Maybe the filter for the fan clogs up.

Don't really know.

You can pull the LE and vaccum the filter clean every 3-6 month.

You can remove the lenses and maybe the tv will look ok maybe not. I have read where some have had there repaired and now they see vertical lines in the screen. This seems to be a quike fix by removing the melted lens. Cool A.

Posted on Apr 14, 2008

  • chihuahuas Apr 14, 2008

    Here I show you the inside bits that get to hot. There is a way you can remove your LE and mark a cutout on bottom of set to access the filter to clean it every so often.

    Even if you get a reman LE the problem will return if the filter cloggs. So if it was me I would make the access by cutting a 3" square hole in the bottom of the plastic case.

    Oh if anyone wants I have 1 clear Polerizer lense available.

    The blue color melts first and give a red haze. The red turns a green color.

    More images

  • chihuahuas Apr 15, 2008

    Also the Light Engines are remans and are not $810. More like $300+ and your old one. Install takes a few hours and needs to be done with care.

    If I had this Out of warranty I would request Hit send me a 15 year supply op lenses and Blowers and setup a service to clean the filter every 6 months ....Yeah Right.

    If its broke take it apart!!!!!!! :)

    It's all Common Since Boy's


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You have the infamous "red cloud" as they call it and no matter what you personally do to the TV, it will not resolve the problem. The problem is you have a defective light engine and Hitachi is aware of the problem. We started noticing the red cloud in the middle of our TV (we have the 60v500) about 2 months ago and it got worse. After LOTS of online research, we were convinced it was the light engine. When we called Hitachi, they claimed to know nothing about it but THEY DO! They did give us the names of two certified Hitachi dealers in our area and when the tech came out, he could tell within one minute that we had a bad light engine.

I then called Hitachi back and told them that the tech confirmed that we had a bad light engine and all of a sudden, they knew about the problem...imagine that! They told us that they would call the dealer we used and confirm this with them. They did call the dealer and within 2 days, the dealer had a brand new light engine, sent to themby Hitachi, and they came out and installed it...TV is like brand new.

Here's the kicker...there's always a kicker. If your TV is not still under warranty (ours is 3+ years old so ours is not) Hitachi will cover the part...around $1500 but they ask you to cover the install by the dealer. Our install was $400 and they did the install in our home...they did not have to take the TV into their shop. We felt like paying $400 for a $3600 TV (price we paid when we bought it) was worth it!

One last thing, deal only with the Hitachi Customer Relations Department...NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Their regular customer service folks will have you chasing your to speak. The Customer Relations Number is 800-654-7013. If you're TV is not under warranty and you're willing to spring for the install, it's well worth it. Don't let any dealer tell you that you will have to buy this $1500 part. Hitachi will send it directly to them and you should only pay for the install. Good Luck!

Posted on Nov 26, 2007

  • varian Nov 30, 2007


    I'm so glad you had a good experience with Hitachi. I'm trying to let as many customers know about this as possible so that they won't run out and buy a new TV thinking that their TV cannot be fixed or will cost a lot to fix. This is a Hitachi issue and it does appear that Hitachi is trying to help correct it. Glad it worked out for you and thanks for the post. Varian

  • FredBurr Jul 08, 2011

    I have the same issue on our 7+ year old Hitachi 50" PTV. I called their customer relations department and they will absolutely not cover the part (even if we cover the repair). A local service center quoted us over $2,000 for the part plus installation - looks like I'm getting a new TV. I guess I can't complain, since a new LED flat panel in a slightly larger size will cost me less than the repair (and less than half as much as the original price of the unit).


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The light engines that Hitachi is sending out are not the same as the originals. The originals had a very small circular opening for cooling that would clog up fairly easily. The new light engines have 2 rectangular openings about 5 inches long with a different filter material that does not clog as easily. They seem to have corrected the initial flaw in the design. Although the light engine that I just had installed only lasted about 3 hours until it developed a red shadowing problem. I am awaiting another light engine.

Posted on Aug 03, 2008

Thanks Varian!
Your Best Solution was excactly right, and the phone number to Hitachi Cust. Relations (1-800-654-7013) was terrific info. They answer within moments. I informed them of my red cloud and fading picture and that I knew from the internet that they were well aware of it. As you said. And they said to have the technician speak to them while he was here at the house. So Sear's, came out the next day and I called Hitachi and they agreed to send the part to us directly for free and Sear's credited us the diagnostic fee of $105 and then charged us $242 total for the installation. Should have the part in a few days and Sear's will come out and install it the day after it arrives. Nice experience for a bad deal, thanks to . Sear's technician also told us that the light bulb will be next and that it costs about $330 from them. But he showed us how to install ourselves. Hitachi also said they would walk us through that self installation if it happen or when it happened and they said it was cheaper through a distributor than a service dept. Probably about $189 to $239. Just good info for the future.
Thanks to the web and fixya for getting us through the ugly "red cloud".

Posted on Nov 28, 2007

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Research at ......T.

Posted on Nov 09, 2007

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Large red spots growing in the middle of my 50v500 hitachi projection LCD screen

Hi, you have an Optical Engine fault. Complete assembly needs to be replaced. This page shows the most common Hitachi Optical Engine Faults.
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My blackberry has a dark spot visible when the backlight is off. it seems to be growing although not noticeable. what can i do?

Remove off the battery use a hair dryer to warm off carefully the display not get it hot but just see if this is any moisture build up.
replace battery and check for any change , is so repeat softly in short time.
If not the display unit can be getting bad as the LCD might have failure within the matrix.

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Hitachi tv LCD blinking red light tv wont' turn on. replaced lamp model 60V500A

I have hitachi lcd rear projection tv model 60v500A at first I was getting a red spot on centar of tv with in two mounths the spot got bigger. I chanched the lamp but now i don't have a picture, the red indicator on tv is now blinking.

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Same problem

The red death as its called.

Very common in the 50v500 and 50v700 series.

it is caused by a blocked filter deep inside the TV, nearly inaccessible.

The LCD panels overheat (red one or blue one) and the light engine needs to be replaced.

You are better off living with it unless you have a warranty.

Sorry it wasn't better news.

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TV red spot

Your light engine is going bad.

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Red spot on LCD

1) That red spot means that a pixel is stuck, actually it's very common on LCDs.
2 and 3) It usually occurs for a manufacturing issue.
4) The most of the time it doesn't mean that the whole screen is going to fail, but in my case I would take advantage of the warranty if the laptop is brand new and the warranty is still there.
Good Luck!!!

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Blue spot and burned images on my hitachi 55vs69.

Bad Light Engine Call UED 1-800-648-6657 ask for rebuilt.

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Hitachi 50V500 Red Spot

Unfortunately if you're not a technician Hitachi won't even consider sending you a LE for install... They will confirm your status and have you fill-out several documents.
As to the other part of the question, the service manual won't help - there is a procedure for memory re-initializing and after performing that you still have the spot then LE is called for.. But again, unless you're a tech with those letters behind your name Hitachi won't accept the results.
That said, we have done several of these and Hitachi has been exceptional to deal with pre and post install.
Hope this helps!

William Rayburn, CET
Premium Technologies
PO Box 442
Long Beach, WA. 98631

Aug 13, 2008 | Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD...

4 Answers

Red spot on LCD

We had the same problem and the infamous "red cloud" is a light engine defect and Hitachi knows about it. After calling Hitachis Customer Relations Department (not customer service) they referred us to a local Hitachi dealer that diagnosed the problem in less than a minute as a "light engine defect". We called Hitachi back and once they confirmed this with the dealer, they shipped the part to the dealer and the tech came out and installed it...looks like brand new TV. Here's the deal though, when you first call Hitachi, they will act like they've never heard of the problem until you have theTV looked at. They will pay for the part...$1500 but they will ask you to pay the install. Our install was $400...worth it to us on a $3600 TV. Be sure and call the Hitachi customer relations department and not regular customer will get no where with them. The Customer Relations Department # is 800-654-7013. Good Luck!

Sep 16, 2007 | Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD...

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Spots on pics

I suggest you send it back to repair shop to clean ccd area. there are fine dusts in ccd screen area that camera need to be disassemble and removed and cleaned. I do not think the LCD is the problem. Some point and shoot models dust flowing through more than some others and if I am not mistaken, it seems this model has dust problem.

Mar 20, 2007 | Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W1 Digital Camera

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