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6 cd changer

2002 Ford Explorer 6 CD factory player will not eject and shows cd error.  will not play cd's since it is jammed.  how do i fix?  can i fix without ripping it out?

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  • Anonymous Nov 25, 2007

    2002 Ford Explorer 6 disc cd changer is jammed wont eject or play cds.....I need help ASAP!!!!!

  • tbhicks Dec 24, 2007

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Receive cd error when trying to eject a cd.

  • tsxcpa4you Jan 13, 2008

    Same happened in my 2003 Sport Trac 6 CD changer in late Nov 2007 - Ejected #1 CD then it jammed and will not let me eject or play any others

  • Anonymous Jan 14, 2008

    Same problem. Would love a fix-it suggestion!

  • Anonymous Jan 24, 2008

    Purchased the 2002 Explorer Limited Dec. 2006 in excellent condition. The cd player jammed after loading the first cd and gives the 'error'. Have relied soley on Sirius since. Any suggestions appreciated.

  • jumbosmom Mar 11, 2008

    I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT, I put in 6 cd's they played fine for two or three days and then all of a sudden they kind of started skipping almost sounded like a cd was sliding around...drunk sounding, then it went to CD error. I tried ejecting and none would eject. We tried resetting the system and that didn't work so we took the fuse out, that didn't work. My husband finally removed the entire system from the dash, manually removed my cds, but the changer still says CD error and that the CD player is full. I would like to be able to use this player, it was one of the reasons I purchased this truck.

  • marcyxw Mar 29, 2008

    i have got 6 cd changer in my ford but couple days ago i put a cd in at it started grinds through an none of will play and eject.there is a message on saying cd error. i took the radio out a dash but it looks like needs to be fix by a specialist as it dosent have a removable packet that could be easely removed. whta do you suggest?

  • rob g Apr 01, 2008

    I have a 97 Ford Explorer with the 6 cd changer in the center armrest console. It seemed to work all right at first but then shows message "no cd",. The cartridge will no longer come out and it shows no cds in space 4 if you look through the window. I think my daughter might have gotten 2 cds in the same slot. Does this sound familiar? I'd hate to take the whole thing apart for something simple. I also have a 97 with the same changer and it works perfectly.

  • Kenny Haworth Apr 10, 2008

    Seems like a real on going issue, I have the same problem. 02 Ford Explorer w/6 CD in Dash stereo. Jammed the 3rd time I used it. Only bought the car 2 days b/f. Anyway I am a electronic tech by trade so I took it apart and found the drive gear on the head arm motor had come off. I put it back on but am still having problems getting all the mechanical timimg and setup corrected, Now it says "All Slots are full" CD ERROR, Were can I get a manual for this thing?


  • Anonymous Apr 15, 2008

    CD cartridge will not eject . I can hear the system clicking and whining so it is working, just won't eject 6 cd changer cartridge

  • OKIE GIRL01 May 02, 2008


  • DIRTRACK32 May 24, 2008


  • Stratuma Jul 05, 2008

    have an 07 chrylser pacifica, i have a disc stuck in 6 disc changer, says error, won't eject. How can I get it out? Tried sticking a disc in to fool it, tried hitting every bottun, then hitting the unit, nothing worked, please help

  • joeking76 Jul 12, 2008

    I have a 99 ford expedition....6 disc cd changer is locked up and wont eject/dash states some sort of cd error? How can I repair this?

  • Anonymous Jul 20, 2008


  • jb9690 Jul 20, 2008

    have a 98 ford expedition( 6 cd changer ), start the cd player and it shows each cd 1-6 to play , but none ever starts and show " no cd" after each cd tries to start, then just tunes back to radio and sometimes you have to push eject button a few times for the cartridge to pop up

  • nclrice01 Aug 18, 2008

    Hello, we have a 2002 for explorer, and it has a 6 disc changer, but there are two cd's stuck in one disc changer. how do we get the cd's out without damaging anything else?

  • keithhemauer Aug 24, 2008

    Like so many others, my 03 explorer's 6 cd changer is jammed and will not eject or play cd's. How do I pull out the unit to attempt to free up the jammed cd?

  • pnote2003 Aug 30, 2008

    i have a 1998 ford explorer xlt it has a stock 6 disc cd player in the center console. The cd player will not play when i hit cd nor will it let me eject the changer with the cds in it it doesnt respond to anything.iI took it apart and didnt see anything jamed or broken put it back together and same thing happened no play. My radio display has been out for a while could it be linked to that maybe an electrical problem?

  • Anonymous Sep 18, 2008

    I am having the same problem with my 2003 Ford Explorer 6 Disc Changer.

  • Anonymous Nov 15, 2008

    my 2003 ford explorer cd is jammed with a cd inside and only show cd error

  • jason_fritzg Nov 15, 2008

    my 2003 ford explorer cd is jammed and cannot play or eject the cd out can you help me please before i destroy ny dash doard thankyou

  • EZEXCAVATION Dec 02, 2008


  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2008

    I have a 2002 ford ranger with a factory 6 CD changer. CD displays error message also have a message that the CD is full.....when it is empty. Bought a replacement factory CD changer from Ebay...installed it and guess what....same messages. Not sure if both CD players are bad or if wiring is bad.....Any suggestions??????

  • Anonymous Dec 27, 2008

    how did you get in there to remove the cd?

  • Anonymous Jan 08, 2009

    I am having the same problem with my CD changer, it says CD Error and won't play, eject or load. We need to get together and contact FORD this is ridiculous.

  • Betty1954 Jan 19, 2009

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac with the same 6 cd changer problem. It won't eject the cd that's in it. I get CD ERROR. HELP!!!!!!

  • agustinmerlo Feb 21, 2009

    same problem and same ford explorer 2002,what's should i do?

  • lionelchess Mar 23, 2009

    i own a 1995 ford explorer 2 door sport trac. i havve a 6-cd changer in the arm rest between the front seats. cd cartridge or magazine that holds the cd's is stuck in the changer.even before this problem, no music cd's would play at all. dash display would read error from all 6 cd slots. it is factory installed. i need to know how to remove it and replace it with same model that works. is their an after market brand that is compatible to fit and work inside the arm rest?

  • espinal Apr 01, 2009

    2003 Ford Explorer 6 CD factory player will not eject and shows cd error. will not play cd's since it is jammed. how do i fix? can i fix without ripping it out?

  • Liebe Apr 08, 2009

    I have the same problem with my '03 Expedition... at first the cd's were getting stuck when I hit eject and I would have to take a tweezer to grab the cd and pull it out. If I was driving for a while this would happen but now it just keeps saying CD ERROR and it won't eject or load any cd's. It's so aggrevating, is there anyway to fix this on my own rather than having to take it somewhere?????

  • brad_will361 Apr 13, 2009

    I have the Same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

  • Anonymous May 02, 2009

    I have the same problem with my 2002 F-150!!! I put it in there and now it wont come out you can here the motor trying to eject the case but it wont..and it says cd error...Now I am trying to fix it while my dad is out of town!!

  • Anonymous May 10, 2009

    I have the same problem with my 03 expedition. It says CD error. We have taken the disc player out of the dash and was able to get the cds out but nothing looks broken and still won't work.

  • Anonymous May 14, 2009

    I just bought 2002 Ford Explorer.tried to load cd and it say full makes a grinding noise and will not work.HELP

  • Anonymous Mar 25, 2014

    I forced a cd in when it was already full. It won't play or eject.

  • Albert Nairn
    Albert Nairn Jun 11, 2017

    easy to take out, easy to open- I did and found 2 pennys in there. start by prying off the panel that is covering the controls, upper left is easy start. you just look and see a couple screws and unplug a couple of wires.



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Try to reset the cars computer. i had the same problem and it fixed it. all you need to do is unplug the battery for about 10 minutes and it may work. Good luck!

Posted on Jun 15, 2009

  • Jon Barnes Jul 03, 2015

    easier than disconnecting the battery, and only need a pliers, find the fuse for the radio and pull that instead. This way you do not mess up or reset the rest of the electronics {reset odometer so you can't track your gas mileage, etc.}, and you still hard reset the radio alone.
    You may need to cycle through this several times before it clears out all of your problem, but when you power it back up, let it go through its initializing process, then eject all of the cd's. This way you have your discs, & will be starting with a clean slate.


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I have a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT When I try to play the cd's it won't play anything and saids no discs! How can I get this repaired.

Posted on Jul 10, 2009

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The factory original Ford 6-CD players can be removed with the help of a simple pair of tools that can be purchased online for around $10 or I just bought a set from the car electronics section of my local Walmart for $4.50. The tools look like a pair of "U"-shaped rods with machined ends. They insert into the faceplate of the radio in the small holes you'll see on the right and left-hand sides of the radio head unit. Insert the rods just until they make a slight click sound, then drawing them apart slightly, pull the entire head unit out. you might have to remove two hidden screws from below the head unit; the screws protrude below the radio, downward directly toward the ashtray.

Posted on Jun 16, 2010

  • Eldridge Apr 03, 2015

    Gears !!! I have a 01 ford and it's a console unit so it was easier to remove and take apart.. While inside I noticed that the plastic gears get hung up and when it's adjusted right it works just fine. The teeth get caught.


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On another blog I read that when the 6 disc changer is whirring, just after startup. hit it on the disc slot. Mine was broken anyway so I tried it . And it worked. Had to hit it a few times with the palm of my hand, but it is playing fine. Good luck

Posted on Nov 10, 2010

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No I don't have a solution. Will the folks that say they removed the cd PLAYER from the das please explain how they did it with out destoying the dash. thanks

Posted on Feb 06, 2010

  • harknbark Dec 17, 2010

    I removed my Ford stereo with a kit from Walmart which is simply to small U shaped brackets that insert into holes on the front of the stereo...they depress the springs holding the stereo in the dash...with a little effort, should slide out.

  • Arthur Brown
    Arthur Brown Feb 15, 2011

    You can but a tool to remove it very easily on eBay, cost me less than $3 shipped. Just look for Ford radio removal tool. Its basically 2 "keys" you shove in the holes on the left and right side then the whole thing pulls out nice and easy.


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I have 97 linchon coninental . cd just quit playing while in use. its the 6 disc changer in console. all i get is NO CD. how do i fix?

Posted on Jul 16, 2010

  • kalyg Oct 02, 2010

    Been fighting this problem for a couple years now in my 03 explorer limited. Used to be able to solve it by popping out the fuse for about 10 minutes. No more, just CD Error, CD Error, $90 worth of CDs stuck in the damn thing. Very frustrating!!! Hate the radio, ugh!


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I had luck once with disconnecting the battery and letting everything reset. Only worked once. Got the same problem again.

Posted on Sep 14, 2008

  • Eldridge Apr 03, 2015

    All these problems stem from the inside. Mine is a console unit (was easier to pull out and take apart) and it is the plastic gears getting hung up!!!


I had the same problem. It was trying to eject the Cd and getting hung. A lot of times when you get the CD Error message the door will be open a little. I took a CD and pushed it in and caught the edge of the hung CD. Once I connected, I just pushed a little to free it up and then it kicked it out. It happened about 5 times to me. I actually had to go in and remove the CD player once and manually remove the CD. Kind of a pain.

Posted on May 27, 2008

I have the same problem with my 2002 Explorer Sport. I also ended up with a corrosion problem on the step panels which ford will correct if less than 36K miles. I have decided I will buy NO more FORDS, and switch to NISSAN or some other reliable company. Is ashame since I have purchased FORDS for the past 35 years.

Posted on Jul 02, 2008

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hold in reset button with a pen tip for 20 secons

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ok welll its time for a new cd player they dont last that long any ways

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usually these are not an economical repair, you either have a mechanical jam in the cd transport mechanism or you have a servo motor problem. you may be able to find a used working unit cheper then repairing you unit also when a repair is done on these changers they have a high repeat failure rate. If a local service center could just remove the jammed cd's and let it reset itself then try it again and see if it fails right away or works correctly, then you may have an idea on which way to procede

Mar 10, 2008 | Audio Players & Recorders

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