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Secure my network

I am new to this technology so please help me.  My brother in law gave me an old belkin wireless router for my internet but how do i secure m network so no one in my neighborhood can get on it?  He said he doesnt have the disc no more that came with it?  Please help me I dont understand the big computer technical words yet so when i googled it i was hopeless.

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Re: secure my network

If you go to then you can search for the manual.

Under "Product Support Browser" choose "Networking Products" --> "Routers" --> and your router type

On the right hand side under "documentation" click on "user manual-english"  Click on the pdf icon..

Sorry if I am writing each step which is too tedious.


This information is in the manual.

Go to IP address.. If your brother has not changed the password then it will be blank.

Under Internet/WAN connection type you can create the password for the router.


You can also update the firmware for the router so that your router has the latest updated software that makes the router run.


Hope this helps.

Posted on Oct 23, 2007

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I have a Belkin N wireless router. It's all set up but it shows as not being secured. How do I secure it? Model F5D8233-4v3

Connect a LAN cable from Belkin to your laptop/computer's LAN port, open a browser on your laptop/computer and enter the Belkin's configuration URL.
The default PW = blank (just press Enter) You can now change the default admin password.
You can now configure the wireless settings to protect your wireless network and Internet from unauthorized access. Now configure the wireless card in your computer/laptop with the router's wireless settings. To secure your wireless network from unauthorized access, please click on this link and follow my instructions :-

Jan 08, 2013 | Belkin Routers


To Change the Security key or the Network key in your Belkin Wireless Router?

Hi Friends,
Please follow the default steps for all the belkin wireless routers to change the Security key or the Network Key in the wireless network

Step 1:Connect the Modem to Router (in the Port named Modem) and take another ethernet cable abd connect one end to the Router(in the port named Wired) and other end to any one of your computer

Step 2:Open an internet explorer and type and click on Enter button in the keyboard

Step 3:Now you will be able to see the belkin router setup page

Step 4:On your left hand side click on Security,it will prompt for a login password,leave it blank and click on Submit.

Step 5:Now change the Security type to either WEP or WPA


If You select WEP (64-bit), then you will be able to see 5 small boxes ,in each box in key 1,type 2 numbers in each box only in Key 1,after you have typed the number please make a note of it and click on Apply Changes


If you select WPA,then you will be able to see the Preshared Key or Password (PSK),in this place type as thing as you wish,after you have typed please make a note of it and click on Apply changes

Step 6:On your left hand side click on Channel and SSID,now you will be able to see the SSID name,Change it any name as you wish and click on Apply Changes

Step 7:Now go to the wireless Computers and try to connect to the new network name,when you try to connect ,it will prompt for a Network key or Security key,type the password which you gave in the belkin router page

The above mentioned steps are the default steps in all the queries if any customer need to change the security or the Name of your network,you can follow the above steps.It very simple and easy to understand


on Mar 17, 2010 | Routers

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Wanna know how to secure my belkin wireless G router.

Setting the router's administrator password

All Belkin Router's ship without an admin password. If you require an admin password then follow the below instructions.

Setup steps:

  1. Connect the computer to one of the four LAN ports on the router.
  2. Open a web browser on the computer.
  3. In the address bar of the web browser, type
  4. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The router does not ship with a password, so just click Submit.
  5. Click on System Settings under Utilities on the left-hand side of the opened page.
  6. You will see a feature called, "Administrator Password". Type in your current password (default leave blank).
  7. Click "Apply Changes". Your new password is now active.

Note: Do not forget the new password and keep it somewhere safe. If you forget your password, you'll be unable to access your router's settings. If you forget or lose your password, you'll need to "Perform a hardware reset on the router". This will reset the password to its default, as well as erase any and all other settings you may have changed

Configure Wireless Security on Belkin Router - Enable WPA and WEP Why should we setup wireless Security on Belkin Wireless Router ?

After configuring your Belkin router you should secure your wireless network using proper wireless encryption. It can keep wireless hackers away from your wireless network and the unwanted sharing of your Internet connection. In order to know how to login and configure your Belkin wireless router click on the link below.

How to Setup Belkin Wireless Router

Setup Wireless Security in Belkin Wireless Router

Now I hope you just followed the steps mentioned in the above link and log in to your Belkin Wireless Router. In order to enable wireless security on your Belkin router click on Security Under wireless. ( Security tab present on the left side of Belkin configuration page).


You can select either WEP or WPA to secure your Belkin Wireless network. To know more about WPA and WEP click on the link below.

Which is better WEP or WPA on your Wireless network

Enable WEP in Belkin Wireless Router

To select WEP for your Belkin wireless network ,click on security mode drop menu and select WEP. WEP is of two kinds WEP 64 bit encryption and WEP 128 bit wireless encryption. You can type your PassPhrase and generate instant wireless key for your Belkin wireless network.


After generating the wireless key, you should save settings by click on Apply changes. Now onwards to login to your Belkin wireless network, you need this wireless key.

Enable WPA in Belkin Wireless Router

WPA is more secure than WEP. To enable WPA on your Belkin router, select WPA from security mode drop down menu.


You should enter a pre-shared key to enable WPA security on your Router. Don't forget to save this WPA settings.

Aug 28, 2011 | Routers

2 Answers

I have a new Belkin router, I connected my desk top wirelessly to the internet and set a WPA2 security key to it to make it a secured network. I tried to connect to the internet on my laptop expecting it...


Welcome to FixYa! You will need to reconfigure as well the settings on your computer since it was configured on the old network key. Your computer will read the old configuration that you set before you purchased that new router. Basically, you will need to removed that old configuration so that computer will automatically recognized the new settings. Please follow these steps.

1. Click on Start.

2. Click on the Control Panel on the right side.

3. Under the Control Panel, click on Network and Sharing Center.

4. Click on Manage newtwork connection.

5. Click on Manage wireless connection.

6. Once you see the wireless connection that is saved on the computer, remove or delete everything.

7. Try to connect wirelessly again, it will automatically asked you to input the WPA key that you recently configured.

Hope this information will help. Thank you for using FixYa!

Mar 09, 2011 | Belkin Routers

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Setup didn't work, "details" section on network

Win7 will connect without any problems, but win vista will not get connected to the network...
You can update the drivers for wireless adapter in vista laptop, it will get connected...
If it still not getting connected then change the security settings on your router to 64bit WEP... (Initially it will be in WPA)
disabled the WPS (wifi protected setup) in the router...
change the ssid in the router...
Now try to connect to the new wireless network...It will work perfectly....

click here to configure the wireless part of your belkin router...

Any issues call 18002235546 ( 24/7 )

Feb 06, 2011 | Belkin Play N600 Wireless Dual Band Router...

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Hi I have just installed a brand new Belkin wireless router and it works great with all computers and laptops in the family (including Apple products) apart from my daughters laptop...she has a toshiba...

Check the main computer you set up the network router may need to go to the network status and tasks in control on this...then you will see a map of all the network devices connected...find the belkin router and click on this window there should be a tab called wireless this...the wireless properties first page should have the wireless SSID name listed here...and if you click the security tab then the security type and network key are displayed here..You need to write down the SSID, security type, and network key and make sdure the toshiba laptop setting for the wireless network are exactly the same. There may be a link on the first page of the wireless securities saying copy to usb can use this to copy all network settings to and then transfer these settings in to the toshiba by using the network setup wizard.

Jan 04, 2011 | Belkin (F5D8231-4) Wireless Router...

3 Answers

Reset router

you need not have a disk to install your can configure it manually by following the steps below...
pls do rate me if its useful..also try to write a testimonial for me....

For Wired Computers:
Step 1: Connect the Modem to Router (in the port named Modem) and take another ethernet cable and connect one end to the Router(in the port named wired) and other end to any one of your computer
Step 2: Open the Internet explorer and type and click on Enter in the keyboard
Step 3: Now you will be able to see the belkin router setup page
Step 4: On your left hand side click on Connection type,it will prompt for Login Password,leave it blank and click on Submit
Step 5: Now select the Connection type as "Dynamic" and Click on Next.
Step 6: In the next screen,leave the host name as Blank and Click on Apply Changes
Step 7: The Router will save the information and bring back to the router setup page
Step 8: Now,on your left hand side click on MAC Address or MAC Address Cloning.
(If it ask for any Login password,leave it blank and click on Submit)
Step 9: Click on Clone and Click on Apply Changes
Step 10: The router will save the information and bring back to the same page
Step 11: Now check the Internet Status on the top right hand corner,Check wither it says connected or not connected
If it says connected, then you can start to go online in the wired computers
If it says Not connected or no connection,then please follow the steps
Step 12: Unplug the power cable of both your modem and router,leave it for 10 secs,then put the power cable only on to the modem and wait until all the lights are lit up,then put the power cable back to the router and check wither u are able to see all the lights in the router.You will be able to see all the lights glowing and the Internet status:Connected.
You can start to go online in the wired computers
Wireless Computers:
Step 13: In the Belkin router Setup page,on your left hand side,if you have Wifi Protected Setup(WPS) Click on it.
Step 14: It will Promot you for a login password ,leave it blank and Click on Submit
Step 15: Change the WPS to Disable and Click on Apply Changes
Step 16: The router will save the Information and bring back to the same page
Step 17: On your left hand side,click on Security.
You can select any security type, the belkin routers have 2 types,they are
A) WEP(64-bit WEP)
C) Disabled
A) WEP (64-bit WEP):
If you are selecting the Security type as WEP (64-bit WEP) then you will be able to see the Key 1 with 5 small boxes.You have to type 2 numbers in each box only in Key 1.
After you have typed please make a note of it and Click on Apply Changes.
If you are selecting the Security type as WPA then you will be able to see the Preshared key or Password (PSK),in that box you can type as thing as you wish.
After you have typed the password please make a note of it and Click on Apply Changes
C) Disabled:
If you feel no need of any security for your Wireless Network you can select the option as Disabled and Click on Apply Changes
Step 18: After you have selected any one of the Option,now on your left hand side Click on Channel and SSID.
Step 19: Changed the SSID to any name as you wish
Step 20: Change the Wireless Channel to 6 or 1
Step 21: After you have changed please click on Apply Changes.
Step 22: Now we have configured the Router for both Wired and wireless Computers
To Check the wireless computers:
Step 1: Go to the wireless computer
Step 2: If it is a laptop turn on the wireless switch in the laptop
Step 3: Now Search for wireless Networks in the range,please see below according to your Operating System
Start---->Control Panel----->Network and Internet Connections(Network and Internet)---->Right Click Wireless Network Connection---->Click on View Avaliable Wireless Network
Start---->Control Panel---->Network and Internet (Network and Sharing Center)---->On your left hand side click on Manage Wireless Networks------>Right Click on Wireless Network Connection----->Click on Connect
Start----->Control Panel---->Network and Internet (Network and Sharing Center)------->On your left hand side Click on Change Adapter Settings---->Right Click on Wireless Network Connection--->Click on Connect
Step 4: Now you will be able to see the Network name which you gave in the Router,try to connect to this it will ask for password type it and click on Connect.
You will be able to connect in wireless and you will be able to go online in wireless computers
The above mentioned tips are the Complete setup of a belkin router for both wired and wireless computers

Apr 04, 2010 | Belkin (F5D8231-4) Wireless Router...

1 Answer

How do i secure my belikn from outsiders using it

Hi Friend,
U need to make your wireless network a security enabled network & don't share the wireless network key to a unreliable person.

Steps to create a security enabled wireless network:-

1> login to router setup page;bydefault ip address of belkin router is
2> Open a internet browser on a hardwired desktop/laptop connected to your router,clear the address bar completely and then type or,<it depends on your model no of your router>
3> Go to Wireless Tab,changed the wireless network name(SSID)
4> Change the wireless network key as well;it will be good if you use WEP key if you old XP computer,otherwise use WPA-TKIP if you vista/win7 computers
5> Lastly on your computers,you have to seach wireless network name & give the wireless network key(for the very first time)

In case of any clarity feel free to contact belkin tech support

Mar 19, 2010 | Belkin (F5D9230-4) Wireless Router...

8 Answers

Unable to connect Ipod Touch to Internet via Wifi

its pretty simple.... the problem is that ipods dont connect if wpa security is enabled... just hardwire your router to computer and type192.168.2.1 in internet explorer... you ll be able to see the belkin router setup page....left side you will find an option called "security" click on that and go ahead (if it asks for password, leave it blank and click submit) and change the security type to 64bitWEP....enter a 10 digit number in key1 and click apply changes.... now scan for wireless networks in range from ipod and select the network and click connect...enter the 10 digit password there... now you will be connected....
rate me if its useful.....

Nov 16, 2008 | Belkin (F5D7230-4) Router (587009)

1 Answer

Conneted to the belkin router .. but no internet

Try to run network wizard and set up new connection then type in msconfig in the run menu and shut down any other programs running networking configeration.

Sep 18, 2008 | Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO (F5D9230-4)...

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